Neko Roleplay Sims & Tips

Neko Roleplay in Second Life:  What, Where and How

There are several Second Life roleplay (RP / RPG) sims that offer excellent places for a Neko to meet (and roleplay with) fellow Neko. If you are new to roleplay, here are some links to get you started, followed by slurls to the Neko RP sims I know of. Please note… if you know of another Neko roleplay sim that I’ve missed, don’t hesitate to add a comment below… thanks!

Handy Roleplay Tips:

What is Roleplay?
Second Life Roleplay Wiki page
Roleplay 101
Beyond Roleplay 101
The Unwritten Rules of Roleplay

Second Life Roleplay Blogs:

Second Life Roleplay
Second Life RPG

Second Life Neko Roleplay Sims:

City of Lost Angels / CoLA: I had the honor of meeting a few of CoLA’s Neko Tribe here last year. Since that time, a faction split occurred and the majority of Neko Tribe members formed a new Neko group called the Misfits, living in a space station in CoLA’s East Tempura region. Other factions in CoLA include the Brood (demons), AR (Archaic Redemption undead zombies), Pack (lycans), Coven (vamps), and Choir (angels).

Midian City: contact one of the Midian City Catwalkers to learn more about Neko who live here

Chamber City on Tower Isle:  this well-designed, post apocalyptic sim features a helpful group of roleplayers that welcome lycan, supernatural, hybrid, neko, angel, demon, cybernetic, human and vampire characters using the DCS system. If you’ve always wanted to help start a Neko roleplay group, this would be a great place to start. Their Neko faction, called “Custos Noctis,” is looking for Neko who are willing to serve as start-up mentors (and roleplayers of course). Interested? Send an IM to Roxanne2 Triellis or Analyze Landfall, and tell ’em Stacia sent you.

Toxian City: The Toxia Prowlers (see in-world group) are a band of Neko who formed a “tight and cohesive family unit, organized into clearly defined roles reflecting their skills and personalities.”

Nomos: a futuristic, cyberpunk style RP sim, with a contingent of ‘hybrids’ that include Neko. For further information, contact Kaira Diesel, the Hybrid Mentor. A three day visitor tag is required, as well as clothing that fits into the sim’s context.

Isle of Bliss Onyxia: As of November 2010, this sim has developed into a nice roleplay destination, utilizing the CCS combat system. Drop by for a tour, or contact sim owners April Chung and Katiebug Feld for more information.

Ten Top Roleplay Sims in Second Life:

Additional Roleplay Sims: (from the Second Life website)


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  1. Anyone want to neko role play? Kik me at fallonwazher plz<3

  2. Providing a home for all lost nekos since 2014, if you are looking for a place to go and a neko support family please contact me imworld (Sekiae) or come see us at the Neko Lounge

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