Neko AO & Animations

Adding Neko Animations to Your Avatar:

(If you don’t know what an AO / animation overrider is, scroll to the bottom of this page, where I’ve included a bunch of information and helpful tips.)

If one of the slurls is outdated (because stores move ALL the time), please email me and let me know… huge thanks to Eden Darkfire for updating all of them in August 2010!

Neko AO / Animation Overriders: A number of stores in Second Life have developed customized AOs for Nekos, featuring subtle cat-like movements such as a “crouch” sit, scratching, and paw licking.  Stores that sell Neko AO packages are listed below, complete with slurls for your convenience.

If you don’t want to invest in a Neko-specific AO (or maybe you already have an AO you’re comfortable with), you could instead use one of the following:

Neko Menu-Driven/HUD Gestures: Stores like NEXX offer menu-driven sounds and gestures, ranging from meows and purrs, to coughing up a hairball (see this example available online). The benefit to this option is that you often get far more gestures (25-30) than will normally fit in an AO HUD, and the price is often less expensive than an AO HUD.

Neko Gestures and Sounds: Up at the top of your SL viewer screen, if you select Edit -> Gestures, this is another way to get some Neko attitude happening, by activating and using gestures via chat command.  See the free and cheap category below to find some Neko-specific gestures.

Free or Cheap Neko AO / Animations and Gestures:

AdiCat Designs offers a free simple male and female Neko AO with on demand animations, emotes, and sounds. (While you’re here, don’t forget to pick up a free fluffy or smooth hair tail, punk leg and arm straps, and more.) For just $10L, you can get an even more animation-packed AO with all sorts of extra features.

Kitty Animations (Kittykat Wylder) offers a Zhao II modifiable hud filled with multiple animations for just $10L or $25L on SL Marketplace.

Maneki Neko Teahouse (SL’s first Neko Geisha School) has a package of free Neko gestures and sounds, located on a small tori-style sign on their sim (and a free Neko kimono too!)!

MechaKitty offers a free Neko starter kit that includes Neko sounds and gestures, as well as free ears and a tail.

ND/MD, in addition to selling some great Neko skins, has a dollarbie package of Neko gestures.  You’ll find them just as you cross the bridge into the Neko skins area, in a box on your left.

KKD / Klassy Kitty Designs offers 50 Neko gestures and sounds for just $20L (upon arrival, come up to the second floor of the store to find this package).

Lhilli Neko Mall has two boxes of free Neko gestures (as well as all sorts of other free Neko stuff).

Manimation has five white boxes of freebies set out in their store.  Although none of these are Neko-specific, the boxes include model poses, a super jump, an emoter hud, fun animations, and a meditate float animation.  On the wall above these boxes are three free (empty) HUDS: Zhao I, Zhao II, and Wet Ikon.

Hybrid offers four cat gestures for $30L in the back left corner of the store.

Cat-A-Tonic has a box of 14 Neko gestures for $100L.

Stores That Sell Neko AO / Animations:

Click on the store name to get a SLURL.  Please note: this is not a list of all the great animation stores in SL… these are only those stores that sell Neko AO packages, or individual animations tailored for Nekos that can be added into an AO HUD.  If you know of a Neko animation store not on this list, please email me with the details so I can include it.  Thanks!

>(O.o)< on Mew Island (Fa Nyak)

Name: Kitty Override
Gender: Female
Description: 8 animations for walking, running standing, ground sitting, pre-jump/jumping, and flying look very cat-like (paw licking and sitting up with paws curled, for example). I’d recommend you demo these at the store.

ABCB Designs (Noemie Ling)

Name: Neko AO
Gender: Female
View Online:
Description: This AO contains 33 animations for small or normal sized avatars, with a copy + modifiable HUD so you can add your own animations.
Comments: Although there is an in-world place to purchase this AO, it had no demonstration stand, so I did not include anything other than the SL Marketplace link.

Abros Cisse’s AO (only sold on SL Marketplace)

Name: Neko Furry Catz AO
Gender: Female
View Online:
Description: I’ve sent a message to the designer, as I was not able to find any information about this AO. However for $199, it’s probably worth trying out for fun?

Altered Perception (Maggiedoll Alter)

Name: (individual animations; not a Neko AO package)
Gender: N/A
View Online: N/A
Description: Although there is no Neko AO “package” here, there are a number of cute Neko animations including a bounding run, a nice kneeling crouch, and a cute grooming crouch (paw and ear cleaning) that you can add into an existing AO HUD.  There’s also a cartwheel and a flip, which you don’t see too often. NOTE: if you can’t find the animations, look up the hill… this store is still kinda under construction.

