Neko Homes and Housing

It’s not easy assembling a list of Neko Home options, simply because a home tends to define a specific attitude or style, and we Nekos truly run the gamut: I’ve seen us living in anything from a cardboard box, to a grunge or industrial style building, all the way up to an urban condo or an eclectic Asian home.

So keep an open mind, do some exploring, and if you see a building that you think is just perfect for Nekos but hasn’t been included on this page (or if a store has moved and my slurl is incorrect), by all means email me so I can add it (with a warm round of thanks to my dear friend Elora Lungu for sharing all of her favorite places). Slurls were last checked / updated at the end of November 2010.

P.S. If you just wanna rent an apartment on a Neko-friendly sim, check out the options described all throughout this story.

19Motorcycle / formerly Gassyo (PaintO Jie)

If a cute “thatched roof Asian style cabin” is your idea of home, you’ll want to check out this store. This affordable home features excellent textures, 85 prims (plus a 4 prim base, and a 7 prim candle), and is copy/mod okay.

Absolute Designs / formerly Urban Style (Amun Miles)

This store offers an old abandoned hobo skybox, as well as a few other larger industrial-style buildings.

Alirium Gardens (Alir Flow)

Neko who prefer more simple cottage styling will love the homes offered at this store. When you arrive in the plant room, move your camera view (or fly) up a bit, to see the home vendor photos.

– Stilt House: A whitewashed wooden structure on poles, with a steeply pitched, 4-color change roof
– Abandoned House: This home features grey aged wood, a dilapidated front porch, and a mossy collapsed roof
– Old Bricked House: Snow White would probably like this home made of old grey bricks (stone?) and a cedar shake roof
– A Cabin: A very simple wooden A-frame on stilts with two large, round, filigreed windows
– Tree House: Similar in style to the A Cabin, only larger, with a porch, and set atop a large tree stump with curved roots
– Little House: A sweet little wooden house with a steeply pitched shake roof, two rooms, and great textures

Ananke Technologies (Carrah Rossini)

What can I say… I had to include this store because Carrah makes the kind of unique “homes” that I’d wanna call my own — plush, creative, and a little bit edgy. Some folks call them steampunk-inspired, others give a nod to Jules Verne… I just call ’em awesome. Click the teleports in front of each vendor window to tour these personally, and be sure to check out the freebies in her store’s foyer, including scripted picture frames, a japanese table set, Japanese stove and tea set, and more:

– Selene Cloud Hugger Fantasy Airship: Imagine a cross between a steampunk flying machine and a rich Asian bordello, and you’ve got one of my favorite homes in Second Life. Use it as a vehicle, a skybox, or dock it on land as your home. Includes a multi-pose hammock, a cuddle/love bed, large screen TV, radio, security system, warp drive, excursion vehicle, working analog gauges, animated/sound effects, and more. Fits on a 512 square meter plot, with 164 prims.
– Nereide Flying Submarine: You can use this as a classy vehicle (with plenty of room for friends), as a skybox, or docked on land as a home. Like the Cloud Hugger, it features a fascinating blend of steampunk / sci fi / Asian design details and excellent textures. Includes a multipose cuddle/love bed, built-in security system, large screen TV, radio, privacy windows, fireplace, fishtank, and seating for 9. Fits on a 512 square meter plot, with 104 prims.
– Steampunk Dreamliner: Like the first two, you can use this to fly around (with friends if you like), or as a skybox, or docked on land. It features similar details and excellent textures. Its format is more like a large motorhome — a greatroom and a front cockpit with ample windows. Includes a multipose cuddle/love bed, built-in security system, large screen TV, radio, privacy windows, engine sounds and animated propellers. 20 meters long, with 97 prims.
– Steampunk Blimp Airship: The fourth but most affordable in Carrah’s fleet, this vehicle is perfect for flying, or as a skybox. Its design and textures are more simple, but like the others, it includes a lot for the price: two cuddle/love beds with 54 total poses, built-in security system, large screen TV, radio, privacy windows, a secure door, engine sound and animated propellers. 88 prims.

Avoid (Jayden Robbiani)

You’ll find a really well textured / detailed cardboard box home, a couple sun-filled loft skyboxes, and a kissing booth.

