Kimono Love

I dare you to take one look at the beautiful kimonos being created in Second Life, and see if you don’t dash off to the best kimono store you can find for a chance to look this gorgeous.  I would expect nothing less of any self-respecting, fashion-minded Neko girl.  The only question remaining: where would a Neko wearing such a beautiful kimono go exploring?

The old Getsuei Okiya (now rebuilt and renamed “Gekkou;” above photo by Bobby Yoshikawa)

I began my adventure at Gekkou (formerly called Getsuei) Okiya and Japanese Tea House, hoping to find a few girls wearing kimonos.  What I found was even better:  a music and dance performance by three lovely Geisha.  Afterwards, they joined Bobby and me for some tea, sake, and a lovely chat, during which we learned that this Okiya is one of approximately a dozen such “geisha houses” in SL (who knew!) and that there are indeed Neko Geisha in SL (woot!).  I highly recommend you take the time to catch one of their performances on Mondays or Fridays, from Noon to 1pm SLT.

Kenroku (pictured above)

Gently moving shadows under graceful trees.  Fat koi swimming lazily in a broad reflection pool.  Ancient stone temples with far-reaching views.  All of this and more await you at the lovely Kenroku gardens, which offered the perfect backdrop for Bobby’s photo of my beautiful kimono.  A word to the wise: take a healthy dose of patience before you visit (and temporarily turn off your AO if you’re wearing one), as those lovely tree shadows can cause quite a bit of lag.  ^_^

Gion (pictured above)

The final destination was Gion. Sadly, this sim no longer exists in Second Life, so I feel very lucky to have had a chance to visit it when it was still flourishing. Gion in Second Life was modeled after the real life Gion District of Kyoto — one of Japan’s most famous Geisha districts.  It offered everything from fun rickshaw tours, calligraphy practice, and a game of checkers, to a wide range of Japanese-themed stores for shopping.  Interesting fact: In real life, Geisha in the Gion district do not refer to themselves as geisha (which means “artist”); instead they prefer to use the local term “geiko,” meaning “a woman of art.”

My Outfit: (pictured above, photo by Bobby Yoshikawa)

| Kimono | Kurotsubaki: Kokuen Kimono (outfit includes everything, even shoes)
| Hair | Eat Rice! Pickle, in Red (store is no longer available)
| Hair flowers | Boon: September ornament, top piece only (wearing this will require you manually attach your left ear to your nose and edit it into the proper location) (yes, I know this sounds crazy!) ^_^

My Extensive List of Second Life Kimono Stores:

Visit Gekkou (formerly Getsuei) Okiya and Japanese Tea House:

Visit Kenroku:

Sadly, Gion no longer exists (at least not in its former beautiful state)

When in Japan…
Good morning = Ohayo (formal: ohayo gozaimasu)
Good afternoon = Konnichiwa
Good evening = Konbanwa
Good night = Oyasumi
Thank you = Doumo arigatou gozaimasu
You’re Welcome = Dou itashimashite

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on August 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Kimono Love”

  1. what gorgeous pics, and I love that is totally my colors… great post

  2. […] Earlier this Summer, I spent a whole afternoon kimono shopping, Japanese garden wandering, and enjoying a lovely Geisha performance at Getsuei Okiya — a sight that has remained in my mind’s eye long after the final tea ceremony was over. […]

  3. […] More Second Life Kimono Stores Listed at the End of This Story… […]

  4. This is exceptional, thank you for sharing!

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