Neko Ears and Tails

Neko Ears and Tails Definitions:
All store slurls updated by my friend Kal Kayo in November 2011 (I wish SL stores didn’t move around so often!) ^_^

Scripted / Interactive Tails: These allow other avatars in Second Life to interact with your tail.  If they click on it, they’ll see a message you’ve chosen (i.e., “back off or I’ll bite!”), or get a menu that lets them “pet, pull, stroke,” etc.

HUD: Short for “heads-up display.”  This is an item you wear along with your tail. When it’s worn, it brings up a display window on your Second Life view screen (visible only by you).  This window contains buttons that allow you to customize your ears/tail, such as choosing a color, what state of mind you’re feeling (angry, sassy, romantic), and sometimes even what type of accessory you’d like to wear.

Menu-Driven: When you click on a menu-driven tail, it brings up a blue “menu window,” which contains any number of variables, depending on what the tail designer packed in there… including color-change, texture change, resizing, and sometimes more.

Note: If one of the slurls below is outdated, please email me to let me know (stores move around in Second Life ALL the time!).

Free (or nearly free) Sets:

AdiCat (<- SL Marketplace link) has a free fluffy Black Neko tail with a strapped band, menu-controlled actions, and touch interactions. Want the full Monty? She also offers an ENTIRE “Punk” Neko set for FREE — containing wiggling ears, a short hair interactive tail, grunge boots, arm straps, and a couple of shirts, all located here.

c.B. Neko Works, a new store by chriz Breck, offers a very nice Neko ears and tail set for FREE. Both are nicely scripted with movement and color changing ability. An easy to use HUD controls their behavior. Multiple copies inside the box attach to with different points, making these tails an easy, right out of the box wearing experience.

MechaKitty offers a free Neko starter kit that includes ears, a tail, and some Neko sound/gestures.  Look for a small wooden barrel in one corner of the store.

SparrowCat has several different colors of (fluffy) tail and ear sets to choose from, including a pink one for free, a chocolate + blond one for just $1L, and the rest are just $10L on SL Marketplace (see description down below).

If you send a very nice IM (or notecard) to Isobel Gustafson, she will be happy to send you a free cyberpunk ear and tail set upon request!

Cheap Tail: (you know I had to write that…)

Looking for an affordable-but-cool cyberpunk neko tail? A store called Accessory Bone has a “Receptacle Tail” comprised of fiber optic cables with glowing electricity moving from top to bottom. If you more of a basic tail but with a few more bells and whistles than the free tails on the grid, Psychotic Neko has a few Neko tails for $99L that include various accessories, twitch, mood, and chat scripts, depending on which tail you choose. Store owner Obyri Nightfire says to keep an eye out for new stuff getting moved into a discount area soon!  Meanwhile Adi Cat Designs has several excellent HUD-controlled tails with voice control, ten color options, and three position settings, all for $75L or $80L depending on your accessory choice… found here, or here or here on her SL Marketplace store.

If you want an entire starter package, try K&L’s Snow Kitty Outfit by Kiku Yokosuka. This package includes custom skin, shape, neko eyes, hair, twitchy ears, fluffy tail with a knit bow, Neko paws, legwarmers, three different tops, shorts, skirt, bra and panties, a necklace, and a candycane to hold in your mouth — all for just $50L. Talk about the ultimate Neko starter package!

Steampunk Neko / Cyberpunk Neko Sets:

Excellent metallic, android, steampunk, and/or cyberpunk sets can be found at the following stores (get descriptions and SLURLS below):  Accessory Bone; Black Heart; Cats of a Feather; Chrysalis Labs; +DV8+; Fembot; Hocico; LPP/Le Petit Prince; Nek-O-Licious (silvery metal tail and ears); PrimtroniCS; Sassy Kitty, Softly Paws, and Thomus Keen’s Unzipped and Steam Powered Nuts on Tesla. I also recently discovered a “Steampunk Tail” by a creator named Dreamers Realm, with vendors set up on the Tesla sim here; and a nice “Cybr Kitteh” set you can get for FREE if you send a very nice request IM (or notecard) to Isobel Gustafson.

Neko Kids Sets:

Hoping to embrace your inner child in Second Life?  You can find Neko Kid Ears and Tails (or those that come in varying sizes, or those with easy re-sizable scripts) listed on my Neko Kids page.

Complete List of Stores:

Click on the store name to get a SLURL for teleporting.  If you’d like to recommend a store not on this list (or if you find an outdated slurl… stores move around a LOT), feel free to drop me a line so I can check it out.

>(O.o)< on Mew Island (Fa Nyak)

Sold: Sculpted ears and tails, each sold separately (her old non-sculpted ears are also still available for a lower price… and although “old,” they are still quite nice!)
HUD: No, but if you click the ears and tail, you can change twitch (old ears) or color (new ears).  Note: new sculpted ears do NOT twitch… however the old ears twitch randomly in some of the most expressive positions I’ve seen, including an adorable “folded back” position; tails feature very smooth movements.
Tail Fur: Shorthair
Colors: Fa’s new sculpted ears come with a color-change script that allows you to choose tan, black, white or brown from one set of ears, all with flesh-colored insides. The older ears come in medium brown or white (however they can be copied and tinted to any color you choose, so technically there’s no limit!). Updated tails come in all sorts of new colors (with a click-to-change-color menu), including: dark brown, golden tan, white, black with a white tip, tan with a brown tip, white with a black tip, dark brown with a lighter brown tip, plus a bunch of cool striped versions with various combinations of white, brown, tan, and black.
Accessories: None… just pure, plain and simple
Additional Comments: One of my favorite ears in SL because they’re worn by my favorite person in SL. ❤

42nd Life (Kira Zobel)

Sold: Tails only
HUD: Custom tail commands
Tail Fur: Long hair
Colors: Black, reddish-brown, or white
Accessories: None

Accessory Bone (IceMoon Lee)
Sold: Tails only
HUD: No; tails twitch and wag
Tail Fur: Both long and short hair tails come in each package
Colors: Black and white come in each package
Accessories: Three tail choices available currently… including Receptacle Tail (fiber optic cables with electrical effects); Cat Tail Tomb (silver spikes, chains, glowing marbles, and a studded/chain-wrapped coffin hangs from the top of this tail); or Cat Tail Candy (Silver studs surround a black and white checkered wrap, into which a little round, glass-topped container of candies is set.

Acid + Mala Miau Creations (Acido Ferraris + Mala Oh)

Sold: Tails and ears, sold separately
HUD: No, but scripted for random movement. The new “Acid&Mala Neko” set has a nice, unique movement script.
Tail Fur: Short/smooth, very fluffy, or “medium length” (long hair but not too fluffy) depending on which one you buy.
Colors: See below.

Four sets of tails await you here:

(NEW) Acid & Mala Neko: This medium-length-fur tail has a very nicely textured and detailed accessory at the top, featuring two stitched black leather bands with dark silver metal buckles, gromits and pyramid-shaped studs, and a lighter silver key ring with a lucky 8 ball, a tiny skull, and a couple of keys. Accessories like this make me wish this store made more Neko accessory belts! Oh, and the ears come in your choice of two silver studs arrangement… more or less studs depending on your preference. Colors come three to each pack, packs include: blacks and whites, blacks, blondes, browns, reds, and you can get a fatpack of all colors for 50% off.

[AD] Neko Tails / Ears: This short-hair tail has a black knit band with checkered edges, topped by a black leather band with *very* pointed silver spikes, and comes in black, white, brown, or pink.

>M< Mala Miau Strapped Furry Tail: This very fluffy tail has three black straps with little silver studs. The colors have a subtle striping texture, and come in black, white, brown, or pink with black.

Xmas Furry Tail: When you feel like Christmas any time of the year, this very fluffy white tail is streaked with bits of red like a candy cane, and comes in three different accessory styles: a red bow with holly, a red bow with snowflakes, or a red bow with candy canes. Comes in a handy gift-giving box…

Organic: This very fluffy, dark brown tail features ropes and a nailed teddy on the tail wrap… it’s located in the room *across* from the Neko area, on the same wall as all the other “Organic” outfit pieces.

Additional Comments: The older sets are located upstairs in the “Neko” area of the store. The new sculpted ears and tail sets are in the lobby (at the moment), complete with a demo option.

Adi Cat Designs (Aditya Shippe) – and here is the SL Marketplace link

Sold: Ears and tail, sold separately OR as a package
HUD: Yes, for mood and color selection; plus scripted tail chat. There are even four Xcite compatible tails here, plus a tail without a HUD for a very low price. All ears twitch.
Tail Fur: Fluffy / long hair, except for the last two Xcite compatible tails (see below).
Colors: The Basic $30L tail is black; HUD-enhanced tails include ten colors (ranging from black/white/tan, to red, gold, aqua, purple, pink, blue and green).

– Plain: The basic tail, and the Cat Ears and Tail package are all plain (no accessories). Also each accessorized ear comes with a plain option inside the package.
– Tail, Barbed Wire: a curling band of shiny barbed wire; HUD-enhanced tail.
– Tail, Loaded: the top of the tail is surrounded a bunch of shiny brass bullets; HUD-enhanced tail.
– Tail, Snack: a black strap holds a vodka bottle, ciggies, and fish and a mouse for snacks, all of which can be clicked for scripted delivery); HUD-enhanced tail.
– VooDoo Neko 2.0 Combat Tail: the top of the tail has a large sculpted skull and crossbones, which feature two DCS compatible “bone blade” combat swords with 14-animation flame summoning on opponents (on/off function). Tail has a menu to change among ten different colors.
– Ears, Gone Fishin: black ears with metal fishbones hanging from both ears. No HUD.
– Ears, Black Pierced: black ears with a silver and brass cross hanging from the left, and a round jewel-studded piercing hanging from the right. No HUD.
– Ears, Pinned Puss: black ears with silver safety pins on both ears, bandages on the left ear. No HUD.
– Ears, Loaded: these ears match the “Loaded” tail with bullet piercings, but because they also come with a HUD, you get to select your colors (inside and outside both customizable), wiggling action, hiss function/animation with the coordinated HUD tails, and voice control. Includes a plain set of ears in the package.
– Ears, Cat Fight: these ears have silver safety pin piercings and a HUD, which allows you to select your colors (inside and outside both customizable), wiggling action, hiss function/animation with the coordinated HUD tails, and voice control. Includes a plain set of ears in the package.
– Ears, Jeweled: these ears have delicate jewels hanging from silver chains, plus the HUD which allows you to select your colors (inside and outside both customizable), wiggling action, hiss function/animation with the coordinated HUD tails, and voice control. Includes a plain set of ears in the package.

AdiCat’s Xcite-Compatible Tails:
I don’t think you could possibly squeeze any additional features onto the following AdiCat tail/ear sets. They include fully functional tail-collar scripts, male and female scripted, approximately 600 color options for the tail, outer ear and inner ear, HUD/voice control, multiple ear/tail positions and movements, and original animations, including a hiss function. I’ve heard Neko refer to these as the best BDSM tails, “done tastefully.” Here are the accessories:

– Little Pet Neko (Xcite): A fluffy tail with silver chains, padlocks and a heart; one ear has a tag you can change to say 1 of 6 phrases. This is a sub set that interacts with the “Feline Fetish” set.
– Feline Fetish (Xcite): A fluffy tail with a coiled working whip and silver handcuffs; ears have silver earcuffs. This dom set interacts with the “Little Pet Neko” set.
– Getty Up Neko (Xcite): A large, absolutely adorable sculpted mouse sits at the top of this fluffy tail, wearing a black cowboy hat and a coil or rope by his side; ears have a spur on one and rope on the other.
– Bad Kitty (Xcite): This shorthair tail features jungle cat textures (tiger, cheetah, cougar, leopard, panther and more) in addition to the 600 color options. Its accessories feature two crossed blades (which are DCS/CCS compatible so you can draw them with the built-in attack animation), and silver metal coils. Ears have silver chain dangles.
– Bone Collector (Xcite): This shorthair tail features jungle cat textures (tiger, cheetah, cougar, leopard, panther and more) in addition to the 600 color options. It’s accessorized with multiple sculpted skulls wrapped in leather; ears have a miniature skull and crossbones hanging from one, and a skull “chain” on the other.

Aimless Jupiter Unlimited (Kittysmiles Soulstar)

Sold: Ears and tails sold together in each package
HUD: No, but tails are naughty scripted with Fun Sayings
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Ice blue and other colors (red, black, pink, etc.) that come with outfits
Comments: A very affordable tail made by a very sweet kitteh!

Aluinn’s “Shattered” Division (Bratty Slade)

Sold: Ears and tails sold together in each package
HUD: Menu-driven interactive, twitch or no-twitch in each package
Tail Fur: Fluffy and short hair in each package; extra fluffy options at the back of the store as part of some full Neko outfits.
Colors: Black, red, umber brown, beige brown (tan), blonde, white and a beautiful calico.
Accessories: Each set includes a decorated and a plain pair of ears. Decoration options include:

– Barbs n Spikes: Tail and ears feature silver barbed wire, loops and spikes.
– Strapped: Tail and ears feature a very simple black wrapped band with flexi ties hanging down.
– Shooting Star: Tail is wrapped with star-shaped chains and decorated with star-studded hoops; ears have diamond studs and star-studded hoops — all in silver.
– Spiked: Tail features three black bands with small silver spikes; ears have small spikes along the outer rims.
– Chained Paw: Tail and ears feature silver chains with a black and silver paw charm featuring some dangly bits.
– Corset: Tail is wrapped with a silver metal “corset plate” featuring black stitching and bands; ears have thin, simple silver cuffs.
– Poker Face: Tail is wrapped with loops made of dices, into which an assortment of playing cards have been tucked; the ears feature a couple of dices and a playing card too.
– Trouble: Tail and ears feature a thick, burnished silver chain, with bullets, handcuffs and other troublesome charms.
– Flowerz: Tail and ears sport multi-colored five-petal flowers with green leaves.
– Belted: Tail features three black silver-buckled bands; ears have small spikes along the outer rims.
– Pearls: Tail is wrapped with four strands of white pearls; the ears have tiny pearls lining the outer edges.
– Chained Ankh: Tail and ears feature silver chains with dangly silver Egyptian ankh crosses.
– Dog Tags: Simple silver ball-chains with two dangling silver dog tags… one featuring a human skull and crossbones, the other featuring a neko skull and crossbones.
– Ribbons & Roses (Red or Pink): Just like it sounds, pretty sculpty roses on a green vine wrap with dangly bow-tied ribbons, in your choice of red or pink flowers.

– Holiday Theme: Halloween: Tail and ears feature orange and black wraps with spider webs, candy corn, and a pumpkin.
– Holiday Theme: Good Luck (St. Patrick’s Day): Tail is wrapped with delicate golden filigree chains and a loop of emeralds; ears feature tiny golden chains and 2 dangling emeralds.
– Holiday Theme: 4th of July: Tail and ears feature red white and blue star-patterned ribbons and wraps.
– Holiday Theme: Christmas: Tail and ears feature holly wraps, candy canes, silver bells and gift boxes.

– Plain Undecorated: Just like it sounds… nothing but fur.

Additional Comments: When you come to the main Aluinn store (which sells all sorts of cool jewelry), look for the side room under the “Shattered” sign… that’s where you’ll find all the Neko stuff. Be sure to walk all the way into the room and turn a full circle to see everything. I love how this designer includes plain/decorated and fluffy/short hair options in each package. Be sure to check out the extra fluffy sets at the back of the store that come with clothing and paw boots.

Amacci (Carina Larsen)

Sold: Tail only
HUD: Menu driven for flex, wag, emote chat, interact chat, gender, and color change
Tail Fur: 3 styles in every package: short hair, medium length, and long hair / fluffy
Colors: 18 total options in every package, including 9 solid colors (auburn, blonde, copper, red, dark blond, brown, black, silver and creamy white), and 9 tipped colors (same base colors as the solids, with either black, brown, or creamy white tips).
Accessories: Two simple silver metal bands at the top (with a little bit of tail fluff in between)
Comments: This is one of the best natural tail movements I’ve seen, not to mention nice textures and colors. With all options included, you’d expect this tail to cost a lot… but it doesn’t! Thanks to Julian for telling me about these!

