Neko Fae (TearSong’s Challenge)


:: sneeze :: Oops, pardon…  Yes, this is me all right… sitting in water, despite my innate feline abhorrence for the stuff. I’m afraid the duties of a Neko Frost Fairy mandated such torture: I’m required to transform the surface of this lake into a thin sheen of ice. Yes, I’ve been trying all afternoon. No, I had no idea a Neko Fairy outfit was so sparse. And no, I never expected it would take quite this long to get a damn lake to f-f-freeze over either... eh… ahhh… :: sneeze ::

When the lovely TearSong Vaughan suggested “NekoFae” for my “Dress Me Up” challenge, she mentioned a store that gave me a smile: Chaospire. The name alone brought back fond memories of my very first day in Second Life, and the amazing mentor who gifted me with Chaospire, thus ensuring my immediate addiction to the breadth of fashion possibilities in this lovely virtual world. (How cool when I later learned that she’s a Neko…!  But I’ll save that for another story.)  ^_^


:: shiver :: Okay, so I’ve been s-s-sitting in this f-f-flippin lake all day… it’s after m-m-midnight… there still isn’t even the merest rime of f-f-frost to be seen… and I can’t seem to s-s-stop… stop… sh.. ahhhh… :: SNEEZE ::

To assemble this outfit, I began by consulting Zippora’s blog (the original Neko Fairy of them all), followed by a quick trip to Chaospire (where it didn’t take me more than ten seconds to choose this beautiful fae outfit), and finally off to Calico for hair, as recommended by TearSong. I chose a hairstyle that included a tintable rose with vines… if only to remind this Frost Neko Fairy that warmer times must always return. (In my neck of the non-virtual woods, that kind of reminder has been necessary after all the snow we’ve had.)


Where Fairies Roam

Who would have known a narrow wooden walkway tucked off to the side of Urban Dare’s front porch would lead to a treasure such as this? Moss-covered trees, warm golden lanterns, rippling water (no, it never did freeze, dammit), a private treehouse and more — this magical little grove is truly worth a visit. For those of you with far more common sense than a Neko fairy, there are a number of poseballs to keep you snuggly and warm. Unlike me….


:: cough :: sneeze sneeze sneeze :: cough :: Yeah, you guessed it.  I got sick.  Go ahead, giggle, but I dare you to put your scantily-clad rear end into a cold lake and try turning it into ice any faster! :: SNEEZE!!!! ::

The Frosty Transformation of a Neko Fairy

Although a bit less “cladding” than I’m used to, this outfit more than made up for its brevity with lovely details… softly falling snow from graceful wings… delicate snowflake texture against my gooseflesh skin, accentuated by more lovely EarthStones jewelry just fit for a Neko fairy princess.

| Hair | Calico Ingmann Creations: Seelie in Golden Highlights, with gold-tinted rose
| Outfit | Chaospire: Frost Fae Fantasy Outfit (comes with wings that emit snow particles if desired, and a pair of lacy stockings that I did not wear)
| Necklace | EarthStones: Crystal Elements in Fire/Silver (the shorter, more simple design of the two-necklace set)
| Hands and Feet | EarthStones: Slave Bracelets/Footlets in Amber

Left: EarthStones’ Beautiful Slave bracelets in silver/amber against the snowflake detailing on the Chaospire “Frost Fairy” outfit (click photo to enlarge)
Middle: Frost Fairy wings; Calico “Seelie” hair with the tintable rose; EarthStones “Crystal Elements” necklace #2
Right: EarthStones’ Beautiful Slave footlets in silver/amber

| Flu Chair | NewbieDoo: The Flu!  This is a collection of sculpted prim objects that you wear, automatically seating you comfortably into an overstuffed chair, swathed in a cozy blanket, with a thermometer in your mouth, an optional cup of tea or chicken soup in your trembling hands, and a side table with a steaming vaporizer and other cold-fighting paraphernalia. It even comes with a sneezing animation and sound. This home remedy was far less expensive than a doctor visit, I’m tellin ya…

Photos by none other than the magical Bobby Yoshikawa, of course <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on December 30, 2008.

10 Responses to “Neko Fae (TearSong’s Challenge)”

  1. Beautiful post! Makes me wanna be a Neko fairy!

  2. […] detailing of my Frosty Neko Fae outfit :: sneeze :: and get a slurl for exploring, all on my Virtual Neko blog… […]

  3. *blush* “the original neko fairy of them all”…ehmm… that’s about me! *giggles*
    Tempting to put back on my wings and see what I can make of a neko fairy after reading this post 😉

  4. Great post! I love Chaospire, too! I have some great sets of wings, so I may try the Neko fairy route, too!

  5. Lovely!

  6. As usual, all your products are awesome. i follow this blog since many months during my search of informations for mine. Could i dare to ask you to add it in my bloglist? I am neko by my side too and and i want to put a link for all who dream in manga:))
    Wish you all the goodness pretty and intelligent kitty.
    Samlowry Hawks – Estate Manager of the sim “The Lost Gardens of Apollo”-

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