Neko Eyes

Neko Eyes

Neko eyes are characterized by vertically slit pupils, with colors and textures that resemble a cat’s eyes.  Some designers include bloodshot whites, others have the outsides of the iris (called the “sclera”) tinted black just like a cat’s eye.  A few stores offer “prim” eyes, which can be worn individually on your left and right side to mix and match colors for a unique look.

Special thanks to Eden Darkfire who updated all these slurls at the end of August 2010! ^_^

Free Neko Eyes

Ephemeral offers two free sets of eyes (original Neko Eyes, and Shadow Cat Eyes), so you can see the design quality first-hand. Check out both rooms of the store!

FDM / Fleurs du Male offers a free grey set of their unique “Alive – Drake” series eyes.

By Snow has a couple of free neko/hybrid eyes in their store

Poetic Colors has a free Neko set towards the back of the store, by the red couch.

Urban Dare gives you a free pair of Neko eyes when you join their udpate group.

Slightly Skewed (Anairah Galicia) charges only $19L for six different colors of beautiful cat eyes (SL marketplace)

Click on the store name for a SLURL.  Please email me with any stores I’ve missed (or outdated slurls)… thanks!

42nd Life (Kira Zobel)
This store offers two sets of Neko eyes… “Ultimate Cat Eyes” are on a sign hanging just above the front door; “Realistic Neko Eyes” are inside on the back wall. The Ultimate set offers light-responsive pupil dilation, including a night-time “reflective glow” (how cool is that!), plus you can change the eye color via chat comment. The Realistic eyes have lovely texture and come with five colors in the package. Thanks to blog reader Brittany for telling me about these!

Akeyo (Akemi Yoshikawa)
Kittystyle “Odd Eyes” in green, orange, blue, red and purple, “mixable with any other color.”

Amacci (Carina Larsen) – tails temporarily unavailable while their colors are being updated
There are two types of Neko eyes available here; both come in two sizes, in 12 different colors, with an optional add-on prim to make your eyes sparkle. “Evil Cat” eyes come with a black sclera; “Cat Eyes” come with a white sclera. If the Slurl doesn’t bring you directly to the location of the eyes, they are located in the ‘Eyes’ wing of the store, against the West wall.

Ami Style / Amis (Ami Babii)
Basic Neko eye colors in this store have nice shading and include blue, cyan (turquoise), baby blue, orange, hazel, brown, gray, mauve (looks like dark grey to me), violet/purple, dark yellow, berry (deep pink), pink, elm green (light green), emerald green, and green (like grass).

Unique options include a yellow eye with a yellow-ish white, and two sets of “odd eye” pairs (one eye is green, one eye is blue).

For those of you wanting a more feral look, Ami recently released a series of “Black Neko Eyes II” that come with both black and white “whites” in each package. Colors in this style include light green, ice blue, blue, yellow green, pink, purple, yellow-gold, brown, grey, or an all-color pack. See how they look on her blog.

Ari’s Neko Retreat / Arianna Designs (Arianna Voltaire)
Eyes are sold singly, in pairs, sets of four, or ten-packs, and come in the following colors: pink, gold, blue, green, tan, silver, teal, lunar beauty, and lunar skies.

Black Heart (Skull Connor)
Two kinds of feline eyes are available here: Kitty Eyes have a white background and a more narrow pupil; Neko eyes have a black background, a slightly larger pupil, and the texture is slightly more softened. Both come in eight different colors (sold individually) featuring rich, multi-hued tones.

Bounce (Archan Allen)
Anime-style neko eyes are available here in bright, glassy colors including brown, green, dark red, light red, turquoise blue, denim blue, golden yellow, green yellow, green, purple, and deep pink.

