Archive of Virtual Neko Stories

Presented below are all the stories ever written on this blog, from oldest to most recent, listed by title:

First Scratch on the Post

My very first post, in which I pose the answerable questions (what inspires the birth of a Neko in Second Life?), the unanswerable questions (why do silly humans sleep at night?), and an introduction to the kitteh who’s askin’.

(June 2008)

Midian City Nights

Exploring one of Second Life’s oldest roleplaying sims, Midian City, while wearing an appropriately grungy, street-savvy outfit. Will I run into one of the renowned Midian City Catwalkers? I can only hope…

(June 2008)

Hair Recommends, Part 1

I’ll admit it, I’ve got a pet peeve: seeing a pair of pale, hairless human ears just below my lovely Neko ears. If you’re like me, here are a few basic hairstyles that will keep those lesser counterparts safely hidden.

(July 2008)

Exploring Steam Forge

A chance meeting led to a brief interview with Thomus Keen — the talented designer behind the concept of Industrial Steampunk (and the Steamforge sim) in Second Life. Come see what Thomus’ original sim looked like…

(July 2008)

Give in to Temptation

A dress with black lace arrested my texture-loving heart and dragged my mouse (evil, singularly-minded, linden-devouring creature up to the “purchase” link. “Nightshade” was mine. Now to explore a vampire’s castle…

(July 2008)

Far Away from Here

This tribute to the first-ever, breathtaking sim built by AM Radio featured an incredible old steam engine abandoned in a wide open wheat field. There was simply no choice but to wear a great steampunk outfit while exploring…

(July 2008)

Cat Dancin’

One of my great joys is listening (and dancing) to the wealth of amazing live musicians and talented DJs in Second Life. Groom your ears and tail, get your dancin’ boots on, and follow me to a list of Second Life clubs that welcome Nekos…

(July 2008)

Kawaii Not?

What does it mean to be a “kawaii” Neko? Most of the time, kawaii is simply translated to mean “cute.” But as Rini Yamada says on, “…it is much, much more than a fashion statement — Kawaii is a lifestyle and an attitude.”

(July 2008)

Kimono Love

Second Life contains a plethora of stores that sell kimono, from the simple everyday styles, to elaborate Oiran designs with countless prims and flourishes. Where would a Neko wearing such a beautiful kimono go exploring?

(Aug. 2008)

Neko in Wonderland

Follow me down the rabbit hole in order to find a most adorable Alice in Wonderland outfit, not to mention a gorgeously textured, delightfully pose-laden “Alice in Wonderland Story Book” by Kurotsubaki.

(Aug. 2008)

One Purrfect Neko Family

What happens when two people meet in Second Life, hook up in real life, and become such good friends that they adopt a virtual daughter and start living together in happy Neko family-hood in both lives?

(Aug. 2008)

Cyberpunk Kitty

When I asked him what it was, he turned to me with an indescribable look, and a tear slipped down his cheek. “It is my prison, my addiction, my pandora. With it, I have tasted the apple that no human was meant to touch.”

(Aug. 2008)

My Long Lost Dragon Cousin

I’m guessing most of you Nekos had no idea there was a “cat-inspired” dragon avatar in Second Life.  They even have their very own Temple on the Isle of Wyrms! Here’s what happened when I met a very sweet one named Steale…

(Aug. 2008)

Chance Encounters

Something heart-warming happened that made me want to say thank you to each and every one of you wonderful Nekos, furries, humans, and residents of Second Life who read this blog. There really are no such things as coincidences…

(Aug. 2008)

The History of Neko

Back in the 1950s, Japanese manga began depicting catgirls. No one knows for sure why, but that’s when the first Neko / catgirls began to appear. Forty years later, we Nekos have come a long way, kitteh…

(Sept. 2008)

Hair Recommends Part 2 — for guys and girls

My very first hair recommendations were for Neko girls. Since then, I thought it only fair to focus this next hair post on our lovely male counterparts, with special thanks to Wes, Ryan, Imso, Daman, and Matty.

(Sept. 2008)

Exploring the Wastelands / Apocalypse Kitty

In the future, cities will become deserts. 
Roads will become battlefields.
And the hope of mankind will appear as a stranger.

