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By now it’s pretty obvious this kitteh can shop. And it’s equally clear that I love to explore. One of my other great joys however is listening (and dancing) to the wealth of amazing live musicians and talented DJs in Second Life. Groom your ears and tail, get your dancin’ boots on, and follow me to the current list of Second Life Clubs — many of which offer regular Neko Nights.

Now… it’s been a couple years since I first did this story, and I’m sad to say that with only one exception (the very last listing), every one of the clubs I visited back in July 2008 are no longer in SL. Reasons abound… lack of regular interest causes lack of financing… the difficult business model of running a club based on tips during a down economy… and the sheer transience that is often inherent in the typical SL resident. Here are a few of the clubs that used to exist… if only I’d taken pictures of all of them back then!

Neko Milk Bar
I truly loved this underground Neko club… you’d enter through the mouth of a big cat, and descend into a cavernous abandoned subway station where you could belly up to the infamous Neko “milk bar.” They had all sorts of fun kitty poses and animations surrounding a dance floor. Sadly about a year after I posted this story, the Neko Milk Bar was no more. Maybe someone will bring it back…!

Wicked Wench Pirate Club
Yet another club that worked so well for a time, even had regular Neko Nights, but sadly went the way of many clubs in SL into quiet extinction. This one was modeled after the deck of a huge pirate ship, with fun poses, dance poles, and a nice view.

Neko Nights at Misfits
This used to be THE club you could always count on visiting to find other neko. Every single night except Mondays, fellow cats and kittehs convened for Neko Night at this little club. I visited four times, receiving a warm welcome each time while dancing to great DJ music, and giggling over fun contests and games like Trivia, and Truth or Dare. The owners still come to SL now and then, maybe they’ll start the club up again some time, who knows?

Misfits DJ FrozenHawk Effingham, aka “Chilly”

Crimson Shadow Rezzable
Older SL Residents all mourn the loss of the majority of the “Rezzable” sims, including Crimson Shadow. Modeled like a huge Transylvanian Vampire Castle, it had a central dance floor where regular events often included Neko Contests. The night I visited, host Aslyn Dufaux (whose partner is a Neko) was most kind.

The Sapphire Club
Once the home of the delectable kitteh Sapphire Sass, a Neko gal who owned this club… there were pretty much always Nekos here!

The Jester Inn on Pixel Hill **(personal favorite)**
Info and Schedule:
Those who know me understand that I can’t blog about music without mentioning my most favorite live musician: Didier Soyuz. While his venue up on Pixel Hill may not be a regular haunt for Nekos, I’m determined to change that. ^_^ This man’s incredible original acoustic guitar performances will have you purring for days (and now that his songs are available online, I no longer have to cry pitifully between performances). Even when Didier isn’t scheduled, club Co-Owner and Manager Harrie keeps The Jester Inn filled with outstanding live music… join the group ‘Strangefates’ to keep your music-lovin’ heart smiling!

Small Inset Photos, from top to bottom: Makeup belt, back (yes, that *is* a blow-dryer); Makeup belt, front; Eat Rice! Charm collar; Boot details on the Elle et Lui / N@rkotic outfit; Curious Kitties “Wub” bracelets (click on image to enlarge)

Get Your Dancing Clothes On…

I was IM’d four times last night by kittehs wanting to know where I bought this outfit, so I think you’ll like it too… the pictures don’t do its texture work enough justice.  What’s especially nice is that it’s one of those complete outfits containing almost everything you need — just “add to outfit” and go, no need to edit or shuffle attachments — leaving more time for dancing!

| Hair | DK / Deviant Kitties: Uruha in Fire (I tinted this to make it more Auburn) (when you arrive at the Ploom store, wait for things to rez, then click on the sign in the front window to teleport up to the old Deviant Kitties hair store.
| Collar | Eat Rice! Charm Collar II (store is no longer in business, sadly!)
| Dress | Elle et Lui/N@rkotik: Neko Suie Light (see also Neko Suie Dark)
| Arm Cuffs | CK / Curious Kitties: Beige Wub Plaid Bracelet
| Belt | Kurotsubaki: Makeup Belt
| Leggings | part of the Elle et Lui outfit
| Legwarmers | part of the Elle et Lui outfit
| Boots | part of the Elle et Lui outfit

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on July 24, 2008.

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