By Snow (Snow Frostwych)
This store offers two different types of eyes that work well for Neko: “Cat Eyes” and “Hybrid Eyes.” Both eyes feature glassy reflections and your choice of black or white sclera inside the same package. Cat Eyes come in the following colors: pale blue/turquoise, pale lavender, lime green, yellow, teal, orange, hot pink, silver, and amber/gold. Hybrid eyes come in emerald green, teal, cobalt blue, orange, red, magenta, pale pink, soft blue, and silver.

Don’t forget to pick up the FREE “Alienite” eyes in the lobby (they kinda look like something a spooky cat would wear!), or the $1L Hybrid eyes in “blush” color on the wall. And you may also wanna check out the complete “Canada” Neko outfit (with ears, tails, clothes and paw boots) for either girls or boys upstairs… it’s just $50L!

Note: these vendors operate a little differently. First you must click on the smaller photo of the eye color you want, and that will make it appear in the larger photo area. Then you can buy that color by clicking on the large photo.

Catwise (Catwise Yoshikawa)
Five luminous colors come with bright whites in the same package: grey, gold, lime green, purple and cobalt blue.

Chrissy Designs (Cristina Sugita)
There are two Neko eyes available on the wall here for $20L each: One is a metallic gold with a very narrow pupil slit, the other is a vivid orange with a slightly more open pupil.  Both have quite a bit of hand-painted depth to them.

Curious Kitties (Ameshin Yossarian)
Upon arrival, take the elevator to the 2nd floor and head kinda SW-ish. You’ll find two styles:

– Livran Eyes (being updated; not currently available): glowing cat eyes in blue, purple, pink, red, golden, yellow, green and pale lavender-white; all include purple highlights.

– Neko Mutation Eyes: a mottled, marbelized effect on these eyes will give you a distinctly different effect. Colors include purple, blue, pink, red, turquoise, green orange, gold, tan, grey, silvery white, and black.

Detour (Detour Sideways)
“Feline Eyes” come in a package of 5 colors: hazel, grey, green, brown, and blue. They are located in the right wing of the store.

Dark Spot Designs (Oken Hax)
Thanks to Brittany for the head’s up about this very comprehensive set of eyes, called “Neko Prim Eyes.” These babies come with an unbelievable range of customization options, all controlled by chat menu. You can even make your left and right eye entirely different. But pay close attention to the notecard, there’s SO many customization options, you’re going to want to refer to the card until you get used to making changes.

What can you change? 2 texture sets (each of which contain a bunch of different iris textures); 3 different white (“sclera”) textures as well as tints; 2 different eye highlights as well as tints; 5 different pupil styles (human, neko, hollowed, demon, or none at all); pupil animation (the size of pupils’ dilation… or you can set it to a fixed size if you prefer, there are 5 of those!); pupil color, and more. When you enter the store, come to the far back left corner to find the vendor.

Dirty Lynx (Loki Dancer, Ivanka Akina)
“Neko Visions” come in a package of 12 colors: blue, grey-blue, turquoise, olive, light green, green, red, purple, violet, orange, tan, and rainbow.  They look very glassy with a dark outer rim.  Located upstairs.

DtD (Yoel Savira)
Two styles await you here, both feature very unique color combinations . “Stardust” features a fine outer line around the iris of contrasting color with (static) sparkles in the eyes; “Metallic” has boldly beautiful contrasting colors inside the iris. Very affordable!

EarthStones (Abraxxa Anatine)
Abraxxa’s beautiful “Cat Eyes” are very cat-realistic, with a dark sclera, in 13 colors: Smoky topaz (tan), Citrine (yellow), Golden Amber (orange), Demonic (red), Emerald (green), Pewter (silver-blue), Silver (pale grey), Tanzanite (deep blue-purple), Amethyst (bright purple), Tourmaline (pink-lavender), Aquamarine (turquoise), Sapphire (deep blue), and Blue Topaz (blue green).

EDDesign (Edde Edman)
The “Cats eyes” here are very nice. The designer starts with photo-realistic images, and then adds in his own unique colors, with shadowing at the top, and nice depth. Some packages come with prim eyes, but all come with anywhere from 3 to 6 slightly varied color options inside, plus an optional twinkle effect (“bling for your eyes?” hehe).

