Second Life Kimono Stores

Second Life Kimono Stores

This page is dedicated to Kulta Hannu, the most elegant kimono-wearing Neko I know. Please note: Stores change location often in Second Life… if you find an outdated link, please drop me an email. These slurls were last updated on October 26, 2011. šŸ™‚

$5L Kimono: the thoughtful KeeperS Karu offers a deep emerald green butterfly kimono with a large tied bow obi in her tiny Cosplay Co-Op Marketplace store. Upon arrival at this sim, you should see the kimono directly in front of you.

Kimono AO: KH/Kami Hitoe (Sala Snook): offers a special AO that helps your avatar move more appropriately / within the confines of a kimono

Kimono Malls:

Milky House
Kyoto Bakumatsu
Japan Graffiti Sakai Kimono Street
Shared Store of Multiple Designers: this store is a collaborative space shared by multiple kimono designers who seem to be found no where else but here, including: 00MaSuMi00 Criss; Yocco Yokosuka; Heart Irata; Aileen Rieko; and Jun Harsley.

Kimono Stores:

AdeyakA (Mokushiroku Kamachi) – store currently unavailable

Aki-Kimono (Akichan Yoshikawa): male and female kimono here

Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka): kimono are upstairs at the far end of the second floor

A.M.K.R. (Marilyn Mistwallow & Ramu Axel): male and female kimono here

Ancient Tree (Solene Hoisan): male and female kimono here
There are all sorts of different kimono styles and colors here. Be sure to also visitĀ their blog.

Asian Inspiration (SheoftheSourSnailSuckers Sellery)
This store also sells geisha hair, katanas, cosplay outfits, and more

AV / Awram Viie (Miraiwave Iwish)
Kimonos here are in lovely bright colors, and come multiple layers to make easier adjustments. Plus there are also several lovely kimono jackets!

Barbee (Natsu Serevi)Ā – store currently unavailable

Bare Rose (June Dion and others)
This link will take you to their database, just type “kimono” in the search line; you’ll even get a slurl that takes you directly to the wall on which the item is sold in-world!

BG (Yocco Yokosuka)
Includes long style, short style, and a men’s winter drape kimono. Be sure to visit the beautiful Yu-kaku Club adjacent to the storeā€”featuring authentic Japanese “Ozashiki” banquets hosted by girls called “Yu-jyo.” See their blog.

Bhadra’s Kimonos (Bhadragura Rodenberger): kimono are on the top (2nd) floor of this store

Black Canary (Morrigan Denimore)
I could find only one (gorgeous!) kimono here, located on the second floor, on the left wall towards the back

CouCou (Urara Beck)

CTK / Cherry Tokyo’s Kimono (Cherry Tokyo)

Cup of Crown (Emperor Oyen)

Discord (Orange Meili)

DP YumYum (Toraji Voom)

Envy (Nivea Miles)
Also see Envy’s blog

EXiA (Setsuna Hirano):Ā kimono are upstairs on the 2nd floor of the store

FallnAngel Creations (Azriel Demain)

Feather (Sakuya Lane): kimono are located in very small vendor boxes in the SW corner of the store

Flower and Willow (Hatsune Yoshikawa)Ā –Ā store currently not found in SL

Fuku Neko (Neko Harrop)

Furisode > see Sakka’s Studio

Gabriel (Takuya Jinn)
Kimono for men and women are located at the new main store location only

Geisha Dreams / GD (Aryanna DeCuir)
Well-designed kimono with accurately researched details; as well as kanzashi, zouri (sandals), okobo (elevated sandals), kinchaku (wicker baskets to carry), fans, geisha skins, hair and more… view photos on the Geisha Dreaming blog.

Geishasan (Minna Kurka): on SL Marketplace only

GB / Giorno Brando (Giorno Brando): male and female kimono

Grasp (Asalt Eames) -> see Sweetaholic

Hakuou-Do (see KTG)

Hal*Hina (Hinano Runo)

Handmade RAN Kimono (Chihiro Martinek)

Ichigo-Ya (Aileen Rieko) > see Sweet Strawberry

In Bloom (Kacica Blackheart and Kirin Nirvana)not quite open yet, but there’s a free Oiran kimono available!

