Wanted: Nekos for Second Life Machinima Nin9

Secondlife neko machinima Marx Catteneo movie mystery murder

Ever dreamed of starring in a Neko Machinima? This may be your lucky break…


The very talented machinima filmmaker Marx Catteneo (SL avatar name) is currently looking for talented Nekos to star in a serial killer murder mystery machinima series.

The tantalizing 9-episode series, called Nin9, will feature dark story themes with haunted influences (think Se7en, Twin Peaks, Hitchcock, Basic Instinct, and various European graphic novels). Stories will range from bloody crime scene investigations to sexy Neko dance and strip acts in seedy bar settings.

Just take a look at the Nin9 trailer to get a taste for what’s in store…

Neko Characters Wanted:

9 female Neko strippers
1 female Neko bartender
1 male Neko club manager

Actor Requirements:

• Use of voice
• Ability to read and interpret filmscript and details
• Willing to participate in nudity and violence
• Fully modifiable hair and attachments; no full bright parts
• Flexible schedule to be on hand for numerous shooting appointments (Marx is on European Central Time and will try to plan most shootings during ECT daytime—i.e., morning hours on the East Coast U.S.)
• Plenty of patience—to achieve good quality, this machinima will take time

Shooting Location:

The Nin9 machinima series will be shot on the Second Life LEA sim, where Marx has been granted artistic space at no cost.


There is no monetary award for being an actor. However, actors’ names will be prominently displayed in the machinima credits, where Marx anticipates maximum views on his video channel. Marx is creating this video all on his own dime, investing his personal time to make this as outstanding a machinima series as possible.

Calling all kittehs with stars in their eyes…

Still not scared away? 😉 Send an IM to Marx Catteneo in-world, or email him at marxcatteneo@gmail.com to obtain a synopsis and/or schedule a casting session.

Top photo by the dark and mysterious Bobby Yoshikawa
© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2013

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on March 22, 2013.

One Response to “Wanted: Nekos for Second Life Machinima Nin9”

  1. MAKEUP!!! Where’s my hairstylist!?!

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