Eyes are located in two areas of the store: the ones on the left wall, far right edge, include: Lemon (yellow green); Silver; (Ice) Blue; Yallow (kind of an orangey tan); Acqua; Green (dark upper, light lower); Pale Brown, Blue, Pink and Red.

Then if you wander around to the middle of the store, over by the men’s skins area, there are more Cats eye colors on 4-5 tall posts or strips hanging from the ceiling. Some of these colors are duplicates, some include additional colors, just keep looking around til you find the rest: Crystal green; Lemon; Poison (green/reddish-brown); Ultraviolet; Purple, Green paled; Ultraviolet orange; and Blue mix.

ElectroKitty, designed by MnM Design (Utano Schell)
Each package contains regular eyes, and a set of prim eyes, so you can mix and match colors by purchasing more than one color package.  Colors include deep blue, purple, green, yellow, brown, turquoise, silver, and red.

Ephemeral (Arkesh Baral)
There are two different styles of Neko eyes at this store: regular “Neko Eyes,” and the new “Shadow Cat Eyes” with super high resolution mesh! Look in both rooms of the store to see them both… and don’t forget to pick up the FREE set that Arkesh offers in each room!

Neko Eyes: these are Ephemeral’s original, incredibly textured eyes. They come with three sets of eyes in each package: two system (regular) eyes (one with natural-looking whites, one with brighter whites), and one matching set of prim eyes in four sizes, also in each style of white (8 left/right sets) so you can mix and match colors. And talk about colors… there are no less than 48 of ’em here… neatly organized into rows of similar colors, including: Albino (pink); Albino Deep (darker pink); Red; Red Deep; Red Dark; Golden Yellow, Sunset (pale orange); Burnt Orange; Flame; Golden Apple (yellow green); Golden Green (lime green); Green Bright (pale blue-green); Green (like spring grass); Green Deep (like summer grass); Green Dark; Teal Ice; Teal; Blue Ice; Blue Glacier; Blue; Blue Deep; Blue Dark; Electric Mist (lavender); Purple Ice (pale violet); Violet Haze; Ultra-Violet: Magenta Fire; Sepia Ice (pale tan); Sienna Pale (Pale orange tan); Sienna (Orange-brown); Golden Brown (with a hint of bright blue in the middle); Brown: Green Hazel; Hazel; Hazel Dark; Crimson Fog (pinkish-tan); Misty Dawn (gold and purple); Grey Pale; Grey; Grey Deep.

Shadow Cat Eyes: these new eyes are based on the amazing textures of the original Neko eyes, but their pupils have been modified (slightly more open), shadows were added, and they now include some of the best reflections I’ve seen in SL eyes (trust me, the vendor pics don’t begin to do them justice). These eyes come with 12 sets of eyes in each package: 4 regular system eyes (the difference being how white the sclera is), and 8 mesh eyes (separate eyes for left and right, each one in four degrees of whiteness (w1 = darkest whites, w4 = brightest whites). Colors include: pale grey, grey, green, forest green, deep green, teal ice, prairie dawn, prairie haze, blue glacier, blue, deep blue, green hazel, hazel, golden brown (my faves), brown amber, and brown. Absolutely gorgeous work, Keshie!!! ❤

Esuga (Eilfie Sugarplum)
Come upstairs and turn the corner to find a back room full of eyes, including “Cat Prim Eyes.” The design is unique… more anime in style, with pronounced shadows and a light reflection. Colors include Red (the vendor text says ‘Aquamarine,’ but inside the package these eyes are called ‘Demon’); Aquamarine (yellow green and blue green with a dark black rim); Plushie (pink); and Fruit Loop (thin pink surrounded by bright yellow and a black outer rim). Their “Fae” set could be used for a more feral Neko look.

