Second Life Tattoos and More

Looking for Second Life Tattoos? or Band-Aids? or Bloody Spatters, Scratches, and Bruises? Look no more…

Whether you’re looking for traditional body tattoos, a Neko tattoo, or simply want to add a little mud, blood, scratches or band-aids to your skin, this list of Second Life stores will help you customize your Neko (or Human) skin.

Note 1: Be sure to check out my friend Seikatsu’s Tatuaje blog, where you’ll find links to her gorgeous Tatuaje magazine.

Note 2: If you want to buy your very own tattoo store, complete with the chair and all the poses, visit Cloud 9.1 where my tattoo story took place.

Note 3: Just for fun…

Did I miss a store? Or is one of my slurls already outdated (stores move around in Second Life soooo often) Please email me (contact info is listed at the bottom of that page) with the name of the store, and the designer’s name (or a slurl)… much appreciated!

Band Aids

AK’s Clinic (Ak Yip): In addition to pretty much anything you’d ever want to give your avie an “injured patient” look (wheelchairs, medical equipment, doctor beds, sick patient AOs, etc.), you’ll find a package containing three very thick sculpty bandaids for your face.

Cheeky Girl (Vivian Pearl): Skinned knees with bandaids are available on multiple clothing layers.

Domestic-V has skinned knees with bandaids, but the store’s temporarily closed.

Dirtyland by Selene Edwyn has all sorts of baidaids for nose, belly, knees and more on SL Marketplace.

Fade Dana sells sculpty band-aids individually, or as part of various hat and helmet sets.

Panda Express (Kioko Kumaki) sells three different types of sculpty bandaids for the bridge of your nose, including “Heartz” (brownish color, clean and bloody); Rainbow; and Dotz. SL Marketplace Link here.

PopFuzz (PopFuzz Bamboo): Located inside the tattoo room, in the back left wing of the store, these facial bandaids come in all different colors.

QC Designs (Queen Coronet): Nicely designed and very affordable Bloody Knees with Bandaids, Bloody Elbows with Bandaids (or buy them as a fatpack) are available here.

Sh*t Happpens (Ana Boogiewoogie): My favorite facial bandaids are available for FREE in one of Ana’s ‘Oldbies’ boxes (the top one), which are located in a small side room of her store, just past the pink piggy bank. The box also includes a “dirty” and a “bloody” layer too!

Reek (Riq Graves): “I Heart Bandaids” at this store includes five styles for your knees (colorful dots, hearts, stripes, and lightning bolts, plus the plain / regular), on two layering options, for left and/or right legs. There’s also the “Ouch” set which is similarly colorful and appropriately lettered. 🙂

TekuTeku (Momo Foulon): Their “TEKU+Eko = Gacha Box” (in the same area as the lucky chair) contains a variety of fun little things for your face for just $20L, including a bandaid.

V Tattoo Store (Van Naimarc): Sculpted prim bandaids are located on the back side of the lobby wall. Each package includes 6 textures (plain, hello kitty, flowers, and a couple abstract patterns) and can be applied to your knee, elbow, or forehead.

Virus (Kisten Bailey): Bloody nose tissue and a nose bandaid are available here, in a set aptly named “Busted.”

WWI / Worldwide Industries (Ichibod Etchegaray):Here you’ll find some nicely designed bandaids for your face (one cheek or both), located over on the far right wall of the main room of the store.

Mud, Blood, Bruises, Scratches and Scars

A&M / Acid & Mala (Acido Ferraris & Mala Oh)
“Small and Big Scar” stitched facial scratches in six positions; “Messy Make-up” runny mascara in seven different looks, left or right eye.

Blood & Scars (Linda Poplin)
This store specializes in bloody, scratched, bruised and scarred up body markings (not tattoos).

BO / Bloody Orange (Ototacibana Reina)
These tattoos will cover your body with bloody spatters and hand-prints…!

Bounce (Archan Allen)
Stiched scars over both eyes add a very rough look, especially when combined with the (optional) blind eyes included in the package! (Above link is to SL Marketplace.)

Dead Carrot (Lucy Genira)
There are some… rather shocking body injuries here on tattoo layers. All I can say is OUCH!

Death Row Designs (Jaimy Hancroft)
All sorts of bloody options here for any imaginable area of your body.

Defiant Designs (Brittainy Beeper)
Options here include dirt, grease, gun shots, wounds, scars, blood, scratches, and stitches, located in various areas of the store (no traditional tattoos sold here).

Dreamin’g Alice (Dolce Asbrink)
There are two vampire bite bloody tattoos here, and they’re both FREE!

