The Legend of The Were-Neko

Secondlife Werewolf Neko Halloween

She of the BloodSecondlife Neko Werewolf SL

He who strays in the forest at late,
Becomes like a worm on a hook for bait.
When the moon is full and the sky is black
He will soon discover the courage he lacks.

The prayers you utter will all be in vain,
For no one escapes the Blood and the Pain.
The Devil herself is manifest
In the very core of the werewolf’s breast.

And she comes at night, when you wander dumb
Under the trees, like you’re under her thumb
She senses your fear, she smells your heart
She’ll rip you to shreds, she’ll tear you apart.

The wolf is her family, the human her feast,
She who is born from the blood of the Beast.

– by Drowned Ophelia on

WereNeko Wings

Even a man who’s pure at heart and says his prayers at night
Fears the changing foot prints on the night
When the wolfsbane blooms under the bright beams of a full moon.

– Author unknown

Second Life Neko Werewolf 2The autumn blood flows in my veins
torn out of time
like a raging wind
touched by you.

The Darkness falls,
full moon rising
and the Wolf wanders on
The rain stroking my fur
like a gentle touch
and soon
I will be human, again.

– by Thomas A Launy

Were-Neko Outfit:

| Hair | AdiCat: Part of the “Were-Neko” outfit sold on SL’s Marketplace. NOTE: this outfit comes with two different looks… a “relaxed” look (without the fur and raised hair) and a “fight” look (producing the furry components I’m wearing above). This outfit would make an awesome choice for Nekos who love roleplay: the right paw is scripted with a lunge combat script, which will deal damage in DCS and many other combat systems. This lunge script also enables you to jump forward in a cat-like lunge animation, allows you to move faster than most flight speeds, and with practice, you can jump through the air in no fly zones and catch opponents who try to run away.
| Ears | AdiCat: Part of the “Were-Neko” outfit sold on SL’s Marketplace
| Tail | Subtle Submission: Roses and Thorns (attached to L Pec), sold on SL’s Marketplace only
| Skin | StarFuker: Ocelot V2 Black
| Eyes | PC / Poetic Colors: Hell Fire Neko Eyes
| Furry Arms, Paws and Legs | AdiCat: “Were-Neko” outfit
| Shortie Top | PixelDolls: Love Lace ❤ The Year of the Corset, Chemise in black
| Leather Jacket | Aoharu: BR Roll Up Riders in black
| Ripped Pants | LBD / Little Britain Designs: Jeans from the New Rock Flame Hoodie Set
| “Wings” | Urban Dare: Wood Nymph Wings, Fall season, small (Note: item is not currently available in the store).
| Pose | Kunstkammer: Werewolf (store no longer exists in SL)

SL Red Eyes Neko

Visit Bentham Forest in Second Life:

The Myths and Truths Surrounding Werewolves:

The Legend of Loup Garou:

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2009


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on October 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Legend of The Were-Neko”

  1. […] Second Life Neko Werewolf 2 The autumn blood flows in my veins longing torn out of time like a ragin… […]

  2. I love those eyes and hair. I will definately have to check them out.

  3. Awesome! Your pix convey such an amazing mood that fits what you have created! Brilliant.

  4. Awesome post as always my neko friend 🙂

  5. So glad you found somewhere to wear the wings you had on when we were practicing our pounces!! They look perfect with that outfit!

  6. The pics are what lured me in.

    The words are what held me here.


  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments everyone…! Dymphna I’ll adjust pounce anims with you any time. ^_^

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