AV Puli (Pulaski Fizz)

Name: Neko Puli AO
Gender: Male or female (sold separately)
View Online: See the female AO online here.  (I couldn’t find the male AO online).
Description: The male Neko AO contains 16 different animations: 5 stands, 5 walks, a fun handstand, 2 sits, and a 3-part animated jump.  The girl Neko AO offers the same animations (only a little more feminine movements), except there’s no handstand, so there’s only 15 animations.

Bitter Thorns (Juliet Ceres)

Name: Neko AO
Gender: Female
View Online: Get more details and see photos on the Bitter Thorns blog.
Description: 20 animations and poses with a simple on/off button.  Demo poses at the store.

Bodymotions / formerly Kittiemotions (Amon Eames)

Names: Niki “Playful Kitty” AO / formerly Kittiemotions AO
Gender: Female
Description: Playful Kitty is a frisky female cat-like AO developed using seamless motion capture. It includes 8 standing animations, 3 sits, 2 walks, a run, a crouch, jump, pre-jump, fly, hover, fall, 2 swims as well as a swim up and down.

Catwise (Catwise Yoshikawa)

Name: Neko Female AO
Gender: Female
Description: This AO includes 7 animated stands, a sexy walk, a run, a fly, hover, fly up/down, falling, crouching, three object sits, three ground sits, a full (flip) jump cycle.  It’s modifiable to add your own poses (using Zhao II) and instructions come in both English and Spanish.

CraXimations (Cracker Hax)

Name: “Sassiest AO Ever” Female Neko AO
Gender: Female
Online: View the AO online here.
Description, in the designer’s words: We use the CXAO HUD which allows you to edit your AO via touchmenu – no notecards ever!  The package comes with 2 sets, Neko and Cute Neko for a total of 30 animations (previous version had 20) including multiple walks, multiple runs, walk on all fours (crouch walk), flying animations (hover, forward, up, down), jump, land, and more!  A review by Noisey Lane: The original AO package contained some of the craziest neko poses in SL, including a default walk that looks like you are drunk and a really great flying animation! Holding Page Down and moving forward will make you crawl on all fours. The fly down pose is also hilarious as you go face down towards the ground. As a collector of neko animations, this is a unique and welcome addition.  Note: The vendor appears to be broken in the store; there is no “pay” option.  For now, I’d recommend you demo the animations in SL, and purchase via

CI / Creative Insanity (Ruy Bury)

Name: Feral Neko
Gender: Female
Online: View the AO online here.
Description: 23 total animations with the most unique (and very feral) neko standing animations I’ve seen anywhere. Specific animations include: Fly up, Fly, Fly down, Fall, Prejump, Jump, Land, Hover, Ground Sit, 2 Chair Sits, Crouch (looked like a tantrum?) 2 legged walk, 4 legged walk, 4 legged run, stand up, and 7 very very unique and lengthy animated feral stands.

DeminAtions (Wan Demina)

Names (x2): Purrr; and I’d also recommend the very kawaii Anime Babe
Gender: Female
Online: View photos here: Purrr AO; Anime Babe AO
Description: Purrr comes with 5 animated stands, 2 animated groundsits, 2 animated sits and catlike animations including lick your paws, kneading paws, clean your ears, chase your tail, sleep curled up, run like a cat, and more, all using a ZHAO hud. Purrr is also kid-friendly… just load the Purrr Kidshape notecard. Anime Babe is filled with 25 cute sits, stands, twirls, jumps, flying, crouch walking, probably my favorite ever ground sit, and more… definitely worth a demo.

Discord (Orange Meili): region currently unavailable

Name: Neko Version A; Version B; Version C (three separate AO packages)
Gender: N/A
View Online: N/A
Description: These are some of the most affordable AO packages on the grid, with fairly smooth movements too. Each one includes 15 poses, comprised of 5 stands, a sit, walk, run, jump, hover, fly, flu up, fly down, falling, and landing.
Comments: This sim defaults you to a central landing spot, so upon arrival, click the teleport sign at the first entry. When you arrive at the second entry, wait for rez, and click the “AO” on the sign with the store map. Look for the red vertical beacon that should still be apparent from my LM above to bring you the final steps.

Endless Dreams (Hinamori Burleigh)

Name: Neko AO; Nekoboy AO
Gender: Female or Male (male currently only available in-world)
View Female AO Online:
Description: Contains 5 stands, walk, run, sit, ground sit, fly, fly up, fly down, fall, landing, hover, turn left/right and a jump. All animations are mod/copy/no transfer. The animations are packed into a free ZHAO II with full modification permission.

