Neko Ears and Eyes and Hair, Oh My!

Since I’m getting ready to take a long vacation, I thought I’d leave you with FOUR categories of fun shopping places to explore while I’m away. The first three feature Neko-friendly goodies… the fourth category takes you to some fun clothing stores I’ve discovered this Spring. Click on the store name to teleport to each one… and… enjoy!

Neko-Friendly Hair

It’s been a couple of (cough) years (cough) since I did a hair recommend, so I feel obligated to (re)confess my personal pet peeve: human ears.

Seriously, if you’re a Neko, you’re a Neko. Who needs bizarre-looking, fleshy human blobs sticking out and distracting from the beauty of your furry cat ears? Yes, there are ways to hide those strange human bits these days, but that means wearing / adjusting more stuff. Why not just choose a hair that does the trick? Here are four nice ones:

Hair #1: Raninne V2 (Nyanotech 09-1B)
Store: Curious Kitties
Designer: Ameshin Yossarian

Sorta Asian, sorta pigtails, with some cool spiky bands… tuck your ears directly behind the fluff for an adorably messy look that wears as well with a kimono as it does with your favorite roleplay ouftit. (Click on the photo to see a larger view.)

Hair #2: Dirty
Store: rQ / Red Queen
Designer: Ruth Quan

When you want that totally grungy, street-fighter look, you can’t beat this hair. Even better… it’s FREE via this SL Marketplace link! Long, flexy, messy and sexy… what’s not to love? (Click on the photo to see a larger view.)

Hair #3: Robin, size L
Store: / Uncleweb Studio
Designer: Din Raymaker

Short, softly wavy, a little shaggy… this is just one of the fun styles from a hair store that isn’t very well known. When you arrive at the sim, wait for the signpost to rez, then choose your direction: ladies, mens, or unisex hair. (Click to enlarge.)

Hair #4: Mai 2.0
Store: 0 Style / Zero Style
Designer: Rei Gully

Before you tell me there’s no such thing as a curly cat, check out this or this. Convinced? When you want to add a bit of flowing, romantic, renaissance curl to your look, this is probably one of my favorite hairs. Even better? You can buy Neko Ears made by this same store to match the hair color exactly! (see below…)

Neko Eyes

A lot of Neko designers have been creating cat eyes in mesh recently. In addition to the beautiful (non-mesh) ones designed by Lano Ling of Poetic Colors that I wrote about last Fall, here are four additional Neko Eye designers that you might want to visit:

Eyes #1: Shadow Cat Eyes
Store: Ephemeral Neko
Designer: Arkesh Baral

These neko eyes come with both regular “system” eyes and “mesh” eyes in each package. Click on the above photo to see a larger view. All told, you’ll find 12 sets of eyes in each package: 4 regular system eyes (4 different whiteness levels to the sclera), and 8 mesh eyes (separate eyes for left and right, each one in four degrees of whiteness (w1 = darkest whites, w4 = brightest whites).

The above photo shows only a few of the countless colors available, including: pale grey, grey, green, forest green, deep green, teal ice, prairie dawn, prairie haze, blue glacier, blue, deep blue, green hazel, hazel, golden brown (my faves), brown amber, and brown. Arkesh still sells her original Neko Eyes too, so be sure to check out both rooms of her store. Don’t forget to try out the FREE pair in each room AND check out her amazingly textured tails too!

Eyes #2: Drake Fantasy Eyes
Store: Les Fleurs du Male
Designer: Aymeric Pelazzi

Aymeric had a brilliant idea: create prims that you wear on top of your eyes to create a subtle, natural luster / sparkle and shine. We’re not talking bling here kittehs, we’re talking beautifully nuanced, realistic eye glimmers. Click on the above photo to see a larger view and stop by the store for a FREE set of grey eyes!

These eyes come in a variety of standard and unique colors: Cobra (pale green), Darkwish (greenish purple), Dream (pale greenish-yellow with pink in the center), Ember (orangey red), Gold (a gorgeous blend of golds and greens), Grey, Ice&Fire (turquoise, blue and red), Incubus (lavender pink with a softened pupil), Jade green, Nymph (silver pink with a deep pink pupil), Succubus (hot pink), Sun (Bright yellow gold with *no* pupil), Underworld (olive green and gold), Blood (red), Brass (deep golden brown), Copper (light reddish gold), Lava (dark green-grey with a red center), Plague (Greenish olive with dark brown in the center), and Poison (deep green with an even darker green center).

Eyes #3: Cats Eyes
Store: EDDesign
Designer: Edde Edman

Although these eyes are not mesh, they offer quite beautiful, unique textures without any of the resizing issues some avatars have when they wear mesh items. Some packages come with prim eyes, but all come with anywhere from 3 to 6 slightly varied color options inside, plus an optional twinkle effect (“bling for your eyes?” hehe). Thanks to Archangel Maruti for alerting me to this store!

The above photos show only a few of the available colors. A full list includes Red, Yallow (orangey-tan), Lemon (yellow green), Poison (green/tan), Green (several different shades), Acqua, dark Blue and light Blue, Pale Brown, Ultraviolet, Purple (more like a hot pink), pale Pink, Green Paled, Ultraviolet/Orange, Blue Mix, and CatsLemon (a vivid green with a gold center).