Eyes 2C (2C Runo)
Cat Half Realistic Eyes are a must-see. They have a nice glassy depth, realistic whites (not too dark, not too much pink), and an interesting, swirly blend of colors that I can’t begin to describe, so you’ll just have to come look for yourself. They are located upstairs on the second floor.

FDM / Fleurs du Male (Aymeric Pelazzi)
Aymeric has developed a unique approach to eyes called the “Alive” series. Basically his eye package includes regular system eyes, and two prims that you wear *over* your system eye, in order to provide a very subtle, yet realistic “lighting” effect. No, don’t think bling… these resemble the natural light that constantly moves and reflects off eyes. Try out a FREE pair of the grey eyes to see what I mean.

His “Drake” eyes are perfect for Nekos, with beautiful and unusual textures, vertically slit pupils, and maximum shadows and reflections. They come in a variety of standard and unique colors: Cobra (pale green), Darkwish (greenish purple), Dream (pale greenish-yellow with pink in the center), Ember (orangey red), Gold (a gorgeous blend of golds and greens), Grey, Ice&Fire (turquoise, blue and red), Incubus (lavender pink with a softened pupil), Jade green, Nymph (silver pink with a deep pink pupil), Succubus (hot pink), Sun (Bright yellow gold with *no* pupil), Underworld (olive green and gold), Blood (red), Brass (deep golden brown), Copper (light reddish gold), Lava (dark green-grey with a red center), Plague (Greenish olive with dark brown in the center), and Poison (deep green with an even darker green center).

Fallen Gods Inc. (Alia Baroque)
“Elemental” Cat Eyes come in very vivid, nicely shaded colors, including silver, turquoise, red, gold green and violet purple.

Hocico (Angela Beerbaum)
Several types of Neko eyes are offered here; each package comes with a pair of standard eyes, as well as a set of individual prim eyes so you can change out left and right colors. The small “Pixie Line” features vivid colors of blue, green, pink and purple. The more extensive line, “Swift Obscurity,” comes in a wide variety of more natural colors with subtle variations, including numerous light greens, golds, as well as a blue and a silver. What sets these eyes apart from any other Neko eyes I’ve seen is their unique “glow” — a scripted animation that provides extra gloss and more natural shadows.

Hybrid (Philo Sion > Stoic Ixchel): Philo sold the store to Stoic, who did not reopen it  😦

Kitteh Bits (Angela Bloxome)
Upstairs on the second floor you’ll find Neko eyes in blue, light blue, lime green, kelly green, pink, and orangey-gold, all at a very affordable price.

Kitty Quest (Vlena Galicia) – SL Marketplace store
The Neko eyes here are definitely different from most others I’ve seen on the grid… and look more “authentically cat-like.” They are large (very little whites) with shaded colors and nice reflection. Each color set comes with three alternate colors inside… a realistic color, and two more mottled colors in the same hue. Color sets include Power Carnelian (pinkish red), Blue Topaz, Charoite (magenta purple), Diamond (silver white), Amber (pale gold), Lucky Amazonite (yellow green), Jasper (orangy brown), and Garnet (kelly green).

On a second wall of the store is the “Cygnus” line of eyes… a different shadowing texture with similar colors. A third wall has Lycan and Neko eyes… yet another color/texture pattern only I think these Neko eyes only feature round pupils. While here, don’t forget to check out the free “glass contacts” that fit over this store’s eyes and allow you to add an alternate (prim) color to one (or both) eyes.

Massive Athaks (Atharax Inglis)
Just $100L will buy you five different colors of neko eyes: grey, electric grey, violet, rusty, and green. All have a highlighted yello color lining the narrow pupil, and detailed shadow reflections.

MnM Design (Utano Schell)
These eyes come with ten texture options, scripted color change, and three pupil types; each package includes regular eyes as well as prim eyes (so you can make your left and right eye a different color).