Anara (Anara Aeon)

Sold: Tail and ears as a package (along with paw hands, paw feet with legwarmers, and whiskers)
HUD: Yes, for color change and movement
Tail Fur: A ‘thick shorthair’; ears have a nice shape and little tufts of fur all along the outside
Colors: Changeable to your every whim
Accessories: Just a simple band at the top

Animas Design > see bNuts

Ari’s Neko Retreat / Arianna Designs (Arianna Voltaire)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together in a package
HUD: You can purchase sets with or without a HUD. If you purchase without, and later change your mind, the store sells the HUD separately. Sets are also powered by Xcite!
Tail Fur: Fluffy long hair or thin short hair
Colors: This store offers one of the most extensive selections of colors, including Icy blue, Icy green, Icy pink, Icy purple, (very) Dark Brown (almost black), Golden, Goth Red, Mocha, Platinum, Platinum+Pink, Platinum+Black, Platinum+ (light) Blue, Black, Black+ (cobalt) Blue, Black+ (deep) Pink, Black+Purple, Black+Red, Deep Red, Dirty Yellow, Fire (orange), Black+White, Silver+White, Daring Blonde+Black, Daring Brown+Blonde, Ember, Amber, Cheetah spots, Jaguar spots, Golden Leopard spots, Black Leopard spots, Snow Leopard Spots, Spotted Orange, Bengal (golden with black rings), White with Black rings, Orange-yellow with black stripes, Siberian (golden) Tiger stripes, White Tiger stripes, Calico (tri-color) Cat, Grey Tabby Cat, Orange Tabby Cat, Domestic Spotted White, Domestic Tortoise Shell, Yellow Rainbow, Silver rainbow, Neon Rainbow
Accessories: Plain “natural” or thin black bands with studs (both in the same package)
Additional Comments: You don’t often see animal print tails, or colorful house-cat tails… this is one store that has them both. Each package gives you 8 sets of ears, 2 tails, and a HUD… but I was unable to tell how each of those 8 ears are different (size or accessories?) and whether the 2 tails are different size or simply “with accessories” and “without”…? The vendor says a “full natural” set is included (guessing that means no accessories). Anyone who has bought one of these packages and knows the details, please feel free to drop me an email and enlighten us all… he he.

Atomic (Ivy Graves): Neko bits are discontinued  😦

AX / AnthroXtacy (Tinintri Mistral)

Sold: Ears and Tails in the same package (with other items; see Comments)
HUD: Yes… not yet sure what it controls, likely the changes itemized in “Comments”; tails and ears wiggle and wag.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and short hair “sleek” in the same package
Colors: White, black, tan, tiger and cheetah
Accessories: No
Additional Comments: Ears are more rounded than pointed. The domestic sets (white, tan and black) include two tails (fluffy and short hair); two ears (normal and scottish fold); three types of leg fur (fluffy, digi, and fluffy digi); fluffy arms, hand and feet paws, socks and gloves. Tiger and Cheeta have one set of ears and tail, but include a skin, a tattoo layer, and eyes.

B@R: BareRose (June Dion and others)

Sold: “NekoMimi and Sippo” Ears and tail (one set), sold together as a package
Tail Fur: Very short
Colors: White, light brown (golden), and black
Accessories: No
Additional Comments: When you arrive at the store, head into the Men’s section.  Walk past the first wall and turn left.  These are located in the third section of vendor windows, very bottom row (across from the chairs by a large column).

Bake Monoya (Conjoh Kohime)

Sold: Tails and ears, sold together in a package
HUD: Yes, controls movement of tails and ears (ears twist, turn, and lay down), and length / angle of tail.
Tail Fur: Tail is short hair; ears have very soft fluffy fur
Colors: White; ears have very pink interiors
Accessories: None
Additional Comments: The ears feature very soft-looking fur unlike any other I’ve seen.

BDR / Beautiful Dirty Rich (Cameron Vasiliov)

Sold: Ears and tails sold together with an outfit
HUD: None
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Depends on the outfit package (the color complements the outfit)
Accessories: Many are plain, some have accessories, it all depends on the package.
Additional Comments: Sooo much to browse through in this store!

Bellatryx (Ethan Okelly): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Tails and ears, each sold separately
HUD: Menu controlled to select fur color, strap color on tails, mood emotes, kitty sounds, interactions, and whether or not you’ve got fleas (!!!);
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Any color you like, thanks to a color-change menu
Accessories – Ears: Ears come with three styles in the package, Tri-Kitty (standard shape); kitty (more pointed shape); and panda (rounded shape. In addition to a plain (non-decorated) ear, accessories include a skull kitty, glowing raver tubes, a little ladybug, tiny silver paw print studs, a hibiscus flower, a bunch of sculpty hearts, a fishbone, cherries, a cherry blossom, a celestial (moon and star studs), a sculpty bow, a BDSM ear with barbed wire, a plain barbed wire ear, and a Christmas bow
Accessories – Tails: In addition to a plain (non-decorated) tail, accessories include a skull kitty, pirate kitty, glowing raver tubes (girl or boy), stoner (plastic baggy filled with weed, pipe and lighter), rubik’s cube (cute!), princess band, princess tiara, punk kitty (silver spikes and pawprint emblem), silver fishbone with spikes, caged heart, silver caged heart (silver spikes and red hearts), queen of hearts (raised heart jewels on two bands), star princess (star-studded bands), star (different star design on bands), ladybug, hibiscus, cherry blossom, cherries, hearts, goldfish (with animated fish in a tiny tail tube aquarium!), caterpillar (smoking an opium pipe; think Alice!), BDSM, Christmas bow, and Christmas set (santa hat, snowman, holly, candycane and mistletoe.
Additional Comments: Several of the accessories are one-of-a-kind in SL. Thanks to Eden for bringing this store to my attention!

Bitch Tail (Tiff Renfold)

Sold: Ears and tails sold together with an outfit
HUD: None
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Depends on the package (one color to complement the outfit)
Accessories: Many are plain, some have accessories, it all depends on the package.
Additional Comments: This store is huge so plan to spend some time waiting for alllll the vendors to rez on both floors. Upstairs on the second floor you’ll find a whole room full of lucky chairs and midnight mania boards (and usually a whole pack of kittehs waiting to see their lucky letter).

BBD / Bitter Bunnie Designs (Telle Trezuguet)

Sold: Almost all of the ears and tails here are sold together in a package that comes complete with a matching outfit, hair and sometimes even accessories… all for an affordable price
HUD: Click menu for tail movement and up to 12 interactions
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Depends on the outfit… one color per package, to match the outfit
Accessories: Each tail comes with adorable prims and accessories, all in the theme of its outfit. Just a few examples of these themes include: Absolute Angel (white and pink and wings are the theme here); Dirty Diamond (black lacy lingerie with a matching diamond-bedecked tail and ears); Caution (yellow “caution tape” outfit with black and yellow ears and tail); Spider, Super, or Wonder Kitty (for the superhero feline in you); all sorts of cartoon/old TV show sets (Lex Luther, the Green Goblin, Dr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and The Joker); all sorts of “dessert” sets (Chocolate Chip Cookie, Apple Pie, Lemon Cheesecake, Princess Cupcake, Chocolate Sundae, and Strawberries and Cream); and even Disney character sets (Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and more).
Comments: This designer’s creative, whimsical style will definitely please the kawaii Neko set!

Black Heart (Skull Connor & MollyMary Loon)

Sold: 7 different types of ears and tails, each sold separately
HUD: No; but all ears twitch, and you get a resize menu by clicking on the ears
Tail Fur: Fluffy long hair + unique options (see comments)
Colors: Three: Black/silver; Silver/white; Black/orange/cream
Accessories: Yes, sort of… (see comments)
Additional Comments: These furry ears and tails have more long wispy hairs than other designers, which add a nice touch.  In addition, Black Heart offers some very unique options for cyberpunk and steampunk Nekos, including:

– Steam Neko Ears: Golden/bronze metal ears with moving gears on the inside
– Rusted Neko Ears: Corroded metal ears with moving gears on the inside
– Cyber Neko Ears I: Light silver metal ears with moving, blue-glowing/flashing gears on the inside
– Cyber Neko Ears II: Dark silver metal ears with moving, blue-glowing/flashing gears on the inside
– Steampunk Tail: Golden/bronze metal rotating gears and a gauge accessorize the top of this twitchy, flexi tail with matching fur color (pale bronze)
– Cyber F Type Tail: an outlet with a plug represents the top of this tail; the tail is comprised of heavy gauge wire cables that are color-customizable and feature glowing tips
– Cyber C Type Tail: an outlet with a blue paw-print plug represents the top of this tail; the tail is comprised of heavy gauge wire cables that are color-customizable and feature glowing tips
– Cyber DVI Tail: The top of this tail is a DVI plug in accessory; the tail is comprised of heavy gauge wire cables that are color-customizable and feature glowing tips
– Scorpion Tails: For a very different look, there are three metal “scorpion” tails: dark silver, light silver, and “desert” (steampunk) color

Blueseed (Sala Lowey)

Sold: Ears and tails, some separate, some sold together
HUD: click for color change menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black (one set also comes in white)
Accessories: Rhinestone Kitty – the tail features a cute prim cat hanging on to a silver band with dangling color-change rhinestones, ears feature studs, hoops and dangling color-change rhinestones. Decoration Kitty – tail and ears feature color-change bows, stars, and a little dangling leaf. Kitty Black Set and Kitty White Set – each of these come with nicely sculpted green leaves, a glowing color-change band at the top of the tail, and glowing inner ear fur.

b.nuts (Lunaaa Alter)

Sold: Tails and ears, sold separately
HUD: No; but tails include scripted movement and interactive chat-by-touch
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black, except for 1 set of color-change ears.
Accessories: Tails come in five styles: Emo, Skulls, Jewels, Stars, and  Kiddie (child) bits. Ears come in ten styles: Dices, Pentagram, Sweet (sculpty bow), Cherry, Cherry Skull, Biker Cross, Hot Lips, Key, Combat, and Girly Combat.

Bounce (Archan Allen)

Sold: Ears and tails, each sold separately
HUD: No, but ears are animated
Tail Fur: Fluffy and short hair
Colors: Each basic color package includes 3 to 5 different ranges of colors within its hue. Basic packages include blondes, browns, reds, and darks (purple, blue, brown and charcoal).
Accessories: None… other than a simple wrap/tie made of tail fur.
Note: Ears are now sold in the same vendor as the skins… the far right column of each skin vendor.

Buddha -> see How Vexing

CatNip (Akasha Wachmann)

Sold: Ear and tails, each sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven, 3 activity levels, interactive chat
Tail Fur: Short hair or fluffy
Colors: Black, white, brown, blonde, deep pink, dark red — all six are included in each package you buy

– Outcast: Tail features spikes, nails and buttons at the top; ears feature safety pins, buttons, and ear cuffs with a delicate chain dangly bit.
– Damaged: Bloody wraps and safety pins
– Junkie: Great prim work on this tail: ropes, black leather strap with a silver buckle, injection syringes; the ears are the same plus a couple cigarettes.

Cats of a Feather (Devilmaycare Oxbar)

Sold: Ears and tails together in a package (not currently in the store; awaiting word from the designer)
HUD: No, but these are animated, interactive, menu-driven, and tintable
Tail Fur: Short hair
Colors: Tintable
Accessories: Cyber: Topped with shiny metal tubes. Retro Hot Rod: Topped with shiny metal standard transmission gear shifts and little dice tops. Also check out Tiger, Tortie (tortoiseshell domestic cat) and Reptile tails with sculpty ears!

Catwise (Catwise Yoshikawa)

Sold: Tails and sculpted ears, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven attitude and textures
Tail Fur: Fluffy, kitsune (pointed/layered for a fox), and shorthair/smooth
Colors: Fluffy and Kitsune: Purple, black, white, tan, red, pink, and silver.  Shorthair: White, black, grey, brown, and red
Accessories: Three to choose from, all silver metal:  metal wrap, metal and black band with spikes, barbed wire holding a mouse with pink accents
Additional Comments: At $100L, this is one of the most affordable sets considering you get all the colors you want, both fur styles, and a movement menu.

Ceiling Cats Industries (Yume Kytori)

Sold: Tails only
HUD: No, but they are scripted to wag and twitch
Tail Fur: Long fluffy tails, or short cropped (bob?) tails that are fluffy and kinda spikey… the only ones I’ve seen in SL
Colors: Black, Silver, pale copper red, three types of purple, three types of blue, two types of green, and a cool orange and black color. Her “short spikey” tails also come in a yellow color, a teal color, a black and white (kinda zebra-like) color, and three bright red colors.
Accessories: Most of the tails here feature a simple band, except for three Steampunk Tails: these are topped with metal gears and glowing bits, in either silver metal, brass, or tarnished metal.

CattButts > see Pink Tako

Charlie™ > see De la Soul

Cherokee Sensations (Cherokee Bravin)

Sold: Ears, tails (and boomers) together in a package
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black
Accessories: Just today I found two sets on SL Marketplace; one called “Plasma” and one called “Plasma Fire.” Both features animated “lightning” or “plasma” glowing threads; Plasma is in purple, Plasma Fire looks like it sounds. There’s a third set called “Trick or Treat” that is braided with halloween colors and candy.

Chrysalis Labs / clabs (Aeon Twine and Jadell Nihilist)

Sold: Ears and tails together in a package
HUD: Basic HUD included in package allows you to change fur, color of tail, outer ear and inner ear, RP emote lock/unlock, Movement, and emotes. A more extended HUD containing additional hair texture/fur types is sold separately.
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Basic HUD: Black and white. Extended HUDs available in all sorts of color packs and combinations.
Accessories: Most of these tails and ears, although sold separately, are designed to match full avatar / clothing sets sold by this same store. All of them have extremely unique metal / glowing parts, with extensive detailing and a very substantial “heavy metal” appearance. These include:

– Jugger Kitteh: Orangey glowing glass and metal shield pieces with metal side guards and glowing red lights; ears also feature red glowing diode lights… very android-cool looking to me.
– Magma Kitteh: a large, fierce dragon head made of dark reddish-brown metal features glowing eyes
– Chronos Kitteh: Excellent aged metal steampunk gears and glowing side pieces
– Air Wyvern: Two huge glowing pinkish-purplish wings are opened wide at the top of this tail; with a smaller wing on the tip of each ear.
– Air Wyvern Lynx: Two folded black wings with three beautiful glowing purple jewels adorn the top of this tail and ear tips
– Succubus: Glowing red rose with sculpty green thorns wrap around the top of this tail and ear tips
– Death Kitteh: Not sure how to describe this tail but it definitely looks mean… dark metal, sharp horn-like projections, and a glowing centerpiece;
– Earth Kitten: Thick glowing crystal-like barbed shapes and an aged metal band
– Ice Kitten: Sharp silver blades, dark metal base, and glowing blue ice shards
– Dread Knight Skeletal: Probably THE most bad-a** tail I’ve seen… dark bronze metal skull with horns and a missile-quality metal tail wrap
– Apocalypse Kitten: Seriously wicket silver metal blades extend off either side of this tail, with what appears to be a bound book? or battery pack? on top of the tail…
– Dragon: coming soon… an adorable dragon companion will grace these tails…

Comments: This store makes custom avatars, as well as Neko ears/tail sets to match each avatar (or you can just buy their ears/tails separately for your current avatar of course). If you buy two Neko Avatar sets, you get a third set free. Just contact Aeon Twine after purchasing with your purchase history records, and let him know your choice.

Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa) neko items have sadly been discontinued

CK: Curious Kitties (Ameshin Yossarian)

Sold: As best as I can tell (and I wandered around the store for nearly an hour looking), Curious Kitties no longer sells Neko tails and ears separately (replaced, like so many former Neko stores, by the latest craze of elf bits). Neko bits are now sold as part of an avatar package, which includes either a feral “house cat” skin (and shape, eyes, hair, etc.) or their newer “Khalaji Kitty Avatar,” which includes lovely sculpted (and pierced) ears, and a shorthaired tail, along with matching skin, shape, eyes, hair, HUD to control the kitty parts, and loincloth (a full avatar package; parts not sold separately). These avatars come in a golden tan color, a blue grey color, and a snow white color (with leopard spots).
HUD: Yes for movement control
Tail Fur: Shorhair
Colors: Depends on the avatar package you purchase (see above)
Accessories: Piercings on the ears; tails are plain

Curious Relics (see OTCR)

DarKCatZ (Harmony Sheridan): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and tail sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven with 3 movements, 4 activity modes, 12 colors, resize, chat menu, and some sets include accessory recolor too
Fur: Tails come in Fluffy, Braided, or Thin (this “thin” has a little more fur than most short hair tails). Ears have extra jagged fur edges.
Colors: Most tails include 12 color choices (via menu): 3 blacks, 3 golden/golden browns, 2 browns, 1 silver, and 3 red/reddish-browns. One of the fluffy tails offers 33 colors including some tipped choices; the Easter fluffy tail comes in 6 colors: black, white, pink, yellow gold, and two greens.
Accessories: In most cases, all the accessories listed below (bands, bows, and objects) are color-changeable. Options include:

– Hunter (thin tail): A bunch of looped rope and a black-handled knife atop a black band.
– Suicide (thin tail): Black band with barbed wire, safety pins, and razor blades.
– Alley Cat (thin tail): Black band with barbed wire, sculpty fishbone, paw, and a mouse.
– Gothic (thin tail): Black Band with barbed wire, a tiny cross, and a teeny tiny star.
– Moonlight (braided tail): Sculpty stars and moons adorn the braided part of this tail. Includes one extra tail with glow effect.
– Kitty (braided tail): Paws, fishbones, baubles and safety pins in the braded part. Includes one extra tail with glow effect.
– Killer (braided tail): A large silver skull at the top, barbed wire around the braided part with a few razor blades, and a scallop-edged knife with a silver skull at the base of the braid.
– CupCake (braided tail): A large sculpty cupcake at the top, with smaller cupcakes and gummy bears on the braided part, and two sculpty cherries at the base of the braid.
– Flower (braided tail): Five lovely scuplted, shaded flowers adorn this tail… one large one atop a big bow at the top, and four more over the braided area.
– Lollipop (braided tail): A large bow at the top of this tail has two crossed lollipops over it; more pairs of lollipops are tucked into the braided area.
– Neko (fluffy tail): Black, white, and silver band, with silver sculpty stars, fishbones, and safety pins, and a color-change band.
– Easter (fluffy tail): Brightly colored candies, carrots, safety pins and a fishbone surround a color-change band.
– Neko (ears): Plain and simple, with 33 color choices via ear-click.
– Moonlight (ears): Sculpty color-change moon, stars and safety pins at the top of each ear; 12 choices of fur color.
– Flowers (ears): A sculpty color-change flower at the top of each ear; 12 choices of fur color..
– Killer (ears): Sculpty silver skull, stars, and a safety pin at the top of each ear.

