Totoro and the Neko 隣のトトロ

隣のトトロ tonari no totoro

I dreamed I was walking with Totoro, in a forest of magical light.
All around us the flowers were singing, as we whispered long into the night…

There was a boy…
A very strange enchanted boy…
They say he wandered very far,
Very far,
Over land and sea.
A little shy
And sad of eye,
But very wise
Was he.

And then one day,
A magic day he passed my way.
And while we spoke
Of many things,
Fools and kings,
This he said to me…

“The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn…
Is just to love
And be loved
In return.”

An Adorable Neko Outfit for a Quiet Afternoon with Totoro

This post is a tribute to three of my favorite things… Miyazaki’s very special anime My Neighbor Totoro, the hauntingly lovely song “Nature Boy” by eden ahbez (sung by Nat King Cole), and a wonderful, new-to-me store called IZM by the talented Komachi Lemon. Not only does this store offer adorable neko hoodies, but there are a variety of other great outfit parts and accessories. While you’re there, be sure to visit the cute Café on the other side of the sim.

| Neko Hat, Hair & Scarf | IZM/Soupizm: Animal Hood Muffler – Cat, cocoa
| Neko Eyes | PC / Poetic Colors: Cat Eyes – Easy Waves color
| Neko Tail | Amacci: Neko Tail (click to color change) – these tails are currently being updated with new colors by the designer; stay tuned and I’ll update the slurl the moment they are available again!
| Snail Shoulder Pet | AMH / Anna Maya House: Mailman Iggy – be sure to visit the store to check out the adorable $1L Writer’s Pouch and other FREE items!
| Telephone Necklace | AMH / Anna Maya House: The Tiny Mobile Phone
| Backpack | IZM: part of the LaCrosse Girl outfit
| Sweater & Skirt Outfit | IZM: LaCrosse Girl in Orange
| Candy Bracelet on Right | EarthStones: Signature Stone Bracelet
| Wrist Wrap on Left | IZM: part of the LaCrosse Girl outfit
| Striped Thigh-High Socks | Rebel-X: Stripey Socks in Teal
| Candy Leg Strap | DRD / Death Row Designs: Glamgirl legstrap
| Legwarmers & Tennis Shoes | BLITZED: Vintage Sneakers – Electric Street Edition: these are superbly textured and come with a handy HUD to click-change sizes and a variety of colors, on both the legwarmers and the sneakers, together or separately!
| Totoro | HBLYS /  HerbalyS (Albert Beerbaum): GMok the wise
| Pose – looking at the bunny | Luth / Reel Expression: Melancholy 13

Outfit Details:
(Click on the image to view it larger)

From left to right, top row: Anna Maya House’s “Mailman Iggy” shoulder pet; Death Row Designs’ “Glamgirl Legstrap;” and a side view of the IZM “LaCrosse Girl” outfit that included the left wrist wrap *and* cute backpack.

From left to right, bottom row: Anna Maya House’s “Tiny Mobile Phone” necklace; Blitzed’s cool color-change tennis shoes and legwarmers; a rear view of IZM’s great backpack that comes with its “LaCrosse Girl” outfit.

The Enchanted Forest at Happy Mood
This is the location where we took our photos, but it’s temporarily closed… sims always seem to change or disappear right after I blog them! 🙂

Read the Story of Totoro:

Magical photos by Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life 2011

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on December 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “Totoro and the Neko 隣のトトロ”

  1. Anything mentioned alongside “Nature Boy” gets rated as worthy of a look for me (although not sure neko hoodies are really me :)). Love that song.

    As well as the Nat Kjng Cole version you mention, I’ve obviously heard it on Moulin Rouge, but I also have a very curiously free-flowing, haunting instrumental version … must look up who its by and let you know …


  2. Omg: i am à very fan of myazaki and of the gimli studios!!!! I saw him during an exposition in Paris about moebius and him 🙂 M’y préferate one: thé shihiro journey : wonderful !!!!! Bravo for this post , once again brillant , beautiful and really Well done:)))
    Huge hugs mon amie
    Votre ami

  3. I love your blog 🙂 it’s very sophisticated

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