You wanoutta here? He may be the best chance we’ve got.

(Oct. 2008)

Princess of Chakryn Forest

What happens when a beautiful forest sits on the brink of destruction?  In the make-believe world of fairy tales, Japanese anime, and the virtual world called Second Life, a magical princess comes to save the day, of course!

(Oct. 2008)

Neko Skins – How to Skin a Cat or a Neko

One of the questions I hear most often is where to find good skins for Nekos in Second Life, so I ‘ve compiled an extensively list of Neko skin stores, categorized and complete with SLURLS for your shopping convenience.

(Oct. 2008)

Of Cosplay and Death Notes

For more than a decade, Japanese girls have been dressing up for “cosplay” (short for “costume play”). Mild-mannered students by day, French maids, kawaii schoolgirls, goth Lolitas, and Nekomimis by night.

(Oct. 2008)

Happy NekoWeen! A Halloween Outfit

Second Life loves to celebrate Halloween, ranging from costume parties, decorations, and scary gifts, to virtual haunted houses to explore, and outrageous Halloween costumes.  Maybe it’s time to try dressing up Neko, mm…?

(Oct. 2008)

Little Geisha Kitty

Geisha? Sign me up. I already know how to move gracefully, and came naturally gifted with a talent for entertaining kitties of the opposite gender, so what do I have to learn?  Pouring tea, strumming a shamisen…?  Easy!

(Nov. 2008)

Neko Ears and Tails

Wanna know where to find Neko ears and tails? Categorized and complete with slurls for easy shopping, here’s your very own list. Warning: you have no idea how many stores there are… plan to spend some time shopping!

(Nov. 2008)

Working Late in Rainy Town – a casual, affordable outfit

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and a familiar voice brought a warm smile to my face: “How about some hot soup from the 24 hour Chinese joint down the street?”  It wasn’t going to be such a lonely night after all…

(Nov. 2008)

Flying Cats & Dog Fights

A gloved hand moved imperceptibly to disclose a small, thick envelope. Her accent was difficult to place, her eyes nearly indistinguishable, making the curves of her mouth the most prominent feature in that single breath of a moment.

(Dec. 2008)

How to Be a Neko

Yes my curious kitten (or human), this story’s for you: if you’ve been typing “how to be a Neko” into search engines in an attempt to find some sort of starter page, or Neko 101 class, or basic information about being a Neko…

(Dec. 2008)

Black and White, and Tekkon Kinkrete

Who we are, who we choose to be (and perhaps even how we portray ourselves in Second Life) is a delicate balance that whispers secrets about our inner contrasts, while dropping clues about our hidden lives.

(Dec. 2008)

Neko Fae

Okay, so I’ve been s-s-sitting in this f-f-flippin lake all day… it’s after m-m-midnight… there still isn’t even the merest rime of f-f-frost to be seen… and I can’t seem to s-s-stop… stop… shiv.. ahhhh… :: SNEEZE ::

(Dec. 2008)

Down in Africa

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company;
I know that I must do what’s right,
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the Serengeti.

(Jan. 2009)

Sweet Kawaii Kitty – and how to wear multiple attachments

Notice that theme? Pink, cute, pink, lotsa jewelry, little accessories and… pink? Yeah, I noticed that too. In fact I’m so sweet I think my teeth hurt. And I’ve got something attached to nearly every available spot on my lil Neko bod…

(Jan. 2009)

Pteron Princess

From the moment she awoke to the meteor’s deep, ominous boom, to the sound of her silk skirt rustling against the airlock door, her most vivid memory was staring mutely at the pale streaks left by tears on her father’s face.

(February 2009)

Lady Snowblood Neko

Young Yuki quickly develops her skills as a calculating killer. Upon reaching adulthood, she makes a living as a master assassin, earning the name “Snowblood.” Her every waking moment is consumed with bloody revenge.