Dystopia (Calyn Canning)
You’ll find three “body markings” here: Mud Bath (dirt), Dirty Wrench (oil and grime), and Wounds and Stitches.

EBT (Stormy Wilde)
There’s a “torn and bloody” tattoo here that’s perfect for roleplay.

Fallen Doll (Piper Rewell)
A variety of bruises, mud, blood, scratches and more (SL Marketplace link)

Form (Zabitan Assia)
Although it’s not a tattoo, this store has a male skin called “Beat Up” that will give you all sorts of serious bruises and a black eye… located on the second floor of this store.

Inone (Moth Sewell)
“Fight Club Body Hurts” includes all sorts of realistic upper body wounds and scratches.

JeSyLiLO (LiLO Glom)
Two different packages of face tattoos here give you a nice selection of scars and bruises.

K&L Neko Gear (Kiku Yokosuka)
Options here include a “Dirty Bloody Bruised” look, and a “Dirty Kitty Spekels” that looks like you’ve been splashed by oil or dirt from a wet puddle.

K&T / Kats & Tats (Wiggy Bingyi)
There’s a unique “Betrayed” tattoo on the back wall that looks like your upper body’s been badly scratched.

Miu (Zoex Flanagan)
A nicely blood-spattered tattoo awaits you here.

RocX (Play Pool)
Body and Face Bruises includes a sculpted bruise face layer; Insanity Evil Body Scars give you stitched scars on your torso and arms.

Sassy Kitty (Kinu Mayako)
Body markings in this store include a black face kiss, facial tears (blurred mascara lines), barbed wire marks, blood and stitches, and bullet holes and cuts (as well as other “standard” tattoos).

Sh*t Happens (Ana Boogiewoogie)
FREE “dirty” and “bloody” layers can be found in one of Ana’s ‘Oldbies’ boxes (the top one), which are located in a small side room of her store, just past the pink piggy bank. The box also includes my favorite (very well designed) bandaids.

Slightly Skewed (Anairah Galicia) (SL Marketplace store)
Scraped knees, bruises, bloody body marks, hand prints and more.

Overt (Cynara Wycliffe)
No tattoos here, but you’ll find plenty of dirt, scraped marks, scratches, chewed/bitten marks, bruises, and more.

Urban Dare (Craven Theas)
A heavily blood spattered “tattoo” is available here.

Tattoo Stores in Second Life

Tattoo store categories include Human tattoos (designs such as hearts, flowers, dragons, skulls, celtic patterns, kanji and more) and Neko Tattoos (stripes, leopard spots, paw prints, etc.).

2C (2C Runo)
Neko: None
Human: There is an interesting and varied selection of tats here, ranging from full body faded black, to faded two-tone, and colors. You’ll also find small “eye/cheekbone” area tattoos. “Japanese Rain” and “Medusa” were two of my favorites.

4.Arsenic (Takuma Setsuko) > see Addict

A&M / Acid & Mala (Acido Ferraris & Mala Oh)
Neko: None
Human: On the second floor of this store, just to the left of the “Skins” room, you’ll find a lovely full color, full body tattoo called ‘Asian Floral’ that is VERY reasonably priced, considering its detail and the may layers on which it comes. If flowers aren’t your thing, don’t forget to check out their scars and messy makeup tattoos in the “Accessories” room upstairs.

Addict (Takuma Setsuko)
Neko: None
Human: A few color, but mostly black/charcoal tats for upper body or arms. “Shamanic Might” and “Tribal Punk” were nice.

Addixion (Xion Hax)
Neko: None
Human: This store carries an absolutely amazing selection of excellently detailed tattoos… ranging from faded black to full color, partial coverage to full body. Newer tattoo styles are tintable — allowing you to change your tattoo from full color to greyscale.

Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)
Neko: Small paw print facial tattoo
Human: The tattoo room is on your right, after you enter the store. Here you’ll find black or color tattoos, some with three options (fresh, faded, and worn), in all types coverage (face tattoos, shoulder blade, lower back, lower calf, upper body, full body). Designs include kanji, zodiac, tribal, floral, as well as a number of  unique artistic expressions.

Alexitimia (Valle Giulia)
Neko: None
Human: Full (vivid) color, full body, full coverage… sure there are smaller tattoos here, and even some in black/charcoal, but definitely come check out three unique designs here — called the “Samurai and Tiger,” “Yakuza Irezumi,” and “Victorious Buddha.”
DOLLARBIES: You’ll find a small belly tattoo “My Cherry Valentine” and a full color upper chest tattoo “My Little Demon” for just $1L each.

