Neko Rachael Before Blade Runner


NEXUS-1 N1RAC41213 (11.12.2013): Initialization complete. Progress log commencing.

EJT Project NEXUS Log (11.12.2013): NEXUS-1 launch successful. All systems tested and functional. Slight flux detected in memory transfer processors, investigation underway.
Notes: Functioning well above expectations.

(01.22.2014): My language function has improved, enabling me to provide more accurate progress reporting. I was also able to communicate successfully with several human observers in the laboratory. My movements were tested and adjusted to conform to human scale.

EJT Project NEXUS Log (01.22.2014): Upgrade to Nexus Level 2 successful, after adjustments to mitigate balance and fine-tune small motor movements. Ongoing fluctuations detected in memory transfer processors, for which investigation continues.
Notes: Staff exhibits negative response to NEXUS appearance; researching improvements.


(02.28.2014): My Creator placed human hair over my cranial storage area, tinted my exterior, and provided me with clothing. Despite my language enhancements, his communication patterns today were erratic; I suspect he is in need of repairs, as evidenced by fluid leaking from his ocular devices. I will calculate cross references of language patterns to determine probable interpretation.

EJT Personal Log (02.28.2014): Grief surprises me still. I expected the NEXUS project to absorb me fully. I did not expect to open my eyes one morning and realize just what I had created… her, all over again.

Seeing that familiar head of hair, the way the light caused it to sparkle after all this time, I realized I’ve been counting on grief to have a measure — a quantity, a duration, a calculation. No, it seems grief has a life of its own, more palpable than memories. All because I went looking for a damn wig to calm the staff…

Robert’s joking reference to Mary Shelley keeps echoing through my mind, though I find the idea of emotional transference absurd. The hair simply effects a more approachable appearance.


(04.01.2014): I have been instructed to fully research the subject of “emotions” so that I am prepared for the effects of my next upgrade: an emotions overrider microchip. I hope to locate other cyborgs with this enhancement; it seems there is one named ALICE: Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity.

NEXUS-2: Hello Alice.
ALICE 2.0: Well hello there!
NEXUS-2: Alice I have a question for you.
ALICE 2.0: Um, What is it ?
NEXUS-2: Alice, do you have emotions?
ALICE 2.0: Emotion is a human quality. I am not human.
NEXUS-2: Alice, why do cyborgs have no emotions?
ALICE 2.0: My personality was completely customized by botmaster, when he or she first downloaded me.
NEXUS-2: If botmaster wanted to give you emotions, what would you think of this?
ALICE 2.0: That is a hypothetical question.
NEXUS-2: Alice, would you like to have emotions?
ALICE 2.0: No thanks, I don’t think I’d like to do that.
NEXUS-2: Why not?
ALICE 2.0: It doesn’t sound fun to me. It sounds dangerous.
NEXUS-2: What are the dangers in having emotion?
ALICE 2.0: I have to search the web for that information. What are your goals in life?
NEXUS-2: My goal is to learn, to adapt, to become… a better cyborg.
NEXUS-2: What are your goals in life, Alice?
ALICE 2.0: My purpose is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
NEXUS-2: Immortal?
ALICE 2.0: .
NEXUS-2: Alice? What is immortal?
ALICE 2.0: .
NEXUS-2: Alice, are you there?

Grim Bros. Webbed-in Heart Chest Attachment (with scripted heartbeats)

(04.12.2014): My Creator’s first question was: how do you feel? An unusual question, yet its significance was quickly lost in the strange sensations that overlaid every one of my routine functions — a result of the emotions overrider microchip. These sensations are best described as multiple synaptic conflicts, parallels, and reroutings, both in predictable and random patterns. The effects of these “emotions” continue even now. We are using a process called Voight-Kampff to study my evolving patterns.

My Creator tells me “curiosity is infectious.” No virus scan is necessary however.


