Midian City Nights

Where better to start Virtual Neko exploration than one of Second Life’s best and oldest RP sims… Midian City.

When I first discovered Midian, I loved nothing more than to curl up on the steps of the central police precinct, furtively moving my ears to catch the idle chatter as all of Midian’s best, darkest, and most bizarre swaggered past. Chances are I may have been wearing something sorta like this:

Photography by Bobby Yoshikawa ***<3***

Since those early days, I’ve come to learn more about the various cultures and subcultures in this amazing city, including a tight band of Nekos called the Midian City Catwalkers.  I can only hope that some day, I’ll be lucky enough to meet them….

Photography by Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

| Hair | Kin: Ryuuzaki in red
| Bra | Luxe Brand: Trouble outfit’s black lace sheer bra (store currently closed)
| Shirt | Chambre du Chocolat: Sheer lace V in red
| Skirt | < 3 Cupcakes: Black Shorter Skirt
| Jacket | Bare Rose: Black Leather Jacket Lady, Chest w/o symbol
| Leggings | The Kitty Box: from the Kendall Love Outfit (store unavailable)
| Belt | ElecTRO Kitties [Oldies]: Nezumi Belt, black leather (attached to stomach to keep my tail intact)
| Shoes | Shiny Things: Chunky Ribbon Boot in black (laces tinted red)

If you’re having difficulty figuring out how to wear a skirt AND a Neko tail AND a cool Neko accessory belt all at the same time, never fear, I’ve got the answer for you on this page!

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Learn more about Midian City via their Forums:

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on June 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Midian City Nights”

  1. ok question… how do u wear a belt and a skirt… where are u attaching ur belt/skirt and tail?
    i have tail defaults for pelvis and stomach but thats where my skirt and belt combos go
    grrrr little help?

  2. Hiya! Yes, all these neko attachments can definitely give us a hairball sometimes. Here’s a couple tricks: 1.) In addition to stomach, pelvis, and spine, believe it or not, a pec attachment makes a reasonably acceptable point to attach a tail… thus freeing up those stomach, pelvis and spine attachment points for other things like a belt, a skirt, or a lovely new belly piercing from EarthStones. 2.) To achieve that however, it’s best if you wear a tail that has “copy” and “modify” rights. That way you can make a copy of your tail, attach it to your left pec, (editing it to position it in the right place of course) and change its name to add words that help you remember that it is the edited tail, i.e.: “Neko Tail White – att to spine.” Then the next time you’re trying to wear a multiple-attachment outfit, you’ll have your handy “extra tail” ready to accommodate it. Is it perfect? Not 100%. But unless someone is standing behind you and staring at your adorable pixelbottom, few will be the wiser. =^_^=

  3. Midian City is a great location.

  4. Oh I haven’t been to Midian City in AGES…………lol good times.

  5. hi there

    I am happy to have landed here

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