Blackstar (Izzy Dench): < SL Marketplace link; currently only selling there

Eight very affordable buildings are available here, all but one of them have excellent textures with baked shadows:

– Myth: a sort of grey medieval manor home (reminds me of something out of the old game Morrowind) with sculpted parts. 20×10 meters, 52 prims.
– Fairy: think small castle with mushroom-shaped shingled turrets and round doors. 25×15 meters, 40 prims.
– Shop Build: Sort of a Snow White looking home with one open room and a couple of turret rooms (one turret is optional if you’re running low on available prims). 25×10 meters, 24 or 29 prim options.
– Old Wooden Cottage: One long “great-room” design, with a front deck and walkway. 15×15 meters, 37 prims.
– Church House: An L-shaped wooden home with a bell tower. 22×10 meters, 30 prims.
– Weathered Building: This is my favorite building here. It’s a two story wooden “U” shape, with peaked roofs, boarded up windows, and a central cobbled terrace. Textures are excellent, and include great shadows. 20×20 meters, 66 prims.
– Wracky Shop: A very small, but very affordable wooden open “cabin” of sorts, with a front porch. 10×10 meters, 22 prims.
– Chappel: This is a small stucco-looking chapel with a central turret (textures do not appear to be shaded on this one). 9×9 meters, 32 prims.

B13 / Block 13 (Syriana Bonetto)

This store sells some incredibly well-textured grunge and industrial housing complexes, including:

– Grunge Deluxe: 1.5 floors, 2.5 rooms and a courtyard, textured in bleached brick and cement with glass windows
– Broken Bricks: 1.5 floors, 2.5 rooms and a courtyard: bricks, cement and metal
– White Ruin: 1.5 floors, white bricks, and a more open layout/courtyard
– Grunge Cracked Skybox: like White Ruin with different textures
– Warehouse: 2 story large-ish brick and wood building
– Ruin: 1 room ruined brick and broken glass building (also great as a store) with a front terrace
– Lost Hideout: One room building with pipes, planks and moss
– Urban Style Shop: 2 story medium-sized shop or open-style home
– Urban Shop/Garage: a medium-sized open shelter
– Junkyard Ruin: affordable open shelter with some furnishings
– Dumpster Diving Skyhome: this is my personal favorite… a tube-like, amazingly textured little home, with a raised bed platform, fireplace, and cozy couch. Just enough room for 1 or 2 snuggly Nekos.
– Garden Hangout: small industrial open shelter

Blood Royal (Emo Biedermann)

A delightful treehouse with a sculpted tree, or a lovely log cabin, or a fun little beach hut might be perfect options for Nekos. There’s all sorts of fun/funky furniture here too… worth a visit!

(The) Blue Hour (Alexander Poe): store not currently found in SL

FREE: If you don’t mind extremely “cozy” living quarters, and/or you’re a stray kitteh who’s empty as a pocket with nothing to lose, outside of this store you’ll find a great little Airstream trailer, with a working door and *just* enough room to sit on the bed inside… free to copy! (Inside the store you’ll find all sorts of furniture).

Cat’Atstrophic (Windy Singh)

Neko Shoes house is a 99 prim, three-story home in the shape of an old shoe, complete with a fireplace and a spiral staircase.

Chiparus (Tomarus Lednev)

If you don’t necessarily want to live in it but you do need shooting practice, “Bomb Da House” lets you shoot to explode a junky hobo-style house, using various targets, breakable stuff, sounds and particles for total demolition.

Cloud 9.1 (Maddison Mokeev)

Feral Neko kitties will find just about anywhere to live, maybe even a way cool record shop or a tattoo store, right???  This store’s got ’em… just put a comfy couch in the corner to sleep on, and you’re set.

But… if you’re looking for more traditional urban/industrial housing, Maddison offers a glass and brick industrial-style house, various sizes of warehouses, a ruined building, a fallout shelter, and a run-down skybox, not to mention bunkers and a trashed shop, all with excellent texture work.

In addition to homes, there is a large assortment of excellently textured furnishings. Don’t be confused when you see vendors branded with the store “Chiparus” intermixed with Cloud 9.1… these two people share the sim and their homes and furnishings are quite complementary.

