Native American Indian Neko Princess

I, Kikisoblu, speak to you as the firstborn daughter of Chief Si’Ahl, great father of the Duwamish and Suquamish peoples. Like my father, I stand tall before you. My heart beats with his strength and courage. It is with this heart that I say to you, I will not leave my home.

In my life I have seen many things. I have learned from my father in battle and in peace. I have watched our people spread across the land like the waves of the sea on the shore. I have sung the songs from the time before, and have come to know every forest, river, and mountain as a brother.

But that time has passed. The ashes of my people are now the dust under your feet. Yet even as the white man builds roads that scar the land, fences that divide his horses from his neighbor’s, lodging that hides his face from the stars, the bones of our ancestors remain. I feel their presence under my bare feet.

And so for now, I will remain here, in the land where I was born — Kikisoblu, who the white man named Princess Angeline. I will stand as the last witness to the changes you bring, and this town you have created and named in honor of my father, Seattle. I will not speak of the fate of my people. I will mark each sunset until the end of my days, here on this hill, looking west towards the sea, and I will be content.

When the last red man has left this earth and his memory is a story told only to your children, my ancestors will be your company. When your children’s children believe they are alone in the silence of the woods, they will not be alone. The voices of my ancestors will always speak to those who will listen. We may be brothers, after all. We shall see.

What a Native American Neko Princess Might Wear in Second Life
(click the above image to enlarge)

Assembling a detailed outfit suitable for an American Indian princess required a bit of exploration, both in-world and on SL Marketplace. Search words such as “native american indian,” “Navajo,” “tomahawk,” and “medicine bags” will lead you to related stores, including one by a talented designer named Mercedes Avon. You may also wish to look in stores that feature Gorean wear.

| Hair | Truth: Alyana (includes feather at the bottom of one braid) in Jupiter color
| Hair Band with Feathers | Niyu: Tie Hair (this is an SL Marketplace link)
| Neko Eyes | PC/Poetic Colors: Cat in Brushwood (pale brown), medium
| Neko Ears | OTCR (Anisa Naumova): Neko Ear v3 (color changed to match outfit)
| Ear Feathers | Una & Luas: part of the Sara234 Feather Outfit
| Face and Body Tattoo | Adrenaline Rush: Feechi War Paint (SL Marketplace link)
| Shell Necklace | MO/Silk Worms: (Trippy Fall): Seashell Collar (on spine) Trippy is quite possibly the sweetest designer I have ever met. Nekos, go ye forth and explore her store, you won’t be disappointed!
| Bone Collar with Pink Feathers | Bounce: Ethnic Me Collar (on chest); this includes a full outfit which I did not wear
| Right Arm Strap with Turquoise and Feathers | EMO-tions: Terra Nova Outfit “R Upper Arm”
| Bone Bracelets | Studio Sidhe: Bone and Silver Engraved Bracelet (I duplicated the single item, attached it to my left wrist, and adjusted into place to have one on both sides)
| Arrow Sling | EMO-tions: Terra Nova Outfit “chest”
| Leather Bra and Thong | EMO-tions: Terra Nova Outfit “shirt” and “pants”
| Thorn Belt with Leather Flap and Feathers | EMO-tions: Terra Nova Outfit “skirt”
| Feather Skirt | Una & Luas: Skirth Feathers Brown 23. There are all sorts of really lovely feathered skirts here… plus the designer has a special Gorean room with new releases (including special panther clothes) for just $70L.
| Neko Tail | JP / Jasper Potez: Indian Kitty Tail (JP’s Neko store is now closed; for a Native American-themed tail and ears that is available, try Nek-o-Licious’s Dreamcatcher Set (this is an SL Marketplace link)
| Right Leg Dangle with Turquoise and Feather | EMO-tions: Terra Nova Outfit “R Upper Leg”
| Left Leg Knife Strap | Moloko: Knife Legwrap R Brown (attached to opposite leg and rotated); or you can get this other knife strap for FREE on SL Marketplace.
| Moccasin Boots | KAO: Suede Fringe Boots in Camel

Where a Native American Indian Might Explore in Second Life:

– Umatilla (where our photos were taken)
– Montana Territory
– Wild Buffalo in New Mexico
Red Desert at Marina Del Mar (sadly this sim disappeared right before we finished our story)

Learn More about Chief Si’Ahl / Sealth / Seattle:

Learn More about Chief Seattle’s Firstborn Daughter, Kikisoblu

All photos (except outfit details and the one above) by the Great Chief Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life 2011

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on October 1, 2011.

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  1. Marvelous pictures and post dear stacy, as always 🙂

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  3. I like your photo and highlighted in my most recent column for Shopping Cart Disco. The column is called What I Like and features the best of recent SL blog photography,

  4. This article made my day. 🙂

  5. this story is awesome!!!(^^^)

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