Amplify (Tinker Hax)
Neko: None
Human: Smaller, full color, very affordable tats here for calves, arms, chest, or back.

Art of Tattoo (KaZu Watanabe) > See KiZu

Artilleri (Antonia Marat)
Neko: None
Human: Six sets of smaller, colorful “old fashioned” tattoos upstairs in the corner.

BAD / Body Art by Dulce (Dulce Castaignede)
Neko: Luscious leopard has very black spots up one half of your body and down an arm
Human: Beautiful full body tattoos feature unique, rich details and come in color, as well as black and smoky blue inks. Several have an East Indian nuance to the design.
Comments: I personally love shopping to the classical music stream here. 🙂

Bleeding Ink Tattoo (Mickie Ambassador)
Neko: None
Human: A number of hand-drawn black upper body tattoos, a few henna upper body tattoos, and a couple full color full body tattoos.

Bloody Orange (Ototacibana Reina)
Neko: None
Human: Here you’ll find some very detailed, faded black/charcoal (but fully tintable), full body tattoos. At first glance it looks like the majority of them are called ‘Exotic,’ but look closely at the vendor pics, each one of these is different (the tattoo name will have a different number at the end). You can buy them in basic layers for an affordable price (called the “Smart Set”), or the regular version which comes on multiple clothing layers for flexible wear. There’s also an “Asian” design that’s quite unique. Definitely worth a visit.

Bounce (Archan Allen)
Neko: None
Human: Three light charcoal upper body tattoos: scribbled lines, and two maori styles including facial marks on all three.

Canimal (Canimal Zephyr)
Neko: None
Human: Bright, bold colors and original designs, reminiscent of excellent cartoons or anime. You’ll also find a henna tattoo, and two black tattoos. All are worth checking out. The color tattoos include a “faded” version in the package.
Comments: Upon arrival, the tattoo shop can be spotted by its red-framed window and doors.

Cherry Bomb (Alexandra Kavanagh)
Neko: None
Human: The assortment includes black, color, henna, and two-tone tattoos. Five of the tattoos feature full chest coverage (i.e., very little blank space). There are also a couple small tattoos (celtic heart for the face, and kanji love symbols for the belly). The most unique tattoos here are the bright “Tribal” patterns, which come in a vivid fire, blue, lime green, red, purple or bronze tones that are pictured against a black skin (it’s not clear if black skin is part of the tattoo).
FREE: Black Damnation Sleeve tattoo for men or women

Cinq Onze (Syunn Loon)
Neko: None
Human: A small shop with an eclectic assortment of color or black, in different body locations. When you want a tattoo from a store no one has ever heard of…..

Cybernetic (Elvis Woodget)
Neko: None
Human: Ten small black tats here, for various locations of your body.

D:Tox (Sassy Goldlust)
Neko: “Prowl” has sparse black tiger stripes on a silvery-grey skin, and comes with matching ears and a tail.
Human: You’ll find meticulously hand-drawn details and colors that include black, blue and black, red and black, henna tone, and a few colorful florals… but as a skin, not a tattoo.
Comments: Tattoos here are designed into skins (rather than worn as clothing attachment layers). If you would rather not wear tattoos on a clothing layer, this shop’s tattoos are for you. Be sure to investigate both floors of this store.

Daisuki Tattoo (Tetsuya7 Oh)
Neko: None
Human: Highly detailed and very original faded black / charcoal tattoos; two color sets. Most come in upper body with a matching lower body sold separately. Definitely worth a visit.

Dead Carrot (Lucy Genira)
Neko: None
Human: Shoulders/upper arms charcoal

DeeTaleZ (Steffi Villota)
Neko: Tattoo Cat: a very cute, anime-styled leopard spot full body tattoo.
Human: Mostly black tats, some upper body, some full body, some with quite unique designs, plus two full color full body tats. “Cross” full body black tattoo is my favorite here.
Comments: Upon arrival, take the stairs up to the second level; tattoos are located through a small door in their own room.

Demise (Nagaru Kawashima)
Neko: None
Human: Full body, faded black, and color tattoos with very intricate detailing, ranging from floral to dragon. My favorite is a tie between either ‘Hydra” or “Argos.” Nice work!
Comments: Tattoos are in a small room off to the right of the main clothing area, through a doorway under the word ‘NEW’.

Dermagraphicus Rex (Rudee Voom)
Neko: None
Human: An assortment of color and black, including individual designs for lower back, chest, etc., and small signature designs.