Moloko (Jolita Korobase)
Moloko’s Neko eyes come in Ice Blue, (light golden) Brown, Aqua Green, Purple, and Pink. To me, they look sorta jewel- anime like.

N@rkotic, designed by Sans Interdit (MaryBelle Giano)
Prim eyes rather than standard/system eyes are available here.  Choose from two packages:  gold/grey, or blue/green… enabling you to mix and match between the colors of your package.  Eyes are located in the middle/main room of this store, back wall, upper right corner.

ND/MD (Moonlay Laval)
These Neko eyes come in the following colors: Frost (deep blue), Jade (emerald green), Jade-Frost (blue-green), Tiger (yellow-green), Yellow (yup), Vamp (silver), Vampira (silver with black background), Demona Red (light red with black background), Demona Green (emerald green with black background). If the slurl doesn’t take you to the eyes, the vendor is right outside the neko section, on the SW corner.

NerdMonkey (Thanya Marabana)
These cat eyes feature realistic, lightly veined whites, and come in four colors: kelly green, forest green, turquoise blue, and cobalt blue.

OTCR / Outland Tech and Curious Relics (Anisa Naumova)
In the designer’s own words: These new Neko Eyes are essentially a “version 2” of my older “Relic Eyes” but have been rebuilt into slitted feline-style pupils. Obviously their functionality has been greatly improved over the older Relic Eyes, however, they are still just the “pupil” of your avatar’s eyes. They are made to work with normal eye textures, creating a glowing feline slit pupil with depth… it actually appears as if light is reflecting off the cornea of your avatar’s eyes to be technical. A simple but versatile coloring system has been built into the menu, as well as a built in method of resizing the pupils so you never need to use SL’s Build system!

PixelPaws (Valeska McMillan)
Valeska’s Neko Eyes are very affordable. They have very faint blood veins in the whites, and come in lots of colors: Acid yellow (yellow with a bit of green), Bright acid green (kelly green), Dark acid green (dark kelly green), Lemon lime (pale 2-tone green), Luscious line/lime (deep green), Deepest emerald (green), Icy green (kelly green with very pale/white green in the center), Icy spice (olive green with pale/white centers), Darkest red (almost black-red), Burning red (vivid red), Burning rose (rosy red), Pink rose (reddish-pink), Lilac wine (deep pink), Lilac fire (deep purple), Lavendar baby (bright violet purple), Purple night (very dark violet purple), Mono chrome (deep charcoal grey), Dark steel (dark grey), Pale steel (light grey), Slate grey (a nice blue-ish grey), Slate blue (just like it sounds), Darkest blue, Vivid blue, Icy blue (dark blue with pale blue in the center), Mahogany maybe (warm golden brown), Rich amber (golden), Warm brown, and Dark brown. Plus there are a couple of very unique color combinations, including Space ice (deep violet pink with white in the center), and On fire (vivid blue with pale yellow in the center). Be sure to pick up a box of free Neko whiskers while you’re at the store!

Plastik, The Beautiful (Aikea Rieko): also see their SL Marketplace store
Upon arrival, wait for rez, and look for the signpost. Take the teleport to “Eyes Ears Skins” level. Once you get there, look for another sign post and take a second teleport up to the “Second Floor.” Neko eyes are located in three areas on this floor.

First, come to the NE corner of the floor. There up on the top of the wall, you’ll find an assortment of Neko eyes in “Collection Two” with very narrow slit pupils and slightly grey-ish whites.

The ones at the very top are in vivid jewel tones, including emerald green, grass green, spring green, cobalt blue, royal blue, turquoise blue, deep purple, violet purple, magenta purple, purply pink, fuschia pink, pink, yellow, orangey gold, and red.