Additional Comments: Tails and ears are located upstairs, in the room on your left. There’s a Gift Vendor on a middle wall so you can spread the Neko joy amongst your friends.  🙂

De La Soul (Lerochelle Destiny)

Sold: Tails
HUD: No, but tails are flexi and twitch
Tail Fur: Fluffy long hair
Colors: Pretty much any color you can imagine, including 15 natural colors; 10 highlighted colors (from white to brown); 20 tipped colors (including reds, blacks, blues, golds, pinks, purples, and browns); 5 iced colors (lovely pastels); 20 Funkie colors (vivid colors in every shade of the rainbow); and 4 Miscellaneous colors (gotta see em for yourself).
Accessories: No
Additional Comments: Demo available.  VERY large and fluffy.  Record number of tail colors.

DemonKitties (Misseuro Chau): also check out her SL Marketplace store
Sold: Tails and matching ears
HUD: No; click for movement menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy and short hair — both included in each package
Colors: Black, White, Brown and Blond
Accessories: Two tails currently: 1) Graffiti tail features colorful paint-spattered fur texture with several spray cans chained to the top of the tail; Black widow tail features a blood-spattered fur texture with a silver chain and spiked band at the top of the tail, atop whichw two menacing black widow spiders are dueling.
Additional Comments: I discovered this store when I went looking for a Neko tail with graffiti / paint spatters for my Banksy story. Fell in love with the spraycan details… and when the designer told me that VirtualNeko was the first site she ever visited from sl, I was ever so honored…! As of 2014: Missie has marked 90% of her items to HALF PRICE!

~DF~ Love of Music (Daryl Darkfire)
Sold: Tails only (ears coming soon!)
HUD: None; I’m assuming these tails twitch, though the vendor does not indicate. See Comments about the “injector” system.
Tail Fur: Fluffy (short hair tail coming soon). I’m told there are “several choices of fluffyness,” but I’m guessing those are the vendors marked “3 Tails.” The other vendors probably just have 1 fluffy tail inside (though I’m not sure).
Colors: All the tails you see attached to the wall represent all the available colors — around 250 to choose from on two walls of the store (note: these tails are NOT tails to buy, these are the color injectors only; see Comments).
Accessories: All tails here come with an iPod accessory at the top of the tail, which is texture-customizable by buying separate “skin injectors.” Plus you can load various songs into them by purchasing separate “song injectors” (see Comments for an explanation of injectors.) In addition to the iPod, each tail features other decorations: “Sucker” features a spider on a web; “Ghost” features silver metal and cute ghosts; “3 Tail Hearts Bow” and the separate “Heart” both feature sculpted hearts and a bow with long ribbons; “Star” is just like “Hearts Bow” except there are stars on the side of the bow instead of hearts; “3 Tail Adult” features a plain silver metal band; “Barbwire” has three strands of barbed wire around the metal band.” There are also kid-sized tails in separate vendors with the same types of decorations.
Additional Comments: In order to find this store, wait til everything rezzes when you arrive, then turn around and head towards the orange building. There is no sign on the store, but that’s the store. Once inside, you’ll see a table with various “injectors.” This is a unique system that bears some explaining. First off, do not make the mistake of buying one of the tails you see attached to two walls. Those are not tails, those are just rezzed examples of tail colors. Instead, you want to choose a tail from the vendor pictures over on the right wall. The tails cost $250, but when you buy one, you are given a $200 credit, to be used in the store for purchasing “injectors.” Injectors are the way you make changes to your tail, by purchasing an injector and “injecting” (installing) it into your tail. There are injectors to change tail colors (those are the tails you see attached to the two walls), injectors for iPod songs, and injectors for iPod “skins” (textures).

Dirty Lynx (Loki Dancer, Ivanka Akina)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven for scripted movement and kitty sounds
Tail Fur: Short hair
Colors: White or black
Accessories: Kyo-To Ears and Mikon Tails come with leather straps, stars, conchos, safety pin
Additional Comments: They also sell a nicely textured Knitted Neko Cap that comes with hair and ears.  More details on the Maverick Ears: Unisex, sculpted accessories, animated, 4 positions or free movement, sounds, two colors, and menu-driven resizing with HUD that allows you to change colors and resize. They come in two colors, changeable through the HUD.  See them on the Dirty Lynx blog…

Dreams -> see Somnia

DV8 (DV8 Robonaught and Vasha Martinek)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: Menu driven: scripted color change, glow on/off for the cyber tail, twitch and wag options, and an interactive touch menu for chat, into which you can add your own chat options.
Tail Fur: Fluffy long hair on both, short-hair also available on the Cyber tail.
Colors: Depends on which one you buy; see “Accessories.”

– Elektra Cyber: The tail features two dark silver metal bands with glowing studs and cyber cables hanging down over the fur, which comes in short or long/fluffy fur. Ears have thin dark silver hoops with tiny glowing round jewels. Both come in the following colors: black, white, aqua, hot pink, bubblegum pink, red, lime green, indigo blue, blue
– Steam Kitteh: This fluffy tail features three color-change straps, each with brass metal steampunk gears. The ears are covered with gear hoop piercings. Comes in the following fur colors: black, charcoal, platinum blonde, white, golden blonde, brown, copper, dark brown, auburn red, red, purple, violet, grape, dark blue, teal, medium blue, emerald green, olive green, and dark gold.
– Psycho Kitteh: A fluffy tail and matching ears with grenades, handcuffs, bloody wraps and more. Color choices are the same as the Elektra Cyber tail fur.
– Rivet: A fluffy tail with three well-made, color-changeable, shiny buckled straps. Color choices are the same as the Elektra Cyber tail fur.
-Deathrock: This fluffy tail features three color-changeable cloth wraps with silver studs, joined by silver wire decorated with sculpty skulls, bones, chains and a cross. Choose a solid tail in the same colors as the Steam Kitteh fur, or black with tips that match the Steam Kitteh colors.

Additional Comments: “Elektra Cybertail” is one of the best “cyberneko” sets I’ve seen; the ears are nicely shaped too. All tails come with a short and a long size in each package.

Elle et Lui (Marie Ruggles): on SL Marketplace ; specific tail links listed below

Sold: Tails only
Tail Fur: Fluffy or smooth/short hair depending on the tail
Colors: Black

– Neko Tail Bow Brown: a big sculpty brown bow sits at the top of this black fluffy tail; view photo / purchase here.
– Neko Tail Bow Toile: a big sculpty black/white tweed bow sits at the top of this black fluffy tail; view photo / purchase here.
– Mouse Tail Black: a cute brownish-grey mouse holding a razor blade sprawls across the top of this black fluffy tail; view photo / purchase here.
– Tail Flex Neko: this smooth/short-hair black flexi tail features simple rusted bands at the top, perfect for boy or girl kittehs; view photo / purchase here.

Ephemeral Creations (Arkesh Baral)

Sold: Tails only for now, ears coming soon
HUD: Menu-driven with 9 very realistic fur textures, 121 colors, 16 movement settings, 6 rates of speed, full bright on/off, plus 6 gravity settings; each package contains a short, medium, and long tail size too. Tails are copy/mod so you can create a duplicate one to attach to a different point, if needed.
Tail Fur: Choose short hair, or fluffy / long hair
Colors: Color change with 121 choices
Full Details:
Accessories: Currently two versions: a pure, plain and simple tail, or a barbed wire tail with the *best* barbed wire detailing I’ve ever seen in SL… angles, strand twist, diagonal clipped ends, this gal *knows* her barbed wire…
Additional Comments: Demos are available. These tails are well worth your visit… you’ve got to see the realistic fur texture in person.

Epic Fantasy (Nyxi Pexie)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together in a package
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Copper orange (called “red”), White (looks silvery to me), black, blonde, deep pink, cobalt blue, brown, and auburn (darker orange).
Accessories: Basic (simple black tail wrap and a few ear hoops); Seeing Stars (ears have multiple hoops with brightly colored little stars on each hoop, the tail has a black wrap with more colorful stars); Dewey Daisy (cute daisies at the top of the tail and on one ear); and Spring Fling (not easy to tell… but it’s a blue tail wrap with a red strawberry? and a yellow… something… :-).
Additional Comments: After you rez, look for a sign that will teleport you to the Neko floor; the board with Neko Stuffs is located here.

Ertaly (Bathory Zeiler): store closed

Esuga (Eilfie Sugarplum)

Sold: One set of ears and tails
Tail Fur: Short hair
Colors: White, chocolate brown, or black
Accessories: A sculpted bow in all colors
Additional Comments: These are located on the second floor of the store. The package comes with two types of tails: a flexi, and a curved static sculpted tail. The ears have a nicely sculpted shape.

Faeline Kitty (Pryda Parx)

Sold: Tails and sculpty ears, sold separately (lower vendors) or together in a package that also contains claws (upper vendors)
HUD: A click-to-change menu lets you choose colors, choose your preferred tail strap / binding at the top, adjust size, movement, chat, and fur length on most sets.
Tail Fur: There’s a basic “Kitty Tail” that’s fluffy; but all of the other tail packages include FIVE different lengths of fur in each package, ranging from smooth/short-hair, to extra fluffy. Plus there’s a separate tail called “scruffy” that looks quite bedraggled.
Colors: Ranging from 12 to 90 color choices per set, depending on which set you buy. A separate set features five quite nice feral textures, including leopard, ocelot, tiger, as well as 90 solid tail colors.
Accessories: Ears and tails both offer a click-to-change menu to cycle between six different tail wrappings at the top, including rope, spikes, straps, fishbones, and barbed wire.
Comments: The ears here have great movement. The store is well organized and offers a lot of tail options packed into each set. There’s even a “Make Your Own Kitty Tail” vendor on the opposite wall! Don’t forget to check out the paw boots and kitty claws sold here too.

Felicious Neko (Fe Dubrovna)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately or in packages
HUD: Clicking the ears or tail brings up a two-way interaction menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: All the colors of the rainbow plus black, grey, white and sometimes a few more (depending on the set)
Accessories: Downstairs you’ll find Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, and Mardi Gras sets, as well as tails with spikes, and separate ears with silver cuffs. Upstairs are more… Fluffy Denim Bow Tie, Fluffy Spiked, and a whole wall of BDSM tails. This designer will make you a custom tail, just get a copy of her notecard and ask!

Fembot > see Wardark Industries

Fifferling (Jaquline Swain): store is closed

Fluffy Bushy (Roxxy Rhode)

Sold: Tails and ears are sold separately OR together in a package, depending on the set.
HUD: Menu-driven with some fun / unusual animation options, including fleas, groovy, shred, mad cat, tickle, flirt, and more; the “Naughty” set features sexual animations, one set for same sex, one set for multiple sex.
Tail Fur: Shorthair “skinny” and Longhair “fluffy”
Colors: Whew, if I listed everything it would be three paragraphs. Suffice to say you’ll find all sorts of colors here. Some sets only come in one or two colors, but most come in a whole rainbow of choices. Including rainbow. Even blue rainbow. And then there are tails with unique patterns in the fur, like flowers, hearts, sunshines, skulls, flames, and tie dye. Plus “streaky” sets that feature vertical stripes of color. You better come check ’em all out yourself.
Accessories: Skinny tails feature a black leather wrap with silver studs and stars; Naughty sets have gems that you can show or hide; Fluffy ears have round silver studs you can show or hide; Neko Groom Tuxedo Tail is black with a white buttoned and bowed tuxedo top; Neko Bridal Set is white with lace and bows; Streaky set tail is black leather with silver studs and the ears have skulls; Black Cherry features lovely sculpty cherries.
Comments: All the fur here has a lovely “soft flex” as the designer calls it (on both tails and ears) for a more realistic look. This is the only store I’ve seen that offers patterns in the tail fur (flowers, skulls, etc.), not to mention a Neko Bride and Groom set! Hats off to Roxxy for some truly individual Neko ears and tails! P.S. Be sure to check out the second floor discount area — all items are 25-75% off up there… all sales final.

[ Gauze ] (Yukio Ida)

Sold: “Yokai” Tails
HUD: No; click menu to change texture
Tail Fur: shorhair with a unique look
Colors: Four sets of “Natural” tones; two sets of “Drow” tones (multiple colors in each package)
Accessories: None
Comments: These very unique tails are called “Yokai” (meaning demon / spirit / monster in Japanese; the first Neko in the anime Hakaba Kitarō (墓場鬼太郎) was a Yokai). The tails feature “skin” at the top (that matches the 6 skin tones available from Gauze and Trap), and fur that starts along the sides, and gradually becomes more dense towards the bottom; ending up in a pointed furry tip.

G.F. / Gransy Fashion (Nessinka Fall)

Sold: Ears and tail sold separately, or in a package
HUD: Menu-driven color and movement change
Tail Fur: Fluffy/long hair, or Smooth/short hair, depending on which one you buy
Colors: Multiple, via color-change HUD

– Aiko / AI: Purchase ears and a fluffy tail separately or in a package, accessories include silver safety pins and chains with dangling red hearts on the ears, and two silver bands with small red hearts at the top of the tail. All packages a hearts poofer option.
– Gransy: Same as Aiko/AI except without the hearts poofer option.
– Jerry: Sharp silver studs and chains in the ears; the tail comes in both fluffy and shorthair options (in the same package), and is decorated with sharp silver spikes, a black leather band with silver studs and a buckle, and a silver skull.
– Valkira: Ears include thin silver hoops with chains and a dangling cross; in the ears; the tail comes in both fluffy and shorthair options (in the same package), and is decorated with an intricate celtic-like cross.
– Aroha: Ears are plain (no accessories); the tail comes in both fluffy and shorthair options (in the same package), and is adorned with simple black leather bands with silver accents.

Additional Comments: Look closely and carefully at each vendor pic to see which option you want: each photo represents different accessories, individual parts or sets, and some are transfer-okay.

G.G. (Gort Grot)

Sold: Ears and tail sold as a package
HUD: Menu-driven to set twitch and wag
Tail Fur: 101 sets (lower vendors) are fluffy; 102 sets (upper vendors) are shorthair
Colors: Black, blond, blue/purple, pink, and red — all with cute white tail tips
Accessories: All tails have a nicely detailed black/brass wrap with long flexi parts (zoom in on the handy “live demo” models on the vendor wall); ears are pierced with hoops, pins, and chains
Additional Comments: These affordable sets are located on a middle wall of this (very large) store.  Thanks Lunette, for the tip!

GK Design / GK•itteh (Gaelyn Seomun and Theresa Pastorelli)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: No, but tails are scripted for chat/emote, and ears twitch
Tail Fur: Fluffy / long hair
Colors: Black, silver, white, pink
Accessories: Basic tails come without any accessory or band (one of the few “just plain fur” tails I’ve seen in SL). Meanwhile there are several accessorized tails and ears, adults in one room, kids in the other room:

– Kinky Kitteh:the tail includes condoms, KY and handcuffs; its matching ears include a sex toy, lucky dice, and condoms.
– Party Animal: the tail includes an ID card, a cigarette pack, condoms and bottlecaps; the ears feature safety pins, cigarettes, and condoms.
– Kristmaz: these are holiday-themed with various toys and appropriate holiday accessories.
– Playful Kitten: the vendor says this tail is “for kids” so it’s probably shorter length than the average Neko tail. It’s probably the cutest Neko kid tail I’ve seen… featuring cute crayons, a Rubix cube, a yoyo, and a tootsie pop in bright colors; the ears feature legos and jacks. (Keep clicking on the Hippovend arrows until you see everything).

Additional Comments: Items are sold inside Hippo vendor windows, which means you need to press the arrows to view all the items this store has to offer… but it also means a gifting option is available!