(February 2009)

Cyberpunk Mindplayer

Pat Cadigan’s incredible cyberpunk novel called Mindplayers was quickly embraced by fans for its in-depth exploration of technology and the human mind. And quickly embraced by this Neko for its story and fashion inspiration…

(March 2009)

Bladerunner Prequel: Neko Rachael Before Blade Runner

EJT Personal Log (02.28.2014): Grief surprises me still. I expected the NEXUS project to absorb me fully. I did not expect to open my eyes one morning and realize just what I had created… her, all over again.

(April 2009)

Home Sweet Neko Home

What constitutes “home” for a Neko? It’s not a simple answer. A home tends to define a specific attitude or style, and we Nekos truly run the gamut in SL — from grungy feral kitties, to spoiled, silken pillow house cats.

(May 2009)

Neko FAQs and a One Year Anniversary

Why are you wearing ears and a tail?
What is a Neko?
Where did Nekos come from?
Why did you become a Neko?

(June 2009)

A Vesper for James Bond

The assignment went as planned, the operatives were captured without incident, even the explosions were timed perfectly. All of it, every detail, went exactly by the book. Until my beloved Yusef was captured.

(July 2009)

Needles + Neko = Tattoo

This story introduces a handy resource page listing every major tattoo store I could find in Second Life, alphabetized and complete with slurls. I’ve also included stores that sell band-aids, bruises, mud, blood and more…

(August 2009)

Neko Research Study

Just one year ago, a fellow Second Life Neko by the name of Meja Milosz conducted interviews to research “hieararchies and relations in digital games in online 3D worlds such as Second Life.” Apparently we Nekos were somewhat unique (as if you didn’t already know). After months of research, writing, review and preparation, Meja successfully defended her PhD and is now known as one of the experts in the field of community/group structures and performance in SL. Who knew we had such a smart and accomplished Neko among us? ^_^ (September 2009)

Explorer Neko and the Shadowcrawler

Sometime after midnight, the moon suffocated in the thick, muggy air, as a determined mosquito managed to penetrate the netting around my cot. I could have sworn I heard something… a strange whistle… soft footfalls?

(October 2009)

The Legend of the Were-Neko

He who strays in the forest at late,
Becomes like a worm on a hook for bait.
When the moon is full and the sky is black
He will soon discover the courage he lacks.

(October 2009)

Kawaii Neko versus Grunge Neko

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in all my Neko ramblings and research, it’s this: not all Neko are created grunge. In fact we Neko owe our heritage to Japan, where the standard couture for a Nekomimi is all about kawaii.

(December 2009)

Neko Letter to Santa

My Dear Old Saint Nick: you simply can’t, I repeat, can NOT, turn yourself into a Neko. There are just too many obstacles, my fine round friend. Milk and cookies replaced by milk and mousies? I think not.

(December 2009)

Cosplay in the Time of Eve

What is the definition of a “real” life or friendship? Do the definitions differ between first and second life? Do you talk about your Second Life with First Life friends? Perceptions and prejudices are a matter of choice.

(February 2010)

Neko Dragon Princess

He woke up sobbing, the sound pouring forth from some deep nameless place inside his scaley soul. As his vision cleared, he scented the air. All around him the night lay dull and strangely silent.

(April 2010)

Second Life’s First Neko

Introducing Chibi Chang, the oldest known catboy in all of Second Life’s virtual universe, born on the seventeenth day of May 2003, a full five weeks before Linden Labs released their first official version of Second Life.

(May 2010)

Early Second Life Photos of a Neko

After posting the previous blog story, I received countless messages from readers wishing for photos from those early years. Chibi was kind enough to dig through 7 years’ worth of inventory to share what he had with us all.

(May 2010)

Motorcycle Mechanic Neko

Before me the open road stretched out like an old dog waiting for a belly scratch. No schedule, no responsibilities, nothing but Route 66, the wind in my hair, and the philosophical musings that always come forth while riding a motorcycle.

(May 2010)

Neko of the Omo River

Think the Na’vi of Pandora were the first to celebrate a beautiful connection to nature? Travel with me to river valley in Ethiopia, where residents with uncommon artistic vision create beauty that will take your breath away.

