Neko Furniture

There are a LOT of great furniture stores in Second Life, but this page is focused only on those that provide Neko-specific furnishings (such as cat boxes, cat trees, and items tailored to, or featuring poses for, Nekos), as well as furniture that fits into the grunge and industrial genres.  A huge thanks goes to my friend Elora Lungu, for sharing her favorite stores and slurls.

If you know of a Neko furniture store that’s not on this list (or if one of these stores moved and the slurl is incorrect), please email me so I can add it to this page (last slurl updates done in late November 2010).

B13 / Block 13 (Syriana Bonetto)

In my opinion, this is one store you have to visit. It has some of the most excellently textured and shadowed couches, recliners, tables, barrels, lamps, bed, and accessories, sold separately or in sets, complete with poses. Go check it out for yourself.

(The) Blue Hour (Alexander Poe): store not currently found in SL

More Kitty basket beds, nicely textured grungy couch sets, some kitty condos, suspended chairs, and a well-done metal climber play set — be sure to check out both levels of the store to see it all. Outdoors is a “patio” set featuring a wooden picnic table, a dirty mattress, cardboard boxes, beanbag chairs, and a couple of fly-loved garbage sacks, surrounding a large tuna can firepit, featuring 7 animated poses.

FREE: Outside of this store you’ll find a great little Airstream trailer, with a working door and *just* enough room to sit on the bed inside… free to copy!

Cat-A-Tonic (Rage Richez and Richie Sautereau)

My favorite item in this store is the Couple’s Kiss British Phone Booth (with a kissing pose as well as a waiting pose). Other animated pose-filled furnishings here include a Cookies and Cream Bath; a Pay Phone with Crates; four different texture styles of Pools with Steam and Bubble controls; four different texture styles of Milk Towers (imagine tall water towers shaped like a cat); Giant Cat chairs; and boxes of cat/Neko signs.

Cat’Astrophic (Windy Singh)

This store offers a few fun items, including:

– Boite d Sardines: Three versions of this sardine tin with poses is available… a simple one (one pose), a standard one (two poses), and a deluxe version containing 27 cuddles and menu-driven animations.
– Cat’s Bed: Shaped like a large paw with sharp metal claws, this bed offers menu-driven texture change and 27 couples’ animations
– Cat’s Tree (Cuddle Tree): This nicely textured play set combines a cement pipe, barrels, a hanging tire, wooden beams, platform, and a pallet with 6 poses and 14 cuddle animations.  Liked it so much I bought one.  ^_^

Cat Crap (Gilly Wycliffe)

Cute, cute, and more cute… candies and cupcakes and jelly donuts and peeps and remember those squishy weird-colored “circus peanut” candies? It’s all here and then some. Sit on it or nibble on it… your call… hehe. (Check out their blog here).

CatNip (Akasha Wachmann)

Is there anything this girl doesn’t design for us Nekos? Head upstairs and prepare to spend lindens on any number of these cool Neko goodies:

– Comfy Decay: Akasha’s latest release, a sofa and a chair, feature *gorgeous* texturing, and all sorts of lovely lazy poses.
– Fishbone Chair: tall metal curved chair that reminds me of BeetleJuice
– Litter Box: need I say more?
– Kitty Face / Fishy Face Munchie Mats: food/milk bowls with eating animations, in two styles
– Tire Swing: with cute poses for up to 3 avatars
– Kitty Cuddle Swing: for up to 3 avatars
– Stray Kitty Trapeze: complete with spare ciggies
– Circus Kitty Hoop: for up to 3 avatars
– Various Seating: including a trashy seat (box and trashbag); tire seat (seats 2), barrel seat (seats 2); and vagrant seats (which combine all of these for up to 5 avatars)
– Cookies ‘n Cream Bath: in a champagne glass
– Bathtubs, clean or dirty: includes the tub, side table, bubble soap, color-change towels, shampoo and bath animation
– Derelict Park: trees and a clothesline and a swing, with five animated poses
– Cat Nap Hammock: more great sculpted texture goodness, complete with trees and a clothesline
– Stuffed Rat Rug: with three sitting poses (this just makes me giggle)
– Rec Room Set: featuring two bean bag chairs, a rug, a reading pose with a book, and a retro TV into which you can load your own photos
– Filthy Bed: a mattress on the floor with great textures
– Naughty Kitty Cuddle Rug: all sorts of delicious poses, in clean or bloody texture
– Laundry Basket: excellent sculpts and textures that seats 3
– Book Lounger: a chair made out of a pile of books

Catwise (Catwise Yoshikawa)

Catwise offers a Neko Tree with a Swing (sculpted tree with a shadow, 8 animations, a multi-sitter menu, and a cute “Neko Zone” sign you can show or hide), as well as a Neko Play Set (like a wooden fort for kittehs… menu driven, sits 6 people, cute poses from lounging, napping and scratching, to drinking milk).