Gothic Passionate (Neko) Dreams (Saur Holt)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately and sometimes together
Tail Fur: Fluffy.
Colors: Depends on the style

– Cabbit Neko ears: simple, nice, sculpted, with cuff piercings
– Special Shinigami Tail: inspired from Death Note anime, complete with the Death Note book hanging from three spiked black bands
– Ice Goddess Tail and Ears: beautiful glowing blue-purple fur with icy branches and snowflakes
– Neko Teddy Tail: an adorable prim bear and scupty bow
– Neko Spiked Tail: three black leather bands with thick silver spikes
– Neko Fun Tail: simple and plain
– Submissive Kitten: pink metal cuffs attach with chains from the base of the tail, to upper thighs, wrists, and collar
– Omo Neko tail: my most favorite in the store, featuring incredible sculpted flowers, complete with added flower accessories… you’ll find this over in the “Main Room” against the back wall
– Dalek Neko Tail and Ears: totally unique and hilarious… inspired by the Dalek look from Dr. Who… also found over in the “Main Room” above the Omo set

Hellcat Designs > see Chrysalis Labs / clabs

Hocico Neko Factory (Angela Beerbaum)

Sold: Tails separately, and Ears/tail packages
HUD: Menu-driven with low-lag script
Tail Fur: Shorthair
Colors: White, black, tabby grey, tabby orange
Accessories: Krispy Star: Black leather, spikes, metal star.  Naughtycat: thick metal chains.  Cyberia: Glowing golden rings and tubes.  Headhunter: Large skull with chains.  Voodoo: Little voodoo doll.  Lust: Three simple black straps.
Additional Comments: This store’s ears have the CUTEST movements… for a very affordable price! But don’t take my word for it, watch this video. You can also find whiskers in plain and pierced styles here.

How Vexing > see Lemon Tea

Hybrid (Philo Sion > Stoic Ixchel): Philo sold the store to Ixchel, who did not reopen it  😦

JP (Jasper Potez): Neko bits are still unavailable, hoping Jasper brings ’em back!

Sold: Tails and ears, each sold separately
HUD: Most sets have a simple control menu. Two sets however offer an optional HUD that offer a separate play and cuddle menu (in German language only).
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Depends on which tail you purchase; see below.
Accessories: This store has some of the most creative designs and prim accessories I’ve seen… I hope the designer is planning to make many more!

– Emo Tail:(tail only) has a sculpted Emo doll at the top, complete with a hat, bandana, razor blades, and bloody bandages. Comes in solid black, or black with the tip colored white, pink, purple, red, or turquoise blue.
– DragonCat Tail/Ears: the ears have little silver ear cuffs and a sculpted grey dragon blowing fire… the matching tail has a brown leather wrap adorned by another sculpted grey dragon, a flask, and a little possibles bag. Comes in black fur only. The basic set is scripted for movement, or you can purchase a separate HUD-equipped set with a German play and cuddle menu.
– Fruity Tail/Ears: this set is covered with prim cherries, strawberries, kiwi, and whipped cream on waffles, plus a pear and a butterfly; the matching ears have cherries, silver ear cuffs, whipped cream and a smaller butterfly. Comes in black fur only. The basic set is scripted for movement, or you can purchase a separate HUD-equipped set with a German play and cuddle menu.
– IndianKitty Tail/Ears: the ears on this set are wrapped with rope, into which are tucked some leaves, grasses, a little herbal bag, a feather, a wheat stalk, and some bells. The tail has a black wrap with rope and even more of the same prim accessories. This set comes in an orangey red color (the ears have white on the insides).
– Cannibal Cat Tail/Ears: Choose a black wrap or a brown wrap, each of which are covered with bones, rope and little skulls. Comes in black fur. A matching belt, armcuffs, and paw boots are available if you want to complete the look.
– Fun Tail: (tail only) this includes a lime green ipod with earbuds, two flash drives, a gameboy and more, all wrapped around a black and camo tail wrap. Comes in black, deep purple, or dark pink fur.

Additional Comments: When I reviewed this store, the EmoTail was on the first floor; the other sets were on the second floor — three sets on one wall, two sets on the far opposite wall.

Jungle VooDoo (Zoe Llewelyn) at Temenos Place

Sold: Ears and tails, together as a package
HUD: No; but tails and ears are scripted and flexi
Tail Fur: Shorthair
Colors: Leopard or Tiger patterns come with all of the following colors in the same package: ivory, cream, golden, tan, chocolate, auburn (reddish brown), and ebony (dark charcoal), as well as more vivid colors such as berry (pink), blueberry (purple/blue), lavender (vivid purple), blood (crimson), and mint (green).
Accessories: No
Additional Comments: Upon arrival, look for the teleporter with the “Jungle Voodoo” sign, and click on the small “Neko Ears” button beneath it (which will take you to the third floor of this building). The store also sells whiskers.

K_gs Kumaki Glasses Style (Jam Steampunk)

Sold: Ears and tails sold separately
HUD: None that I can tell; no idea if there’s a click menu.
Tail Fur: Long or short hair (your choice), in regular length or short length for kids.
Colors: Ears come in black, white, red or brown. Tails come in white, white with black tips, white with red tips, white with yellow tips, and white with turquoise blue tips; black, black with white tips, black with red tips, or black with blue tips; red, red with black tips, and brown (looks auburn-red to me) as well as brown with white tips.
Additional Comments: Demo tails available by clicking on the main vendor pic. This store also sells a few Neko collars. Neko items are located on the first floor, in roughly the center of the store.

Kalico Kreations (Kenny Sleeper) Store is closed

Kaotic Industries (Sinister Redgrave) store being set up at a new location; coming back soon!

Sold: Tails and ears, each sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven to change twitch, Emote, and change Accessory textures
Tail Fur: Fluffy long hair
Colors: Black, silver, white, dark blue, red, platinum blonde
Accessories: Nailed Kitty (black bands with silver nails); Screwed Kitty (black bands with silver screws)

Katat0nik (Katat0nik Pidgeon)

Sold: One set of Ears and tails sold together in a “Neko” package: includes 2 pairs of sculpted ears (regular and pierced), and two tails (different attachment points)
HUD: No, but you can click the ears to resize, and all parts twitch/turn randomly
Tail Fur: Shorthair
Colors: Black with white trim
Accessories: Left ear has two loop piercings on the optional ear set
Additional Comments: This very affordable set is located on a kiosk in the left middle of the store, where the Katty Dolls are sold.

Kat Killer (Markie Hotaling / Claira Loon) > store closed

Kattung Designs / NF / Naughty Fashion Kattung Designs (Kathje Kittaj) > can’t find store…

Sold: Ears and tails (“Tiny” and “Neko”) sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven attitude on ears includes scratches, paws, tweaks, cleans, moves, shines, fleas, licks, and more, plus chat text; Menu controlled attitude on tails includes Ice cream (?) lodges (?) tweaks, cleans, push, wags, sprinkle, grab, wide, moves, fleas, and paws, plus chat emo.
Tail Fur: Both smooth / shorthair and a fluffy resembling “tiered layers” of fur come in the same tail package
Colors: Tiny tails and ears come in black, red, white, silver, purple and a striped “raccoon;” Neko tails come in several unique two- and three-color combinations
Accessories: All changeable with the HUD to include various accessories and piercings (or none).
Additional Comments: “Tiny Tails” are (presumably) sized for Neko kids and tinies.  This store also sells whiskers (lower floor, far right wall, upper middle vendor)

Katia Soma Neko Accessories (Hera Aviatik): Neko items on SL Marketplace only

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together in a package with clothing, paw boots, and accessories
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Depends on the outfit
Accessories: Many diverse outfits are available here with matching ears/tails
Additional Comments: There’s a separate store across the way filled with child avie tails/ears and outfits.

Kitteh Bits (Angela Bloxome): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Tails and ears, each sold separately
HUD: No; I don’t know if these bits twitch or not.
Tail Fur: Long hair / fluffy, or short hair
Colors: Depends on which style you choose. Basic colors include black, dark grey, white, auburn red, pink, and dark blue; additional colors available in other styles. Ears have 3 additional colors: light grey, brown, and purple.
Accessories: “Sexy” tail has a black band with the word ‘Sexy’ written on it; “Cute” tail has the word ‘Cute.’ There’s also a “Spiked” tail, a “Ringed” tail (two silver bands), and a “Candy” tail featuring two lollipops and a couple of flexi strings, that comes with extra colorful fur options. Her “Glowin Raver” tail is the most glowy tail I’ve yet to see in SL, and comes in 17 choices of glow tones. Ears are either plain or “Fishy” (silver cuffs and fish bone charm).
Additional Comments: This store’s currently having a $10L sale on EVERY tail and ear in the place until approximately the middle of November.

Kittens Creations (TyraDark Davison)

Sold: Ears and tails, together in a package
HUD: – In review this week –
Tail Fur: Fluffy and flexi
Colors: Depends on the style purchased
Accessories: – In review this week –
Additional Comments: Upon arrival, head south until you see the sign for Kittens Creations. Come into the building, turn right at the desk, come down the stairs, and turn left. Tails and ears will be in that area.

Kitty Cats Meow (Saur Holt) > see Saur’s Darkest Dreams

L&S Cyber Catz (formerly Sairus Aeon, now Lhilli Praga)

Sold: Tails only
HUD: Menu-driven twitch/wag; additional controls depending on the tail.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and flexi
Colors: Depends on the style purchased

– Rave Glow / Extreme Cyber Flexi Tail: Tiers of glowing fur (black, purple, turquoise, hot pink and blue) are decorated with two long glowing rave tubes that offer random color change, glow strength, on/off glow, and interactive emotes.
– Cyber Glow Tail: Cold ice blue glowing fur can be changed to set glow strength or turn glow on/off. Menu-driven twitch and wag; interactive touch emotes.
– Marijuana Tail: A colorful cloth wrap at the top, and a poofer that emits lovely green marijuana leaves. Menu-driven twitch and wag; interactive touch emotes; teleporter.
– G-Virus Tail (and ears): A bloody wrap at the top, and a poofer that emits green, glowing biohazard symbols. Menu-driven twitch and wag; interactive touch emotes; teleporter.
– Rainbow Storm Tail (and ears): Softly cascading rainbow colors overlay the tail fur, and a poofer that emits a radioactive icon. Menu-driven twitch and wag; interactive touch emotes.
– Kawai Cat Tail: (Note this vendor pic has no tail name on it, but you’ll find the name when you mouse over the pic). Pink and white striped fur has a cute little black kitten sitting at the top. The tail features menu-driven twitch, wag and activity levels, and interactive touch emotes. Each package comes with two tails… one has no particles, the other emotes pink paw particles with a poofer effect. The separately sold “Kawai Cat on Black” tail features black fur and comes with a glowing cyber belt.
– Eye of Horus Tail: This tai is a must-have for any Nekos who love Egypt or routinely participate in Egyptian roleplay sims. Thick brown fur is bedecked with little gold and purple Eye of Horus symbols; at the top of the tail is a silky black, pointy-eared Anubis. The tail features menu-controlled movements and glow, customizable interactive touch emotes, and a magical teleport particle effect (one tail comes with the particles, one comes without — both are in the same package).

Additional Comments: Upon arrival, you will see multiple tails, ears, and other Neko items from a variety of other stores in this room, showing Sairus Aeon’s name as the owner. He is just the vendor owner. These tails are located on the South and West walls of the room.

Le Petit Prince / LPP (Aoimizuno Meili):

Sold: 2 types of Neko ears, 1 Neko tail, sold separately
HUD: No; but ears twitch, and have a click “protect” script.
Tail Fur: N/A
Colors: Brass, grey metal, and black
Accessories: Although I know a few Nekos who consider these ears to be a Steampunk Neko’s dream (probably because of the brass textures), technically they are more of a Cyberpunk look.  “Doll Digital” Neko Ears (and Neko Mimi Type II) are made of highly detailed brass with inner glowing tubes, and a click-to-retract “Reactor Cover.”  The “Doll Digital Neko Tail” is even more accessorized with brass and metal details and a thick black cable for a tail.
Additional Comments: These pieces are found upstairs on the left side of the store.  To see a photo, click here and scroll down to the second image on the page.

Lemon Tea (Sel Minuet)

Sold: Unique, long, sculpted tails only
HUD:  Click to change with 3 animation settings, and 3 speeds, including a “subtle” mode that moves the tail tip only now and then.
Tail Fur: Shorthair
Colors: Black with white spots (looks more like a silver mottled color); black with a white tail tip (adorable!); black; cheetah (orange with spots); cougar (light orange/tan); mottled orange (just like it sounds, light in color); Tiger (darker orange with black horizontal stripes); tortoisesheel brown (light calico colors); white and black / white and black alt (two very similar tails that are white with large black spots); white and black spots (similar to the first tail color listed, only a little lighter); white with black tail tip; white; snow tiger (white with charcoal horizontal stripes).
Accessories: None, plain and simple
Additional Comments: This is a very impressive shorthair tail with the most realistic movement I’ve seen on the grid. Just check out this video to see how well they move and look.

Liquor Pussy (Quark Yifu)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together in a package
Tail Fur: Shorthair (I think?)
Colors: Colors are designed to match selected Neko-style skins sold at this same store, including White Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Goth Tiger (White), Bengal Tiger, Black Cat, Orange Tabby Cat, and Lynx
Accessories: None
Additional Comments: These ears feature a nicely curved shape.

LolLiPopZ “n” StUfF (Draven Langset)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
Tail Fur: Shorthair, or furry / long hair
Colors: Color change to whatever you like!
Accessories: Pirate ears; Sweet as Candy Ears or Tail; Wasteland Set; Valentine’s Tail (with a rose, a heart, and a changeable photo frame); Emo Diary Tail; Juiced Tail, and Spanner Tail (large wrench).
Additional Comments: These are super affordable Neko parts. The vendor offers a handy 3D option to view the item before purchase. Midnight Mania board features a different ear or tail every week.

LoveCats (LoveCat Thei)

Sold: Ears and Tails sold together as a package (plus a few separate ears).
HUD: Some do (to control twitch, speed, and chat), some do not.
Tail Fur: Fluffy or shorthair, depending on which style you choose
Colors: Swirling multi-color changing rainbow; leopard, white leopard; snow leopard, pink leopard (actually looks red). Across the hall are “psychodelic” color ears, “scruffy” ears that come in black, white, and pink, and tails that come in Black, white, brown, aqua, purple, magenta pink, light pink, and magenta+purple.
Accessories: Tails are plain, ears have ear cuffs with a little skull dangling from one. Scruffy ears have a safety pin and lots of extra hairs. Join the group to get an adorable set of ears with little red prim hearts dangling from the tips. Just released: a new Pyro outfit with a glowing fire tail and ears included in the package.
Additional Comments: This store offers several unique aspects in their products. Each package includes two tails — one that attaches to the stomach, and one that attaches to the pelvis (very thoughtful for us Nekos who are always trying to wear cool accessory belts in the same location). The “Scruffy” ears are unusual… with extra hair curls and lots of extra hairs that stick up. The Rainbow Tail’s colors change constantly as you wear it… very cool! And if that’s not enough, the leopard color textures are some of the nicer ones I’ve seen.

LM: Lucky Monkey (see Urban Dare)

*M* Friends (Mui Runo): store not currently found in SL

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together as a package. All sculpty.
HUD: Menu-driven resizer.
Tail Fur: Fluffy.
Colors: Black
Accessories: Ear&Tail (simple thin silver band); Bloody and Nail (just like it sounds); Ribbon (pretty sculpty bow with flexi ribbons).

Magika (Sabina Gully)

Sold: Rigged mesh ears and tails sold together as a package.
HUD: Yes, for easy color change
Tail Fur: Fluffy.
Colors: There are three color packs to choose from. 01 contains 25 natural tones including whites, peaches, blondes, strawberry blondes, reds, browns, and blacks; 02 contains 25 unnatural colors including vivid reds, pinks, purples, aquas, greens blues, yellows, silvers and greys; 03 contains 16 tipped versions with various natural and unnatural combinations.
Accessories: None
Additional Comments: The colors of these ears and tail match Magika hair colors perfectly. The ears are large and nicely furred; the tail has a gentle curve to its shape. Ears and tail do not include any movement. Demos available.

MnM Designs (Utano Schell)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately or as a package. All sculpty.
HUD: Menu-driven color change.
Tail Fur: Short hair that matches the texture of Zero Style hair.
Colors: 27 colors via menu change.
Accessories: None at this time, just pure and simple fur.
Additional Comments: What sets these apart is their very nice sculpty shape, smooth action, and textures that match Zero Style hairs. Copy-ok so you can create a duplicate version to attach to an alternate attachment point. Demos available.

Mah’ulla Catt (MahullaCat Xue & Cattiva Vita) – store not currently found in SL

Sold: Tails only
HUD: No, but tails twitch randomly
Tail Fur: Furry
Colors: Black with colored tips; color depends on tail style

– Neko Style: Fluffy black tail with simple colored wrap at the top; in your choice of colored tips: white, purple, red, dark blue, pink, and light blue
– Zoonima Stars and Fish: Fluffy black tail with dark blue tips; stars / fishbone accessories at the top.
– Zoonima Ladybug: Fluffy black tail with red tips; ladybugs / apple accessories at the top.
– Zoonima Worm Attack: Fluffy white tail with green tips; green clovers and caterpillers at the top.
– Zoonima Sweet Butterfly: Fluffy black tail with dark pink tips; pink butterfly and lollipop at the top.

