Cyberpunk Kitty

One night when I was just a young Neko girl, I had a dream about a man with a strange mechanical device on his head. When I asked him what it was, he turned to me with an infinitely indescribable look, and a tear slipped down his cheek. “It is my prison, my addiction, my pandora. Without it, I would die. With it, I have tasted the apple that no human was meant to touch.”

For years, this dream haunted my writing, coming out in fits and starts of what I hoped would some day become a novel. But William Gibson beat me to it. His triple award-winning novel “Neuromancer,” and the subsequent “Pattern Recognition” and “Spook Country” not only dove headlong into the concept of humans blended with cybernetic technology, it launched an entire cyberpunk theme that continues to this day… even in such places as Second Life.

Visit any of Second Life’s cyberpunk themed sims, and you’ll find all sorts of cyber-loving nekos, humans, and other combinations of cybernetic life engaged in roleplay. Clothing ranges from steampunk-inspired to more typical cyberpunk outfits, with everything from mechanical limbs to gas masks and glowing hazardous equipment belts to customize your role.

On the recommendation of Rehula (the designer of the outfit I was wearing), I explored one such place called Dark Ecstasies, a privately owned sim practicing full immersion cyberpunk RP. Set in the year 3088 in the city of Alpha 47-122, this city’s build is excellent, with an incredibly diverse range of structures, nooks and crannies to inspire your role player’s imaginative heart — from more intimate spaces like a round, firelit cyber bar, to public areas like the gladiator-type fighting pit. The locals were quite helpful, particularly when I mistook a steaming, lime-green pool of nuclear waste to be a futuristic day spa. Silly little Neko girl… ^_^

Want to learn more? Read Neuromancer… especially if you’re a science fiction fan, to see what the hype is all about. Check out my other cyberpunk story. Search for “Cyberpunk” in the Second Life “all” tab to locate a plethora of sims, shops, and roleplay groups dedicated to cyberpunk. Or just do what this Neko did… dress up and dive into role play with all four paws.

My Cyberpunk Neko Outfit:
This entire outfit, with every lovely accessory you see (and even some you don’t see) was all part of the “CyberNeko” outfit designed by Rehula at: NDN: Nebuchadnezzar – Cyberpunk and Cybergoth store

Look closely at a few of the details below… this outfit literally comes with ears, goggles, hair, collar, clothes, accessory armband, a sack of additional accessories to carry (I had to leave my arms free to keep my balance while walking amidst the nuclear pools, so I wasn’t carrying mine), flexi skirt, leggings, and accessorized boots. So yeah, don’t blanch at the price, but instead add up what each of these goodies would cost if you bought them separately. Can you say bargain for its sheer “mix and match” potential? Sure you can.

Get the Low-Down on Cyberpunk:

See William Gibson in Second Life, reading excerpts from his latest novel:

Interesting Interview with William Gibson after his SL reading:

Come Along on My Next Cyberpunk Adventure in Second Life…

(Sadly, the City of Alpha 47-122 (Dark Ecstasies) sim no longer exists

Fashion photos and photoshopping by the radioactive Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

Nota Bene: Neuromancer was originally scheduled to be released as a movie in 2009, got delayed, and is now supposedly back in production with a new Canadian director: Vincenzo Natali (SpliceCube). No word yet on whether or not Hayden Christensen (you know, the young Darth Vader kid?) is still doing the lead role. Hmmm……

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on August 21, 2008.

10 Responses to “Cyberpunk Kitty”

  1. Is it the lyrics “Chain reaction and mutation / Contaminated population” from Krafwerk’s “Radioactivity” in the second to last picture?

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  3. Great Post! I love the pics and the outfit. 🙂

  4. Wow Grady, thank you! I’ve been following your blog for a while so I’m especially honored you enjoyed this. ^_^

  5. your posts never cease to amaze me. really, your pics are so awesome, and your writing is so readable. really wonderful post. ahh, cyberpunk… I like midian for all the RP and my friends there, but it seems like maybe newer sims are better built…

  6. I might have to check out second life. Glad I found this blog, keep it up.

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  9. This cyberpunk gives you an A+!!

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