Eyes #4: FATE eyes
Store: FATE eyes (SL Marketplace link)
Designer: Damien Fate

This is mesh on steroids, kittehs… these are THE most customizable eyes I’ve seen on the grid—size, color, pupil (including cat eye pupils), sclera, textures, veins… you name it. Just watch this video from the lovely Strawberry Singh to see what these eyes can do. I won’t bother to list colors since… the possibilities are endless!  🙂

Neko Ears

Ears tend to be the one kitteh bit that requires the most thought. There’s something personal about finding the right kind of ears… be they pointed, furry, rounded, or bedecked in accessories. Here are four of my favorites:

Neko Ears #1: Neko Ears V3
Store: Outland Tech and Curious Relics (OTCR)
Designer: Anisa Naumova

Realistic, layered fur, nice textures, the ability to customize colors in three areas (inside, outside, and fur), great natural (and customizable) movements — these ears make my heart go pitter pat. If they seem to large to you, just edit / move them deeper into your head until they appear to be the size that you prefer, or purchase Anisa’s basic / smaller ears (pictured on the right, above). Read a full report about these ears on my previous blog post. Oh and if you like the hair I’m wearing in the above photo, it’s called “Kaelyn” from Kin (I tinted it to make it more brown).

Neko Ears #2: Nekomimi Ear
Store: 0 Style / Zero Style
Designer: Rei Gully

These fluffy ears have slightly rounded tips, and come in 27 colors that perfectly match Zero Style’s hairs. You’ll find these ears on the main floor of their hair store, near the front entry… just turn to your right after you come in the front door of the store.

Neko Ears #3: Maverick Neko Ears
Store: DL / Dirty Lynx (SL marketplace link)
Designer: Loki Dancer

Now and then a Neko contacts me to help them identify some “cool neko ears” they saw on an avatar. When they start talking about how they were sculpted, torn, a little ragged looking, with bandages, safety pins, a bird bone, and cool movements, I always know they’re talking about these Dirty Lynx ears. In addition to a nicely roughed-up look, they come with a HUD that allows you to change the fur color, adjust scripted movements (with a pause button for easy positioning), choose four mood settings that include stop and play sounds, and easily resize to fit.

Neko Ears #4: Cyber, Steampunk, and Lynx
Store: Black Heart
Designer: Skull Connor

I’m always surprised how few nekos know about this store. Their cyberpunk / cyborg ears (above) are my favorite metal look on the grid, their steampunk ears are just as awesome, and the flexi hair on their lynx ears (below) is delightfully distinctive. All ears feature menu controlled movements; the cyber and steampunk ears even include rotating gears. Well worth a visit!


Fun Stores that Nekos Might Like

Store: :=MikanYA * BP=:
Designer: Maps Koba
What I love: New Neko bits! If the above ear recommendations weren’t enough, there’s more to see at this store. Plus awesome accessories (belts, backpacks, legstraps, and cute kitty paw earphones), super cute shoulder pets, and nicely textured clothes upstairs! Well worth a visit!

Store: Dirtyland
Designer: Selene Edwyn
What I love: awesome legstraps, armstraps, belts, accessories; just check out this great Mouse hunter belt and the cool grenade legstrap!

Store: Death Row Designs
Designer: Jaimy Hancroft
What I love: awesome outfits, individual clothing items, boots, accessories, “carnage” bits including bloody tattoos, and themed skins from Dexter and various fairy tails gone wrong

Designer: Tatyana Ultsch
What I love: I reviewed this store a couple years ago, back when it was called My Pinkie Skull. Since then, it has changed names, and expanded significantly to bring you even more gorgeous designs, and a much wider variety of items including tattoos.

Store: IZM
Designer: Komachi Lemon
What I love: cute, fun, flirty, kawaii, skaterboard, school girl designs (“LaCrosse Girl” even comes with an excellent backpack), the adorable neko hoodie/scarf combo, lovely lingerie on a cheap gacha, and the awesome little diner café (a must-see for those of you who love to take photos) on the other side of the sim. 🙂

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on May 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Neko Ears and Eyes and Hair, Oh My!”

  1. Have a nice vacation Stacia!!!!!
    *hugs, Anita

  2. Thanks for all the shopping tips! But I’m sure my wallet won’t be thanking you 😉

    Have a great vacation!

  3. I’ve had a lot of luck with ears and tails by going the furry route – buy a feline furry avatar and just wear the tail and ears. If you want, the paws and claws can be adopted in also (as I do).

    Furry makers tend to have a better eye for these things – especially in tails. I never liked any of the neko fluffy tails (and have been VERY vocal on that point in past) – but once I bought a cat furry (from AnthroXtacy), I found its fluffy tail had the perfect pointy tip and held up well while animated.

    Presently I’ve switched to the Ocelot Furry from DSD, using its ears, tail, claws, and paws – with neko socks and gloves I got from AX. Unlikely to ever buy a neko kit again, unless its maker has also released a furry cat or feline that shows me the attention to the details I look for.

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