(June 2010)

Steampunk Neko and Nikola Tesla

What does Second Life, Steampunk, and Nikola Tesla have in common? How about this: a most amazing sim, a most amazing steampunk outfit, and a most amazing builder by the name of Sextan Shepherd.

(August 2010)

Featured Neko Guy: Eden Darkfire

I wanted to start a routine feature on Neko guys for a long time, in support of all the wonderful (not to mention handsome) Neko men I’ve met around the grid. At long last, the stars crossed and it happened.

(September 2010)

Cyberpunk Neko Superheroes

A damp Fall night, just after 23:00… the dim glare of streetlights cast deep shadows in the grime of a tall building, where three darker shadows stirred imperceptibly, keeping vigilant watch over the city below…

(November 2010)

Tank Girl Neko

Snow whistled past the old wooden hut. Inside, a loud crash was followed by some muffled scraping. Suddenly the door slammed open, causing a cascade of snow to come shuddering down over a scantily clad figure. “*@&^%$#!!!!!!!!!”

(December 2010)

Neko Retrospective Project

Ewokian Pessoa has a goal to capture the essence of a Second Life Neko and show how unique each one of us is. Just pick your favorite outfit, pick your favorite pose, and drop him a notecard. He’ll take the photo and do the rest!

(January 2011)

Oiran or Neko Diva?

Careful you don’t confuse this breathtaking, kimono-clad beauty with a Geisha, lest you incur her wrath and a thousand bamboo canings. What sets an Oiran apart? Where can you find a list of Second Life kimono stores?

(February 2011)

The Art of Being Neko

For those of you who thought we nekos were merely a strange anomaly of Second Life, allow me to present a new facet of all things neko and catgirl: the art of being neko, as interpreted by very talented “first world” artists.

(March 2011)

Neko in a Second Life Garden

Whether you love to create lovely landscape, explore lovely landscape, or just look beautiful amidst lovely landscape, this story includes a handy list of gardening stores, slurls to park-like sims, and an adorable outfit of course…

(April 2011)

Neko Goddess Bastet Meets Nefertiti

Long before a cosplay catgirl was seen in Japan or the first Neko set paw in Second Life, we humans have been drawn to all things feline. Perhaps the earliest known record is the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, from 3,500 BC.

(June 2011)

A Neko Tribute to Audrey Kawasaki

I’m not sure if “cosplay” applies to works of art, but the inspiration was absolutely irresistible to we two Nekos. Consider this our humble tribute to the distinctive talent of Audrey Kawasaki, along with a little background about the artist.

(August 2011)

Neko Eyes by Poetic Colors

Poetic Colors’ new Neko eyes come in sixteen sparkling, magnificently detailed colors, and every color includes four options: normal iris + white sclera, large iris + white sclera, normal iris + black sclera,and prim options.

(September 2011)

Native American Indian Neko Princess

I, Kikisoblu, the firstborn daughter of Chief Si’Ahl, great father of the Duwamish and Suquamish peoples, stand tall before you. My heart beats with his strength and courage. It is with this heart that I say to you, I will not leave my home.

(October 2011)

Neko Tricks and Neko Treats?

This little Neko won’t play any tricks. I won’t even make you smell my virtual cat feet (who came up with that poem anyway?!) — provided, of course, that you give me something good to eat. Preferably dark chocolate. With hazelnuts…

(October 2011)

Totoro and the Neko

I dreamed I was walking with Totoro
In a forest of magical light
All around us the flowers were singing
As we whispered long into the night…

(November 2011)

The Return of the Solstice Fairy

The moment had come. She moved to the center of the clearing, lifted the lid, and stepped back as a myriad of glowing forms burst out of the vessel. It never failed to take her icy breath away…

(December 2011)

Kawaii War and Japanese Pop Art

There’s a war going on in Japan. Few of us have ever heard of it, fewer still would recognize it because it looks so deceptively sweet. So pink… so innocent… one might even say… so kawaii.

(January 2012)

Neko Graffiti Girl Meets Banksy

It was 1994. I was living in the Williamsburg borough of Brooklyn, New York City, shoulder to shoulder with artists, poets and transients, when I first met the inimitable Banksy…

(April 2012)

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