Chiparus (Tomarus Lednev)

Here you’ll find a unique assortment of industrial and other types of furnishings and accessories. Be sure to tour the entire sim to see it all. Examples include:

– Barbed Wire / Chain Link Fence
– Homeless Hangout (a small assortment of cardboard and crates)
– Doggyhouse
– Bombed (and graffiti’d) Watertower
– Utility pole / telephone pole kit
– Silo with radioactive fluid
– Bombed trash cart (sorta like a little gypsy cart with graffiti)
– Abandoned Bus Stop
– Amsterdam wooden canal boat
– Rusty Streetlight
– Rusty Traffic light

Cloud 9.1 (Maddison Mokeev)

From hobo shacks, floor mattresses, furniture sets and dirty rugs, to superbly textured DJ booths, record cases, vending machines, lockers, and a filthy pool, I’m pretty sure you’ll be as impressed with the texture work as I was on all the items here.

There are even decor pieces like old posters (Bladerunner!), old metal signs, and (free!) burning trashcans. If you’re a brand new DJ just starting out, you might wanna pick up the free “Dodgy DJ Set” and its accompanying free chainlink crowd barrier with animations. To get a taste of what is offered, take a quick peek on their blog.

(The) Dirty Neko (Digger Oppewall): this is a link to SL Marketplace

This store sells both outdoor and indoor furnishings… sold by the set or by the individual piece. Just about all of the unique pieces of furniture here feature Neko poseballs. Although there is no in-world location, thankfully all the items are still available on SL Marketplace.

– Dirty Park Bench (wooden planks on tires and cement blocks, with a static-y radio)
– Dirty Old Truck Bed (with pillows and cans), located outside around the corner of the store
– Three rusted barrels set
– Dirty Old Cooler (bench size)
– Dirty Old Tires with planter
– Dirty (car) Bucket Seats (setting on a pallet)
– FREE: Dirty Grunge (photography) developing table
– Dirty Couch Set (currently on sale!) features a couch, armchair, rug, and an old TV set up on tires
– Dirty Grunge Couch (with TV and rug)
– Dirty Ultra-Low Couch Set with armchair, rug and lamp (also on sale)
– Dirty Leopard Couch (couch, armchair, coffee table, pole lamp, and leopard rug)
– “The Archie” set Dirty Brown Couch (with a nod to Archie Bunker, this set includes a couch, armchair, rug, and some old tire planters)
– Dirty Card Table (3 chairs feature 2 animated sits each; a third chair is overturned on the floor)
– Dirty (floor) mattress with plaid pillows (very affordable)
– Dirty (rusted chain link) screen
– Pillow piles (there are two here; one called “Too Much Catnip” has a great animated pose)
– Dirty Lazyboy Recliner Armchair
– Dirty Opium Sofa Bed
– Dirty Railroad Tie (elevated) Bed
– Dirty Milk Bowl

EvilKyoot (Narianna Dover)

Nari’s online store (SL Markeplace link above) offers a couple unique items for us Neko… including a very affordable aquarium into which you can place your 7 Seas fish (no better kitteh TV), a couple Neko lounge chairs, and my favorite, realistic graffiti to decorate the walls of your home or business.

Fluffy Bushy -> see The Home Neko

HoC Industries / House of Curios (Guu Nishi)

This store offers simple but very nicely textured furnishings for a very affordable price, including sculpted couches, leather chairs, wooden benches, a Japanese school desk, several Asian screens, three barrels of toxic waste for $10L that burn when clicked, neon “open” signs, a sculpted wood burning stove, Japanese paper lanterns, and more.

Hybrid (formerly Philo Sion, now Stoic Ixchel): store on hiatus, I hope it comes back!

Hybrid was the first store in SL to sell HUD-controlled Neko ears and tails. In addition to these, they also offer a couple of cute kitteh furnishings, including an adorable laundry basket bed called “Move the Cat!” that comes in your choice of ten different colors, and offers a “throwing clothes” animation followed by a nap pose. Then in a room off to the right of the store you’ll find a cute (and very affordable) “Matchbox Bed” with snuggle, sleep, nuzzle and sprawl poses.