Additional Comments: These tails offer animation menus in Spanish as well as English. Accessory bows for tails are available separately.

Massive Athaks (Atharax Inglis)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
Tail Fur: N/A
Colors: White or black ears; White tail also includes ice pink and ice blue; Black tail also includes brown and red.
Accessories: Ears have tiny silver earcuffs; Tails have leather buckle, spikes, and flexi rope wrap
Additional Comments: Tails come with three colors per set.  Ears are by far the most “wiry haired” I’ve seen… definitely worth a look!  ^..^

Miasma (Jaiden Bellic)store not currently available in SL

Sold: Ears and Tails, each sold separately
HUD: No, but all ears and tails twitch
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black or white

– Bows (tail or ears): The tail features a large pink sculpty bow; ears have two dainty little purple bows (one on each ear).
– Bullet Ears: A long silver bullet is attached to the right ear.
– Checker Ears: The inside of these ears are adorned with black and white squares… very unique!
– Rave (tail or ears): The tail has stars and glow sticks with rainbow colors that change on their own; ears feature little hoop cuffs and stars that also change color on their own.
– Emo Tail: The tail features a hanging scissors, a razor blade, ciggies, and a syringe on a silver spiked band. Purchase the ‘spike’ ears for a good match.
– Spike Ears: Just like it sounds, silver spikes protrude from the outside edges of these ears.
– Stars (tail or ears): The tail has small silver stars scattered across and around its top; the ears have four tiny stars like studs on the outside edges of each ear.

Additional Comments: These ears are nicely shaped with a attractive fur. Ears and tails are located on the second floor… the stairway kinda hides against the back wall… walk back there, you’ll see it.

Milestone Creations (Miranda Milestone)

Sold: Ears only, except one special “Broadway Nights” set
HUD: No; scripted for movement, bling on/off
Tail Fur: Fluffy tail or short-hair tail, all with nice fur textures
Colors: Black or mint green (see details under “Accessories”).
Accessories: A special “Broadway Nights” set in either short or fluffy fur comes decorated with musical notes, a treble clef, a microphone and a little top hat. There are even matching boomers sold separately. Don’t forget to pick up the current month’s offering of earsfor  FREE inside the lucky chair.
Comments: At first glance, you wouldn’t think to come to this store for Neko bits, but it’s well worth a visit to try out all the delightfully creative props and poses that Miranda sells for all kinds of species, while you wait for your lucky letter to come up in the chair (which is located underneath the ramp to the second floor).

Mutation Industries (Malluch Hecht): this is an SL Marketplace link, not an in-world store

Sold: Ears and tails together in a package (along with paw feet too!)
HUD: Menu-driven ear appearance (plain, notched, fur tufts) and position
Tail Fur: “Shaggy short-hair” is the best way I’d describe it
Colors: Black, white, ash (dark charcoal grey), red (deep auburn red), copper (orangey red), and honey (blonde); mod-friendly so you can tint the colors to exactly the shade you desire
Accessories: None, other than your choice of plain, notched, or tufted fur ears.
Comments: These are currently only sold on Xstreet… and represent some of the most unique, sculpted Neko parts on the grid; thanks to Eden Darkfire for locating them! Ears are much taller / more pointed than the typical “chibi” style of neko ear, and rather than a flowing straight Neko tail, this one is held up in a curled position. Inside every package of ears and tail comes a matching set of Neko paw feet that are very accurate in size and shape, in two sizes for different avatar heights, with a click-to-change-claws menu (retracted, visible, and violent). There’s even a sock layer in the package that blends the fur of your paws into the skin of your human legs for a more realistic “cat person” effect.

My Dead Kitty (Ravelynn Templar)waiting for a location update

Sold: Tails only
HUD: Menu-driven tail movement, and interactions
Tail Fur: Fluffy tail or short-hair tail, all with nice fur textures
Colors: Fluffy comes in Auburn red, Soft white, Hot pink, Emerald green, Purple, Black, or Brown. Short hair tails all have white tips, and come in silver, black, blue, pink, green, purple, orange, or red.
Accessories: St. Valentine Swishy (long hair): Silver and black band with hearts and barbed wire. Swish and Flick Set (short hair): no accessories.

Naeko (Aeryn Tuqiri)

Sold: Ears and tails together as a package (on Xstreet for now, not in-world)
HUD: Menu-driven tail movement, speed, 93 fabric and metal textures plus RGB Tint colors for tail wraps, and messages when tail is touched
Tail Fur: Three different fur lengths in each package
Colors: White, black, brown
Accessories: Neko Set: no accessories. Pocky Set: package of pocky candies and decorated wraps. Punk Set: metal spikes and piercings. Jewels Set: Bands with 23 changeable gemstone colors and 12 metal textures; ears have hoops with jewels and dice.

Naughty Fashion / NF Kattung Designs (see Kattung Designs)

NawtyKitty (Fallon Finkel) store not found

Sold: Ears and tails sold together in a package; and one set of ears sold alone
Tail Fur: Fluffy and one that’s REALLY fluffy*
Colors: Three are color change-able, the rest are one color depending on the set

– Friendship Tail with Stars (silver band with red stars); Friendship Tail with Hearts (pink band with a red heart and bow): Both of these Friendship tails are color-changeable, both have an awesome friend tracker that alerts you with a special IM when selected friends come online (i.e., you can turn off the annoying blue notices and only be told when the ones you really wanna know about are online), as well as touch-activated emotes, 6 different movements, 8 different self-touch actions, and 9 different “others touch” actions.
– *MakTastic Bush Fluffy Neko Tail: big, fluffy, grungy, extra fluff, spikes, more fluff, skulls, some claws… this tail likewise comes with its own emotes for you and others to touch, and it’s color-changeable by chat channel. And did I mention very affordable?????
– Red Emo: silver and black band with a skull and star bangle; ears have a skull on one and a star on the other. Fur is a red-to-black combination.
– Skull & Bone: a weathered metal band with silver rope (or metal cable maybe?) is adorned by a silver metal fishbone on one side, and a little white skull on the other side.
– Grunge Plaid: when you feel like being a rag doll Neko, these tails feature a soft plaid (rather than fur) texture. Choose Yello, Purple, Red, or Red/Orange. The top of these tails is wrapped with rope, and a safety-pinned paw charm; ears have little hoop piercings.

Needful Things (see Sweet Leonard)

Nek-O-Licious (SerenityDreams Destiny and Dane Monroe): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Mostly tails, but a few sets with ears too; upstairs are some separate ears for girls
HUD: Some are menu-driven for interaction, twitch/wag, and color selection
Tail Fur: Depends on the set you purchase, but mostly fluffy
Colors: Depends on the set you purchase, but mostly black
Accessories Downstairs:

Frisky Kitty Tail: A very fluffy tail that comes in black, black and white, or a lovely tri-color calico (reddish brown, black and white). Each package comes with two tails (one for no script areas, one for scripted areas) with menu-driven twitch and wag. Demos available.
Sassy Kitten Tail: A very fluffy tail that comes in black or white, 4 texture change base, 3 different wags and 3 different activity levels PLUS a chat menu. The top of the tail features a white sculpted leather band with silver barbed wire, studs, and “Sassy Kitten” inscribed on the top. Demos available.
Liquid Metal Ears and Tail: just like it sounds (think Terminator 2): silvery shiny metal ears and tail (“short hair” I guess you’d say…)
Head Hunter Tail: Black cloth band with a circled star, and several sculpty skulls at its base. Fluffy black only; interactions menu.
Skull and Bones Tail: Black leather buckled straps, embroidered with marijuana leaves and little pirate skull-n-crossbones in silver. Fluffy fur; comes in black, white, white with black tips, or black with white tips.
Grenade Tail: Black fluffy tail with a green sculpty grenade at the top.
Belted Skull Shaggy Tail: Three black leather buckled straps with silver studs and skulls; comes with an interactions menu. (the separate “Single Skull” tail has skulls only on the middle strap).
Black and White Leathered Skull Tail: Leather band with silver star studs and a big silver skull and crossbones. Tail is fluffy black with white tips.
Steampunk Tail: This short hair black tail features a tarnished steel tube at the top, with rusted gears and chains; interactions-equipped.
Camo Cross Tail: A short hair black tail with camouflage wraps, a dagger, and barbed wire; interactions-equipped.
Short Haired Spiked Tail: A short hair black tail with brown leather studded bands, from which protrude evilly curved, shiny silver metal spikes. One of the most wicked spiked tails I’ve seen…
Black Rasta and Rivets Tail: This black “dreadlocks” looking tail has a black leather band with multiple silver rivets; chat menu-equipped.
Rattler/Knuckles Tail: The top of this fluffy black tail has a rattlesnake leather wrap, with small copper spikes and a silver knuckle buster in the shape of a paw; chat menu-equipped.
Avenge Tail: A black fluffy tail with a blue cloth band features bullets on either side, a couple of razor blades, and the letters “AVENGE” stitched on top; interaction menu-equipped.
Colored Rags Tail: At the top of this black fluffy tail are several colorful flexi rag strips and some barbed wire.
Spiked Leopard Tail: A beautiful silver and black leopard spot print on this short-haired tail is adorned by a seriously dangerous looking metal wrap with sharply curved silver spikes.
Junkie Tail: This black fluffy tail has syringes dripping particles tucked under the wrap. PLUS it comes with a collar AND an armstrap for handy back-up syringes when necessary…
Blood Moon Ears and Tail: This black tail is streaked with red, and wrapped with a red cloth, into which is tucked a long dagger, a sculpty golden crescent moon, and a couple of skulls. The ears include a moon and a dagger as well.

Accessories Upstairs:

Ears for Girls: Several sets of Neko ears for girls come in several colors with various accessories, including Pinned, Barred, Satin Diamond, Diamond Stud, and Shaggy Camo.
Ahoy Avast Me Mateys Tail: This black fluffy tail features a cute Pirate Mouse holding a wooden steering wheel and sitting in a rusty cannoball at the top of the wrap.
Black Velvet Skull Set: Ears, Tail, Armwarmers and Boomers (kitty paw boots) all combined in this package, decorated with pink and white skully bits and long flexi strands.
Kitten Kitty Set: Ears, Tail, Armwarmers and Boomers (kitty paw boots) in white with pale pink stars and pink flexi strands. All parts feature an adorable white kitten angel; the tail plays a Kitty song.

Comments: Okay so it’s not Neko, but the Kitsune tails here? VERY very nice. I’ve not seen better.

Neko Life (Nekolife Bravin) – store not found in SL; link takes you to their Xstreet store

Sold: Ears and tails, each sold separately
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair
Colors: Pretty much every color you can imagine (sold separately) plus a variety of animal prints in different colors too.
Accessories: Simple bands, barbs, piercings.

Neko Lish (Sensitive Magic) – store currently not found in-world nor on the SL Marketplace

Sold: Ears and tails, each sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven animations including brush, stroke, squeeze, hug, tease, and more.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and short hair
Colors: Some tails come in various colors, some tails offer color change, plus there are two kinds of rainbow colored tails. The Chimera tail comes in Fire, Auburn, Chestnut brown, Cherry brown, Honey brown, Black, White, Grey, Pink, Platinum, Dark Blue, and Yellow.

– Interactive Fantasy Tail: This fluffy tail feature s a silver metal coil accessory at the top with flexi “ribbons” hanging down. It comes in six different color choices: a beautiful vertical rainbow stripe is sold from a vendor display in the middle of the store, or at the back of the store you’ll find white, silver, pink, black, or color change with up to 150 colors.
– Interactive Rainbow Tail: This fluffy tail features rainbow patches of color, and a silver metal coil accessory at the top.
– Chimera Dance Tail: This is the only tail of its kind that I’ve seen — up to 20 people can click on this fluffy tail to join you in a dance. Add your own dances to customize too! Choose from multiple colors (see above list).
– Interactive Spiked Shorty Bling Tail: This fluffy tail has an extremely dangerous looking set of blingy spikes on a silver band. bChoose black, white, or color change with up to 150 colors.
– Twitchy Barbed Bling Curvy Tail: This is a shorthair curved tail with a silver band engraved with pawprints (which have bling you can turn on or off) and several rings of barbed wire. Fur color choices include white with a black tip, grey with a black tip, or dark charcoal with a black tip… or the color-change model with up to 150 colors.
– Twitchy Interactive Chain Tail: This is a shorthair curved tail with a rusted band sporting silver chains, as well as a flexi rope further down on the tail. Choose white, black, or color change with up to 150 colors.
– Interactive Ribbon Tail: This fluffy tail has a silver band at the top with a bow, and diamonds that feature on/off bling, plus long trailing flexi ribbons that flow through the tail. Comes in pink, black, white, or color-change with up to 150 colors.
– Thin Kitty Interactive Neko Tail: This is a very shorthair tail that hangs down (no curve). It features a silver metal coil band at the top, and comes in white, silver, black, pink, or color-change with up to 150 colors.
– Interactive Streaky Neko Tail: This fluffy tail comes with extra streaky colors, in either white, silver, pink, black, or color-change. The top of the tail features a silver coil.

Neko’s Obsession (Jango Fell) – link takes you to the Xstreet store (no SL store currently)

Sold: Ears and tails together as a package
HUD: Menu-driven color change and twitch/wiggle scripts.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair in each package
Colors: Solid set or striped set, both color changeable with a menu
Accessories: None
Additional Comments: At $100L, this is one of the most affordable sets considering you get all the colors you want, both fur styles, and a movement menu.

Neko Wonderland -> see Shitz n Giggles

NekoVampi -> see Urban District (new name)

NOSOTR@S (Lolla Denimore): store on hiatus

Sold: Tails and sculpty ears, some sold separately, others sold as a package with paw boots/boomers
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black or white predominantly, but a few styles come in all sorts of other colors
Accessories: Kitty Gear: has a silver band with star studs and a hanging star. My Kitty: a cute prim kitten sits at the top of the tail with some flexi straps underneath. Neko Tails Updated: long silver spikes “with swing and bling” in multiple color packs. Pierced Tail (tail only): silver chain with glowing colorful lightbulbs at the top, includes multiple colors inside the package. My Big Fat Cat (tail only): a yellow prim kitten sits at the top of this VERY fluffy tail. Kitten Knives (tail only): a dagger and flexi rope straps at the top of the tail. Separate sculpty ears are rimmed with silver studs.
Additional Comments: Two tails are located on the left side of the store, the rest are over the right, both located on upper walkways. Demos available.

NyC -> see Catwise

OTCR / Outland Tech and Curious Relics (Anisa Naumova)

Sold: Ears and Tail, each sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven for extensive customization, including color, texture, mood, and emotes
Tail Fur: Smooth / shorthair
Colors: Infinite choices via the menu
Accessories: Not that I can tell (awaiting confirmation from Anisa)
Additional Comments: OTCR also offers all sorts of Neko bits, including eyes and paws. Coming soon: Anisa is working on version 3 of her Neko Ears and tails… her preview pic in the store is looking very detailed and realistic, and she says they’ll be customizable and simple to use… can’t wait!  (Thanks Vivienne Graves for the head’s up about this store!)

Passionate Neko Dreams > see Gothic Passionate Dreams

Pink Tako (Sypheria Nemeth) awaiting updated slurl from the owner

Sold: Ears and tails together in a package
HUD: No, but interactive chat menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black, blue-ish black, cobalt blue, periwinkle blue, light green, emerald green, dark red, red, hot pink, violet pink, and orange.
Accessories: Tails come with hearts and a big sculpted cupcake; ears feature a sculpted cherry and a heart.
Comments: Check out this store’s blog.

