Pteron Princess


“Something gives birth from Pteron, and it will grow beautifully…”

Her name was Pyroxene, from the Greek words meaning “fire” and “stranger.” She’d long ago stopped wondering if her parents had somehow foreseen the fate for which they named her, or if her name had predestined her fate.

Time had, quite simply, bent into a circle. From the moment she’d been awoken by the meteor’s deep, ominous boom, to the sound of her silk skirt rustling against the airlock door, her most vivid memory was staring mutely at the strange pale streaks left by tears on her father’s ash-blackened face, as he pushed her into the escape pod.

Those first days on Pteron were numbing. Everyone averted their eyes. It was as though she’d been cast into a deep blue dream where nothing was familiar — perpetual darkness, watery smells, strange featureless faces, and the unending sound of chimes tolling faintly in the distance.

But a year had passed. Though they would never be her own, she’d grown accustomed to the new ways. They had given her a sense of order amidst the countless nameless hours. At long last, the whispers of her father rang strong and true in her heart: “You will not be alone in your solitude, my child. On Pteron you will be reborn.”

She approached the tall dais in the center of the city, laying a plait of pale seaweed in tribute around her father’s molten crown. Touching a finger to the gems, cracked and permanently clouded from the now distant fires, a tear slipped down her cheek.


Pteron in Second Life

Leave it to the ever-observant Bobby to know the ideal location for inspiring a blue princess story: a remarkable sim called Pteron, floating in a sea of ethereal blue light.

The Second Life “Digging” page calls Pteron a “meditation sim” with keywords that include spiritual, mysticism, prayer, techno ambient, and temple. Me personally? I think M.C. Escher would’ve been proud.

Although my lack of Japanese prevented any interview with the sim’s designer Kei514 Flow, Kei’s blog gave me a few hints, suggesting a “Tale of Pyroxene” and the mention of immortal power. Meanwhile Wikipedia says “pteron” is an architectural term used to describe a tomb that has been built upon a tall podium. All of which became perfect fodder for my little storyteller’s heart…

So perhaps Pteron in Second Life represents a grand entombment of something significant to its designer? The loss of a love named Pyroxene? A shrine to an earthly body, after having received immortal (virtual) power? We may never know.


Either way, I suggest you visit Pteron, explore its many faces, settle into its mood, and ponder the mystery hidden in the words of its designer: “Something gives birth from Pteron… and it will grow beautifully…”

Princess on Pteron

In my (ongoing) approach to the (months old now) “Dress Me Up” Challenge, I decided to start with my dear friend Elora’s suggestion (Neko Princess ala Nicky Ree), blended with a touch of Kyllie’s ideas (shoulder armor from Dirty Lynx), which matched unexpectedly well with the dress and leant a bit of fierceness to the overall outfit — who knows what knife belts or other weapons could be hidden under this Neko’s lovely gown?

Add in a bit of Gritty Kitty, a very cool scripted and multi-textured fan, a necklace from a store that I bet you haven’t heard of before, and a pair of azure Siamese cat Neko eyes… what’s the result? A lovely Neko Princess in Blue.

Ladies, heed this warning: If you’re shy, don’t wear this. But if you and your IM window have been feeling rather lonely of late, this outfit’s for you. No matter where I went, I had trouble keeping up with all the IMs filled with compliments, dance invites, and requests for store landmarks. I’m just sayin’…

Upper Left: Urban Dare Neko eyes and the tip of my amazing fan; Lower Left: Black Heart Cyber Neko ears; Middle: Dirty Lynx shoulder (and forearm) armor; Right: Yuki-Rei’s Turquoise necklace.

| Ears | Black Heart: Cyber Neko ears (the glowing blue gears inside these metal ears move, and are color-changeable with a click)
| Eyes | Urban Dare: LM Neko Eyes Turquoise-blue (when you want to find Neko eyes to match any outfit you’re wearing, Urban Dare’s your ticket)
| Hair | Gritty Kitty: Marlei in rage (dark red) , ribbons tinted turquoise (via a handy “click to change” menu)
| Necklace | Yuki-Rei: Disk Turquoise necklace. Yikes, it’s amazing how often stores move in SL! Shortly after I posted this, the store location was unavailable. I’ve located a temporary (though sadly much smaller) store at this location… and yes, the turquoise necklace is available here. If this store location changes again, search for the designer: Yukirei Greene and pray her picks are up to date!
| Shoulder Armor | Dirty Lynx: FreeRider shoulder armor
| Dress | Nicky Ree: Tang Empress Gown in aqua (the dress also comes with two full, flowing sleeves, which I did not wear)
| Fan | Stygian: 15-fold Fan v1.0.15. This fan is amazing, especially for the price. Using a chat menu, you can select open or closed, with or without an animation, with or without flower particles (not to mention particle size, color, float length, etc.), how transparent it is, what color of ten highlights you want (from gold and silver to various colored gemstones), and no less than 24 textures (I chose “Fall”) with different colors and patterns, all very nicely done.

All photos by the absolutely unparalleled Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

Visit Pteron in Second Life:


© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2009


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on February 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “Pteron Princess”

  1. […] Come read the story of a distant princess in the strange land of Pteron, and discover where she found both the beautiful and the fierce in her outfit… all on my Virtual Neko blog… […]

  2. You look absolutely amazing! I have started to read your blog even if I’m not neko. You have so many different looks and a wonderful sense of colors and matching, and still it don’t look boring and all “color-coordinated”.

  3. Aww Marianne, what a sweet compliment, thank you so much!

  4. Amazing Look Stacia, never thought of mixing the shoulder armour with a gown. Definitly going to have to visit that sim too, love “different” builds like that.

  5. I gave you credits:
    This shoulder armour is the best I’ve seen… I found Eat Rice! from an earlier post by you too.

  6. Very great article as always:) I follow you since many months and find your work perfect with a really big back work (sorry for my vocabulary , i am a french guy :)) And about your shoulder armor i prepare a report with an interview of loki dancer , the creator of dirty linx and a little machinima about his/her creations.Perhaps you will like to relay that to be there when i will have the chance to meet him.It’s planed this week. PLease don’t bother to tell if you re interessed…
    Thank you again for your very well made posts: Kind of models for me
    Samlowry Hawks
    Lost Gardens of Apollo estate manager

  7. I know how much work went into this beautiful post and it’s gorgeous. I own Nicky Ree’s Tang Empress Gown and love it! I had an opportunity to tell her a few days ago. It’s a prized posession.

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