ImpKat at ADPoV (Kevin Freelunch)

My handsome Neko friend Kevin offers all sorts of fun stuff for Nekos on SL Marketplace (link listed above), not the least of which are these furnishings:

– Neko Bath Set: 11 animations (1 solo, 10 couples) includes side table w/ treats
– Neko Bed Set: 27 couple animations, 9 nice + 18 naughty, 2 nightstands w/candles
– Neko Grunge Table and Chair Set (with 2 animated sitting poses)

I-Reckon (Inbred Texan)

This store’s going to make you giggle. Although some of the best furnishings come packaged with the homes this store sells (see my Neko Homes page), they do have some fun individual pieces of furniture too: Upstairs on the second level of the store you’ll find a set of four backwoods lawn chairs (with 7 sitting animations each), various unique overstuffed couches, chairs, rocking chairs, and a lazyboy — all chairs come with multiple animations. Downstairs are concrete/rebar broken-down walls, dumpsters, wooden pallets, and cargo containers.

Kaotic Industries (Sinister Redgrave)

Sinister sells a couple of cool (and affordable) items, including army-style beds and cots with menu-driven sex poses, which come in a variety of textures, and a grunge fire pit surrounded by big rusty pipes, old tires, and some cozy pose pillows.

Lal’s Houses (Lalunia Oh)

When you wander around this sim’s urban-style industrial buildings, mouse over the various items and furnishings that you see outdoors, because most are very cheap or free. Just right click and buy!

Examples include a wooden spool table for $10L (with a pizza box on top), a square wooden crate with a sit animation for $10L, several nicely textured metal cargo barrels and a square container each for $1L, a couple of slummy payphones for free or $1L, a FREE old metal mailbox, a FREE commercial metal trash dumpster, heck there’s even a “dust devil” with newspapers and soda cans blowing around for just $1L.

Find the police line (just past the neon dancing girl sign for $5L) and cross it for a few more items tucked into a dead-end alleyway… including my favorite, a “Beware of the Neko” sign for $10L. Inside one of the buildings are additional furnishings, again at very reasonable prices.

Lazy Places (Sven Okonomi) – Items currently not found in SL; awaiting update from the designer

Come upstairs and turn right to find two grey boxes in the corner of the room, one containing a “Neko Pet Basket,” the other a “Lovin Tree,” both of which are okay for transfer which makes these great for gift giving. Their options include:

– Neko Pet Basket: 10 pet animations, 10 pet + master animations, waterbowl and hitchpost included.
– Luvin Tree: Realistic sculpty cuddle tree with rustling foliage, nature sounds, and a moving shadow… featuring a hidden nest in the center that’s loaded with 16 cuddles and 14 adult poses.

Then come back down the stairs, and around the back side, where you’ll find a door to the store’s basement. Here are even more great Neko (and other) goodies, all of which are marked down to 50% off their original price. These items include:

– Neko Hammoc: Balls of colored yarn, knitting needles, and knitted textures comprise this cute Hammoc, complete with 17 cuddles and 12 adult poses.
– Lovers Nest: This hanging round wicker bed offers temprez technology, 16 cuddles, 11 adult poses, and the ability to add in your own additional animations.
– Stack & Sit: Grungy “trash couch” comprised of old oil barrels, a junky couch, and a bunch of cardboard, with 3 animated single sits, and a 3-way cuddle.
– Crudcorner: Cardboard boxes are stacked on top of wooden crates, with a grungy mattress and blanket in the middle. Comes with 4 animated single poses, and a mattress cuddle.
– Spool Hangout: This weathered-silver wood textured spool and crate fit 3 people with animated sit poses
– Little Neko Basket: A round wicker bed with “no ugly poseballs” (but it looks like you can sit inside it just fine, from the vendor pic, so it’s probably got built-in poses).
– Tire Stack: Just like the name says, there’s a stack of small tires, one very large tire, and a burning trash barrel, featuring 16 menu-driven cuddles on, in, and around all those parts.
– Daydream Rubbishpile: A paint-flaking barrel, a wooden crate, and a pile of cardboard offers a moving, snoozing sleeping animation.
– Box Castle: This giant cardboard box filled with a green pillow is “perfect for homeless kitties.” It features a picture frame into which you can add your own photos, 16 cuddles, and the ability to add your own poses/animations too.

