How to Find Other Nekos in SL

Looking for a place to connect with other Nekos in Second Life? Here are a Few Options:

1.  Join the Second Life Neko Online Community Forum

Second Life Neko is a friendly online community forum built by Neko, for Neko, about Neko. It’s a place where we can connect with each other, start discussions, find new friends, explore the unique aspects of our Neko heritage and subculture, share our blogs, upload hot Neko photos, get first dibs on sales announcements from Neko stores, and more. We’d love to have you join us!

NOTE: our original community was established on the “ning” platform for almost two years, but after ning announced “must pay” requirements, we moved over to the “spruz” platform.

2.  Join the “VirtualNeko” group in Second Life

If you’ve got available group space, open up your search tab, click on “groups,” and type “VirtualNeko” (all one word, no space). Joining is free, chat is allowed, so you’re welcome to send an IM to the group to say hello, see who else is online, and if they’re doing anything fun. Find a great Neko sale? Tell the group! It’s a great place to connect.

3.  Come to a “Neko Night” for Music and Dance

Several nightclubs feature weekly Neko events at different times of the day. This is a great way to dance to good music, meet other Neko, and maybe even win some lindens or a Neko store gift certificate in a Neko contest.

4. Do a little Neko Roleplay

Although it’s not uncommon to find Neko in many Second Life roleplay sims, there are a few sims that have dedicated tribes or groups of Neko who roleplay regularly. The link above will provide you with some quick roleplay tips and slurls to the Neko roleplay sims I’m aware of.

5.  Follow Virtual Neko on Twitter

No tweetspam here kittehs… I only tweet about once every week or so… in order to alert you to a Neko sale, hunt, special freebie, or new blog story.

6.  Get Neko-Faced

Yep, Virtual Neko is on Facebook. If your avatar is there too (you’d be surprised how many Second Life avatars are), feel free to friend me. No I won’t play with your farm, your fish, or your mafia, but I will tell you when there’s a way cool set of free ears and tail I stumbled upon, or an amazing Neko store sale… that kinda thing. My avatar’s profile page is here.

Why, you ask…?

Well… all along I’ve had this wild hair idea. In fact from the very beginning, my goal with this blog was about doing more than just writing stories and providing resource pages on Neko fashion, exploration, and fun. I kept envisioning a “virtual home” specifically dedicated to the Neko community of Second Life.

So I’m giving it a try with all of these Neko-specific forums and groups and such, to see if any of the rest of you like the idea. Who knows, you get to say you were “there from the beginning” if you believe in this community idea too…  ^_^

From my heart to yours,

Stacia Villota


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