To get a feel for the Cloud 9.1 buildings first hand, simply walk around the sim, and/or you can get a quick idea of the quality on the Cloud 9.1 blog.

Dirty Lynx (Loki Dancer)

There’s just something satisfying about wandering the Second Life grid and making camp wherever you go with a ready-made home… even on sims that don’t allow rezzing. What’s that you say?

Come check out Dirty Lynx’ new “GridSquat Camper.” This brilliant “home to wear” is an attachment that rezzes a pup tent with a mattress inside, a firepit, and a crate, complete with three sitting positions via a HUD that lets you enjoy it alone or share it with friends.

Want something a little more industrial looking? Try the “GridSquat Barrel” — a wooden barrel with a makeshift loft inside and five seating positions — again, it’s an attachment you wear with a HUD to control it. As Loki says “squat the matrix… it’s yours!” Both of these are located just inside the front door of the store, on the first (main) floor.

Dystopia (Calyn Canning)

Three buildings are available here (all copy/mod okay):

– Broken Home: a sort of white stucco/red tile roof home that looks run down; 35 prims, 15×20 meters

– Graffiti Warehouse: two story white brick warehouse building; 103 prims, 36×36 meters in diameter, 12 meters tall

– Water Silo: a very detailed, tall metal “water silo” building with pipes; 18 prims, with another 10 optional prims for more pipes.

Gritty Kitty (Noam Sprocket)

– The Penthouse: think industrial loft, complete with excellent grafitti-laden brick exterior, a hand-drawn city view, baked shadow and light textures, “free laundry,” and two poses for hanging out on the deck.
– Ghetto Shop: a two-story brick industrial building with an open floorplan and nice wrought iron accents. Located on the “furniture” wall of the store, it’s perfect as either a home or a store.

HoC Industries (Guu Nishi)

Sooooo affordable, so diverse, and such great textures… that’s the best way to describe the six buildings you’ll find here, including:

– Empty Warehouse: “massive build with high quality textures, 255 prims, mod and copy” says the designer. From the vendor pic, it appears to be brick with multiple-faceted windows, hardwood floors, two iron stairways, and some metal hanging lights.
– Wooden Cabin: this reminds me of an old, rambling wooden dock house, with multiple angles, rooms, and levels… (probably because it does indeed sit on top of a dock-like structure with thick round posts). 155 prims, includes a sculpted stove, everything is mod and copy.
– Japanese Building: this is one of the smaller homes at just 31 prims, but for $100L you get two… “one for you, one for a friend” says the vendor (so this one is mod/transfer). This is a one room structure with a cool Asian roof that would make a nice roomy tea house for friends, or a cozy home for a little Japanese Neko kitty.
– Filthy Apartments: the designer describes this as “dirty, dingy, and filthy four-apartment building, comprised of 118 prims, mod and copy.” Its design looks much like an old loft or warehouse building, with the multi-paned windows.
– Decaying Greenhouse: This is another uniquely shaped home, built on two levels with tall multi-paned glass windows and a glass rooftop at its center. 64 prims, mod and copy.
– Glowing Glasshouse: This is a round octahedron made of glass and metal with two floors, “and its glows!” says the designer. 59 p4ims, transfer only.

Industrial Overdose (Satoshi Tripsa) **

This store features all types and sizes of industrial-textured buildings, ranging from tents, simple covered porch structures and garages, to three story warehouse looking buildings. On the lower level are a few more tents, and a number of vendors filled with industrial textures for your own building projects. Thanks to Isobel for introducing me to this store… it’s definitely worth checking out!

