Neko Kid Clothes Tails and More

Neko Kids Clothes, Ears, Tails and More

Looking to embrace your inner Neko child in Second Life? This page is a work in progress (more slurls will be forthcoming soon), dedicated to two Neko kids I’ve come to know and admire in Second Life, with special thanks to Reralae for her sleuth work!

Calling all Neko Kids to help me: if you know of a store or a group that you love that’s not already on this list, particularly if it’s Neko kid-centric, please post a comment below and I’ll check it out personally… thanks!!

Neko Kid Sized Tails and Ears Stores:
(or those that come in varying sizes, or those with easy re-sizable scripts)
Click on the store name to bring up a slurl for direct teleport…

AB / American Beagle Outfitters (Brook Melnik) (tails/ears scattered on all 3 floors)
AdiCat (Aditya Shippe) Cuteness Neko Tail and Ear Set for a Child
Babie Bunnie Designs (Telle Trezuguet) (tails and ears included in a package with clothing / paw boots) If the slurl doesn’t bring you into the right room for Neko kids, just come in the store, turn left, and turn left again to walk through the toy soldier gateway.
Candii Kittens (Candii Destiny)
Catz Bratz (Catz Ninetails)
Cute Bytes (Bit McMillan)
~DF~ Love of Music (Daryl Darkfire) (these tails require explanation; see my detailed description of this store on my main Neko Ears and Tails page)
Fluffy Bushy (Roxxy Rhode)
Hybrid (Philo Sion) (the “Elite” package had 3 sizes of ears/ tails, but the store’s on hiatus)
GK Designs (Gaelyn Seomon & Theresa Pastorelli) (one of the cutest kid tails I’ve seen)
K_gs (Jam Steampunk) (kitty tail short is perfect for kids)
Kitsie (Kittenz Fairey) (unable to locate store in-world)
Larnia Kids (Rory Larnia) (thanks for the tip, Quincy!)
PrimtroniCS (Skalli McMillan) (all shorthair tails come in short lengths)
Purrrrfect Kitties (Selena Chastity)
Taylor Made (Taylor Lubezki) (six very adorable sets made just for neko kids with all sorts of cute accessories!)
Urban Dare (Craven Theas) (Craven’s HUD allows you to choose four sizes)

Second Life Child Skin Stores
Mynverva (Rhapzody Wilde)

Second Life Kid Clothing Stores:
Click on the store name to bring up a slurl for direct teleport…

AB / American Beagle Outfitters (Brook Melnik)
Babie Bunnie Designs (Telle Trezuguet) (clothing packages also include paw boots, and matching ears and tails)
Babydolls (Kylei Benoir)
Babydolls Wishes / Babydolls Boutique (Babydoll Stardust)
Candii Kittens (Candii Destiny)
CANDY Kids (Loren Pfeffer)
Cartoon Kids (Paty Paule)
Catz Bratz (Catz Ninetails)
Dizlexic Kitz (Brandon Karlsvalt) > store coming soon
Design of Princess (Princessgirl Babii)
Eyeama Kid Gestures (Madelyn Seetan)
ForeverYoung (Skylia Cortes)
K@E Kids Skin & Shape (Emily Freund)
Kids Center (Efti Arai)
L’s / Lutricia’s Luxuries (Lutricia Roux)
Larnia Kids (Rory Larnia)
Magical Kids (Cullen Magic)
Ova Hauled (Ova Haul and Taylor Lubezki)
Qwutie Pie Design (PiperLou Destiny)
RazzBerry Inc. (Jayme Lorakeet)
Tiny Paws Neko Kids Clothing Shop Dollarbie store
Twinklez Clothing for Kids (Kamia Crystal)

Second Life Free Stuff for Kids
While not focused on Neko, this is still a very helpful site for Neko kids:

Second Life Kids Blogs

Some Helpful Second Life Child Groups:
Fifty Linden Fridays /kids/
Molly’s Midnight Mania for Kids
Kids International: Dedicated to bringing all kid avatars together
Kids Konnection: fashion update and kid announcements from multiple kid designers
Kids Notices: child events, families, kid friendly sims, adoption agencies, and freebies
Kids SLife: events, store sales, activities, group chat

Second Life Kid Malls:

Fairytale Dreamland
Kids World
Lego Land Kids Mall
Tiny Tykes Kids Mall


13 Responses to “Neko Kid Clothes Tails and More”

  1. Thanks for this nice post ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you dont mind me linking this list on my freebs for SL Kids Blog ๐Ÿ™‚ there is just too little about sl kids stuff on the internet ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Here some additional shops that sell kids neko ๐Ÿ™‚ check out my store list too on the blog
    Neko Kids Shops:

    Cute Bytes has neko tails and ears and cute shop with 3 Lucky Chairs and a freebie corner

    Qwutie Pie Design
    1 Lucky Chair and 2 MM Boards

    Iยดm gonna check out your shop list too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Stjarney ^_^

  3. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’d like to point out that Ova Hauled does have a few clothing items for child avies.. ;o) Glad to see Ova and Taylor’s store mentioned. \o/ 2 great women and friends of mine…I’ve known Taylor for a little more than 2 years..

    • I agree! I don’t know Ova well, but I’ve bent Taylor’s (patient) ear more than a couple times, and loved the tail she designed specifically for my “Explorer Neko” story. The girl’s got talent, brains and a good heart all in one package! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Larnia Kids now has Ears and Tail for kids. Hope you check them out!

  6. thankies for adding us to your list. we plan on adding lots more tails and ears in the next weeks. gweat blog!

    Rory Larnia ~ Larnia Kids

  7. I really liked your blog! you are a very talented person

  8. In regards to Neko Kid Clothes Tails and More from Virtual Neko in Second Life, I’d have to say what a great post! Keep up the great work! And thanks very much.

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