Hair Recommends – Part 1

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Although this blog won’t be focusing solely on fashion, it’s safe to say that roughly half of my posts will cover kitty couture on a regular basis. Because hair is such an essential element of an outfit — especially critical for Nekos in light of the extra furry parts on our bodies — I wanted to share four of the styles I’ve been wearing lately to spark your imagination. Let me start by confessing some of my biases:

| Ears | To me, seeing a pair of pale, strangely hairless human ears just below my lovely Neko ears is a bit odd, so I tend to wear hair that keeps those lesser counterparts safely hidden.

| Color | I like to match (for the most part). If I’m wearing a dark red Neko tail and ears, I’ll try to choose a similarly dark red hair… or at least red-tipped hair. Same goes for white hair with white tail/ears (or white-tipped pink if I’m feeling kawaii), brown with brown, and black with black. (I’ll be doing similar posts on ear and tail recommendations in the future, stay tuned.)

| Style | It probably goes without saying, but I’m not going to wear a French braid, pigtails, or a well-coiffed bun (despite how gorgeous Mariya looks in them) as a Neko. Give me something a little messy, a bit shaggy (preferably flexi), and every once in a while, maybe even a little bit bizarre.

Got a favorite Neko hair? Drop me a comment, I love discovering (and reviewing!) new styles.

Hair Recommend #1:
Armidi – “The Roxy” in tipped reds (wearing Honey Ginger with Auburn Tips)

Hair Recommend #2:
Eat Rice! – “Pickle” in Auburn (I’m sorry to say this store went out of business about 8 months after this story)

Hair Recommend #3:
Kin – “Lucy” in red

Hair Recommend #4:
Kin – “Ryuuzaki” in red

All photos by Bobby Yoshikawa <3***


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on July 7, 2008.

11 Responses to “Hair Recommends – Part 1”

  1. AND I totally think you should model for me for a Neko Friday ^^

  2. I agree with you!

  3. Good post! 🙂 Aaaand… If I ever come across a nekoesque bun, be sure I’ll let you know. Haha.

  4. My favourite Neko-ish hair, that I wear nearly all the time, is “Shun” from Hyate.

  5. I completely agree with your comment regarding ears and haircolour when wearing neko ears. I don’t often wear my neko ears, mostly because it’s hard to find hair for men that completely covers the human ears. I only have two hairstyles I’m comfortable with wearing while I’m in neko shape. 😦

  6. You know, I’m planning to do a “Hair Recommends Round 2” post in the near future, and I’m hoping to include a list of appropriate guy hair this time around (particularly if I can get my camera-shy photographer to model them for me, hehe!) Either way, when I start assembling a list of hair, I’ll pop you another email so you can get advance recommends.

  7. […] we get started, if you want to know my biases for Neko hairstyles, feel free to consult my first post on this matter.  Rule #1? Human ears underneath Neko ears look strange… cover them please!  Okay, without […]

  8. […] I’ve got one pet peeve, and its name isn’t Peevey. It’s human ears. If you’re gonna have lovely furry Neko ears, why in the world would you want those strange fleshy ones underneath to be visible? Okay, I’ll climb off my soapbox, but still, consider choosing hair that covers those things… you only need TWO ears on your kitty head. Here are a few hair recommendations for guys, and some for girls. […]

  9. Dont’ forget deviant kitties! some of my favorite hair comes from there!!!!!

  10. […] Hair Recommends Part 1 […]

  11. […] Hair Recommends Part 1 […]

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