I-Reckon (Inbred Texan)

What’s not to love about a designer named Inbred Texan and his store I-Reckon? Ya’ll better not wait a coon’s age to git on down here and eyeball it fer yourself. Seriously, these items have great textures, include furniture with tons of poseball options, and each one has unique style certain to make you grin. The above slurl will take you to the store, but just step outside the store and wander around to tour the homes personally. Choices include:

– Living Simple Multiple Tree Scene: Want a treehouse with rocking chairs on a front porch and a bed packed with all sorts of fun poseballs inside? Want that with a tire swing too, ma’am? How about just a tree with a tire swing? Or a campfire at the base of a tree? Or that treehouse again with a camp fire? Maybe you just want a tarp, an overstuffed couch and a TV by that tree? Okay you get the idea… ten options await you inside one simple click-the-tree-to-change piece, ranging from 10 to 77 prims.
– Post-War Apartment: For those of you with extended families, there are several different three story,. semi-demolished, multi-room buildings worth a look (the one with a glass loft is my favorite)… everyone is sure to find a room or a nook to call their own… so what if a couple don’t have a roof any more?
– White Trash House: Two spacious rooms and an office nook, clad in corrugated rusted metal with cement interior walls.
– Trailer (Mobile Home): Six different rusted out trailer homes each come with 25 (yes twenty-five) different scene/furniture/decor options, ranging from 95 to 383 prims per option. Redecorating your trailer is easy… just touch one of the electrical outlets in every room (there’s also one outside the front door and one built into one of the roof unit) to change the room’s furniture (complete with poseballs) and outdoor seating. I strongly recommend you touch the sign outside each trailer to get the notecard… you can’t imagine how much is packed into these units until you read it for yourself. Note: Only one of the trailers on display is set up for you to click-demo the changes… look for the one with the huge sign overhead “Demo Touch Rez Trailer.”

KOSH (Lynaja Bade)

When you arrive at this store, turn left… the left wall of this store has a number of fun and affordable skyboxes that might be exactly what a Neko is looking for. Vendor windows feature several rotating photos so you can get a good feel for what each skybox looks like and includes… be sure to cam WAYYY up to the top of the wall to see them all. Options:

– Joker Cardhouse Skybox: An amusing and very unique “floating house of cards”
– Frankfurt Skybox: Two-story “loft apartment” with a floor-to-ceiling window filled with a sunset view of a city (presumably Frankfurt?). Comes with optional furniture too, depending on how many prims you’ve got available.
– Romantic Skybox: Two-story “loft apartment” with a floor-to-ceiling window capturing a sunset view of water. Comes with optional furniture.
– Graffiti Skybox: Two-story “loft apartment” with a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a large urban metropolis all lit up at night. Textures include concrete, black and white checked flooring, a metal front garage door, and a huge floor-to-ceiling black and white photo with graffiti. Comes with optional furniture.
– Industrial Skybox: Two-story “loft apartment” with a floor-to-ceiling window filled with a steely, almost anime-esque view of a city. Textures include metal grate flooring, iron accents, and scratched metal walls. Comes with optional furniture.

Lal’s Houses (Lalunia Oh)

Here you’ll find a variety of urban/industrial houses with decent texture for really reasonable prices… thanks to a tip from my dear friend Elora Lungu.  Homes are mod-friendly so you can renovate as needed, garage doors “tilt up” when clicked, chain link doorways roll up, and if you meander around outside you’ll find all sorts of décor items for super cheap (mouse over everything to see if it’s free or cheap).  A few of their various housing options include:  old (two story) Concrete House; Various sizes of Factory Buildings (brick, iron and glass, also two story); Small Brick House; and a Grunge Urban Water Tower.

Mudshake Houses (Isolahara Cattaneo) **

Not all Nekos are grunge lovers. If you lean more towards the quaintly cute, you might want to check out the charming homes sold at this location. Imagine a cross between grandma’s cottage and a loveable old gardening shed, decorated in late 70’s kitsch, complete with furniture and poses, in various home sizes ranging from petit to roomy… all with modify and copy rights… that’s the best way I can think of to describe the general style of these homes (though each one is definitely unique).

