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stacia-fairy2About Virtual Neko

Virtual Neko is a blog about all things Neko / catgirl in the online virtual world called Second Life. Short stories highlight fashion, exploration, and fun, while resource pages in the sidebar provide all sorts of handy shopping information, neko history, and “how to” guides for the Neko / catgirl / catboy community.

Although each story highlights a fashion outfit (complete with photos of each item and slurls to each store), unlike the typical Second Life fashion blog, my focus is as much on short stories as it is on fashion. My outfit helps tell the story. Sometimes our story ideas start with an amazing build. Sometimes it starts with an amazing outfit. Sometimes it’s an observation about life — first or second.

No matter what the story, my goal is to make you smile, expand your second life scope, and open your first life mind.

If you are likewise drawn to the Neko side of Second Life, whether for part time fun or the result of total DNA reconstruction, this blog’s for you — a place to share what you love and connect with others of your species.

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About Us Kittehs

Curious, playful, insatiable, sarcastic — apparently it was only a matter of time before discrete furry parts magically appeared on my avatar during my first year in the virtual world known as Second Life. And it’s all his fault (points at the photographer). >_>

While I certainly don’t purport to have all the Neko answers, I love nothing better than hunting and sharing my kill (a reasonable justification for the size of my Neko inventory, no?). Meanwhile Bobby loves nothing better than taking artfully creative photos of unique avatars, so… from our hearts to yours, we bring you Virtual Neko. ❤

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Review Items: Store Owners Please Read

I’m a bit of an odd “fashion” blogger. Although my blog posts always include a highly detailed fashion outfit, the resulting blog posts are as much about the story as they are about the fashion. So I assemble a variety of items from numerous stores to “craft my outfit” in the same way that I craft my story. And I really do prefer paying lindens for stuff myself, cuz I know how hard all you designers work.

That said, please don’t hesitate to let me know about a new product you’ve just released, and… aaaack! ouch! hey! OWWWWW!!… okay FINE… if you really wanna drop review items into my little paws… here’s what I look for:

  • My furreh bits are typically red.
  • I’m really a stickler for excellent texture and details.
  • I appreciate items that can are copy/mod so I can attach ’em to both arms or the other shoulder (though I understand the reasons why not all designers wanna do this).
  • I’ve got a particular passion for adorable accessories — belts, backpacks, arm straps, leg bracers, leg warmers, collars — all those cool little gadgets and mousies and candies and spare parts and thing-a-ma-bobs just make me purrrrrrr.
  • I blog what suits me. If I haven’t blogged you, yowling, hissing or scratching won’t speed up the process.
  • Each blog story takes a lot of time — at least a month (and usually longer) to produce. And I’ve typically got at least three (or ten) stories underway at any given moment.  So please be patient. If it’s quality stuff that I can match to a story theme, sooner or later, you’ll see it here.

Contact Me:

Wanna send me a meow, a yowl, or a purr? Got an event, a new product, a relocated store, or breaking news related to Nekos?  Email me at: staciavillota@gmail.com


20 Responses to “About This Kitteh”

  1. hay it is me Saur holt , I Moved Passionate Neko Dreams to my own sims, we are having a Grand opeing Party july 11 to july 13 , your invited. Also can you update my Link the slurl is in my blog. sorry i did not e mail you but i cant find you e mail *giggles* hugs from Saur Holt

  2. Love your blog!!! Very entertaining 🙂

  3. Only someone as super-cool as you could do this, sis. It’s so cool!

  4. […] drop me an email (contact information can be found on my “About This Kitteh” page) along with an SLURL to the store if possible, and I’ll be happy to check out […]

  5. Hi Stacia. ty for the comment on my blog. We do have a Neko Night at My Cafe. It’s not everyday like Misfits was..Its Every Saturday @10pm. The contest is always Best neko 🙂 that’s the slurl…


  6. Awesome idea, very useful for a shopping wh*re like me :PP, gonna send this away and thanks a lot to have listed my store in it :)) hugs ^_^

  7. I’ve just started being a Neko in SL and I’m starting to love it. It’s so cute! Your website is very entertaining and helping me understand the meaning of Neko and how far I want to go. Thank you! Darcie55 Kraus

  8. purr purr Stacia, thanks for visit 🙂 keep on burning!

  9. Awesome page Stacia.. and nice pink tail.. Thanks for all your work here..!!

  10. oh my gosh, your description of your taste in clothes is like it came out of my own mouth! im in shock, im a kemonomimi, but close enough, and i love all those little danglies and extra things that do nothing but look cool and clink around when you walk.

  11. I haven’t been neko for all that long, and was really stumbling around with it until someone pointed me in your direction and told me one word….READ !! lol Your stories and reviews have helped me immensely and I just cannot thank you enough. I have been soo busy lately following the surls in your stories, I LOVE exploring new stores hehehe, and it’s really been so much fun. I tell everyone I can about your site here and how much information is available, I’m sure you have helped many of my friends as well. Thank you SO much and keep up your wonderful work !! =^.O=

    • Aww Lolla, this is such a sweet compliment, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog… it makes me happy to hear it’s bringing a smile to my fellow Neko.

      Speaking of fellow Neko, if you haven’t already, we’d love to have you (and your friends) join us over on our Neko forum… http://secondlifenekos.ning.com/ it’s turning into quite a fun lil kitteh community! ^_^

  12. hi =) I know it’s prolly not 100% neko, but it’s kinda grungy, vintage and neko all together. Check out Orange Peel, you can check it on my picks if you want

  13. Hello, I tried to find AdiCat Designs, but when I TPed there its nothing more then a blank piece of land. Nothing there. Just FYI

    • You are right and how sad I was to confirm this. I’ve sent the store owner a message and hope that they might just be on hiatus………. thanks very much for letting me know. I’ve updated my slurls too.

  14. You’re so freakin’ cute this kitten can’t stand it! And your blog rocks!

  15. Keep up the great work! *purrs*

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