Neko Clothing Stores: Where To Shop

NOTE: Stores frequently change location in Second Life… if you find an outdated link, please drop me an email. Very big thanks to the sweet Kal Kayo who updated these slurls in November 2011!


Acid + Mala Miau Creations (Acido Ferraris + Mala Oh)

Action (MarilynMonroe Munro)

Admiral Spicy (Sunny1986 Ember)

Aimless Jupiter Unlimited (Kittysmiles Soulstar)

Aluinn (Bratty Slade)

Ameno / Elle et Lui (Ameno Heron): store is sadly no longer available

AMH / AnnaMayaHouse (Anya Yalin): SL Marketplace store

ANCAYI (Cagalli Tokyoska): also see her SL Marketplace store

Angel D-Signs (Ang3l Atlas)

Animas Design > see b.nuts

AM: Angry Monkey (Vas Legend)

Artful Neko > see The Artful Neko

Asphyxia (Sirya Destiny): this is an SL markeplace link; talk about awesome accessories!

Atomic Kitty – a few Neko accessories can be found here (Ivy Graves)

AVID (Darwin Mizser)

AVZ (Hern Worsley)

Axe Wear / formerly 😄 (Xangel57x Babii)

Azure: Out of the Blue (Azure Wirefly)


B@R: BareRose (June Dion and others)

BBD / Bitter Bunnie Designs (Telle Trezuguet): for the kawaii lover

BC322 Skull & Bones (Komari Mai)

BDR / Beautiful Dirty Rich (Cameron Vasiliov)

Black Heart (Skull Connor & MollyMary Loon)

Blitzed (Eko Merlin)

Blood Royal (Emo Biedermann): SL Marketplace store

Blow Up (Lilith Reina)

b.nuts by Animas Design (Diddi Alter)

BOOM (Aranel Ah)

Bounce Design (Archan Allen)

BUKKA (Yano Hyun)


CatNip (Akasha Wachmann)

Cat’s Eye Angels (Nekonuko Nakamori): SL Marketplace store

Cat’s Cradle / CC’s Kitties (Charmie Latte)

Cats of a Feather (Devilmaycare Oxbar)

Catwise (Catwise Yoshikawa)

Citron (Nanao Loon) – or check out their SL Marketplace store

Civvies (Posy Trudeau): SL Marketplace store

Clockwork Cats (Xaria Udet): region currently unavailable

Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa)

Concrete Flowers (Lynaja Bade)

Crazy Kitty / CK (Kaci Kohime)

Creamshop (Sazae Yoshikawa): store not currently available

Curious Kitties / CK (Ameshin Yossarian)

Curious Relics (see OTCR)


D-Lab (Dazai Voom): cute backpacks, belts and props (as well as animals and furniture)

DarkCatz (Harmony Sheridan): SL Marketplace store

Death Row Designs (Jaimy Hancroft): store is currently on hiatus until August  8. Check out the Accessories, especially leg straps!

Delirium (Christel Morane)

DemonKitties (Misseuro Chau) < inworld store; also check them out on SL Marketplace (90% of the items are HALF OFF!)

Dirty Lynx (Loki Dancer, Ivanka Akina)

Dirty Rat (N0th1ng Ackland): small but eclectic selection of accessories

Discord (Orange Meili): “no access allowed?”

DooDads (Paisley Mizin): for the kawaii lover in you  ^_^

Dreams -> see Somnia

Ducknipple (Beanster Potato)

Dutch Touch (Iki Ikarus)

DV8 (DV8 Robonaught and Vasha Martinek)

Dystopia (Calyn Canning)


ElecTRoKitty (Elec Tone)

Elle et Lui (Marie Ruggles)

Ema’s (Ema Poole)

Ephemeral (Arkesh Baral)

Epic Fantasy (Jade Winthorpe)

Essential Neko (Fox Daviau) > see Nekozone

EtchD (Sinjun Soyer): store not currently available

ExCess (Toshiya Okawa)


FAB Designs (Zuzuzezezizi Cortes / Fabienne Larsson)

Felicious (Fe Dubrovna)

Felidae Punk & Neko (Magdalena Bergamasco) > see Needful Things

Fifferling (Jaquline Swain): store left SL

Fluffy Bushy Style (Roxxy Rhode)

FORM (Zabitan Assia): store not currently available

Funny Cat’s (Isa Haas)


G&G Designs (Gara Beck)

Gairo Neko Shop (Gunnar Korobase): store currently on hiatus

GAWK (Mell McMahon)

GearShift (Donovan Brennen): SL Marketplace store

Gothic Passionate Dreams > see Saur’s Darkest Dreams

Gothic Passionate Dreams / Passionate Neko Dreams (Saur Holt)

GothiCatz (Looloo Beck)

Goth1Co (Keishii Roo)

GF: Gransy Fashion (Nessinka Fall)

GK•itteh / GK Design (Gaelyn Seomun and Theresa Pastorelli)

Grasp (Asalt Eames)

Grim Bros. (Cutea Benelli)

Gritty Kitty (Noam Sprocket)

GrueLing Designs (Grue Ling)