MnM Designs (Utano Schell)

If you’ve been looking for the infamous Big Daddy Cat Sofa, this is your store. This large prim cat features blinking eyes, a slowly moving tail, and seating for up to three avatars. It comes in black, grey, or orange tabby color. Also available here is a Worn Wooden Swing (which comes with a separate tire swing in the package), a lovely moss-covered sculpted neko stone for your garden, and a Japanese Heater Table (a quilt-covered table with four floor-sit animations; the “premium” model offers more seating positions).

Neko Furniture (Blowback Boucher)

This store offers large paw-shaped lounging couches and chairs, a couple Hello Kitty chairs, and several different cat trees / cat play / kitty condo sets, all feature bright neon colors and built-in Neko poses. There are also a few kitty baskets, some toys, and a Flowing Milk jug with a drinking dish/pose.

Neko’s Obsession (Jango Fell)

This store (on SL Marketplace, link above) offers all sorts of hilarious toys and decor for your Neko home featuring humorous poses. Items include a litter box, an aquarium you can sit in/lean into, a mousetrap, a kitty TV, a tie-down for a kitty in front of a dog house, lots of moving toys to swat at (with cute animations), a coffee table containing two kitty swats, a great kitty tree with five animations, and all sorts of various seasonal toys.

NEXX (Duvessa Brooks)

The very friendly owner of this store sells all sorts of stuff for Nekos, ranging from cute grungy neko kids toys, to indoor and outdoor Neko furnishings, all with various animations and poses. Here are only a few of the many items she has available… you’ll have to TP here and wander all around the different areas and buildings to see it all!

– Urban Pool (complete with couch, diving board, and sunbathe mattresses)
– Large rusted hot tub
– Outdoor playground for the “dark side” of some Nekos
– Outdoor club hangout (very cool!)
– Urban DJ booth w/animated DJ poseball
– Rusty Bar w/3 sit poses
– Urban grunge kitchen
– Urban table with crate and barrel seats
– Kitty milk bath, or an Urban milk shower
– Neko fireplace with pillows
– Hang out pipes
– Pile of barrels and crates

Night Breed (Sugar Falta)

This SL Marketplace store has a number of gothic Neko furnishings, including:

– Catnip Chair: An overstuffed chair in the shape of a chubby kitty, complete with twinkling eyes, a flexi bow, prim ears, twitching tail, and a purring sound, not to mention an animated sitting pose
– Naughty Kitty Condo Deluxe: Three items are built into this floor set — a low, round paw bed with a 47-pose sex menu, a tube for snoozing, and a half-round for relaxing or couples cuddles
– Naughty Kitty Bed: A low-round paw bed with a 47-pose sex menu
– Kitty Artwork: On the walls of this store you’ll find all sorts of artwork with cat innuendoes

Obsidian Desires (Arwyn Lykin and Brin Runo)

This store offers a wide variety of nicely textured cat posts, boxes, and kitty furniture on multiple floors — well worth a trip to check everything out. On one level you’ll find a vendor that not only rezzes each design for you to try, but provides a handy gift-giving option.  Check out their blog. Styles include:

– Oriental Kitty: a large Asian style stacking cat box / post with 11 animations
– KittyNess: a smaller, more urban Asian style stacking cat box with 13 animations/poses
– Scrap Metal: a stack of industrial metal boxes with 15 animations/poses
– Hangar Kitty: a U-shaped stack of open metal/wood boxes with 25 animations/poses
– Grunge Kitty: a small open house with a metal box, two sleeping tubes, and a snuggle platform, featuring 8 custom animations.
– Urban Kitty: a small wasteland-styled two-level open shelter with 16 animations/poses
– Punk Kitty: cardboard Neko box with a floor cushion and corner stereo featuring 12 custom animations
– Alley Cat Box: cardboard Neko box with a makeshift couch, pallet, and burning oil can with 14 custom animations
– Milk N Sardines: cardboard Neko box with a sardine bed, milk dish, hanging laundry, and 12 custom animations
– Box Kitty: Neko scratching post with 10 animations/poses
– Smiley Kitty: Neko scratching post with 16 animations/poses
– Trashy Nest: A small (no leaf) cuddle tree with a “nest” featuring 10 animations/poses
– Jungly Kitty: a tall moss-covered cat post with 8 custom animations
– Ottoman Couch: traditional L-shaped couch on top of a round rug with floor cushions, all featuring 9 poses, several texture change options, and multiple colors
– Kitty DayBed: a small oriental daybed-style couch with texture/color change and 6 animations/poses
– Kitten Basket: a small, simple wicker bed with cushions featuring 12 animations/poses
– Fish Tanks:four round fish tanks to choose from feature 5 animations/poses each
– Dog Houses: If you are one of the rare kitties who loves dogs (like me), your canine friend can find a couple great doghouses here, including one styled after Charles Schulz’ Snoopy.