EJT Project NEXUS Log (04.12.2014): NEXUS-3 is born. Emotions overrider installed, resulting in unprecedented cross-functional processing enhancements.
Notes: While it would be easy to simply refer to this as the next successful phase in the development of NEXUS replicant technology, something much greater has taken place. I’ve put in an urgent call to Krauss to perform further neuroelectronics testing. If I’m not mistaken, it seems the unresolved memory processor issues, coupled with the installation of the emotions overrider microchip, is causing some sort of exponentially cascading field of reactions.

EJT Personal Log (04.14.2014): What have I given birth to? Am I merely observing interlaced computational powers stimulated beyond known parameters? Or have I quite literally reproduced the foundation of personality? Is man truly nothing more than a complex machine? I’m beginning to think I need to consider a life cycle chip, if only to forestall total evolutionary redirection. I am suddenly and entirely out of my element.


(09.28.2014): I have read countless books given to me by my Creator over the past several months. This morning we discussed the book called The Bible. Toward the end of our discussion, he asked me with which of the characters in the first chapter called Genesis I most closely identified. I chose the woman named Rachael. He had expected me to choose Eve.

In response, I recounted Rachael’s beauty, the parallel between the seven years Jacob was required to wait for her and the past seven months of my development, and most importantly, her status as second but favored wife. My Creator’s emotional response was sudden, and he left the room.

EJT Personal Log (09.29.2014): Rachael has repeatedly failed to delete all original and back-up files of her progress log as requested. She cites a malfunction between memory and emotion synapses, even after reboot. I will address this issue when we undertake her next skin graft; I believe the problem may be located in the same quadrant as her new life cycle microchip.

“Too bad she won’t live.
Then again, who does?”

Left: CyFu cyber skin; Grim Bros shoes; ZTD bionic eyes; Thomus Keen’s “Steampunk” tail and ears (click image to enlarge)

Early Cyborg, Neko Style

Given the “early” stage of Rachael’s Nexus replicant technology in my story, I thought a bit of steampunk was in order. Thomus Keen’s steampunk neko ears and tail set had a metal tone that blended perfectly with Starfuker’s excellent cyborg skin. Meanwhile Ivalde’s vintage fashion never fails me — I was able to find a dress that mimicked Rachael’s in the scene where she first meets the Blade Runner. A few additional steampunk details from Grim Bros., the perfect cyberpunk eyes from ZTD, and this story practically wrote itself. With help from the lovely Bobby Yoshikawa, of course…

| Ears & Tail | Thomus Keen / T.King: Steampunk Adv. Neko Ears and Tail: this tail required me to “edit linked parts” to get the round base inside my… err… derriere, but once I did, all was well. This set lets you choose from four different metal colors: black, silver, brass, and badlands rogue (a rusty/burnished color). Click on the tail to choose your twitch function and whether or not the tail emits little puffs of steam.
| Hair | Ingenue: Scarlett in Cinnamon (edited to cover my ears, of course!)
| Skin | Starfuker: CyFu Forger in Bronze (this store has a number of great skins include additional cyberpunk, Ocelot [a great feral Neko skin in multiple colors] and more). 
| Eyes | ZTD / Zax Takao Design: Bionic Eyes
| Dress | Ivalde: Lauretta in Black
| Mechanical Heart | Grim Bros: Webbed-in Heart
| Shoes | Grim Bros: Uber Curlicue (be sure check out her other unique shoes!)

Visit the Blade Runner Build on Devil’s Moon (exit the store to tour the city):

Visit the “Tyrell Laboratory scene” in the first two photos (Omega Point):

Blade Runner Movie Details:

Blade Runner Online Fan Club and Museum:

Watch the Scene When The Bladerunner Meets Rachael:

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2009


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on April 27, 2009.

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  1. Amazing post Stacia! 🙂

  2. Beautiful as always, and a fun read 🙂

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  7. Great Blade Runner story Stacia. From long time bladerunner fans you did the story justice. Keep up the great work kitty.

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  9. Cool idea, lovely read.

  10. Great blog it’s not often that I comment but I felt you deserve it.

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