PixelPaws (Valeska McMillan)

Sold: Ears and tails, some in a package, but most sold separately
HUD: Newer models are menu-driven for resize, movement, animated chat menu (in German and English), color and texture change.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair
Colors: Depending on the package, some are a set color, but all of the new ones have a HUD that allows you to change colors and textures.
Accessories: Located on the top floor of her treehouse, these are some of the more unique tails and accessories… it’s worth it to come see them in person:

– Neko Tail Black Dipped (basic): Choose a white or black short-hair tail with a black tip; animated with chat menu.
– Animated Neko Tail (basic): These are located on the first level of Valeska’s treehouse, next to the Neko eyes, and also on the Skins floor.
– Animated Neko Ears (basic): Choose basic black, or black with white centers.
– Lightning: This very unique tail features barbed wire at the top, with glowing lightning streaks that flow down the fur. Menu-driven.
– Fishbonecat and Animal Teeth: The top of the tail has a fishbone with a cat head, and animal teeth, woven into the dark silver barbed wire. Menu-driven.
– Barbed Wire and Bones: Ears have tiny crossbones and skull; the tail has a woven pattern of barbed wire with several bones, and a skull.  Menu-driven.
– Stars: My favorite set here: The tail is bejeweled with glowing blue, red, white and yellow stars, with a big glowing tintable star on the band at the top. Ears have tiny sparkly stars inside too. Menu-driven.
– Flames: Another very unique set: Descending from the barbed wire band at the top of the tail are vivid yellow-to-red flames that nearly cover your tail fur. Ears have deep red flames inside and on the back. Menu-driven.
– Butterflies: At the top of this tail is a large glowing “butterfly bow” with ribbons that cascade down over your fur. The fur of both the tail and the ears is studded with tiny realistic butterflies in all range of colors. (I especially love how delicate the butterflies on the ears look!) Menu-driven.
– Red Roses: Three beautifully sculpted, color-changeable roses with leaves adorn the top of this tail, complete with red and black flexi streamers. The fur of both ears and tail is covered with roses too. Menu-driven.
– PixelPaws: Barbed wire at the top of this tail features large pawprints that are color-changeable. The ears have similar paw prints with ribbons. Menu-driven.
– Rainbow Feathers (Tail only): This tail is packed with color. The fur is striped in all colors of the rainbow, alternating with horizontal bands of black fur; the tail wrap has three color-change feathers and neon flexi streamers. Menu-driven.
– Gummibears of Doom (Tail only): Barbed wire studded with tiny glowing gummy bears… too funny! Menu-driven.
– Flowers of Doom (Tail only): Barbed wire studded with tiny glowing multi-colored flowers. Menu-driven.
– Hystoric Syringe (Tail only): Barbed wire wrapped around a large, old-fashioned syringe filled with red liquid. Menu-driven.
– Handcuffs (Tail only): Sharp spikes on the band and a large handcuff, complete with a key on a dangly chain… all silver metal. Comes in either fluffy or less-fluffy styles (separate vendors). Menu-driven.
– 12 Signs of the Zodiac (Tail only): Astrology / horoscope followers will love this short-haired tail, which features a glowing blue ornament at the top of the tail, into which a black paw with silver claws is set. Inside this paw you can click to change to your birth sign. Menu-driven.
– Pandora Skulls and Chains: silver skulls, chains, and purple-laced leather on black fur adorn these ears and tails (sold separately).
– Rainbow with Cute Butterflies: Black fur with rainbow colors inside the ears, and on the tips of the tail; both are decorated with tiny, very beautiful butterflies in multiple colors. Parts sold separately.
– Skel Cat Pink: Pink bows and tiny white skulls adorn both ears and tails (sold separately); fur is black with pink tips
– Spikes and Leather Plaited: What I love best about this tail is that the upper half of it is braided / plaited. it comes with silver metal/spiked bands at the top, and a couple at the bottom, just where the braided part goes free. Menu-driven.
– Neko Tail Exotic (tail only): This exotic long-hair tail has a unique position, texture, and look to it. Menu-driven.
– Blue Voodoo: this is a package of ears and tails that feature glowing blue accessories. Choose white fur (with gradients of silver to black) or black fur (with gradients of dark silver).

PrimtroniCS (Skalli McMillan)

Sold: Tails only
HUD: No, but all have scripted movement
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair
Colors: Various depending on style

– Diamond Tail, Fluffy: Black tail with scripted sparkle diamond wrap.
– Diamond Tail, Shorthair: Same sparkling diamond wrap; 5 tail colors in the package in both short and long sizes.
– Barbed Wire Tail, Fluffy: Black tail with barbed wire and sparkling diamonds.
– Barbed Wire Tail, Shorthair: Same wrap as above; 4 colors in the package in both long and short sizes.
– Steampunk Gear Tail: Black fluffy tail with scripted steam, rotating parts and scripted movement in brass, silver, or rusted metal (all in the same package).
– Ganjasmoker: Shorthair tail with cigs, papers and lighter; gives a joint when the hemp leaf is clicked.  Package includes 4 colors in both long and short sizes.
– StarTrek Tail: Animated LCARS Screen displays different StarTrek maps and Hubble telescope pictures; includes 4 colors in long and short sizes, great for a cyberpunk look!
– Chrome Tail with Knife: Metal knife and leather straps; includes 4 versions of metal in long and short sizes.
– Rusty Tail with Knife: Metal knife and leather straps; includes 4 kinds of rusted metal textured tails in long and short sizes.
– Rope Tail with Knife: Metal knife tied to the top with rope; includes 4 types/colors of rope tails in long and short sizes.

Additional Comments: Skalli tells me that she’s working on Neko ears to match her amazing steampunk tails; for now, you can get metal ears at either Thomus Keen’s store, or at Black Heart.

Psychotic Neko (Obyri Nightfire)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven V2 Scripts allow you to set moods, wag/twitch, provide owner/user chat messages, detect gender (?!), all with a built-in help function.
Tail Fur: The majority are fluffy, some are “mega fluffy,” and some are extra long fluffy.  There is also a decent selection of shorthaired tails.
Ear Colors: Black, tan, white, and color-change, all with piercings
Tail Colors: Black, white, and Color-change (choose 1-3 colors for a beautiful calico-like combination); snow leopard, (golden) leopard; on a separate wall are red, orange, green, and purple.
Accessories: Tails come plain or with spikes, spikes and barbs, spikes and skulls, caged, jewels, bows, gold-studded bands (medieval looking), supper time mouse on a plate (cute!), mouse teapot, cross, R.I.P. band with a cross, demon claws, bloody metal, bloody barbed-wire bandage, blood and blades, fantasy creature, dragon, red dragon wings, white or brown teddy bear, Emo with dice, a cool “storm” tail with lightning and glow, white or rusty metal photo-change frame, and “Industrial” with brightly colored accessories.
Additional Comments: There are SOOO many tails to choose from, that it’s almost hard to take it all in. Come prepared to spend some time looking at each one.  If you’re on a budget, there are some “bushy basic” tails upstairs for $75L each, in a wide variety of colors.

PKC: Purrrrfect Kitties (Selena Chastity)

Sold: Ears and tails together in a package
HUD: Yes: Chat menu and movement
Tail Fur: Fluffy or shorthair
Colors: Fluffy (“bushy”) tails come in Red (3 shades in the package), Brown (3 shades in the package), Blonde (3 shades in the package), Black, White, Hot Pink, and White+ Black.  Shorthair tails come in in black, black and white, white, calico, cheetah, leopard, snow leopard, or tiger.
Fluffy/bushy tails are found on the back wall of the store, and in the middle vendor kiosks.  Shorthair tails are found on the far left and right walls of the store, and around the corner in the “L” wing.  Neko Kid tails are around the corner of the store, in the “L” wing, on the inside wall (in a hot pink neon frame).

– Big Bushy Set: Non-accessorized fluffy tail with matching ears.
– (Plain / no specific name): No accessories
– Charmed Set: The book of shadows, potions, scrying crystal, and map.
– Bondage Kitty Set: Bondage accessories at the top (cuffs, chains, rope, whip).
– Tailgate Party Set: Shorthair tail and ears; the tail has cigarettes and a bottle of alcohol.
– Toys: Slinky, Rubik’s cube, lego blocks, yoyo, and iPod.
– Spikes Set: Shorthair tail and ears; the tail has six large spikes at the top.
– ABC Blocks: Shorthair tail and ears; the tail has tiny dice-sized blocks in pink, lime and blue.
– Kitty Treats: A baggie of cat treats, a mouse, and a fishbone.
– Stars: A white band with a string of six small stars and one large star.
– White Mice: Eight little white prim mice are clutching the top of this tail.
– Trolls: Three bright troll dolls (with blue, green and pink hair) sit on a platform.
– Hypodermia: “Pharmacy” wrap and three brightly colored hypodermic needles.
– Nails and Dripping Blood: Red and white wraps and large nails.
– Voodoo Doll: Stuffed grey voodoo doll with a hat and pins.
– Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire-colored wraps, clock, binoculars, Drink/Eat Me, and playing cards.
– Industrial: Two rusted bands connected with chains.
– Magical Dreams: Studded bands surround a magic star (in blue and purple) and chains.
– Chained Up: A dozen silver chains wrap the top of this tail, with a skull pendant in the middle.
– Dice and Straps: Three straps encircled with dice.
– Van Helsing: Dracula hunting accessories including a wooden stake.
– BirdCage and Dead Bird: Large birdcage containing a dead bird hanging from a white chain.
– Batman Doll: (just like it says).
– Domino and Spike: Long black wrap with three big spikes and dominoes.
– Butterflies: Six colorful butterflies.
– Glow Worm: Fist-sized lime green and purple worm.
– Pregnant Bear: A stuffed baby bear in pink or blue “it’s a boy!” “it’s a girl!” adorns this tail.
– Dinner to Go: Tuna fish can, bone, and chain roped to the tail.
– Diamonds: A long triple strand of diamonds.
– Rosary: Black or red rosary beads and a dangling cross.
– Celtic Hearts: Long grey band sculpted into celtic hearts.

Additional Comments: All sets offer handy demos.  Neko child tails are around the corner of the store, in the “L” wing (in a hot pink neon frame).  There are also seasonal sets for Halloween (e.g., Zombie and Skeleton) and Christmas (e.g., The Grinch and Xmas Gizmo).  This store’s extensive selection covers every wall as well as vendors in the middle of the store, so be sure to take some time to look carefully at each one (sometimes what might look like an accessory vendor photo is actually a tail vendor photo… zoom in close!).

R&K (Rikimaru Darkstone & Kleopatra Rives) – if the store slurl fails, they also have an SL Marketplace store

Sold: Tails and ears, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven, for movement and fur color, tails are scripted and animated
Tail Fur: All tails here are fluffy / longhair, with the exception of two “slim” (short hair) styles
Colors: Changeable with a menu, colors are somewhat dependent on which accessory style you choose, and feature twelve choices in every package.

Accessories – Tails:

– Neko Furry Tail: A simple, no-accessories long-hair tail
– Dreadlocks Tail: Just like it sounds, the fur is is dreads, with an adorable texture-changeable knit cap at the top!
– Cat Tails, Men’s or Women’s: Men’s tails feature a black prim cat with a white face clutching a simple texture-changeable band at the top of this tail; women’s tails have a tan tabby cat with a tiny bow.
– Manga Tails, Men’s or Women’s: A little manga Neko boy or girl sits on top of a texture-changeable band at the top of these tails. Twelve fur colors include a fun soft polka-dot on white.
– Let’s Gooo Mouse Tail: A cute grey prim mouse with a pink nose, tail and paws, plus a hat sits on top of a black band at the top of this tail.
– Skull Tail: Separate vendors offer this tail either in short-hair, or in long/fluffy hair. Both feature shiny silver chains, spikes, buckles, and a sculpty skull at the top of black leather straps.
– Slim Cat Tail: This texture-change wrap would work equally well for male or female kittehs… it comes with simple chain/stars and black riveted leather accessories.
– Rebel Tail: A simple black leather band with rivets, a silver “arrow” belt tip, and a dangly bell.
– Rough Tail: Two black leather riveted bands with rusted metal, a bloody cloth wrap, and barbed wire.
– Rock Tail: A thick black band with checkers, skulls, studs, and metal cords.
– Bulb Tail: A rusty metal connector at the top of your tail features a cute glowing lightbulb. The fur includes several dreadlocks which you can show/hide, and a HUD to control everything, including glow effects, color, dreads, twitch, and interactive tail/touch chat functions.
– Vampire Tails: Several different Vampire Neko tails are available from this store, all of which feature extremely bloody wraps with dark metal spikes and chains, as well as some additional accessories depending on which Vamp tail you like. The fur includes several dreadlocks which you can show/hide, and a HUD to control everything, including color, dreads, twitch, and interactive tail/touch chat functions.

Accessories – Ears:

– Romantic Ears: Pale tan ears with rainbow color-changeable “tufts” of flexi fur inside the ear, and also at the very tip (bound by a tiny pink bow). Ears decorations include tiny silver chains with cute charms, colorful wire cuffs, daisies, and a butterfly.
– Manga Ears: Black ears with rainbow color-changeable “tufts” of flexi fur inside the ear, and also at the very tip (bound by little bows). Ears decorations include manga charms and a manga band-aid, tiny bells, a color pencil, and stars.
– Bound Heart Ears: Tan ears with natural color-changeable “tufts” of flexi fur inside the ear. One ear features silver chains with a skull charm and a band-aid on the back, the other has black leather straps with a red heart.
– Trendy Dandy Ears: Dark brown ears with natural and colorful color-change “tufts” of flexi fur inside the ear. Ears decorations include silver chains, studs, spikes, and tiny charms.
– Furry Ears: No accessories on these ears, but their flexi extra furry look is color-changeable to be a leopard, a black panther, or a snow leopard.
– Rough Ears: Same as the furry ears, only these include small silver studs, wire hoops, cuffs, and a band-aid.

Additional Comments: Tails and ears are all located upstairs on the second floor. These tails have chunky layers in the fur texture, and nice shading at the tips.

Rag-A-Muffin Tails (Morgan Ivercourt) – SO sad to see this store is no longer open! (I’m hoping I’m wrong….)

Sold: Ears and tails sold separately
Tail Fur: These tails aren’t fur… they’re comprised of adorable quilted rags.
Colors: All sorts of lovely rag color combinations await you… pastels, bright colors, pinks and blacks, purples and lavenders, black and white, multi-color, red-white-and-blue, some with lace… you’re sure to find more than a few to love.
Accessories: These tails are so unique (think vibrant-patterned fabric rags, like the stuff quilts are made of), they don’t need no stinkin’ accessories! Honest, you have to come check ’em out. Toooo cute!

RAWR (Circe Boucher)

Sold: Ears and tail, sold together in a package with clothing, boomers, and sometimes additional accessories
HUD: Most (and possibly all?) tails come with a chat menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Wide variety depending on which outfit/tail/ear package you buy (the color typically matches the outfit)
Accessories: From what I can tell, these tails appear to be plain/simple (the vendor doesn’t indicate otherwise).
Comments: While you’re here, be sure to check out the many Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania offers for additional great deals!

Razor Creations (Sevannah Bailey, Rycan Kraken, and Payton Joubert) – store is closed but supposedly “not forever…”

Sold: Ears and tail, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black ears. Tails vary, see Accessories details.

– Ladies Neko Tail: Purple, tan and pink bands at the top, with delicate silver chain, charms, and ringing bells. Colors include black, silver, purple, lavender, turquoise blue, light blue, pink, white, and tipped black/red, black/pink, black/blue, and black/purple.
– Barbed Wire Tail: Black buckle with barbed wire; package includes both silver wire (with a knife) or rusted wire.  Choose your color: silver, white, black with a white tip, and black
– Cupcake Heaven (Tail and Ears): Colorful striped bands with tiny cupcakes, candies, and a bottle of milk.  Comes in black, and tipped black/lavender, black/pink, black/silver, black/turquoise, black/orange, and black/red
– Braided Neko Tail: A black tail with a braided purple tail wrap featuring little paw prims and pins.
– Fatal Addiction Tail (or) Ears: Black fur only, prims include a buckle, bloody wrap, cigarettes, matches, and a gun (? not sure from the vendor pic).
– Purple Bucklefied Tail (or) Ears: Black fur only, prims include nice suede-looking belts with silver buckles. Choose from purple belts or black belts.
– Rave Tail: Bright neon-emitting band. Tail colors include a unique ‘tri-color;’ solid pink, black, or silver; vertically stripped black/purple or black/orange; and tipped black/red, black/blue, black/white, black/lime green, and black/purple
– Christmas (Tail and Ears): Each package comes with two tails: Buckles with candy canes and a stocking, or Bands with tiny Christmas ornaments, holly and bells. Choose black, white, or tipped black/red, black/white, black/lavender, or black/pink.  Black or white ears (sold separately) come with a cute Santa hat, candy, holly, and bells.

Additional Comments: You’ll find ears and tails located on both side walls of this store.

RQ / Red Queen (Ruth Quan)

Sold: Tails and ears, each sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven to choose your tail activity (including on or off).
Tail Fur: A slightly more “wispy floaty” fluffy
Colors: Black, charcoal, dark maroon, dark blue, purple, brick (reddish brown), cacao (golden brown), bright red, bright orange, pink, blonde, dirty, platinum, sterling (silver), ash (medium grey), turquoise, bright blue, and a fatpack. All base colors include several color options for inner ear fur.
Accessories: Coils of thin black leather, dangly straps, safety pins, studs, and a bell (on all sets).
Additional Comments: These are some of the best new tails and ears I’ve seen recently. The tail fur features a unique (photo sourced) texture, ears come with extra furry parts inside  (in different colors with each set), and all parts feature accessories. Tails come ready to attach to your stomach or your pelvis (a thoughtful design touch).