Devol / Design Evolution (Kaori Masala)
Neko: None
Human: Here you’ll find a wide selection of mostly faded black tattoos with unique designs, shading, and excellent detailing. Several designs feature subtle written text, my favorite is “Crow’s Message to the Earth.” Other noteworthy styles include Asian Tribal Sun, Fuujin Raijim Karajishi, the muted blue Fish and Wave, and the full color tattoo called Pink Dragon (actually green and orange).

Dollyrock (Cherry Cheevers)
Neko: None
Human: Several black or color tattoos; one very colorful floral/butterfly full body tattoo
Comments: Upon arrival, head to the south end of the plaza, turn right at the “Dollyrock Mall” sign, and the tattoo shop will be on your right, on the corner, called “Inkarta.”

Dream Ink Tattoos (Esra Noyes)
Neko: Surely there must be… but I never made it through the entire store on my visit… must… go… back… 🙂
Human: Black, color, blue, henna, small, partial, full body… you name it, you’ll find it here… in a range of styles and withexcellent shading and detail.
Comments: This is one of the larger tattoo store I’ve found on the grid. Girls, don’t forget to fly up to the second floor.
FREE: When I was here for my review, there were four bags of free tattoos at the front counter.

Duboo (Newreem Waffle)
Neko: None
Human: This adorable Asian store is characterized by five small, brightly colored, ‘kawaii-style’ tattoos that will make you smile.

Dulce > see BAD

Dutch Ink (Eon Twine)
Neko: None
Human: Black or color, small and partials.
Comments: Affordable choices.

Dystopia (Calyn Canning)
Neko: None
Human: Two black, nicely detailed tattoos: Bloomy Body (flowers), and Deviation from Normality (not easy to describe, but beautiful!)

EBT / Emotional Blackmail Tattoos (Stormy Wilde)
Neko: None
Human: Black and a few color tattoos include several styles of dragons; plus a “torn and bloody” set for a roughed-up look.

EKT (Taima Hathaway)
Neko: None
Human: *From the same owner as the tattoo store Warudakumi comes these small, full color, nicely detailed above-breast tattoos for females in an anime-esque style.

Essential Soul Tattoo (Steven Dean) – SL Marketplace store
Neko: None
Human: Color or black, arms, upper body, and full body, in a variety of very nice designs.

Etchd (Sinjun Soyer)
Neko: None
Human: Black or color, in a wide variety of sizes, locations, body coverage, and designs, including a cool elvish script tattoo.

Evil Neko (ProudlyPink Sheridan)
Neko: Paw prints (either full body or single print with a name), leopard spots (in seven different colors)
Human: No “typical human” tattoos.

Faded Ink (Deila Carminucci)
Neko: None
Human: Black upper body or arm tattoos.

Fallen Angel (Tukihana Boa)
Neko: None
Human: Mostly black tattoos (plus a couple color ones) for upper body, eye, leg, and tramp stamp. This store offers a customizable tattoo with your very own “love message” — just click for a notecard, and fill in the information you want!

Form (Zabitan Assia)
Neko: None
Human: A few color, and mostly black tattoos with incredible detail. These are a little more costly than your average tattoo because they come in many layers, with countless options to wear individual parts or the full set — it’s like getting multiple tattoos in one package. The “Henkei” tattoo sets are mix-and-matchable to combine into your own unique tattoo statement.
Comments: Tattoos are located on the 2nd floor of this store (by skins). Thanks to Maddison Mokeev for telling me about this store!

Garden of Ku (Danel Kurosawa)
Neko: Rage of Bastet (kitty leopard spots), tintable (located in the building next to the big rocks outside)
Human: This store offers an extensive selection of very nice color and black tattoos in all sorts of styles… many with exceptional detailing and coverage.
Comments: This is the store most people call their favorite tattoo shop. Be sure to wander around all three areas of this U-shaped building to see everything.

HeartAttack and Vine (Guerilla Gobo)
Neko: None
Human: There’s only one tattoo here, but it’s a very colorful upper body that’s pretty affordable. And definitely looks delicious… hence its name “Slit My Wrists It Will Taste Delicious.” Worn on the undershirt layer.

Heureux (ElleDeep Mistwallow)
Neko: None
Human: Delicate faded black / charcoal upper body tattoos with fine detail (and five lucky boards for lots of free gift chances!)

HopScotch Design (Chandni Khondji)
Neko: None
Human: Mostly upper back tattoos in charcoal black (worn-looking); some small kanji tramp stamps, and a few other smaller tattoos. The upper back tats are nicely drawn and detailed.

HUZ Tats (Hunain Bellic)
Neko: None
Human: Henna, black, and some simple colors… upper body, lower body, or both, and a couple small face tattoos. Designs include kanji, floral, snake, tribal fantasy, and more. I’m especially enamored with the henna.
FREE: “Angel” tattoo near the front door, by the right wall.