The ones at the bottom (of the upper vendor) are called ‘Shada,’ and feature a black shadow at the top of the eye, and some really wild iris colors (think tie dye meets watercolor), which I can’t even begin to describe so you’ll just have to come see for yourself.  🙂

Now walk over to the NW corner of this floor, where you’ll find the “Animale Cateyes.” These also have narrow slit pupils, and a greyish white, but what sets these apart is a dark black contrasting ring around each iris, and a black shadow on the iris. Colors in this set include: Orange, Fire, Vivid Gold, Flare, and Gold; Magenta, Plum, Viola, and Vivid Purple; Night blue, Deep sea blue, Reptile blue, and Summer sky blue; Lucky green, Verte green, Vivid green, Grass green, Natura green, and Sea green (almost teal); Blue ice, Rose ice, Green ice, Yellow ice, Silver and Titanium; Red; Pink and Vivid Pink; Sun (yellow-green); and some unique blends like Soul Gazer, Soul, Craze; Steel, and Amythest.

The final and third area on this floor offer the same “Animale” eyes, only sized large for furries… over on the East side of the floor.

Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
These eyes are amazing… featuring the most realistic sparkle and reflection… I urge you to come see for yourself (they are located in a separate building behind you, upon arrival). Every set comes in three sizes (small, medium, large). Some Neko I know are not fond of the whites… they are more of a grey-white with some redness on the sides… but the sparkle and texture depth may well make up for it. Thank you, Elusyve Jewell for turning me on to this great designer!

Pop Tart & Urban Assault (JoseDiego Silverspar)
This store’s “Creepy Peepers” are like no other Neko eyes I’ve seen in Second Life, with good depth and shine (and only $35 a pair). Colors include: Kerosene (hot pink), Mercury (silver), Napalm (orange), Poison (bright purple), Water Sports (yellow with a hint of green), Whiskey (light gold), Absinthe (lime green), Acid (dark purple), Chlorine (bright turquoise blue), Code Blue (medium blue), Gasoline (pale pink), and Infected (stop sign red). Note: if the slurl doesn’t bring you to the second floor, use the teleporter on the floor just inside the front door.

PP > See Ultra Kitty

Primitive Design (Geyer Schnyder)
Twenty four different colors of standard/system “animal eyes” await you here. The pupils are slit, though the two reflection highlights almost make the pupil look more like a lightning bolt. Each eye is a two-tone blend including several other complementary accent colors; all feature a slightly bloodshot white. Colors include multiple greens, reds, oranges, crimsons, blues, golds, browns, and black… the combinations are unique enough to warrant a visit.

Prismatic Design (Propain Electricteeth) – this is an Xstreet link, not an in-world store
The Cat Eyes sold here come in “Prism” colors, or “Multi-colors,” and may be purchased individually, or in packs of sixteen eyes. Colors range from standard cat tones (greens, golds, blues, and browns), to a variety of very unique colors, some with two- and three-tones included.

Psst..Here Kitty, Kitty (Kitaria Valeeva)
This is another store with a variety of unique eyes for Nekos, including ‘Tiger Eyes’ (multiple colors beautifully faceted), ‘Bright Eyes’ (a more standard cat eye), and ‘Blackout’ eyes (the whites of the eyes are all black). Colors include purple, green, teal, pink, red, gold, blue, and variations thereof.

R&K (Rikimaru Darkstone & Kleopatra Rives)
Mystic cat eyes are located on the second floor of the store, and come in: Azur (blue), Cyan (turquoise), Pink, Purple, Rainbow Purple, Rainbow Blue, Brown, Red, and Gold.

Riddle (Chrystina Noel)
Store classified as “Adult” now. These are prim eyes, so you can buy different colors to mix and match each eye differently. Textures are lovely, using multiple shades of color, and feature great shading from top to bottom to lend depth. Colors include amber, brown, green, grey, ice blue, marine blue, pink, purple, teal, and yellow-green.