Ertaly (Bathory Zeiler)

Names (x3): Anime Neko AO; Sweet Neko AO; Sad Neko AO
Gender: Female
Online: View photos here:  Anime Neko AO; Sweet Neko AO; Sad Neko AO
Description: Anime Neko includes walk, stand up, sit, ground sit, run, jump, hovering, fly, fly up, fly down, fall down, crouch, crouching walk and four animated stands for a total of 17 animations.  Sad Neko includes prejump, walk, turn right, turn left, stand up, sit, ground sit, run, jump, hovering, fly, fly up, fly down, fall down, crouch and 4 animated stands for a total of 19 animations.  Sweet Neko includes 15 animations: stand up, jump, walk, sit, ground sit, run, hovering, fly, fly up, fly down, fall down and 4 animated stands.

Expose (Billy Tammas)

Name: Pet Crawl and  Sit Anims
Gender: Either
Description: This AO is specifically for pet/animal play, featuring crawls and sits for Neko or puppies. Animations are sold with a guarantee: the creator will customize them to fit your avatar… just send him a notecard (not an IM). This store also carries an additional set called Pet Sit & Laying Animations.

HC (Hazel Coppens)

Name: Kitty Poses Complete Set
Gender: Female
Online: I was not able to find these online.
Description: This is a set of 40+ animations that you can buy individually or as a package. I’d recommend you come try them out for yourself to see them all. While here, you might also check out the animations in the “Anime Poses” set too…

ILAYDA (Roger Inaka) (not available in-world; use online link below)

Names: Ilayda Full AO (also called “Neko Gift Female”)
Gender: Female
Description: 25 animations plus a kiss/hug attachment on a Zhao-II HUD.

iMagz Animations (Magicka Moonites)

Names: SugarNspice has a very “kawaii neko” look to it. Other AO packages here include Anime, Etrange, Nosferatu, and more.
Gender: Female (sold separately)
Description: Although none of the AOs has “Neko” in the name, the blog refers to the SugarNspice AO as “kitty cute.” Animations are available as a full AO package, or you can purchase them separately to add to your existing AO hud (you can demo every package in the store to see which one suits you best).

Jenny Disign (Jenny Costagravas) (not available in-world; use Marketplace links below)

Name: AO Neko 1.0; AO Neko 2.0
Gender: Female but possibly interchangeable
Online: View the AO 1.0 here; view the AO 2.0 here
Description: Depending on whether you choose the 1.0 or the 2.0, you’ll get either 26 or 32 poses in these animation overriders, including walking like a cat, running, animated stands, a sexy walk, sits, ground sits, flying, jumping and more.

KH / Kami Hitoe (Sala Snook)

Name: Neko AO / Life is Meow
Gender: Female
Description: This AO includes 33 animations sized for three different avatars in the same package (small, medium or tall) for any size Neko girl.  The animations include 10 stands, 2 walks, several cat crouches, cat “all fours” runs, a swim, turning left or right, 4 cute sits, 3 cute ground sits, a “cat dancing” crouch, a hop, pre-jump, jump, land, stand up, fly up, hovering/floating, fly, and flying down with a fall. Thanks to Kyllie for bringing this to my attention! ^_^

Kittiemotions > see Bodymotions

Manimation (Miep Mip)

Name: AO Neko
Gender: Male or female (sold separately)
Online: View the female AO online here.  View the male AO online here.
Description: Each Neko Animation package comes with 17 pose/animations, including 5 stands, a walk, a crouch walk (crawl), sit, ground sit, and all the flying/hovering/landing animations you need.  Free Stuff: The store has five white boxes of freebies, including model poses, a super jump, an emoter hud, fun animations, and a meditate float animation.

MDHU (Medhue Simoni)

Name: Feline AO, Cat AO, Panther AO, plus some Cat Bed sleeping animations
Gender: Male or female (animations are generic enough for either)
Online: The Cat AO is here; it is the same AO as the other two (only shown with a leopard skin)
Description: And now for something completely different: If you want to look more like a cat than a human, to the extent that you walk on all fours, this store’s animations are for you. There are 28 animations in each package, and for $50 extra, you can buy a package that comes complete with a cat shape and leopard-spotted skin to complete your look.