My only caution is that it’s not easy to tell exactly what furniture comes with each home, so read the sign out in front of the home carefully to confirm. Extra furniture (designed to match the style of these homes) is available for (affordable) sale all around and outside the cottages. Home examples include:

– Skull In Love Cottage: This tiny, eclectic cottage is graced with rusted metal and worn wood textures on the outside, while bright colors, fun furniture with poses, and vintage skully fabrics await you on the inside. There’s even a tiny enclosed back patio.
– Autumn Hideaway: Another small, cozy cottage with bright colors, worn textures, a fireplace, and furniture with poses.
– Vintage Beach Cabin: Imagine an open screened-porch style space, two tiers of worn, white-painted wood decks, a lovely porch swing, lounge chairs with a little fire pit, and tiki furniture with poses inside… perfect for the beach-loving Neko who enjoys open living quarters.
– Frida’s Dream House: Brick and pink-painted plaster textures adorn this medium-sized open cottage, featuring a fireplace with brick window seats on one side, and furniture with poses on the other side, as well as a back open sunporch with a shower. The home is named after its photo of Frida Kahlo in the living room.
– Pink Candy House: This bright pink, medium sized home comes complete with retro textures and furniture, and a lovely open room upstairs accessible by an exterior staircase, all surrounded by three worn-white painted upper decks — just perfect for the kawaii kitty in you.
– Green Hope House: This is a roomy cottage graced with worn textures and colors, featuring tall ceilings (including loft space at one end), a small open back porch, a large covered side porch, a bench on the front porch, and various pieces of furniture with poseballs, including a hanging day bed.
– Sweet Cherry Cottage (viewable at this alternate location): This roomy, cheerfully colored and appropriately “cottage worn” home includes a cute front terrace with a bench, a living room with a fireplace and furniture featuring multiple poses, a front garden room, upper loft space, and an exterior deck with a cute beach chair overlooking an animated pond.

Obsidian Desires (Arwyn Lykin and Brin Runo)

This store offers three simple “New York Skybox” size condos, and a large, very cool “Crono” two-story metal/glass brick condo with interesting design and an upper porch.  There is also a very lovely Asian-styled house called Domo for the more fashionably eclectic Neko. In addition to housing, there’s a whole bunch of Neko furniture… walk around and explore!

Outer Heaven (Lemon Ashton) **

Take some time to wander all around this sim, to see the wide variety of cool urban/industrial structures available here. In addition to a number of retail store buildings, there are some unique smaller “homes” that would be perfect for a stray alley cat Neko, including “Dirty Garage,” “Barracks,” “Roadside Ruin,” the “Old Factory” for nekos with large families (comes in various textures), and the smaller, bachelor-sized “Tank” (a round, rusted metal home with an observation platform on top). There are also a few fun “outdoor” elements like traffic lights and street lights available here too.

Paper Street Soap Co. > see Soap Co.

Primitive Design (Geyer Schnyder)

Here you’ll find a superbly textured grungy skybox called Junkyard. It looks like a large open loft space, with brick, rough wood, and a full wall of floor to ceiling windows, complete with light and shadows baked in.

Soap Co. / formerly Paper Street Soap Co. (Loch Newchurch)

Here you’ll find a very beautifully textured “De La Ghetto House” in four colors — white, yellow, red and blue. It’s 48 prims, and comes with a kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Synthetic Roots (Blood Mubble)

This store offers barn cats their very own dream home. “Old Barn” is roomy, and comes complete with a loft and cobwebs for a very affordable price; “Old Shack Pack” comes with a weathered wooden shack, nice grass, vines, and a bench for a bit more lindens.

Urban Industrial Creations / UIC (Letis Boucher)

Although most of the buildings here are more larger scale than “home” size, there are a couple that would work well as a Neko home. One is called “Skybox V17” — featuring rough concrete textures, ambient lighting, and panoramic view; 37×20 meters, 71 prims. The smaller “Old Stone/Wood House”  is another great option at 24×20 meters, 121 prims. And of course if you’re looking to house an extended Neko family, one of their larger buildings might be perfect. All feature well-done textures. Consult their blog for more info…

ZANZO (Theodore DuCasse)

In the back right corner of this store are three very affordable and very cute skyboxes, each featuring two floors, an upper deck, 65 prims, custom textures, and realistic shadows. Choose the “click here” signs to teleport to each one personally for a walk-through. Options include:

– Anime Heaven: various screen shots of anime are set against clean black accents with a cherry-toned hardwood floor to create a very dynamic space.
– Kawaii Heights: adorable kawaii figures and graphic elements are set against white walls using brightly colored pink, blue, and yellow accents, plus a hardwood floor
– Hello! Kitty: kitties and hearts and pinkness (with yet more kitties reflected in the hardwood floor), oh my!


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