Roobix (_______) 

Sold: Review coming soon!
HUD: ___
Tail Fur: ___
Colors: ___
Accessories: ___
Additional Comments: _____

Sangre Noir / formerly Subtle Submissions (Noirran Marx): also see her SL Marketplace Store

Sold: Nicely sculpted ears and tails, each sold separately
Tail Fur: Fluffy or shorthair
Colors: Black or white

– Plain: Fluffy black or white tail and separate ears are plain and simple, with no accessories.
– Banded: Fluffy black tail with four simple color-changeable (just click!) bands at the top; in your choice of black or white fur. Join this store’s subscribe-o-matic to get the white banded set for FREE! The color-change bands ensure these kitteh parts will always match whatever you’re wearing… handy!
– Roses and Thorns: Detailed color-change roses with barbed wire — ears or tails come in white or black fur.
– Barbed (wire) Tomcat Tails: Fluffy tail with sculpted barbed wire at the top, in white or black fur
– Los Muertos: Beautifully sculpted red roses, and skulls with nice texture — perfect for El Dia de Los Muertos! Comes only in black fur.

Comments: Sangre Noir’s products are also available on SL Marketplace.

Sassy Kitty Designs / SAKIDE (Kinu Mayako)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately in matching styles.
HUD: No, but all tails are interactive and animated; see comments.
Tail Fur: Fluffy. The “Sassy Candy” tail is “double” thickness.
Colors: Black, white, grey, dark purple, dark brown, and brick red.

– Sassy Sushi (new; located on the wall opposite all the other tails): A redwood platter topped with fresh nigiri sushi adorns the top of this tail
– Sassy Lego (also new and located on the wall opposite the other tails): Toyyyyysss!! A tail wrapped with Lego building block toyyys!
– Sassy Angel (also new, ditto): Two white lovely angel wings are at the top of this silver banded tail
– Sassy Fallen Angel (also new, ditto): Two black wings sprout out from a black leather band
– Sassy Fizzy Pop: Black rope holding two tiers of soda pop cans
– Sassy Barbed Wire: A big spiral of silver barbed wire
– Sassy Rave: White wire wrap with glow sticks and flexi strings
– Sassy Makeup: Two tiers of sculpted makeup including nail polish, eye shadow, brushes and lipstick (probably the best makeup belt I’ve seen!)
– Sassy Punk: Three black studded buckled straps with ciggies and other stuff
– Sassy Spikes Neko: Black studded band, silver wires and a silver sculpted cross
– Sassy Zune: Black rope holds this Zune player to your tail; choose from 11 textures to customize its display
– Sassy Sweet: Shiny silver metal spiked bands (the tail includes 6 cuddle animations)
– Sassy Candy: Black knit band with black rope holding tons of little scupted candy pieces and a carton of milk
– Sassy Combat: Grenade, knife, brass knuckles, rope and barbed wire
– Sassy Cutie: Thick black band with rainbow-colored moons and stars, along with a white sculpted kitty, and color-change bows
– Sassy Ninja: A bold Ninja knife includes a flexi texture-change ribbon, held to your tail with barbed wire and surrounded by throwing stars
– Sassy Checkers: One white ear, one black ear, with opposing inner colors, silver spikes, and dangly bits; the tail is bi-colored with a checkered (color changeable) wrap, spikes, and a dangly silver mouse.
– Sassy Country: A silver milk jug, colored wheat tips, and flowers adorn these ears. The tail has flowers, wheat, butterflies, and a candy apple.
– Sassy Rebel: Square silver chains with pawprint trim are wrapped around these ears. The tail has black studded wraps, the same matching chains, and a color-change bow that you can also hide (for guys).
– Sassy Steampunk: Ears include rusted barbed wire, studs, and animated gears. The tail has a rusted metal-framed glass tube that connects the top and bottom of the tail together; inside of which is an animated set of gears.
– Sassy Cyber: This is my new favorite cyberpunk tail… it’s SO COOL. There’s a great little animated graphics terminal at the top of the tail (complete with keyboard) that click-toggles between 12 different screens… including Access Granted, Acces Denied, Teleport, Visitor, GPS, Oxygen, and… so much more.  It’s flanked by two guns and there are a couple of glowing flexi strings hanging down for added effect. Oh and the ears are very cool too… blue glowing centers with computer cable wrapping around another animated graphic glowing… mm… cool thingie… hehe
– Sassy Cupcakes: Kawaii Nekos are going to want to add this to their wardrobe. A little white sculpted band has tiny cupcake charms dangling down from the tail; the ears have a cupcake tucked into the hollow and a dangly cupcake bit too.
– CanIhazCheezeburger: At the top of this tail is a basket holding a cheeseburger, a soda, fries, catnip (!), cookies, and a cupcake. Nom nom nom. Ears have ropes holding ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles and more. It’s a portable picnic!
– Sassy Savage: Bloody bands, razor blades and knives adorn both tail and ears.
– Shiny Stars: Silvery tail wrap with stars around the bangle and little dangling stars too.
– Sassy (Tail only): Three black straps with VERY nicely sculpted silver buckles, a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter.
– Sassy Blade Neko (Tail only): Leather-wrapped knife with bone-colored sculpty skulls and barbed wire — this is the only smooth-haired tail I saw.
– Sassy SweetNaughty (Tail only): Shiny silver metal spiked band includes 6 cuddle and 6 sex animations

Additional Comments: All accessories are really well done. Their two “Sassy Sweet” tails are the only ones I’ve seen with built-in cuddle or sex animations, depending on which model you purchase.

Sense (Aiko Yue): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and tail, sold as a package
HUD: Yes: controls mood, cat sounds, earrings, and editing feature to make a new ear postion.
Tail Fur: Smooth shorthair
Colors: Black
Accessories: Three choices: Bangle clip (brightly colored beads on the wrap and ear piercings); Fishbone (fishbone piercings on the ears and on brown leather tail band); Ring (spiked piercings and black leather wrap with studs).
Additional Comments: These are located just to the side of the front door.  This is the only set I’ve found that lets you edit the ears to create your own position/mood.

Sharodie’s (Sharodie Nightfire)

Sold: Ears and tails, sometimes together, sometimes sold separately
HUD: Some have menu-driven functions, some don’t… though all parts are scripted for movement
Tail Fur: Fluffy (long hair)
Colors: Depends on the set
Accessories: Too many to list with such a wide variety, ranging from Key to Your Heart (padlock, chain and heart); Urban (tied with ropes); Sleepy Dragon (small green dragon at the top of the tail); Angel (white kitten with wings at the top of a white tail); Mystical; Skull; Seduce; Good Girl; Peachy; lots of different Rainbow sets…. just come wander through for yourself.
Additional Comments: There are tails (and ears) located randomly here and there on two floors, and the vendor pics aren’t fancy, but there are some rather fun tail ideas… and two that are so long, they drag the ground.

Shattered > see Aluinn

Shitz n Giggles / formerly Neko Wonderland (Isis Zamin): also see her SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and Tails as a package, plus one separate tail
HUD: Some have menu-driven chat script and color-change capability
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair
Colors: Black, white, or reddish-brown
Accessories: Skull and Claws Neko Tail; Neko Wonderland set (comes with fluffy and shorthair tail in the same package); Industrial Neko set; Loves Neko Teaching Set (crayons, glue, scissors, etc.); Clawed Neko set (like curved spikes); Bio Raver Neko set (accessories are color-changeable); All Teeky Neko Set (mouse on tail wrap); Fubar Neko Set (bloody wraps); Pierced Neko set.

Simply Whimsey (Selina Sodwind)

Sold: Tails
HUD: No, but each tail has a unique poofer or other menu-driven action that fits its theme
Tail Fur: Very fluffy
Colors: Depends on the tail, some only come in one color, others come in different colors… just keep clicking the vendor and watch the floating text to see what your tail fur color choices are (the vendor pic does not update)

– Springtime Garden: A box of carrots and a sculpted rabbit holding a carrot adorns the top of this tail
– Key to the Heart: Gold metal band with a gold key inserted into a red sculpted heart, and a dangling gold chain with a red bow
– Harvest Tail Autumn: Sculpted pumpkin with leaves and acorns sit at the top of this tail
– Coffee Tea and Me: Perfect maid service… the top of the tail features a tiny table draped with a cloth and napkin, upon which a sculpted steaming coffee pot, cups, cream and sugar are set
– Mad Hatters Tea Time: Similar to the above tail, only with a pink tea pot, cupcaktes, and tea service on a pink band rather than a mini table
– Moonlight Becomes You: Sculpted moon and stars dangling over a glowing tail
– Luck o’ the Irish: Clover and simple bands atop a dark green tail
– Love and Hearts: A big read heart and simple bands atop a crimson tail
– Bells and Bows: Just like it sounds; the bell rings with a touch menu
– Spring Fling: A big blue daisy and a hummingbird over a blue band on a dark blue tail
– Witchling: Purple and gold accessories and chains over a deep black tail
– Fairy: Large, ornate butterfly fairy wings in pink and purple with a ribbon
– Happy Tails to You: A cute little hobo “rag bag on a stick” with a roll-up bed, lantern, and bird
– TentaTail: Just like it sounds… this tail looks like tentacles (or possibly like a wet bedraggled fur tail, hehe)
– Love Letters Tail: A flower-textured mailbox with a little letter sticking out of the open door, sits atop this tail; the package comes with a matching flower neko backpack and sock hat
– Halloween Celebration Set: A glowing jack-o-lantern wearing a witch hat and accompanied by a translucent ghost sit at the top of this black and orange-furred tail (comes with a trick or treat neko backpack too)
– Rag Tails: Similar to the old “Rag-A-Muffin” tails, these appear to be made of pieces of old quilts and rags
– Queen of Hearts: A golden crown with hearts and a tea cup dangle sits atop this red and black striped tail
– Fan Exotique: The top of this tail features a large black and white japanese fan, with gold ribbons streaming down from a red band — the closest I’ve seen to a Geisha Neko tail ever!

Comments: There are two vendors here… one for regular size tails, the other for “micro” size tails (great for Neko kids). Although the “micro” tail vendors say $200, they only cost $100. To figure out which tail comes in which color, keep clicking the vendor… though the vendor photos won’t change, the floating text hovering over the vendor will tell you which color you’re purchasing.

Skinpop (Amana Li) – store appears to be closed?

Sold: Tails and ears, sold together as a package
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair, depending on the individual style
Colors: Different colors, depending on the individual style
Accessories: A full range of accessories include stars, hypodermic needles, a Russian flag, yellow retail tag, musical notes/keyboard bands, crayons, cigarettes, razor blades, four-leaf clover, the usual spikes, bullets, and skulls, and more.
Additional Comments: Tails and ears are located on the east wall of the store, towards the back.  There are no style names on the vendor pics, so your best bet is to visit the store and take a close look at all the choices. Ears don’t twitch and can’t be moved. All parts are no-mod.

Sn@tch (Ivey Deschanel)

Sold: Tails and ears, sold together as a package (along with paw booties)
HUD: Tails are scripted, menu-driven and mod so you can put in whatever you want to say when someone touches, bites, strokes or pets your tail. It also has three activity modes including Frisky, Active and Lazy. Ears twitch randomly with a simple on/off click.
Tail Fur: Fluffy and shorthair
Colors: Black, white, blonde, red, orange tabby (good for redheads like me), sable brown (vendor photo looks almost black), black with white bottom, purple, and… a couple special colors coming soon!  \o/
Accessories: None
Additional Comments: If you want your set to come with paw booties, this is the store to go to.

Snow White and the Seven Kitties (Meico Latte)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: No, but tails and ears move/twitch
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black or white
Accessories: Stars, baubles, or bows, plus a free pair of ears with bloody wraps on the lucky board.
Additional Comments: Here’s a store I bet you’ve never heard of… and one that I’ll be keeping my eye on. You’ll find a couple interesting designs, with ears that move in a low position which is seldom seen in SL.

Softly Paws (Azaru Rotaru): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and tail, sold as a package
HUD: Menu-driven interactive chat comes in German, with a modifiable notecard to write your own tail messages.
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Most sets offer your choice of black, brown, white, black with white tips, white with black tips. The “Funky” set (and full Neko avatar packages) are color-changeable, with standard colors plus pink, blue, lavender, bright red, and other tipped choices.
Accessories: Cherry Kiss (sculpted cherries and bows); Sweet Pain (barbed wire, razor blades, and safety pins); Cyber (tail is joined to your body with a metal cyber tube and bands, ears look metal); Steampunk (tail only; ropes, rusted metal gears, barbed wire, and padlock); Shadow (long dagger with barbed wire on the tail, ears have bows, skulls, and safety pins); Funky (bright glowing tail bands with little pink hearts on the ears); Cross (silver chains and crosses); Ninja (tail only… a large silver saber with metal bands, chains, and throwing stars); Valentina (tail only… a large red velvet bow with a silver heart charm).
Additional Comments: This store also offers a few “complete Neko avatar” packages that include skin, clothes, and texture-change-able ears and tails, all for a reasonable price.

Somnia / formerly Dreams (Sanura Snowpaw)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold together as a package
HUD: Menu-driven to control 3 movement types and 4 activity modes
Tail Fur: Very fluffy — probably the softest, floaty-est tail I’ve seen.
Colors: Black Night, Cotton Candy Pink, Creamy Mocha, Fire Red, Golden Sunshine, Lime Green, Lovely Lavander, Rich Chocolate, Smart Blonde, Snowy White, Steamy Auburn, and Teal Blue (<– a color that will make Miss Launay squee…)
Accessories: There are currently three sets available: “Perfectly Plain,” “Vices,” and “Tied with a Bow” (bows and tail ribbons are individually color-changeable).
Additional Comments: What sets these tails and ears apart are the added layers of fur on the tail that give it a lot of dimension, the nice textures, and the use of flexi fur that lends a more realistic movement. Ears are larger than average, but you can always edit them to move them further into your head, to make them look smaller if desired. Handy demos are available!

Sparrow Cat (Mimiau Aichi): SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and tails sold together for a very affordable price
HUD: Menu-driven tail
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: Black, black with red tips. black with pink tips; amber; mocha; buttercup (golden); swirl choko; cream brown; blond, blond with black tips, blond with red tips; blond with brown tips, white, white with black tips, white with pink tips; boston caramel, brown with caramel tips, brown with red tips, brown with blond tips, brown with purple tips; brown with deep pink tips; several different pink sets, turquoise blue “Stephy,” iced purple, and “party tail (purple with hot pink tips).
Accessories: Four styles are available: “Feathers” has small bird feathers caught in wire; “Sea” features a sculpted seahorse and starfish; and “Apples” comes with small pink and green sculpted apples. Meanwhile there’s a fourth set called “Twitchy” that features a black wrap adorned with bottle caps, little skull beads, curved pointy teeth, a tiny bow, and a couple of long flexi straps, in your choice of the following colors: reddish brown, black with silver tips, black with purple tips, black with red tips, white with black tips, and a golden brown.
Comments: The prices on all tail/ear sets here are only $10L — plus Sparrowcat offers a FREE pink tail/ear set, and a $1L chocolate+blonde tail/ear set.

Steampowered Nuts (Thomus Keen)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately or together as a package
HUD: Menu-driven gears, steam, twitch; color presets, and toggle on/off
Tail Fur: N/A = all metal
Colors: Black, silver, brass, and badlands rogue (rusty)
Accessories: These are metal ears and tails instead of furry
Additional Comments: If the LM doesn’t bring you to the tails, just follow the red beacon when you arrive.

Subtle Submissions > see Sangre Noir

Sweet Leonard (Lady Leonard) + Needful Things (Magdalena Bergamasco)

The majority of these items are designed by Sweet Leonard; a couple sets are joint designs with the store Needful Things.  The above store slurl includes all sets by both designers.

Sold: Tails and ears, some sold separately, some are offered in a package.
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors: In store: Black, White, Pink, and sometimes other colors depending on the set.  If you want another color, choose from 60 additional colors shown on the Sweet Leonard store board upstairs; simply send Lady Leonard a notecard with your color request.