Hanabi Worxx (TheDandelion Sweetwater)

Hello! Kitty > see ZANZO

HLD (Howard Lindley & Lili Yang): unable to find the store in SL or on the Marketplace

Hob Goblin (Phantom Kabuki): SL Marketplace store

[HS] Designs (Hed Williams)

Hybrid (Philo Sion > Stoic Ixchel): Philo sold the store to Stoic, who did not reopen it.  😦

I,  J

Industrial Neko (Isis Zamin) > see Shitz N Giggles

INDI Designs (Jamie Holmer)

Inimitably Design > see GAWK

Insanya (Tatyana Ultsch)

[ JP ] (Jasper Potez): Neko part of the store discontinued  😦

Juju’s Closet (Juwan Lane)


K&L (Kiku Yokosuka)

Kaliqo Rebellion / formerly Kalico Kreations (Kenny Sleeper) – store reopening some day?

KANA-NA (NaNa Beatty): auto-landmark on sim won’t let you get to the store :-\

Kat Killer (Markie Hotaling): store closed

Katat0nik (Katat0nik Pidgeon)

KissFish (Twinky Lupindo): store currently not found

Kitteh Bits (Angela Bloxome): SL Marketplace store

Kitty Cats Meow — sister store of Saur’s Darkest Dreams (Saur Holt)

Kitty Glitter (Blaze Waves)

Kittylicous / Kittylicious (Sunny1986 Ember) > see Admiral Spicy

Kitty Scraps (Miu Kamachi): the store is on hiatus

Klassy Kitty Designs (RaMinah Slade)

KOSH (Lynaja Bade)

Kurotsubaki (Sato Yifu): it’s baaaack!!!  😀

Kyoot Army (Saeya Nyanda)


Last Eden (Jen Tone): small kiosk store

LEAGUE (Nena Janus)

LPP / Le Petit Prince (Aoimizuno Mieli)

LikeA (Wind Meads)

Lil Neko (Yuki Okelli) > see Mew Mew

Little Britain Designs (Ivica Atlanta)

Little Heaven (Chiko Duell): sim is not currently available

Lolapop; formerly Otaku (Lola79 Hienrichs)

LouLou & Co. (Lolly Carlberg)

LoveCats Store and Neko Mall (LoveCat Thei)

LoveKitty (Precious Mathy): SL Marketplace store


MIH: Made In Hell (Akira Dreamscape, Dulce Dean) > store currently not found

MM Graffiti’s (Masomaso Quan)

Mala Miau (Mala Oh) > see Acid + Mala Miau Creations

Manna Main Store (Manna Yoshikawa)

Massive Athaks (Atharax Inglis)

Merciless (Aden Oh): store not currently found in SL

Mew Mew (Yuki Okelli): store not currently found in SL

Miau-Haus (Posy Trudeau): SL Marketplace store (same as Civvies)

Miu (Zoex Flanagan): store not currently found in SL

Moloko (Jolita Korobase & Cinemaniac Voom)

MonoGrind (Bvrve Cremorne) (pay no attention to the “new LM” sign; that place is not built)

MPS / mY pINKIE sKULL (Tatyana Ultsch) > renamed to Insanya


N@rkotic / Ameno / Elle et Lui (Marie Ruggles / Ameno Heron): Neko goodies are no longer found in-world, but Marie has set up an SL Marketplace store, hooray!

N1CO / Underworld (Noreia Owen)

Naughty Cats (Magsan Arashi): store not currently found

NC + / RekidStyle (Hiro7 Amat) — second floor

N-Creation Create Own Style (Nico200 Planer)

Needful Things (Magdalena Bergamasco)

Nek-O-Licious (SerenityDreams Destiny and Dane Monroe): SL Marketplace store

NekoGear / Neko Gear (DarkLour Watanabe / Silveriii Willis): store closed

Neko Nation (Samantha Steamweaver):  SL marketplace store

Nekotika (Sabbath Altney): also see their SL Marketplace store

NekoVampi (Sinus Carter) -> see Urban District

Neko Wonderland (Isis Zamin) > see Shitz N Giggles

Nekozone (Fox Daviau) > see Urban Feral

NN Designs (Naraia Noriega): also see their SL Marketplace store

No Mercy (Sasha Meehan)

NOSOTR@S (Lolla Denimore): SL Marketplace store

NV (Isiss Bade): also see their SL Marketplace store


Obsidian Desires (Arwyn Lykin and Brin Runo)

Olive Juice  (Swan Ling) > see Pull d’Vagin

OMEN (SnowJ McLeod): SL Marketplace store

Original Choice (Liane Campese)

Otaku Designs > see Lolapop!