Mirielle Hendrassen’s Neko AO (Mirielle Hendrassen) (not available in-world; use Online link below)

Name: Neko Miaou AO
Gender: Female
Description: This AO includes ao neko including 22 cat-like animations… pictures are worth 1000 words so click on the above online link to see more.

NekoLife (Nekolife Bravin)

Name: NekoLife Full AO
Gender: Female
Description: This AO includes 25 animations plus a hug/kiss attachment

Neko’s Obsession (Jango Fell): AO only available on Xstreet

Name: Kitty AO
Gender: Female
Online: View and purchase the AO online here.
Description: This AO package includes animations for walk, run, jump and flying at a moderate price.  Additional animations are available individually (in case you want to add on to an existing AO) including a cute “falling play” on your back, and several “on your knees” animations such as a paw lick, a crouch walk (called ‘Kitty Stalking’), face nuzzles, and “aiming” (one arm out while crawling).  The AO package is transferable (for gift-giving!) and modifiable to add in your own animations.

NyC -> see Catwise

Oracul (Daiz Papp)

Name: Neko Female AO
Gender: Female
Description: Although not sold as “Neko-specific,” blog reader Cherry Tungsten gives two paws up for several AO packages here, including Fluffy ($150L), Girl Star ($300L), Aurora Girl ($300L) and “R” ($300L). These AOs are affordable, come packed with moves (more than 60 in most packages) and their movements are smooth… though Cherry is right, they are definitely designed for the more “active” kitteh.  ^_^

R-K / Random Kitten (Koneko Tammas)

Names: Neko AO (female; on back wall) Furifuri AO (in center of store); plus M, M2, F, F2, Boy, Fly (contains more than just fly anims), Fly 2, Fly M, AO, AO2, AO3, AO4, AO5, and Funny.
Gender: Male or female (sold separately)
Online: No online photos or blogs showing these AOs that I could find.
Description: This store has an extensive selection of AO packages (and some of the most affordable), and you can also buy the animations individually.  Although only one of the AOs has “Neko” in the name, every vendor photo depicts Nekos (and you can demo every package in the store to see which one suits you best).

RQ / Red Queen > see iMagz Animations

S-Shop (Sone Tokyoska)

Names: Neko Cat AO — stand type, or sit type
Gender: Female… but possibly unisex?
Description: These are quite possibly the most extensive “feral cat style” AOs I’ve seen… including over 28 animations in each package (one package for stands, one for sits… though it appears both have walks/stands build into each). According to Eden, most of the animations are unisex… only a few seem truly feminine. Certainly worth the price for how many animations you get, to mod the hud and remove the few you don’t want!

Sins’Animation (Sinse Winx)

Name: Neko AOs (several varieties)
Gender: Male or female (sold separately)
Online: View the male Neko AO here; view Neko AO girl here.; view the full 96-pose set here.
Description: Several different packages of both male and female Neko AOs provide anywhere from 28 to 58 “very animated” animations including stands, walks, runs, sits, ground sits, crouch, fly, jump, hovering, and landing.  These packages are modifiable so you can add more poses (if 58 isn’t already enough for you, lol).  Want even more? Sins recently released a full 96-pose set combining the best of human and both of his neko AO sets all on a single (modifiable) HUD.  Here’s how to find these AOs in-world: Upon arrival at your TP landing point, turn and walk west (click on your ‘Mini Map’ button to get your directions).  Walk into that west building… all the Neko AOs are on the back wall (thank you, Kira!!).

Spell Cats (Snoe Halostar)

Name: Neko AO
Gender: Female
Description: This AO is comprised of “100% unique poses,” all of which are animated, including stands, ground sits, sit, fly, hover, lands, crouch, walk, run, crawl and more… looks like around 17 total?

SD / Symptomatic (Gwyneth Reinard)

Name: Neko AO v.2 — on sale for $99L!!
Gender: Female
Online: View and purchase the $99L AO online here. (link just updated Feb. 2, 2011)
Description: (in the designer’s own words) “This is the second release version of our Neko AO HUD. It includes eighteen animations / poses + a free sexy walk for a total of NINETEEN animations. If you purchased all of these separately it would cost you over L$500!  You get three stands, a wall lean, crouch, object sit, four legged run, crawl, five ground sits, hover animation, flying animation, falling animation, flying up animation, and a landing animation. All programmed into a ZHAO HUD for easy use. Why so cheap? ($290L online; $325L in the store) Is it made horribly? Am I going to be poking half way through the ground? No!” The store is currently under construction so expect a little dust.
Comment: Hopefully the slurl brings you to the right place: the store’s now inside a skybox

Taisaya (Ran Peccable)

Name: Koneko AO
Gender: Female
Online: https://secondlife./taisayaKONEKO-AO/990946
Description: This is a true cosplay-style neko AO, complete with cute “paw like” hands and behavior. A Zhao II hud features 29 total animations including 6 stands, 2 walks, running, pre-jump, jump, flying, flying up, flying down, falling, landing, standing up, 2 sits, 2 ground sits, crouch, and a “Trun R&L” (maybe this is a kitty crouch-run?). The photos look pretty adorable!

