A Virtual Neko Letter to Santa

Christmas Eve • December 24

To: Santa Claus
From: Stacia Villota

My darling Santa… yes, I have received your messages… your IMs, your notecards, the “anonymous” blog comments, the private messages on Facebook, even the hand-written notes delivered personally by Rudolph (while adorable, still a fairly obvious tip of the fur-trimmed hat as to its sender).

Allow me, my dear old Saint Nick, to finally put this matter to rest:

I am genuinely flattered by your ardor and persistence.
I certainly do understand your fascination with all things Neko.

However you simply can’t, I repeat, can NOT, turn the Father of Christmas into a Neko. There are just too many obstacles, my fine round friend… must I enumerate?

First and foremost, finding pants that would accommodate your girth is enough pressure on the dear Mrs. Claus, but expecting her to custom tailor them for a tail? Methinks you ask too much. She’s a good, long-suffering woman, have pity and spare her the effort.

(Yes, I’m sure you could contract a few elves to do the job, but elves and neko have never been particularly fond bedfellows… who knows where that tail opening might end up?)

Secondly, all of history stands against you. Countless holiday songs, poems, story books, cards, baubles, geegaws and art… all of them depicting your lovely roundness with furry trim, not furreh bits. It simply goes against tradition, mon Pere Noel!

Imagine the time, energy and expense it would take to modify, rewrite, reprint, re-sing, re-record, retell, and remind — all in an effort to explain why Sinter Klaas has suddenly sprouted ears and a tail. Let’s not even think about the media storm that would ensue (and Blitzen help you if they dare to incriminate me… as if I don’t already have my paws full enough with the blog, thankyouverymuch).

Stacia’s little sister, patiently awaiting Santa’s return…

Last but of utmost importance, think of the children. A world full of hopeful *human* children. All snuggled in their beds dreaming of sugar plums. Every one of whom would be terribly confused and perhaps even sorely frightened to see a long tail suddenly come dropping down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Milk and cookies replaced by milk and mousies? I think not.

Even if Saint Neko-laus *does* have a certain ring to it, that’s simply not enough to warrant the emotional scars on millions of impressionable childhoods around the world. Have a care, my rosy-cheeked Babbo Natale.

Sighhhh… okay… I know… I’m being too hard on you. You’ve got a tough job, and we Neko aren’t easy to resist….

How about this: I’ll make you a deal. I’ll keep your secret safe. I’ll not whisper a peep to a mouse (nor any creature stirring in the house). Provided… of course… that you meet one… small… request. You remember my adorable little sister? That cute little sprite in the photo up above, gazing at Frosty the Snowman all innocent and trusting? Bless her sweet heart, but she put together the most precious little Christmas “wish list…”

You get my drift (no pun intended), my jolly good friend…?

Excellent. By midnight tonight, please.

Until then, remember: fluffy fur trim and hair in your human ears DO NOT make you a Neko.

Yours very truly,
Stacia Villota, the Virtual Neko

Click Image to enlarge

A Neko Christmas Outfit:

| Hair | Hal-Hina: Noa, carrot orange
| Holly Hair Ornament | Miyazu (by Ico Arrowmint): currently located on the back wall of the Perturb/ation Main Store): The Night Before Christmas Hair Ornament (attached to the alternate mouth #2 point)
| Eyes | Urban Dare: Neko eyes: Light green + green
| Ears and Tail | Taylor Made (formerly OvaHauled): 09 Christmas Tail and Ears
| Necklace and Earrings | EarthStones: Twinkling Lights Set (earrings hand attached to my Neko ears)
| Elf Sweater Dress and Coat (worn separately) | !gO! (by Gocha Merlin): Christmas Elf Girl (comes with a complete elf avatar, a cute AO, a “cold breath” animation, a smile animation, a bell you can ring, pointy elven boots, and an adorable hat… which I would have LOVED to wear for you all, but it was permanently attached to a hairstyle that just wasn’t me… pity the hat’s not sold separately!)
| Arm strap, upper right | CatNip: Egg Nog IV
| Kitty Pet, right hand | MyDeadKitty: Mad Kitty’s First Christmas (store is no longer available in SL)
| Leg Strap, right | Boof: Candy Holster, black (store no longer exists in SL)
| Socks | Rebel-Xtravaganza: Stripey Socks in Lime
| Boots | MB (by Minke Bailey): Cosy Xmas Sculpty Boots (these boots are pure works of art… drop everything and go look, quick).

More Christmas Goodies You Might Like:

| Gingerbread Mouth Cookie | Leo-NT/Sweet Leonard-NeedfulThings: Gingerbread Man FREE
| Arm strap | LouLou&Co: Amore Mia Christmas set
| Sock Feet | DemiDemi (by Demima Demina): Wearable Sculpted Socks in red (perfect for lounging by the fire later)
| Christmas Packages | DemiDemi: FREE for 25 minutes of camping you get four sets of Christmas Packages, attached to left arm, right arm, right hand, and on top of your head!

Letter to Santa Originally Published In:
UnCover Magazine’s Special Holiday Jam Issue, December 2009

Visit Happy Mood’s Beautiful Christmas Scenes:

Photos by the jolly good Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2009




~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on December 24, 2009.

One Response to “A Virtual Neko Letter to Santa”

  1. Merry christmas sweetie:)))) many gifts and a hugge kiss on jour neko nose :)))))

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