Hybrid (Philo Sion) (follow the sign to the store’s temporary location)
Neko: Tiger stripes, Leopard spots, and dark “paw socks” located at the back of the store.
Human: None

Hybrid Productions (Mantis Oh)
Neko: None
Human: There are some very unique tattoos here, styled primarily for the cybernetic among us. Designs are primarily faded black (with a few color) upper or full body, with names like Zoid Resonance, Ultramagnetic, Space Crusader, Runesnakes, my favorite Mel01 Circuit (in several colors plus tintable), Alien Starcharts, and one called Prophecies that kinda looks like tribal meets motherboard.

I ❤ Rien (Lya Seerose)
Neko: None
Human: Tattoos here are nicely detailed in faded black; most are full body. Two lucky chairs feature very nice tattoos. Custom tats available… IM the designer.

Immerschoen Fashion and Tattoos
Neko: None
Human: Men’s section includes five affordable chest/back tattoos in color or black. The women’s section features two black full body tattoos, one small two-color dragon chest tattoo, a color chest and back tattoo, and two black chest and back tattoos.
Comments: This store is divided up into the men’s section (on left) and the women’s section (on right).

Indigo Ink Tattoos (Lyman Wilder)
Neko: None
Human: Color and black; most packages come with both in the same package. Full body and small tattoos too.

Inflict (Lexington Jie)
Neko: None
Human: These beautiful tattoos come in varying shades of black (with one blue-red version). Each has excellent detail, some of the lighter tinted ones have amazing shading within the ink patterns that give them a very natural appearance.

InkD (Laylah Mistral)
Neko: “Feral” is a realistically detailed, faded black leopard spot tattoo that wraps up the sides of your body from your thighs to your neck.
Human: A diverse assortment of mostly black tattoos here, including some very detailed upper body and full body, plus some smaller areas ranging from tribal to snowflakes. The full body “Tinker” was unique… imagine a series of interlocking gears.

Inks & Kinks (LisaAnne Juniper)
Neko: None
Human: Mostly black tattoos, in small/selected areas (arms, chest, low back, etc.)
Comments: Tattoos are located primarily on the left and right outer walls of the store.

Inone (Moth Sewell)
Neko: None
Human: Very black and highly detailed tattoos here are shown on men’s upper bodies, but they’d probably work well for gals too.

Insanya (Tatyana Ultsch)
Neko: None
Human: Quite a few really great tattoos here… some full body, some upper body, some chest/arms only. most are in color; one asian one comes in charcoal. “Danger Flower” is an amazing, heavy-coverage design like nothing I’ve seen. Each package comes with two or more options (“faded,” “fresh,” and sometimes “fresh II” and “worn”). You can also find skins with the tattoos built in.

Irezumi-Ya / Sage’s Tattoo Shop (Sage Proto)
Neko: Cat paw tattoo for cheek
Human: Black and full color tattoos here have a decidedly Asian theme, with several truly excellent upper body dragon designs (left wall of the store), as well as a number of tribal styles. There are also small insignia and kanji tattoos for cheek, neck, pec, or other locations.

JeSyLiLO (LiLO Glom)
Neko: Neko Face
Human: None
Comments: There is one tattoo in this store that will give your face a decidedly cat-like look! ^_^

K&L Neko Gear (Kiku Yokosuka)
Neko: Urban Tiger stripes, cat paws, leopard prints
Human: Two full walls of black tattoos here include a number of unique designs I’ve not seen elsewhere, like “love note,” “grunge stripe,” and the checkered “punk decay” styles. There are also individual face tattoos sold here.

K&T / Kats & Tats (Wiggy Bingyi)
Neko: Ttiger stripes; paw prints
Human: Full color, black, and henna, ranging from traditional to Neko, with fantasy, Japanese, and manga tattoos thrown in for good measure. There are full body, partials, and small belly tattoos too. My favorite is an amazingly detailed full body tattoo called “Damned” (shown on a guy, but probably just as sexy on a girl).
Comments: Upon arrival, you’ll appear to be at the store called “Rebel.” Come inside, turn left, and you’ll find these tats are on the wall to your left, on the back wall of the store, and also on some floor vendors.

Kalico Kreations (Kenny Sleeper)
Neko: Cheetah: realistic faded black cheetah spots.
Human: Detailed faded black upper body tattoos here include Scar-ring, Vinci Believe, and Prayer.