Ragdoll’s Cut (Ankh Boa)

Among the beanbag chairs and big overstuffed bears, you’ll find a bunch of feline couches with five sitting poses each: GrungeCat, Tiger (in three colors), Panther, Cheetah, and Star Cat.

Rags to Riches (Arcadia Asylum)

Look for the Pawn Shop on this sim, packed with all sorts of free furniture and décor that might look good in a Neko home (as well as some low-cost furniture items). Just outside you can even get a free grungy school bus in the Used Cars lot.

-RC- Cluster (Redd Columbia)

No list of fun furniture or home accessories is complete without a visit to this store. Not only is each unique item carefully designed, but every one of them comes with its own custom poseballs to animate you for the item’s use. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find:  lemonade stand, barbecue grill, picnic table, TV trays, reading desk, juke box, ironing board, wash day basket, sewing machine, wheelchair, kids forts, tents, flashlights, all sorts of school items including desks, chalkboards and supplies, butterfly catching nets and jars, a chicken coop (we Nekos love eggs!), and speaking of food, there’s all sorts of it here, including a birthday cake with a full party set. Oh, just come see. The least you’re gonna do is smile. 🙂

Update: This store will no longer exist in SL after Christmas 2010… but the items will continue to be available on the SL Marketplace here.

Shiny Shop Toy Store (Nance Clowes)

Kittehs love toys, so what Neko can resist a little race car styled to look like a cat? Complete with twitching tail, gravity-affected ears and whiskers, and even some “added special effects” on a few. I know, it’s not exactly furniture, but I had to include this somewhere on my blog. If you’re interested in joining Nance’s “Cat League” for regular cat car races, send her an IM!

Soap Co. (Loch Newchurch)

Truly beautiful texture work awaits you with this store’s furniture (get an idea from their blog), including:

– Simplism: a simple but nicely textured and tintable menu-driven SexGen bed
– Nasty: a very grungy old mattress bed with 7 poses
– His and Hers: a striped soiled futon chair that fits up to 6 people
– Puffy Leather Couch: the old fashioned brown leather type with 4 poses
– Filthy Lounger: A very dirty, old velvet-looking couch
– Layzee Boi: the only chair of its type I’ve seen in SL (think Archie Bunker)… tintable, with two poses
– Havok Hammock: a nice grungy hammock set up in a couple of old tires with 4 poses
– Wonder Bed: a humorous place to sleep — think white bread with tomato slice pillows and a lettuce blanket.
– Melted Crayons: a humorous “chair” that fits up to 2 people
– Pancakes: just for fun — a stack of pancakes on a plate, with poses

Sweets Party (Uri Collas)

Upon arrival, you’ll find the floating box vendors near the edge of the central park. What awaits you? Plush sculpty hanging socks called ‘Minomushi Nebukuro” in four designs; ‘Candy Cushions’ — nicely sculpted wrapped candy seats with four poses; and ‘Cake Chair’ — a strawberry-topped cupcake seat with two poses.

The Home Neko (Roxxy Rhode)

Relatively standard furniture here with a slight Neko twist, i.e., the fireplace and bar stools are in the shape of a cat head, the couch has a “kitty sit” pose on one end, etc.

Urban Feral (Fox Daviau)

– Industrial Pile: 10 poses and 35 prims worth of rusted pipes, wooden spools, trash bags (complete with flies!), crates, and more
– Debris Pile: 5 poses and 21 prims give you a wooden floor, broken-down brick walls, and a few industrial crates and barrels for seating.
– Box Lounge Stand: 10 poses and 29 prims include a large cardboard box with pillows inside, a sand box (or litter box), and a couple of crates and boxes.
– Play Area: 14 poses and 52 prims comprise this cute graffiti-covered elevated playhouse, with two levels of pose platforms, a pipe, a pile of crates and boxes, not to mention a sandbox underneath.
– Tree House: 11 poses and 52 prims add up to a Neko-style treehouse, complete with graffiti and tree (this was my favorite).
– Lounge Stand: 12 poses and 38 prims are packed into this unique (and large) play set: on one side, you’ve got a two-level cat tree with a sandbox underneath, on the other side is an upper reading platform with a pile of crates and boxes underneath. The two parts are joined by a suspension bridge.
– Cargo Dock: 15 poses and 65 prims… this U-shaped wooden dock has piles of crates, rusted barrels, pallets, metal tubes, and cement pipes, crowed by a “Beware of Neko” sign.

