The Art of Being Neko

“Family Pet” by 64 Colors

Sure, you’ve seen nekomimi in manga and anime. You’ve admired catgirl cosplay outfits at anime conventions and on the streets of Japan. You may have even enjoyed creating a neko avatar in the online virtual world called Second Life.

But allow me to introduce you to a new facet of all things neko and catgirl: the art of being neko, as interpreted by very talented artists from around the (very real) world. Come see the incredible collection I’ve discovered…

To learn more about each one, simply click on their name…

Melissa Haslam

Melissa Haslam, Cat Girl
Melissa Haslam, Ginger Cat

Teo Skaffa / also on DeviantArt / watch him painting

Sara LaPorte

(although this is technically a kitsune, it’s very close to a catgirl)

Dilka the Bear

Amy Sol’s blog / website / and a Flickr group

Amy Sol Moth's Poem

Yasemin Sabuncu

Love on my Lips
Bleeding Heart

Juri Ueda Website / also on Flickr

Street Art by Deb / also on Flickr


Marisol Spoon / also on Flickr and Facebook

Jeremiah Ketner / also on Flickr

Carry me forever
Akira's Journey
Flower Collection

64 Colors: Eric and Laura

Seher One / also on Flickr

Caia Koopman

Bridget E. Wilde / Bewilde

T - School for Wayward Catgirls

Yumiko Kayukawa

Nicoletta Ceccoli

Kathie Olivas

"Aubrie" (The Scavengers Series 1: Kathie Olivas x MINDstyle)

No Para Innita

astroenteritis : gatástrofe

Yosuke Ueno

Anita Mejia



Arwassa Deseño



Natalie Shau

Miss Van

Nate Frizzell

Jutta Maria Pusl

Frank Frazetta (Cat Girl I – 1967; Cat Girl II – 1990)

Claudio Cassano


Sarah Miskelly – Delme’s Go Lucky Neko sculpt

Jeremiah Ketner


Sheena Aw

CaramelPOPS - Cheshire Kitty Ver 2.0 & pet Blues

Beth Robinson – Catgirl Dolls

Audrey Kawasaki – Catgirl Doll

Carol Roque – Catgirl Dolls

Elizabeth Howard – Catgirl Dolls

Alongkorn Sanguansook

bikini fever 2010
Biscuit Girl Fanart

Sayori Mangaka (aka Neko Works) – Anime-Style Catgirls

Zephos Amaranis – Anime Style Catgirls

Merry AFTER Christmas!

Millo Neurotica – Anime Style Catgirls


Jerrod Maruyama – Tribute to Batman’s Catgirl

Kawaii Catwoman

All of the images represented above are the copyright of each individual artist, as per the links embedded in their names; please visit their respective websites for more images and information.

Brought to you by Stacia Villota / The Virtual Neko


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on March 10, 2011.

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  1. 🐱 this here is awesome work!! rarwr!! ;D

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