TOTK / Tale of Two Kitties (Kittie Underhall): store is moving; purchase online (links below)

Names: Neko Kitty; Neko Kitty 2; Neko Guy
Gender: Female
Online: View Neko Kitty here; view Neko Kitty 2 here, and Neko Guy here.
Description: (in the designer’s words):  These two AOs each provide a practical “everyday” package of animations with just the right amount of Neko twist. Both are HUD driven, both come with 18 poses: 5 animating standing poses (meaning you wont just stand perfectly still like most standing poses), a ground sit pose, a sitting pose, crouching pose, flying forward/up/down poses, and hovering pose, as well as pre-jump, jumping, falling, landing, and of course a sexy walk and run pose.

TT Creation (Tami Tyran)

Name: Neko AO [modern] Cats
Gender: Female
Description: This AO includes 5 stands, 3 walks, 3 sits, 3 ground sits, plus a crouch, crouch walk, fly, slow fly, fall, land, jump, pre-jump, and turn right or left. The HUD is modify and copy-friendly.
Comments: When you arrive at the in-world store, come upstairs to the second floor to find the AOs.

Urban Dare (Craven Theas)

Name: Neko
Gender: Female
Online: Not that I was able to find
Description: This AO includes 5 stands, 3 sits, 3 ground sits, 3 walks, a run, prejump, jump, land, fly, fly up, fly down, and hover. If you wish you can buy the animations individually, or in packaged sets (Walk Pack, Jump Pack, Fly Pack).

Zip (Denjobi Odell)

Name: Neko Animation Override
Gender: Male or female (sold separately)
Online: View the male Neko AO here; view the female Neko AO here.
Description: Both male and female Neko AO packages contain 20 animations in a scripted HUD.


·  ·  ·  More Information and Helpful Tips About AOs / Animation Overriders  ·  ·  ·

What is an AO? An AO is a series of animations that operate in the background, allowing your avatar to move smoothly.  Using an AO is the difference between walking like a newborn kitten on stiff legs, and moving like a suave, sophisticated SL Neko.

How Does an AO Work? It’s a small invisible object that you wear.  This object contains scripts that “override” your basic movements for walking, sitting, standing, etc. with animations that look far more natural than the ones you were “born” with on Help Island.  When you wear your AO, a HUD (Heads-Up Display) appears on your Second Life view screen to provide you with on/off buttons, and sometimes additional menu options to adjust settings.

How Do I Get an AO? AOs are typically sold as a package (i.e., a collection of animations that look natural together, easy to wear and go).  Many of these packaged AOs are modifiable so you can add new individual animations you purchase, and delete those you don’t like.

If however you are more of a do-it-yourself kinda kitty, you can get a free Zhao HUD and customize your own AO by inserting separately purchased animations (this Zhao location also provides “how to” instructions on the wall in both English and French).  Manimations also offers free (empty) HUDS in their store: Zhao I, Zhao II, and Wet Ikon.

For even more detailed information about AOs, click here.

Customizing an AO:

To customize a free AO HUD or modify the AO package you bought, it goes something like this:  You locate the AO object in your inventory, drag it to the ground (in an area where you are allowed to rez objects AND run scripts), right-click the object to edit, select the Contents tab, drag/drop new animations inside, and then type new instructions into the AO’s notecard (also found in the Contents tab).

Sometimes it’s tricky to type the instructions correctly into the notecard — text requirements vary, and one typo can result in your AO not functioning properly.  Thankfully most designers provide helpful “how to” instructions.

There is a new HUD module called CXAO, which supposedly does not require any notecard.  I have yet to demo this, so if you’ve used one, please drop me a comment or an email and let me know what you think.

Important AO Safety Tip:

If you want to sit on an object in Second Life that contains a poseball (like a chair, a bed, or a dance ball), it’s a good idea to turn your AO off first.  Although some poseballs are scripted to override your overrider, many are not… and whether you see it or not, everyone else will see you in some sort of awkward “sitting in the air” pose above the poseball.

