Favorite Japanese Stores in Second Life

Although Japan is at the heart of Neko history, Japanese stores in Second Life are sometimes quite humble about promoting themselves, making them difficult for the average SL user to find. Below please find a list of some of my favorites. I hope you’ll delight in their range of items—from whimsical, kawaii, and anime-inspired, to simply well-designed clothing—as much as I do! Slurls updated as of November 3, 2011.

My Favorite Asian Bloggers on Flickr:
Curious about the distinction? Take a look at the following Flickr sites to see what I’m talking about:

Yossui Eeel
Hibari Foden (also visit her blog)
Nil Admirari
Newreem Waffle (also visit her blog)
Aiko Avril (also visit her blog)

Beaning Canning’s List of Japanese Stores:

Beanie Loves Japan

Outdoor Malls with Multiple Satellite Stores: (see my list of Kimono stores for more)

Creator’s Pavilion
Furumachi Mall
Japan Metaworld
Kodama No Ki Japanese Outdoor Mall

Stacia’s Favorite Japanese Stores:

A.M.K.R. (Marilyn Mistwallow)

Anuenue (Marea Kirax): unable to locate

ARAI (Kyaperin Handrick)

Aramode (Kyaperin Handrick)

AYline (Anywa Nyoki)

Atelier AM (Aya Huldschinsky)

AV / AWRAM-ViiE (Miraiwave Iwish)

BC322 (Komari Mai)

Burned Rice (Jojorunoo Runo) > see RunoRuno

Coco (Docoro Lemon)

Couverture (Chocolate Arashi)

CriCri Hair Salon (CriCri Core)
Blog: http://beautysaloncri-cri.blogspot.com

Daydream (Ringo Shilova)

Deviant Girls (Ruby69kill Moonites)

DollCoco (Cocoro Lemon)

DP YumYum (toraji voom)

Dr. Life Skins and Hair (kz Spitteler)

Dura Hair Shop (Chiaki Xue)
SL Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ja-JP/stores/44895?id=44895&locale=ja-JP

Eha (Xanthous Amaterasu)
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48993269@N04/

Elsie & Seshil (Elsie Ellils)

!*G^G*! (Arata Nicholls)

gO! (Gocha Merlin)

Guarded Cross (Ryosukito Felisimo): men’s clothing; be sure to visit the 2nd floor too
Photos: http://www.koinup.com/Ryosukito/

Heart Softens Hair (Kocoro Coberts)

HK/Honey Kitty (Nekoko Noel)

Honey*Soul (Youniss Rau)
Blog: http://youniss.blogspot.com/

Hinako Hair (Hinako Resident)

Iruco (Iru Yebut + Luco Veeper)
Blog: http://iruco.wordpress.com/

IZM (Komachi Lemon) – cool sim for exploring too!
Blog: http://komachizm.slmame.com/

Izumiya (Izumi Homewood)

JPK / Jinn Pow Kinn (Hekirakika Jinn)
Blog: http://hekirekika.slmame.com/

Kaguyahime (Nyandy Kidd)

KAO (Kao Sands)

KJ (Nakayo Boa)

Kloka (Shizuku Halcali)

Kurotsubaki (Sato Yifu)
Blog: http://kurotsubaki.blogspot.com/

Lithium (Hiroy Boa)

Lo*Momo (Ayura Freschi)

Lovely Hearts (Minamina Kohime)

Meriken Co. (Yaszi Mornington): men’s clothing

MikanYA BP (Maps Koba)

Mink Shop (Motoka Arai)

Mocorin (Akinko Twine): cute kawaii accessories etc.

Muism (Icemocolo Voom)
Blog: http://muism.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/muism/

Naminoke (Taiko McCaw)

NCplus / formerly Rekidstyle (Hiro7 Amat)

NK (Homura Static)

NoaR (Noan Kurka)

NokMak: this is the group name for Anuenue + NoaR stores

Oyakin (Kinbo Akina)

P/a PERTURB/ation (Kikis Homewood)

Rabbit Kiss > see Umi Usagi

RunoRuno (Jojorunoo Runo)

S@bbia (Sable99 Magic)

Scars (Sin Knoller): men’s clothing
Blog: http://scars09.blog93.fc2.com/

Sheep Door (Meito Karu)
Blog: http://meito.slmame.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheepdoor

Shop Seu Hair (Seu Ahn)

Silvery K (Gin Fhang)

Soup (Suppe Koba)

Soupizm -> see IZM

Tram (Moca Loup)
Blog 1: http://sl-tram.blogspot.com/
Blog 2: http://tram.slmame.com/

Trifoglio (Voom Claco)
Blog:  http://trifoglio-voom.blogspot.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trifoglio_voom/

Tukinowaguma Hair (KateForster Akina)

Umi Usagi (Jeter or Winly Jun)
Blog: http://secondlife-umiusagi.blogspot.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30830985@N04/

Unknown Boutique (Unknown Jewell)

W&Y / Waka & Yuki Hair (Yukitan Farrjones)

Y&R (Ruru Brentley): also see their SL Marketplace store

Yome Shoujo (Youki Cioc)
Blog: http://yomeshoujo.blogspot.com/

Yorim’s Factory (Yoriminaty Beresford): this slurl brings you to a nice Japanese shopping sim, but I can’t seem to find the store…


5 Responses to “Favorite Japanese Stores in Second Life”

  1. Love your list! I will check all of them

  2. I love this list too, ty so much \o/ Also I luv your blog !
    Just a small correction if you allow me: Newreem Waffle is korean not japanese ^^ and yes I lob her style so much, she’s one of my favorite gals in the grid ~ xoxo

  3. u should update this some of these shops closed down just saying

    • Thanks Joshua, you are right. Keeping 14 resource pages updated became such a huge job, I’ve been unable to keep up with it after RL took over! I used to hire people (and pay well) to do it, but no one ever seemed willing to do it for longer than 1 page… sigh… (methinks I’ve created a monster!) 😛

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