Japan Soul / Nonko Romankon (Nonko Noel)

Jewels Trendy Fashion (Jewels Aquitaine): an SL Marketplace store

Jolly Joker (Ponpochi Rau)

JUGOYA Men’s Kimono (D15 Koba): male kimono only

Juno Kobo (JunSan Allen): an SL Marketplace store

Keito Ya Kimono Shop (Keito Lane)

Kimono by Yuki (Yuki Magojiro) (also found on xstreetsl)

Kisetsu (Nix Marabana)

KitsuneYa (Maency Benelli)

KJ (Nakayo Boa)

Kokihi > see Keito Ya Kimono Shop

KTG Hakuou-Do (Keitee Jie): all male kimono here (and an old man avatar)

Kurotsubaki (Sato Yifu)

LDV / La Dolce Vida (Romi Dagostino)

Mare Dresses & Kimono (Mare Vollmar)

Milky House (Sequanna Kidd)

Miumin (Min Minuet)

Monsoon (Kaiya Khondji) – store has closed

Morihime (Nakayo Boa)

MotiAme (Malone Brandi)

Naminoke (Taiko McCaw)

Nemurineko > see Yorozuya Nemurineko

Nonko Romankon > see Japan Soul

Nostalgic Otome Kimono (Keito Lane / Keito Ya)

Oiran Elegance (Aisya Destiny)Ā – owner taking a break from SL

Pop Feel (Cyam Amat)
Be sure to check out this store’s “retro” style kimono, and beautiful haori jackets / PureStyle (Mimify Loon)

Rabbit Kiss (Jeter Jun and Winly Jun)

RM / Rosy Mood (Calico Felisimo)

RMK / RkumeikaN (ä¹ę”č’¼č”£ / Aoi McMasters)
Kimono are located on the second floor of the shop, which includes both male and female kimonos

Ryushosha (Ryusho Ort)
This store’s selection includes a number of kimono and related wear for men too.

Sakka’s Studio (Sakka Flow)

SENRIES Ā Sen no ZYU-AN (Senri Oh)

Shirohato (Maruko05 Aya)

Silvery K (Kabocha Enzo)

SSS Kimono (Sunskysea Constantine): unique “off one shoulder” kimono for men and women

Sweetaholic (Asalt Eames)

Sweetest Goodbye (Morphine Janick)

Sweet Strawberry / Ichigo-Ya (Aileen Rieko) FREE and dollarbie kimono usually located on the back wall

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Tayren Theas)

Tenran (Kitty Pidgeon)

Tomoto (Tomo Wachter) Also see their blog

ToutouAnn Kimono (Kirin Nirvana / Kacica Blackheart)Ā – see the new store name “In Bloom”

Umi UsagiĀ (Winly Jun)

Uzuki (Uzuki Abonwood)

V Couture (Vasilisa Shilova)
This store has one kimono package called “Royal Geisha.” It includes the kimono, obi, kanzashi, matching pearl earrings, matching zori shoes, an animated matching parasol, and an animated fan. See a photo here.

Wildcats (Wildcat Mode)Ā – SL Marketplace link
In addition to individual kimono for sale, this store offers very affordable “full geisha packages” that come complete with shape, skin, eyes, hair, kimono, zori shoes, and a fan with a built in AO.)

Yabumi (Sunskysea Constantine): male kimono

Yuri’s Design (Yurichan Aeon) (also found on SL Marketplace)

Yorozuya Nemurineko (Chatnoir Catnap): male and female kimono here

Yumeji (Yossy Shan)

Zashiki-gi (Toshiha Magic)

For more Kimono reading…

Kimono Love

Little Geisha Kitty

About Haori, ala Kulta Hannu:

A “haori” is a kimono coat / jacket. There are several kinds but it is the one that ties closed at the front. Another, called the “michiyuki,” crosses over the chest and snaps/buttons closed above the breast to cover very large obi. These are worn in the rain, to protect the silk of the kimono underneath.


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  3. try if I might I can’t find the shop with kinono inworld. Yuki’s kimono are available at xstreet though

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