How do you turn off your AO?  Most AOs feature a simple HUD attachment… when worn, you’ll see a little button menu on your view screen to turn it on or off (and adjust the settings).  If you’ve got one of the older AOs that requires you type something like “/ao off” in your chat line to activate/deactivate it, it’s time for an upgrade!


25 Responses to “Neko AO & Animations”

  1. […] There are even Neko HUDs with various Neko sounds and gestures just one menu button away.  This page lists all sorts of stores that will help you get your Neko attitude […]

  2. Sins’Animation (Sinse Winx) AO’s are located west of the teleport point, in the back of the room with the graffiti walls. :3

  3. […] makes you move more smoothly and naturally.  If you want to take your Neko look one step further, visit this page to get a list of Neko AO stores where you can purchase cat-like movements such as a […]

  4. […] became separate lists… like… um… Ears and Tail stores. And Neko Eyes. And Neko AOs and Animations. And… […]

  5. You have to come over To Deminations they have a really cool Neko Ao !!

  6. FYI: Links to
    have stopped working, but if you rewrite them to use
    instead, then the link will probably work. The “hairball” link certainly did! 🙂

  7. Oracul does several AOs which I’ve found work wonderfully for my little Neko avie (I’m female – I’ve never looked at any of Oracul’s male AOs). The Fluffy AO (150L), Girl Xstar (300L), Aurora Girl (300L) and R AOs (300L) are all very cute but busy AOs and wonderful quality. You can pick them up on Xstreet – not sure if Oracul has an in-world store.

  8. Adicat designs is gone, not sure where it is now but its certainly not there. Great site!

  9. Falln Angel Designs has many many outfits that would compliment any neko.. they may have a neko ao im not sure. plus they have skin and hair as well.

    • Hi Drake! There are three stores named Fallen Angel in SL, which one might you be referring to?

      – Fallen Angel Designs by Lloyd Newman (makes a few clothing pieces and other random items, none of which are Neko-related so it’s not included in my resource pages)
      – Fallen Angel by Tukihana Boa (used to make tattoos; store’s on hiatus but is still listed on my Tattoos resource page)
      – Fallen Angels by Sarissa Oh (makes Neko skins; listed on my Skins resource page)

      (all of my various resource pages are listed in the upper right margin of this blog).

      I’m always interested in store tips… so let me know if you’ve found a fourth Fallen Angel with Neko items… often the name of the designer, rather than the store, helps me track down locations when SL search isn’t cooperating. ^_^

  10. The free one “Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance has a free “Casual Girl” AO that includes five standing animations, one ground sit, one object sit, and a sexy walk. While it’s not tailored to Neko, you will at least walk more smoothly (a must for any self-respecting cat) and can simply add some gestures as listed above.” see ms to no longer exists. Just a heads up 😀 love the blog by the way!

  11. Hi, thank you for this nice collection, i found a lot new animations. 🙂 but theres one thing i just cant find.. its like an hug-animation where i run over the target and lick his face, do you maybe know where i can find stuff like this?

    • Now that is one I don’t know where to find…! About the closest I can think of is an anim where you run over and jump up into a hug. Let me poll a few other Neko and see if someone else might know about this… stay tuned!

  12. kitty neko 1 nyc

    Looking for this lady from Senior website- is this you? If so email you if you would at
    Thank you. I appreciate your attention to this matter.

  13. I have a strange question. I have a sound AO I got called Tron Walk/Run/Crawl AO and this sucker has gotten stuck on my character. I deleted the AO and it had no option menu I could find anywhere in the script to even disable it. It still keeps playing every time I walk and run. Please sweet mother of god help me get rid of it. I can’t find a running script anywhere to destroy it. You can shoot me a email or find me on SL as KCCrio

    • Cerrus, years ago someone gave me an object called “StopAllAnimation” — when I wear it, that tends to stop whatever animations are stuck. Outside of that I’m afraid I have very little help for you, sorry! ^..^

      • So me and my friend figured out what was going on. The Tron Sound AO had been dropped on the ground upstairs somewhere. I found one of them. Some how there were two or three. They were tiny-about the size of a needle in a 2000m square 6 story haystack. After we recalled everything the sound went away and in my lost and found there sat these suckers. If you drop a activated sound ao on the ground it will continue to play the sound in that area. The stop ao and stop animating me didn’t work but this did.

      • Glad to hear you got it all figured out! We saw a weird thing in SL today: a purple haze around one of us. No idea how it happened, but it was cool while it lasted! (No drug comments now… hehe)

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