Kanival Tattoo (Kanival Kanto)
Neko: Cat Woman: multiple tiny leopard spots nearly cover the body (black).
Human: Very detailed, full body, upper body, and smaller areas, black or color, in a wide range of designs including several outstanding and unique themes, ranging from dragons to unique writing, grunge and graffiti to floral patterns. Well worth a visit.

KiiToS (Stellarmoon Destiny)
Neko: None
Human: When you enter this store, turn left… the tattoos are in the left room. There are three nice faded black / charcoal upper body tattoos: Chain Star, Star Grass, and Ivy Star, as well as two cute, pastel-colored full body tattoos called Stars, and Flower Stars.

KiZu (KaZu Watanabe and Miki Morigi)
Neko: None
Human: You’ll find a couple black tattoos here, but most are full color with heavy coverage, and a lot of depth. Most have an Asian influence to their design.

Leti’s Tattoo & Piercing (Leti Hax)
Neko: A couple of tattoos feature a cartoon cat…
Human: This store features a very extensive selection of smaller, beautifully hand-drawn black tattoos for upper arms, shoulder, pecs, back, lower back, belly, derriere, hands, and face, including “upper arm rings” which I haven’t found in too many places. There are also a couple of upper body designs, and new full body designs.
Comments: Tattoos are located in the back half of the ‘Gort Grot’ store.

Linc / Luck Inc (CK Winx)
Neko: Cheetah is a full body tattoo featuring charcoal cheetah spots.
Human: Located in the far left wing of this clothing store are all sorts of unique and very well-made tattoos — including color as well as black/charcoal, in all sizes from small designs on the chest (like “kanjis”) or thigh (“garter belt gun”), to upper chest/arms (“New Skool,” “My Dark Side,” and “Fable”), and heavy coverage full body (“The Way to a Dragon,” “Wrapper,” and “Lotus”). This store is definitely worth a look.

Little Pricks and Skin Deep (_____): awaiting review

Lolapop (formerly Otaku Designs) (Lola79 Hienrichs)
Neko: None
Human: Delicately designed “Sugar Skulls and Roses” comes in color, or black+white, in partial or full body
Comments: See photos on her blog. A lucky board and a “Fnordian puzzle” will yield you two more simple tattoos for free.

Miu (Zoex Flanagan)
Neko: None
Human: Black, color, and a smoky blue tattoo here include lovely hand-drawn patterns, such as a dragon, tribal, flowers, and more. Most are full body; one upper back tattoo is tintable.

Moloko (Jolita Korobase)
Neko: None
Human: Black tattoos here include things like butterflies, hearts, stars, flowers, dragons, tribal designs, East Indian designs, and much more.
Comments: Moloko’s tattoos are located in the back of the store. See their blog to preview a few of them…

Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde)
Neko: None
Human: Although the selection here is limited, each tattoo is an absolute unique and beautiful work of Asian art, all in full color. Currently there’s two full body tats (a simple “tribal” one and an amazing “dragon”), three sleeve tats (dragon, floral or koi), and one upper body tat with an additional tat at the ankle (asian figure + koi). Well worth a visit.
Comments: The tattoo parlor is upstairs (if the LM doesn’t bring you directly to the room).

Nasty Tatts (Shae Jorda)
Neko: Several leopard tats are available, cat scratched tats, and there’s a pink full body tattoo called Kitty Paws that looks like pink flowers, until you zoom in close… the flowers are made of pink kitty paws.
Human: Color, black and white, small, shoulder, and full body (including koi, cherry blossoms, and oriental flowers for girls)
Comments: This store offers one of the more extensive tattoo selections in Second Life. The owner even made custom tattoos for a good friend of mine. Best of all, if you don’t want to worry about tattoos on clothing layers reducing the available space for clothes, this store offers a set of skins with tattoos built in, found upstairs on the second floor.

NeedleZ (Killing Engineer) (come up to the 3rd floor of the Relentless Couture store)
Neko: None
Human: Beautiful and rich full color, full body tattoos with great shading and artistic designs. Options include “Retro Gamer” (think Mario), “Zombie Lover,” “Old Skool,” and my favorite, the “Japanese.” There’s also a very nicely shaded and detailed all black full body tattoo called “The Classic,” and two upper body tats “80s Power” (full color) and “Starry Upper” (black… as though your shoulders and upper arms were dusted with charcoal, minus the star cutouts).

Negko Design (Negko DeVinna)
Neko: None
Human: Black or two-tone, small and partials.
FREE: A black Chinese Dragon tattoo is available for free; it covers your upper right leg

One Soul (Emily Lelouch)
Neko: Leopard-like spots in the shape of heart outlines, or Paw prints
Human: You’ll find a few color, black, and smoky blue tattoos upstairs, on the left side of the store.

