Ears’ a Tail for You, Neko

Ears and tails at the store >(O.o)< by Fa Nyak

Okay, I heard ya.  What good is an exhaustive list of Neko skins if you don’t know where to find Neko ears and tails?  No problem, I can fix that!

primtronics-steampunkBut holy cats… if I thought creating my list of Second Life skin stores was a challenge, I had no idea what I was in for with a list of Neko ears and tail stores.

Photo at left: Steampunk tails at PrimtroniCS

Never fear, no task is too great for you, my lovely blog kitties.  Categorized and complete with SLURLS for easy shopping, here’s your very own list of Neko Ears and Tails.

urban-dare-hud_0021Categorically Speaking

To help you wade through the volumes of info I collected, I used the following categories so you can quickly compare all the options available at each store:

– Sold: Whether the store sold ears, tails, or both, and whether they were sold individually or as a set
– HUD: Whether the designer included a menu to control or select specific functions
– Tail Fur: Fluffy or shorthair/smooth
– Colors: I never knew kitties came in so many…
– Accessories: A list (and sometimes a description where the details warranted it) of all the cute bells, bows, wraps, spikes, cyberpunk, steampunk, and other unique adornments I found on Neko tails and ears.

Photo at right: Urban Dare’s shorthair tail (live version on display in the store) showing the various textures that come inside the HUD, and one of the cute tail accessories (kitty cat).

Hybrid’s “Elite” ear — Neko ears on steroids!

Last but not least, for those of you still feeling tentative about coming out of the Neko closet, I found a couple free ears and tail sets to try on without remorse.  For those of you on a budget, I located some scripted sets for cheap.  Still others who are just entering kittenhood will be overjoyed to see the list of stores that offer ears and tails sized just for Neko kids.

Atomic’s elegant HUD design (lower middle of photo) and various color choices

Have I Missed Anything?

Probably yes.  Just like my skins resource page, I’m sure I missed a store or three… but that’s where I rely on you readers to help me fill in the gaps.  Send me an email (contact information can be found on my “About This Kitteh” page) along with an SLURL to the store, and I’ll check it out personally.

Time to Shop…

Click this link to see the full list of Ears and Tails to be found in Second Life:
Take me to the Virtual Neko Ears and Tails List!

Below photo: Cyberpunk Nekos will love the “Cyberia” tails at Hocico:


© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on November 14, 2008.

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  1. […] front of the store is where all the Neko tails and ears are found (see a photo of Atomic’s Neko Tails and Ears here), along with a few cat toys, some furniture and more collars by the front […]

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