The Return of the Solstice Fairy

Pale mist hovered at the edge of the lake, wrapping icy fingers around the dry reeds and transforming their plumy heads into a thousand wild and magical fairy wands. The moment had come. A riot of stars dimmed in anticipation as soft, rhythmic footsteps emerged from the trees.

Her arrival would have been unremarkable, were it not for the light emanating from something cradled ever so gently in her hands. She moved to the center of the clearing, took one last look around her, and nodded. With a soft scraping sound, she lifted the lid and stepped back as a myriad of glowing forms burst out of the vessel.

At first they surrounded her with uncertainty, their fragile wings testing the cold night air. A smile dawned on her lips and she nodded again. One by one, tiny silver voices began to trace an age-old melody.

The more they sang, the more the light began to coalesce, reflecting off the sparkling snow, laughing at the dark underside of the trees and cascading back down over her hair until suddenly, in a thousand scintillating sparks, the light exploded with purpose and each tiny form sped away in its own direction across the frozen grass.

Though she had witnessed it a thousand times, it never failed to take her icy breath away.

An Outfit Worthy of a Solstice Fairy Neko

| Hair | RQ / Red Queen: Envy, in Dirty color
| Hair Wreath | Balderdash by Saiyge Lotus: Gaudete Crown, Frost
| Neko Ears | OTCR by Anisa Naumova: Neko Ears v3 (HUD-tinted to blue and white)
| Neko Eyes | FDM / les Fleurs du Male by Aymeric Pelazzi: FDM Alive Eyes, Drake Model, in Ice&Fire color (These wonderful Neko eyes include optional “glowing light” prims that give your eyes unique, realistic life.)
| Bushy Tail | Soleil by Colemarie Soleil: part of the Faceless Fox outfit (dirty white)
| Skin | CK / Curious Kitties: Azil Feather Skin, Winter Spirit
| Snowflakes Tattoo | Moloko: Snow (on glove and undershirt layers)
| Choker | Inca Temple by Di Yifu: Laoris Elegant Elven Choker (This is an awesome, must-visit store filled with all sorts of beautiful designs… see a close-up of this item in the photo below)
| Dress | Soleil by Colemarie Soleil: Faceless Fox (This outfit is more kitsune than neko, especially if you wear the optional white kitsune mask, but adding neko ears transformed it perfectly for this story. ColeMarie has always been a generous friend to us, not to mention a talented musician and singer in both SL and RL.)
| Tree Branch Wings | UD / Urban Dare by Craven Theas: Wood Nymph Wings, Winter (Yes I’ve worn these once before, do you remember when?) 🙂
| Paw Feet | ST / SmallTime by Ryvin Jie: Pawsies Naked (These are some of the most elegant paw feet I’ve ever seen and were a perfect complement to my outfit. Please click the link to see their photo on SL Marketplace.)
| Firefly props with poses | LAP / Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson: Firefly Frenzy (This package contains several objects that you wear, which include both poses and glowing fireflies. Thank you Dove… your awesome creativity truly inspired our story.)

Where Solstice Fairies Tread: The Cocoon at Strand

Breathtaking photos by Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life 2011

~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on December 25, 2011.

9 Responses to “The Return of the Solstice Fairy”

  1. Does one wish you a Happy Solstice, Blessed Yule or Merry Christmas? 🙂

    Either way, my compliments of the season to you and Bobby.


  2. Wonderful and strong post … Perhaps à little sad….
    Merry christmas dear friend
    Kisses on your forehead 🙂

  3. Happiest of holidays, brightest of blessings! I knew that Azil skin right away! *hugs* Grrrreat post!

  4. Beautiful as always my friend. Didn’t seem sad to me, in fact it reminded me of a story of a little bright spot of light on the floor someone told me once that changed my life. 🙂

  5. […] Graffiti Girl post… the hauntingly beautiful “snowy branches” wings I wore in my Neko Solstice Fairy story… the short messy hair I wore when I was impersonating Tank Girl… and so many […]

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