– Ears and Tail Package – Candy Emo: Pink Ribbon, pearls, candy hearts, and an angel on the ears
– Ears and Tail Package – Magic Pixie Glowing with Pixie Dust: These are the only “glowing neon” colored tails I’ve seen, and they’re capped with several bands of bright white glowing rings that emit pixie dust… too cute! Choose from white, aqua, hot pink, hot purple, or red tail fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Butterfly Kiss: A pink tail wrap with hearts and little sculpted butterflies. Choose from black, white, blonde, or pink fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Jelly: If you love gummy bears and extra jellies in your bubble tea, you won’t be able to resist this set. The top of the tail spells ‘Jelly’ and is surrounded by jelly candies; the ears have little jelly candies “stuck” to the top. Comes in pink or lime green tail fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Cuppycakes Xtra Fluffy: The black band at the top of this tail (and the matching ears) come with cupcakes, cherries, and more little yummies. Comes in black, white, or pink “extra fluffy” fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Be My Artist Xtra Fluffy: Paintbrushes, charcoal pencils, and a checkered rag adorn this black leather tail strap, with similar prims on the ears. Inside of the ears are checkered too. Comes in black, white, auburn or brown “extra fluffy” fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Mouse Kill: The tail features a black band with a dead mouse, razors, and a bloody tag. Ears feature razors and silver ear cuffs. Comes in black or white tail fur.
– Ears and Tail Package – Kitten for Sale: The tail features a brown leather band with silver studs and dangling tags engraved with “for sale.” The ears feature silver ear cuffs and similar (smaller) for sale tags. Comes in a medium brown, auburn red, black, or white tail fur.
– Ears – Hello Kitty: Pink hoop piercings on right ear, Hello Kitty on left ear
– Ears – Punk: Silver spikes, studs and hoop piercings
– Ears – Funny: Two little pandas on the right ear, three pink/white hearts on the left ear
– Ears – Bullet: One bullet barb wired to the left ear
– Ears – Sweet Leo: Silver hoop piercings and a prim mouse sitting on the left ear (see matching tail, sold separately).
– Tail – Lollipop: Tail bands are decorated with a red star lollipop, peppermint candy, and tiny cherries. Black only.
– Tail – Sweet Food: Tail bands are decorated with a star-shaped lollipop, a little white mouse, and tiny cherries. Comes in black, white, and purple.
– Tail – Death Raven: Dagger, shuriken, chainballs, feathers, skull and cross
– Tail – My Melody: Little white rabbit in a pink dress with flexi pink ribbons
– Tail – Junkie: Spikes and drug paraphernalia
– Tail – Cherry Puschel: Black/white polka-dotted wraps with flowers, dice, and cherry
– Pain Tail: Black spiked wrap with a knife and a tube holding a heart
– Tail – Sweet Leo: Pink bow, white mouse, little leo toy (see matching ears, sold separately).
– Tail – Fishbone: Black scrunchie tail wrap with nicely sculpted shiny metal fishbone, bells, and a paw.
– Tail – Voodoo Tail: Little voodoo doll
– Tail – Club: : Blue wrap with glowing accents, featuring a prim set of headphones, a cassette tape, and musical notes
– Tail – Diamant Roses: : Metal ring with little pink and white rosebuds
– Tail – Diamant:: Pink and white wrap with cigarette pack, cell phone, and lipstick
– Holiday Sets: This designer also has seasonal sets for Halloween, Christmas, etc. Check the store.

T&A (Tweety Denimore and AllenL Baxton): also see their SL Marketplace store

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: Some are menu-driven for color-change, wag/twitch, mood, and chat
Tail Fur: Fluffy, braided, and curly too… the first store in SL to sell these!
Colors: All tails are color-change, most ears are too… with a wide variety of colors
Accessories: Skulls, daggers, claws, barbed wire, ankh, cross, derringer/bullets, glam kitty, nekofae, dragonfly, butterfly, lace, pearl, and more! My favorites are the ‘Jam’ ears with adorable musical note-playing earphones.

T&S / Twisted & Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)

Sold: Ears and tails, each sold separately
HUD: Scripted with twitch, wag, and an interactive menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy / long hair
Colors: All Neko bits come in either a 2-color pack, or a 7-color pack (plus the fatpack of all colors). Two color packs include: copper/dusky pink; scarlet red/maroon red; mahogany brown/ chestnut brown; golden/caramel; platinum blonde/(regular) blonde; ash blonde/strawberry blonde; cinnamon (reddish)/mint (medium green); bubble gum (pink)/popsicle (medium blue); lilac (lavender)/mint (pale green, even though it has the same name as the other “mint”); baby blue/baby pink; sepia (iced brown)/ice blue; white/silver; swamp (dark teal)/ midnight (dark blue); black currant/black.
Accessories: Ears are sold as “guys” (M) or “girls” (F)… (some of the accessories are very similar for both genders). Technically the sets are interchangeable (i.e., if a girl sees a guy’s set that she likes, can she wear the guy sets, and vice versa), the only difference being the ear tips face the other way on the guys’ ears.

– Ears – Simple (M & F): Plain / no accessories.
– Ears – Beaded (M & F): black bands with nice beads around one band on one ear.
– Ears – Rings (M): silver hoops on both ears.
– Ears – Neko Bits (M & F): one ear has a silver hoop with three dangling charms… a paw, a cross, and a fishbone.
– Ears – Celtic Cross (M only?): both ears have a silver knotted celtic cross towards the tip.
– Ears – Spiked Metal (M & F): one ear has double-pointed silver spikes and a dice. The other ear, for men, includes an ear cuff; the women’s other ear includes a beaded hoop.
– Ears – Rainbow Stars (F): brightly colored stars line the outside, a few stars dangle from silver chains on the ear tips.
– Ears – Pearls and Heart (F): Silver hoops with a pearl on one ear, a dangly hoop with pearls and a crystal heart on the other.
– Tail – Simple: Plain / no accessories.
– Tail – Rainbow Stars: A black band with silver edges and brightly colored stars on the band
– Tail – Pearls & Heart: A triple strand of white pearls at the top of this tail have a red heart dangling underneath.
– Tail – Beaded: A beaded band surrounded by two silver chains at the top of the tail.
– Tail – 3-Ring: Three simple silver metal bands at the top of the tail.
– Tail – Spiked Metal: Three silver metal bands with long pointy spikes.
– Tail – Neko Bits: Thin black bands with dangling charms, including a silver paw, a gold fishbone, and a brown cross.
– Tail – Celtic Cross: Three silver chains with a four-pointed celtic cross adorning the middle one.

Additional Comments: Upon arrival, open up your mini map and head towards the round circle marker on your map to find these. All Neko bits offer demos (click on the main vendor pic to get one).

Taylor Made Neko Tails (Taylor Lubezki)

Sold: Sculpty ears and tails, sold together in a set
HUD: Menu driven chat interactions (owners and friends), color change, mood, and size.
Tail Fur: Choose your set: “regular” (smooth, no fur), braided, ragged, fluffy, and super fluffy.
Colors: Every tail can be color-changed with anywhere from 50 to 60+ choices.

– Jagged: A long, two-toned silver diamond metal wrap with three leather buckled straps at the top of this tail; ears have small silver piercings.
– VooDoo: Bands on this tail hold a little voodoo doll captive.
– Vamp Kitty: A sculpty black bat, vials of blood, and an occult star surround a silver metal band at the top of this tail.
– Oh Alley Kat: Two silver daggers with braided leather handles surround a silver metal skull. Everything on this tail can be recolored… metal, bands, and braided handle (not to mention fur). Ears have a silver skull dangling from each tip.
– Oh Dragon: Brass jagged metal wraps, a brass fire-breathing dragon, a yin/yang tag, and black leather straps (with brass buckles). Ears feature brass cuffs and a yin/yang dangle.
– Raver II: Rainbow bands and the letters “R A V E” dangling from the tail band and ears; ten changeable rainbow colors, some with tips.
– Oh Gothly: A skull image is surrounded by spiked black leather bands, with similar spikes and piercings on the ears. Particle effects too!
– Oh Nightwatcher: Light and dark silver metal bands with Celtic crosses, studded with jewels and chains. This tail also includes particle effects and a spanker.
– Oh Zodiac: Three leather (color-changeable) bands with buckles surround a shiny metal band, on which your zodiac symbol can be displayed with a click of the hud. This tail also includes particle effects and a spanker. Note: Individual zodiac tails are available on the other wall… be sure to check those out too)
– Oh Images: The top of this tail has a viewing window in which you can choose one of five animated images, in two colors (orangey-red, or blue).
– Oh Starz: A long silver band is wrapped with stars… you can retexture and recolor everything on it. This is the #1 selling tail on Xstreet.
– Oh Flight: Two buckled lather straps studded with turquoise, surrounding a long silver band with more turquoise studs and white feathers.
– Oh Spiked and Barbed: There’s some serious metal going on at the top of this tail… including a large sculpted metal skull with red glowing eyes, surrounded by spikes. A skull, cross, and more spikes adorn the ears.
– Bowz III: A large sculpty (color change) bow, with ribbons and two pretty sculpty flowers.
– Sinister: A sculpty skull sits above a gothic cross over a silver sculpted metal band with black leather straps. Particle effects too!
– Halloween: Sculpted prims at the top of this tail feature an angry pumpkin, curved spikes, and a nasty looking skull. One of the ears has a similar skull/cross dangling from the tip.

Then, on another wall, you’ll find….

– High Voltage: A bright yellow high voltage sign with electric tubes and two buckled leather straps; one ear has a high voltage dangle.
– Crossed: A long sculpty celtic cross adorns a long silver metal band. Includes particle effects and a spanker.
– Tribal: A sculpty skull sits above a gothic cross over a silver sculpted metal band with black leather straps. Particle effects too!
– DJ: This tail has it all for SL disc jockeys… from sculpty ear phones and a equalizer display, to a screen into which you can place your photo, that offers a “make request,” “tip,” and “join my group” system. The ear has a cute little “On Air” dangle. Perfect design for male or female kittehs.
– Oh Roses: The most beautiful bouquet of sculpted roses (with a sculpty bow underneath) I’ve ever seen on a tail. Both roses and bow are color-change.
– Loaded: Five leather straps, a supply of bullets, and a handgun will keep you safe with this tail. On/off particle effects too!

Then, on a THIRD wall, you’ll find ‘Lil Chitz” tails… each one loaded with an assortment of adorable bits and bobs, and sized perfectly for Neko kids / child avatars! These include School Time, Cyber, Stuff, Lil Evil, Lil Princess, and Straps.

(More designs for adults get released all the time, so be sure to go visit for yourself!)

Comments: Come upstairs to the 3rd floor to find these tails and ears, which consistently get 4-5 star ratings on Xstreet. If you don’t see a design you like, Taylor loves doing customs. That includes weddings… if you’re a Neko getting married and need an ear/tail set to match your dress or tuxedo, just drop her a notecard (cuz IMs always get capped)… her wedding sets are always discounted as a wedding gift, bless her generous heart! Meanwhile… if you’d like to demo these tails to see how the various fur choices look (and inspect for quality), this designer makes that possible. Look for a vendor window on the right side of the store, a little half-wall, half-way back, around the corner from the midnight mania board. Oh and be sure to sign up to the “hippo group” (not an SL group) if you’re out of group space.

ToXiC (Sasha Meehan)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately now
HUD: None shown
Tail Fur: Fluffy or short hair, depending on which one you buy
Colors: Black on all except Lollipop, which is also available in blonde
Accessories: The short hair tail has a prim lynx cat at the top of the tail; the “Heart” tail emits little pink and red hearts with an on/off switch; the “Steel” tail has spiked bands at the top; “Lollipop” has three lollies around a black bow. The ears have small silver ear cuffs.

Trap (Selos Dae)

Sold: Unique “beastie” ears (as well as Neko skins)
Ear Fur: Extra long and shaggy
Colors: 12 colors in each package
Accessories: None
Comments: These are not your typical Neko ears… they’re quite long and furry, more “wolf” or “kitsune” style… but I’ve seen a number of Neko wear them anyway, to give a custom appearance.

Twizted Sistehs Kitty Klozet (Melinia Cascarino and Akasha Giordano) – SL Marketplace link  (SL store being moved)

Sold: Ears and tails, in a package
HUD: None
Tail fur: Fluffy… except for Tiger, which is short hair
Colors: Depends on the set
Accessories: Mardi Gras (with cute party bits and a mask), Sweetheart (with a poofer), Tiger (rawrs when clicked!), Glitter, and my favorite: Dalmatian with adorable little spots! ^_^

Urban Dare (Craven Theas)

Sold: Ears and tails, sold separately
HUD: Yes: 11 tail textures (including stripes, spots, leopard, cheetah, etc.), 12 cat sounds, 4 tail sizes, 48 colors, touch controls, chat sayings (which can be targeted to specific avatars if desired), and adjustments for flex, tension, and speed
Tail Fur: Furry or short hair
Colors: 48 different colors available in the HUD
Accessories: In addition to standard (plain), tail accessories include a cute prim kitty, bloody bandages (with spikes or razor if desired), bells, a bowl spikes, fishbone icon, kitty icon, or a knife.  Every accessory offers a variety of color-change options.  Ear accessories include rings (metal or colored), bandages, prim kitty, fish and hooks, bows, bells, spikes, rings and spikes, chains, and diamonds.
Additional Comments: This is probably the most comprehensive HUD for Neko tails and ears in Second Life. Demos available.  Color-change Neko whiskers here too.

Urban District (Sinus Carter)

Sold: Tails, sold separately
HUD: Menu-driven plus chat menu
Tail Fur: Fluffy
Colors – Ears: Black, White, Red, Orange, Black w/Pink tips, Brown w/Blonde tips
Colors – Tails: Live Tail: Black, White, Brown, Red, Blonde, Tan. Dead Tail: Black, White, Red, Orange, Black w/Pink tips, Brown w/Blonde tips. T-Virus Tail: Black only.
Accessories: Ears are Pierced. Live Tail (buckles with beating heart in a jar); Dead Tail (saw and bloody wrap); Bite Tail (false teeth biting a bloody wrap); T-Virus Tail (three black leather buckled straps holding a glowing syringe and two glowing glass vials).
Additional Comments: In addition to the usual tails, they also offer a Skeleton Tail (in bone or metal)

VOLT –> See Relentless Couture

Wardark Industries / Fembot (Aurore Clarity)

Sold: Ears and tails, together in a set
HUD: Menu for twitch on/off, emotes with sound, and name change script
Tail Fur: N/A – metallic
Colors: black, white, red, pink, lime green, blue, yellow
Accessories: This tail comes wrapped with sculpted metallic bands, tubes and hearts, all glowy and bot-looking

Wicked Kittens (Jadell Nihilist and Bren Dovgal): this is an SL Marketplace link

Sold: Ears and tails, some sold separately; some sold as a package
HUD: Yes: color, texture and emotes
Fur: Moderately fluffy
Colors: A wide range of color packs in solids, tipped, and “punk rock” striped… each of which include between 4 to 9 colors (blondes, reds/browns, blacks, white/silvers and more).
Accessories: Plain (three simple black bands); Kandis (three bands covered with small prim flowers); Most Wanted (two bands with handcuffs)
Comments: I learned about this store thanks to Paypaback Writer, who posted a wonderful interview with the store’s designer over here. The store also offers paw boots which change color along with the ear/tail HUD (as well as clothes). There is currently no physical store in Second Life; however the items are all offered on SL Marketplace.

Wynx (Wynx Whiplash)

Sold: Tails and sculpted ears, sold together as a package (reviewing on May 1)
HUD: Yes: controls movement, attitude and speed
Fur: Shorthair
Colors: Black, Siamese, Grey Stripe, White, Orange stripe, Calico, and Pink stripe (just for fun)
Accessories: Plain and simple
Comments: This is one of the few ears and tail sets that are colored to resemble standard house cat fur; ears are nicely sculpted and have good movement.

YamRem Designs (Remington Dezno and Yami Zemenis) – store closed

Zen Creations (Zhoie Zimermann)

Sold: Tails and sculpty ears, sold separately
HUD: No, but two-way interactive chat menu
Tail Fur: Very fluffy
Colors: Depends on the style you choose; colors range from naturals (black, brown, tan, white, etc.) to brights (red, blue, pink and purple).
Accessories: Names imply the types of accessories you’ll see on the tail strap, including Misc Tail (generic band); Fish n’ Hearts; Bad Ass (male or female); Erotica (male or female); Sweetheart’s; Skull; Leather n’ Spike; Danger; (Zen) Lover’s (male or female); Braided (with a color-change bow); Midnight Mania (MM bands); Bone; Knives; Star (this tail offers some “cloth material texture” tail textures). Looking for an erotic set? I don’t think you’ll find much that beats this store…

Zero Style (Rei Gully)

Sold: Sculpted ears only for now
HUD: Menu-change color, separate colors possible for each ear
Ear Fur: Fluffy, with slightly rounded ear tips
Colors: 27 colors, most of which are very natural (sourced from Zero Style hair textures)
Accessories: None
Comments: These are located on the main floor, near the front entry… just turn to your right after you come in the door.


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  10. i go on sl teens not sl and i think you should make an acount to sell some of your stuff XD you would get much more bisness thanks

  11. we have new neon tails in store now
    Some come with pets while others come with scripts

    Also when you coem into the store you can see some lovely freebies
    I will even add some freebie tails and ears soon 2 days time
    Hope this helps
    slso we made new clothes on the top floor for the gothic neko

  12. is there a mecha kitty on the teen sever cause i can find any ears and tails on the teen server D:

  13. Two notes to you my dear neko-chan ~ first check out Zen Creations. They have lots of colours of tails, ears and boombers but more important for your readersship ~ is that they have chairs which you can win these items from. I’ve been prowling around there and it’s a great source for newbie kittens.

    2nd ~ Nek-o-licious has now installed camping chairs and you can choose form dozens of items to sit for. Smart set up and easy to use.

    Both require to join the group but they are free.


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  16. Just thought I’d mention this. Not a big change but anyway: the store How Vexing is now called Lemon Tea. Creator and LM remain the same.

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