Give In to Temptation with Rebel -X-

There I was, innocently exploring a Neko mall when I spotted an amazing texture inside a store across the plaza. Neko ears in the vendor picture reassured me that potential shopping quarry was at hand, and I sauntered closer. That’s when it happened. A dress with black lace arrested my texture-loving heart and dragged my mouse (evil, singularly-minded, linden-devouring creatures that mice are) up to the “purchase” position. “Nightshade” was mine…

L: Excellent lace texture on Rebel -X- Nightshade. R: Detailing on Perturb/ation Torico Arm Cuffs (click image to enlarge)

More Neko, goth, and vampish outfits beckoned. I temporarily assuaged my guilt with a couple of lovely men’s t-shirts that would look great on Bobby, dropping a notecard to the designer to request them as a gift. And that, cats and kittens, is how I met the lovely Rouge Darcy… a kind-hearted, sharp-witted, RL Italian artist who has clearly mastered the art of clothes making in Second Life with her store, Rebel Xtravaganza, or ‘Rebel -X-‘ as she likes to call it. I’m humbly pleased and honored to call her a friend (and a stubbornly generous one at that!).

Where does a Neko girl go, draped in textures as lovely as this? Bobby knew just the place: Crimson Shadow, another excellent Rezzable sim known for its vamp, goth, and Neko residents and patrons. It was time to explore!

Our teleport landed us into the middle of a “Best Neko” contest being held during one of Crimson Shadow’s regular afternoon DJ events… yup, we were in the right place. However vampires rule here, as attested by the glittering pools of blood, dark gothic textures, and lovely detailing in pentagrams, stained glass windows, and dancing cages.

It was almost enough to make this Neko want to shop for pale skin and fangs… and my, but Bobby’s neck was starting to look extraordinarily beautiful during the photo shoot… and then… I spotted the writing on the wall of the cave: “Give in to Temptation.” ::: smile spreads slowly across face ::: ^_^

Rebel Xtravaganza’s Blog

Visit Crimson Shadow Rezzable

Keep up with Events at Crimson Shadow via their Blog

More About Crimson Shadow

What I Wore While Exploring:

| Main Outfit | Rebel -X- / Rebel Xtravaganza: Nightshade in red (includes skirt, lace “rosette” on the hip, corset top, flexi bow at the back of the corset, red arm warmers, and striped leggings (capped sleeves for corset are included in the outfit but were not worn)
| Arms, upper | Last Call: Lace sleeves from the Aphrodite outfit (no longer available)
| Arms, lower | Perturb/ation: ToRiCo armband in Midnight Red
| Neklace | Icing: Rose Choker with feathers
| Legwarmers | C:K / Curious Kitties: Silk and Lace legwarmers in red
| Shoes | Shiny Things: Glossy ribbon boot in red
| Hair | Armidi: The Roxy, tinted black
| Pose | Animah: ss09 (store gone; unable to find its new location)

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on July 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Give In to Temptation with Rebel -X-”

  1. […] -x-, she announced a new freebie.  If you haven’t already been to her store to check out the “Nightshade” outfit I blogged a couple of days ago, be sure to TP there now to pick up this adorable little strawberry […]

  2. […] Shadow Rezzable As mentioned in a previous post, I happened upon a Neko Contest just a couple weeks ago at this deliciously gothic castle. That […]

  3. Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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