OTCR / Outland Tech and Curious Relics (Anisa Naumova): also see her SL Marketplace store

Ova Hauled & Taylor Made (Ova Haul and Taylor Lubezki) > see Taylor Made


ParadISIS (Ankhari Tammas)

Passionate Neko Dreams (Saur Holt) > see Saur’s Darkest Dreams

P/a PERTURB/ation (Kikis Homewood)

Pink Bubble > see ZANZO

PixelDolls Goth / Gothic Rose (Gisele Grizot and Alanis Ryba)

Plastik, The (Aikea Rieko): be sure to check out accessories, clothes and Neko eyes

Ploom / formerly Deviant Kitties (Helyanwe Vindaloo)

Primitive Designs (Geyer Schnyder)

PrimtroniCS (Skalli McMillan)

PKC: Purrrrfect Kitties (Selena Chastity)

PSYCHO Byts (Jodida Psikotika)

Pull d’Vagin (Swan Ling)


R & K (Rikimaru Darkstone & Kleopatra Rives): SL Marketplace store

Ragdoll’s Cut (Ankh Boa)

RAWR (Circe Boucher)

Razor Creations (Sevannah Bailey, Rycan Kraken, and Payton Joubert): store on hiatus

Rebel (Arian Voss)

Rebel -X- / Rebel Xtravaganza (Rouge Darcy)

Renegade (Kaejo DaSilva)

Riddle (Chrystina Noel): also see her SL Marketplace store

Rozoregalia (Yumi Pausch)


★ Designs (Sterremare Seale)

Sassy Kitty Designs / SAKIDE (Kinu Mayako, Bravo Nishi)

Saur’s Darkest Dreams (Saur Holt)

Scratching Post (KittyKitty Cataneo): store currently not found

Shitz N Giggles / formerly Neko Wonderland (Isis Zamin)

:SK Designs (Sergio Krasopani)

Sn@tch (Ivey Deschanel)

Softly Paws (Azaru Rotaru): SL Marketplace store

Something in Your Mouth (Aletta Milena)

Somnia / formerly Dreams (Sanura Snowpaw)

Spider Productions (Spider Carnot)

Spoon! (Swan Ling) > see Pull d’Vagin

Sprawl (Pushbutton Skolnick): store on indefinite hiatus

Stellar Designs (Lexi Morgan): also see her SL Marketplace store

Strayer (Yohane Rockett)

STRONG (Baica Merlin): store on indefinite hiatus

Style Attack (Lollo Hienrichs)

Sugar (Netsah Kurosawa): SL Marketplace store

Sweet Leonard & Needful Things (Lady Leonard and Magdalena Bergamasco)

Sweetest Goodbye > see The Sweetest Goodbye


T&A Designs (Tweety Denimore and AllenL Baxton)

Taylor Made (Taylor Lubezki): store currently not found…

The Artful Neko (Dulcie Foxclaw)

The Naughty Neko (Colleen Johin): store closed (for now?)

The Spoon > see Spoon!

The Sweetest Goodbye (Morphine Janick): store currently not found…

TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat)

ToXiC (Sasha Meehan) > see No Mercy

Toxic Kitty (Sookie Larnia): also see her SL Marketplace store

Trident (Rossana Llewellyn): all sorts of well-made and highly detailed accessories here!

Trixxy’s Shop (Trixxy Oh)

Troubled Rebel (Morgan Cyr)

Twisted & Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)


Ultra Kitty (Violett Ellils): store currently on hiatus

Una & Lua’s (Ainara Weisser)

Under the Sun (Ellie Gilmour) > shop temporarily closed

Unzipped (Destany Laval)

Urban Bomb Unit / UBU (Coke Dreadlow)

Urban District  (Sinus Carter)

Urban Dare (Craven Theas)

Urban Feral (Fox Daviau)

V – W – Z

Virtual Attire (Shannara Llewellyn)

VIRUS Co. (Kisten Bailey): store has closed  😦

Void (Voodoo Schnyder): also see their SL Marketplace store

Wink*L (Secret Luminos): store not currently found

WWI: Worldwide Industries (Ichibod Etchegary, Minde Mills)

😄 > see Axe Wear

Xplosion (Kaliha Noel)

ZANZO / Hello! Kitty / Pink Bubble (Theodore DuCasse)

Zen Creations (Zhoie Zimermann) (if you arrive at a furniture store, come inside, walk to the back, and turn right to find the Neko wing)

Zero Number for boots (Mai Runo): store closed  😦


7 Responses to “Neko Clothing Stores: Where To Shop”

  1. Hellooo, firstly thanx for the plug, that is really appreciated :)) KaT KiLLer has moved to Fontaine and merged with condemnation, heres the new SLURL.

  2. […] Girls can get ideas from this blog’s past stories (almost every story I write features a Neko outfit); whereas guys can refer to the “Other Neko Posts and Blogs” in the right sidebar of this blog for selected outfits from male Neko bloggers.  Either way, you’ll find handy SLURLS to all sorts of Neko stores on this page. […]

  3. […] the kimono in his other shop next door , “Sweetaholic”) ^_^ Location: Find it on my Where to Shop […]

  4. =^_^= :. Envious Creations Mains, Sim Style (201, 112, 21)

    I love this place 2 MM boards and 6 lucky chairs. GREAT Neko and Elf clothes. Most outfits come with tails and ears. or Elf ears. Great outfits. Everything is 99L!!.Im here all the time hanging out and dancing.

  5. […] Neko Clothing […]

  6. […] Neko Clothing […]

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