Para Designs (Paranormal Putzo)
Neko: Paw prints in two shades (black and semi-transparent); Leopard spots (in a nice semi-transparent two-tone brown);
Human: Color or black, primarily full-body tattoos, some in varying shades per package, and/or with faded options, and/or in color + black in the same package. Nice shading and some unique designs too.
Comments: “Quality tattoos at affordable prices” says the store owner. Just inside the front door is a wall of black lower-back tattoos for just $20L.

PixelPaws (Valeska McMillan)
Neko: This is the perfect way to get a feral Neko look without investing in a full skin. Depending on which vendor you are looking at, there is a separate button for Neko Tattoos available for every skin design in this store, ranging from spots to stripes, and everything in between.
Human: None
Comments: When you reach the top of this treehouse store, come into the main room, and turn around… tattoos will be behind you there.

PopFuzz (PopFuzz Bamboo)
Neko: Black paw print for your cheek; a jaguar back tattoo
Human: Black and color tattoos.
Comments: When you come into the store, walk up to the eyes, turn left, and the tattoos will be in a room ahead of you on the left.

Primal Art (Rhiannon Boronski)
Neko: None
Human: Black, color, blue… and some excellent dragons. Some designs are highly detailed, others are simple. Uppers, full body, and small insignias.
Comments: Custom tattoos available; IM the designer.

Rascal (Yuuta Mayako)
Neko: None
Human: Various small and upper back tattoos, mostly in black.

Relentless Unknown (Night Fox)
Neko: Several gothic-like cartoon “cat” tattoos for your upper back
Human: Black or two-color, small upper back or shoulder blade, several unique “wings” styles.

RocX (Play Pool)
Neko: None
Human: Black, smoky blue, and henna, full body or smaller areas.
Comments: All tattoos are re-colorable.

Sage’s Tattoo Shop (Sage Proto) > see Irezumi-Ya

Sassy Kitty (Kinu Mayako)
Neko: Little cartoon kitties in various poses, with scratch marks and paws
Human: Black, small or full body.
Comments: Faded black full body tattoos include “Hawaii” (flowers), “Kiss Me” (black kiss marks), “Tribal,” “Dragon,” and “Summer Swirls.” See additional “cuts and scratches” tattoos described at the top of this page.

Seven of Himeji / S o H / Japanese Tattoos (Sevenstar Mornington)
Neko: None
Human: Full body or upper body, mostly full color (a few black), with excellent, full detail.
Comments: All tattoos have special layers for Viewer 2.0. Many thanks to Shanae for alerting me to this wonderful tattoo store!

Shady Tattoos (Nightshade Seelowe)
Neko: None
Human: Almost all tattoos here are black, and have nice details. Most of the women’s styles feature nicely done variations of vines and flowers, as well as a few other designs. Male tattoos tend towards more of the tribal look.
Comments: This store has a great vendor layout… showing the tattoo in the main pic, and showing multiple visual options for purchase below. Women’s tattoos are in one “wing” of the store, men’s are in the other.

:SK Designs (Sergio Krasopani)
Neko: “Neko print” features black pawprints from ankle to neck, on one side of your body.
Human: A number of beautiful black/charcoal tattoos await you here, primarily upper body

SkiNworx  (Aniela Teardrop)
Neko: None
Human: Very nice full body tattoos, ranging in black, blue-grey, henna red, single-color, and one full-color, depending on the style you choose, which includes just about every genre — asian, tribal, wiccan, fire, skulls, rockabilly, floral, vines and more.

Smudge (Haver Cole)
Neko: None
Human: An assortment of unique, hand-drawn black (and shaded) tattoos here, in various body locations. The new “Filigree” arm tattoos are lovely.
FREE: Two free tattoos available inside the front door, on your right.

Sn@tch (Ivey Deschanel)
Ivey says there are several tattoos in the “Cheapie” room, plus two in the “Hunger” room. Use the teleport board to access these areas.

Tat’Tash (Tatt Dagger)
Neko: None
Human: This is probably one of the most extensive tattoo collections I’ve found — two full floors with something for just about everyone… black, color, and all sorts of designs.
Comments: You’ll know you’ve arrived by the bright lime green vendors against an all-black store. The store’s very easy to navigate, thanks to signs below the vendor pics (i.e., at eye level) that describe each group of tats you see (i.e., hand tattoos, armband tattoos, facial tattoos, small leg tattoos, colored arm chest and back tattoos, colored full upperbody tattoos, etc.). Women’s tattoos are upstairs on the second floor.

