Hair Recommends Part 2 – For Guys (‘n girls too)

A couple of months ago I made some hair recommendations for Neko girls. Since then, a number of lovely male Nekos (thanks in part to Ryan at Second-Man) have begun to follow this blog, so I thought it only fair to focus this next hair post on them. Thanks in advance to each of you — Wes, Ryan, Imso, Daman, and Matty — for your input and handsome mugs!  (And yes Neko girls, aside from enjoying the eye candy, pretty much any of these hairstyles will work for you too.)

Before we get started, if you want to know my biases for Neko hairstyles, feel free to consult my first post on this matter.  Rule #1? Human ears underneath Neko ears look strange… cover them please!  Okay, without further ado….

Daman Tenk
This self-made “jack of all trades” speaks a few languages, can do basic building, loves modeling, and still manages to find time to blog now and then.  Although not a full-time Neko, he has three hair recommendations for when he’s feelin’ the feline love:

| Left | Calico Creations: Fossarius (regular long hair)
| Middle | 0 Style: Mike (Japanese anime/emo style)
|  Right | Booperfunk: Nubian Boom (for your inner Rasta)

Matty Luminos
Next on our lovely line-up of handsome Nekos is Matty Luminos, who generously provided a large number hair recommendations, two of which are featured here.

| Left | H2L / Hayate’s Hair Lab: Shun
| Right | eXceSs: Reverse B

Imso Obscure
Imso was first featured in this blog’s “Purrfect Neko Family” story in August. He’s a super creative guy who enjoys DJ’ing in his spare time, when he’s not hanging out with his fellow Neko family members and friends (in SL and RL!).  In the above picture, Imso is wearing Deviant Kitties‘ “Uruha” hairstyle (in white). (Note: when you arrive at Deviant Kitties / Ploom, wait for rez, until you see a black sign in the front window of the store, which will teleport you up to the Deviant Kitties store).

Wes Philbin

Spotted during one of his rare Neko moments, this handsome (usually human, not to mention vamp) guy is the male model at EarthStones (one of this kitteh’s most favorite places for yummy jewelry).

Prior to his career in assisting with jewelry sales (simply by making women swoon while they’re visiting EarthStones), Wes’s early years often found him running around the metaverse as a Neko — wearing this excellent  skin from Nomine, tattoos from Inflict, and Kin’s “Sierra” hair style.

Ryan Darragh

Ryan is the Editor in Chief of the Second-Man fashion blog with a very special place in his heart for all things Neko.  In addition to a passion for virtual fashion, his interests include music, literature, film, architecture, and ceramics… as well as good conversation, fine food, and drink. Ryan will “wear any hair that looks cute and lets his Neko ears show.”  In this photo, he’s wearing a style from Gritty Kitty called “Czech Mate.”  Gotta love redheads…

Share Your Favorites?

If you’ve got a favorite Neko hair style for guys that’s not shown above, please submit a comment below and share.  After all, helping your fellow male kittehs look their virtual best is an honorable public service to all us female kittehs.   Purrrrr…..


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on September 24, 2008.

13 Responses to “Hair Recommends Part 2 – For Guys (‘n girls too)”

  1. God, they all look awesome!

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  4. What a great line-up of hairstyles! I can see I’ll be doing some shopping. FYI, the hairstyle I’m wearing from Gritty Kitty is actually called “Czech Mate” (gotta love a good pun)…I hope I didn’t get it wrong in my email to Stacia, although that’s entirely possible. :/

  5. Oops! Fixed now, thanks for Czeching up on me! ^_^

  6. Always a pleasure to be of some assistance to someone, that tries to help whomever wants to upgrade theri image, which i think it´s pretty important, eben amongst males, lol.

    Apart from that i do advise Deviant Kitties, with lots of wonderfull, out of the ordinary, rebel hairs, eventhough i, in the almost 2 years of SL, only used 2 diferent hairs..One before i mutated, and one (this one) since i became a Neko.

    Keep up the good work, anything u may need just contact me.

  7. Yesh! Deviant iz grate!! I tink all mah hair iz from there too! I uses they’z “Ember” an “Selos” hairs teh mostest. They’z grate cuz they iz modable, so I can git’s them ta match mah Tiger skins rilly close, which iz alwayses a plus! =^.^=
    Here iz a pic of meh in both, ackshully! Selos iz teh ponytail, an Ember iz teh long hairs.

  8. While visiting the Eat Rice! store today, I saw a cool hairstyle called “L” that I think would look great on guys. Short-ish, messy-ish, and a good range of colors. Check it out here:

  9. The store ‘Boon’ also has several styles that look good on guys… including PEA494, SHY48 for a bit of curl, TFH26, and the free NMR32 (separate vendor at the bottom of the stairs). Find them all here:

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  11. /me looks around… Neko? :p

  12. I was wondering. ummmmmm Is there any Neko kids stuff about for boys. Hard to get stuff that fits.

  13. Correct you are. Great lengths are always taken when it comes to anything “neko”… Glad this post was able to help..

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