Urban Spirit (Astin Miles)

There are a TON of nicely textured freebies here, ranging from chairs to a trash dumpster (with rat sounds AND flies, ha!), covering the walls of this store’s first floor. Upstairs you’ll find reasonably priced items such as a derelict table, a Neko outhouse, a Dirty Neko Desk, a punching bag, and more.

Virus (Kisten Bailey): store closed (I keep hoping it might reappear on SL Marketplace…!)

This store offers some great casual / grungy furniture sets, located in a room around the corner to the right of the front door. Each of the following combinations provides you with the completed set as well as separate pieces:

– Slum Comforts: Couch, cushions, crates, and a toolbox seats 9 without visible poseballs; 31 total prims.
– Cinderblock Romance: Cement blocks, cushions, and a board bench include two animated poses and three stationary poses.
– Comfortable Trash: A couch propped up on cement blocks and crates, an armchair, a scripted fire barrel, and a dirty rug — all of which seats 4, with 26 total prims.
– Dismal Living Room: Couch, armchair, milkcrate end table, lamp with on/off switch, and a TV with flickering static images propped up on tires; seats 5 with 69 total prims.
– Crappy Couples Bed: Mattress with a dirty blanket and pillows, on a broken plank frame set up with cement blocks; menu driven with 18 couples animations, 23 prims.
– Lounge Scraps: This handy pile of crates and cushions seats 5, with 11 prims.
– Round the Fire: A couple of logs, barrels, and cement blocks surround an old oil drum firepit (scripted for on/off), seating 6 people with 41 prims.
– The Grunge Pit: Couch with a tall metal ashtray, and two stacks of pallets with cushions, cement blocks, an oil barrel (with on/off fire script), surrounded by a chain link fence, and complete with black and white floor stains, as well as multiple poses. This is one set that allows you to purchase each item separately.

WKI / Wet Katz Inc. (Unca Seelowe): store on hiatus; hopefully it’ll be back soon?

In a long, low, open building adjacent to the outdoor lounge park, you’ll find a wall vendor and a rezzing platform with the following Neko furnishings (the rezzing platform items all come with gift options):

– Katz’ Scratching Post: four scratching posts support a half-curve of a bed, and an upper tube, both packed with cushions and complete with animated couples’ poses; comes in several options of textures and colors.
– Katz’ Scratcher: a three-sided crate, a tube, and a half-curve of a bed mounted on a scratching post are equipped with three couples’ poses and one single pose, in your choice of various textures and colors.
– Katz’ Boudoir Sit and Fire Set: a large overstuffed chair with cushions and a couple’s sitting pose, next to a little firepit in the floor
– Katz’ Boudoir Bench: a wooden bench with a cushion and a couple’s sitting pose; comes in three choices of textures/colors.
– Neko Couch (wall vendor): a curved wooden couch with cushions and four animations, in your choice of several colors/textures.
– Katter Cuddle Basket (wall vendor): a low round bed with cushions, three animations, and candles, in your choice of several colors/textures.
– Katz’ Swing (wall vendor): a large round ‘kitty head with ears’ swing filled with pillows and three animations, in two colors/textures.
– Wall Kitty Couch (wall vendor): a platform with three animations, in two colors/textures.
– Chill Kitty (wall vendor): a square floor mattress surrounded by pillows, with five animations and many colors/textures to choose from.


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  2. Hi there, I was wondering how do you get added to your list? I make neko furniture and gifts and would love to be included (if you would like an independant reference, contact Duvessa Brooks of Nexx in world and ask her about Zenobia Fimicoloud and Paws 4 Thought).

  3. I had visited some of these stores on SL and it seems like most of the things are grunge oriented. Kind of looking for nicer looking things. Mostly cause I RP as a 10 year old and I don’t think my RP mom would appreciate grungy looking things in the house. hehe

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