Neko Tricks and Neko Treats

“Ugh. Where’s my big brother when I need him? This candy bag is getting heeaaavvvyyy…..”

I promise, this little Neko won’t play any tricks. I won’t even make you smell my virtual cat feet (who came up with that poem anyway?!) — provided, of course, that you give me something good to eat. Preferably dark chocolate. With hazelnuts. In return, I offer you the following treats…

(I’ll save my tricks for another day.)

Treat #1: Lovely Halloween sims to explore in Second Life…

The Cemetery at Aspen: (where our photos were taken)

The  Nightmare Store at Eeden: Great Halloween-themed stuff for sale, and an amazing haunted dining room inside the house

Second Life’s Annual Octoberville Sim: (be sure to take off everything but your most basic clothes, there’s a strict prim/script count enforced here)

Innsmouth: a spooky, deserted town where something mysterious has taken place…

The Inferno: an artistic interpretation of Dante’s Inferno… appropriately dark and macabre…

Treat #2: Fun Halloween Paper Toys to Print and Assemble in First Life:

Treat #3: a Delightful Second Life Neko Halloween outfit to wear…
(modeled by my little sister… don’t be scared, her big sister can wear this stuff too)

| Hair | CK / Curious Kitties: Pimosi (adorable messy hair for big or little sisters)
| Hat | !gO! (Gocha Merlin): Pumpkin Hat without Bow from the Pumpkin Witch outfit
| Ears | OTCR by Anisa Naumova: Neko Ear V3
| Neko Tail | GPD / Passionate Neko Dreams / Gothic Passionate Dreams: Broom-Tail Pumpkin-Patch in Black
| Black Lace Hair Ribbon | (see Dress)
| Skin | Tuli: Bella (pale/red brows) in natural
| Eyes | pc / Poetic Colors: Cat Lilac (small iris, white sclera)
| Lollipop | Sanu: Lollipops (pay the vendor, get a surprise color; includes “open mouth” animation when worn)
| Shoulder Ghost | MB CreationZ (Minke Bailey): Halloween Shoulder Ghost “Boo”
| Pumpkin Backpack | Miel: Pumpkin Raider Sack (group gift)
| Pumpkin Necklace | Sparrowcat (Mimiau Aichi): Halloween Necklace (There are all sorts of cute halloween / neko items available on this SL Marketplace store… including a halloween neko tail and belt!)
| Squash Necklace | Concrete Flowers (Lynaja Bade): Squash Necklace
| Lace Collar, Arm bands, Lace Gloves | (see Dress)
| Dress | H*K / Honey Kitty: Purple Honey Witchgirl (this adorable outfit comes in other colors
| Pumpkin Belt | Risusipo (Risusipo Jun): Witch Catgirl Chest from the Catgirl Witch outfit
| Candy Leg Strap | KF/KissFish (Twinky Lupindo): Lollipops Leg Strap (store currently unavailable)
| Striped Leggings | !gO! (Gocha Merlin): Pumpkin Pants from the Pumpkin Witch outfit
| Boots | Shiny Things: Ving boots (easy to resize plus HUD-tintable laces)
| Pumpkin Candy Container | Stud Muffins (Marcella Domela): Wearable Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket of Candy

Outfit Details Photo: (click image to enlarge)
Clockwise, starting on the left: Full outfit, front; Lollipop and necklaces; Shoulder ghost; Witch hat; Pumpkin belt; Full outfit, back; Ving boots; Candy leg strap; Pumpkin backpack.

And a Final Photographic Treat:

First life imitating Second Life? Or vice versa? 🙂

Photos (except outfit details) are another special treat by Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life 2011

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on October 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “Neko Tricks and Neko Treats”

  1. Awww you look adorable!

    Happy Halloween to you and Bobby =^..^=

  2. Cutest witch!
    Thanks for sharing the adresses!

  3. .. and another one –



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