Ruca Tease (Roscko Cobalt) SL Marketplace store
Neko Eyes are only $30L each and come in a variety of colors, including 4 different green eyes, 3 different blue eyes, grey, amber, white (with hints of blue and amber), red-yellow (which looks sort of sienna brown to me), purple, and pink purple.  This store has an in-world location on a beautiful sim, but I was never able to find the actual store… so use the link above to visit their SL Marketplace store. Be sure to check out their blog, too!

SbZ Eye Fidelity (Zada Zenovka)
Sadly, this store is still on hiatus

Tacky Star (Aura Falta)
This girl’s got eye design creativity in spades (and she loves for you to tell her so, lol). In addition to several very unique/cool eyes for humans (and.. mm… other creatures), Aura offers us Nekos four options: “Robin Neko Set” (a lovely combination of pale green, lavender, and a hint of gold), “Evil Watermelon,” “Kitten,” and “Bobbin Neko Set” (dark purple, lavender, and a hint of gold). If you’re a purple lover, you’ve got to see that last set. Each set comes with multiple options: smaller, small, medium and large; three vein options (including no veins), plus a ‘cateye special.’ All that for this price? Yup, come check it out.

The Plastik > see Plastik

Trap (Selos Dae)
Trap’s new “Ajna” eyes are one of the few types that glow. They come in ten bright colors: yellow gold, red, pink, turquoise blue, yellow, orange, crimson, violet, lime green, and silver.

Turquoise Unicorn (Nara Tairov)
This store is adjacent to The Plastik store. Upon arrival at the landing point, click on the blue teleport sign for “Turquoise Unicorn” to get here. Once you arrive, you’ll find several very unique, hand-painted eyes that would give a distinctive look to your avatar… including “Totally Tokay” — a beautiful orangey gold cat eye; and “Alligator Eyes” which have a highly reflective reptilian texture and vertical slit.

And then there are Nara’s “Cat Eyes,” which feature some of the best textures I’ve seen: imagine a floral “bloom” of contrasting, vivid colors with a stark black outline against a white sclera. Color options include “Aurora Borealis (deep purply pink + red); “Chocolate Grape” (light brown + soft purple); “Coming Fall” (bright green + yellow); “Avatar” (vivid turquoise blue + pale green); “Lantern” (deep purple + emerald green); “Gumdrops” (pink + orange); “Takeover” (red + purple); and “Jades of Gold” (soft green + rich gold).

Ultra Kitty (Violett Ellils)
This store is currently on hiatus
These Neko eyes have lovely depth and shading, with a black rim around the iris. Each package comes with two styles: regular whites, and bloodshot whites. Color choices include red, cherry, violet, gray, white (almost pale silver), brown, gold, green, blue, and black (medium charcoal color).

Urban Dare (Craven Theas)
There are no less than two hundred and ten colors of Neko eyes available at this store, available individually or in packs of seven, literally filling almost the entire back wall of the store.  I’m not even going to try to list all the colors, but if you can’t find the exact shade you have in mind, you’re just going to have to take up building yourself.  The individual eyes are quite affordable too, in case you see a couple you want just for special occasions.

FREE: A free pair of Neko eyes are available when you join the Urban Dare udpate group.

UsagiNeko (Kale Bailey)
Currently unable to locate this store in SL; awaiting a reply from the designer
Thirteen different colors here include several very unique combinations: True Blue, True Green, Orange, Fire (red), Honey, Violet, Ice (pale blue), Sun (yellow), Lavender, Jester (purple and gold), Evil (silver and red), Psychodelic (yellow and pink), and Undead (silver/clouded over).

Zanzo (Theodore DuCasse)
Each package of “Nekoism” eyes here includes three shades of solid colors inside. Whites are grey-white, reflections are nice, and the colors include: Cerulean (bluegreen); Royal Blue (a dark turquoise); Sapphire; Indigo (blue-purple); Tyrian (violet purple); Rose (red); Cerise (dark pink); Violet (violet pink); Yellow; Tan; Fern Green, Moss Green, Pigment Green (vivid kelly green); and Marine (green with a hint of blue).


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