Tattoo Corner (Tanne Goldblatt)
Neko: Several upper back tattoos here might interest Nekos, including a lion head, tiger head, “Bad Cat,” and “Mrs. Cat” cartoon kitty face for your shoulder blade.
Human: Mostly black, with a few color, primarily “small area” tattoos (shoulder blade, lower back, upper back, thigh, calf, etc.) including zodiac, tribal, floral, a tasmanian devil, and more. Some tattoos (particularly the full leg ones) have really lovely shading.
Comments: Group members get 50% off selected tattoos found in the lobby of this store. Walk around the corner into the clothing area, and you’ll find some nice tattoos on sale for half price.

Tiki Tattoo (Hatzfeld Runo)
Neko: None
Human: This is the perfect store if you’re looking for well-made Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Haida / tribal tattoos. Most are black, but you’ll also find two-color, full color, and smokey blue… in small, partial, and full body designs.

Together Inc.  (Ikaria Daviau)
Neko: Several Neko tattoos await you here: Leopard (v1 or v2, depending on how much coverage you want) features nice two-tone leopard spots; Tigerskin (two-tone nicely done tiger stripes with paw prints); Il Gatto (wildly colored stripes, tintable to match your every look — even mix and match); Pick up a Trail (large paw prints from your ankle to your shoulder); and Tintable Pawprints (large cartoon-like paws that are color-changeable). All of these are a great way to get that “feral” look without the expense of a full skin, and/or if you just love the skin you’re in but wanna Neko it up a bit.
Human: Black, full color, henna, in small, partial and full body designs — many of which are worth a look. **Punished features red welts all over the body
DOLLARBIES: Two small black tattoos available for $1L include “Spank” (like a hand print) and “Eye of Horus” for the top of your back.

Tori-Wear (Tori Heart)
Neko: Mm… perhaps loosely translated as “Neko,” but there’s a cartoon “black Kitty” for your back (and around your belly button), and a full color tiger for your back.
Human: Mostly full color tattoos, mostly for the back, and mostly florals, as well as a tiger and a dragon.

Truth (Truth Hawks)
Neko: None
Human: A small selection of very beautiful, highly detailed upper body + arm tattoos, one in full color, the rest in black/charcoal
Comments: If the above slurl does not bring you to the tattoos, come into the left building, and up to the second floor, where the skins are sold.

Twisted / formerly What the Hell (Laura Boram)
Neko: Faded black leopard spots, full body.
Human: Mostly faded black, but a couple nice color tats… full body, upper body, and lower back.

Urban Dare (Craven Theas): Mens’ Tattoos location |  Womens’ Tattoos location
Neko: Spotted or Striped full body tattoos, in two versions each, both of them easy to recolor to match your skin or clothes. Located in the same areas as Neko skins.
Human: None

V Tattoo Store (Van Naimarc)
Neko: “Lyon Flower” on the womens’ side is a subtle blend of cheetah spots with a more traditional color tattoo… truly a work of art. “Paw Prints” are perfect little black kitteh paws meandering up your body.
Human: Full color or black, full body, partial, or one small spot… all of the tattoos here are crafted with great artistic detail and thought. Selections are too extensive to describe so you’re just going to have to come take a nice, long visit. This is by far my favorite tattoo store in SL.

Warudakumi (Taima Hathaway)
Neko: None
Human: This Japanese tattoo artist offers quite a nice assortment of full color, two-color, black, and faded black tattoos here; primarily upper body or arms, though there are a few lower leg, chest, and hip tats too.

What The Hell > see Twisted

Wicked Tattoos (Shanea Parx)
Neko: The “Kitty Kitty” design features black paw prints; “Leopard” is a full body’s worth of soft black leopard spots
Human: Mostly faded black, some atonal, upper and full body tattoos, ranging from flowers, tribals, and stars, to dragons, writing, and Chinese lettering.

Zanzo’s “Noir” Boutique (Theodore & Drusus DuCasse)
Neko: None
Human: This store’s tattoos come in a variety of sizes… from tiny “hip” marks, to lower belly, to upper body, and full leg… mostly in black/charcoal, with a couple in color.

Z.Inc. (Ziekling Bunnyhug)
Neko: None
Human: So far there are only a few tattoos here, but they’re quite lovely: Roses (full body), Love Birds, Cherry Blossoms, and Pirate (all three upper body); all full color.


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  3. Your forgots to add Seven Of Hiemji, Seven Morningstar is a totally AWESOME tattoo artist. I own several of her works, best I have ever seen in SL bottom line =^__^=

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