Virtual Neko Store Alert: + grasp +

In between Neko fashion and short stories, Bobby thought it might be nice to do an occasional, brief post about a store I’ve recently discovered and/or enjoy. Lo and behold, as I was updating my slurl for the Sweetaholic kimono shop today, I noticed the designer had opened up a separate store earlier this year, featuring more casual fashion.

Even though this isn’t necessarily considered a “neko” store, between the amazing textures, and the range of items that could appeal to all sorts of Neko with different style preferences (from leather jackets and distressed jeans for gals and guys, to lacy shorts and pink winter jackets with fur for the more kawaii set), it seemed like a perfect first “store alert.” Without further ado….

Store: +grasp+
Creator: Asalt Eames
What You’ll Find: Scarves, hats, tops, jeans, jackets, jewelry, belts, bikinis, and shoes
What I Love: Great textures, shadows, details, and casual styles (not to mention the kimono in his other shop next door, “Sweetaholic”) ^_^
Location: Find it on my Where to Shop page


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Virtual Neko Store Alert: + grasp +”

  1. There goes my wallet! XD

    If I’m ever going to actually save money in SL, I’m probably gonna have to stop reading yo… Ooooooh… jackets…

  2. ooooo shiny…. (he he he) 😀

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