Far Away From Here

Some builds in Second Life leave you breathless. Others make you gasp. And then there are a rare few that cause your virtual spirit to soar with a sense of fresh air, wide open spaces, and limitless dreams. The Far Away is just such a place…

Although most of you have likely already been here, I urge you to return. Stand for a moment (or an hour) transfixed… photographing… imagining. I’ve been here countless times, yet a part of me always feels as though I’m coming back for the first time: noticing again the details in the old rusted train (did you know if you click on the front of it, you might find a pose?)… the patina of the old violin… a scrap of torn paper trapped on the barbed wire fence.

While I was there this morning, a dashing gent in a strangely familiar top hat materialized… none other than the talented builder of The Far Away himself, AM Radio. (I know, I know… how is it I’ve been so fortuitous in finding the builders online at the same time that I am visiting their creations? I just hope I’m not using up any of my nine Neko lives with this luck…).

While Thomus’ passion was all about Steam Punk, AM’s is all about art. His inspiration for The Far Away is a reflection and expression of his passion for art history… drawing ideas from old color plate books that are always lying open around him in the “other” world. If this is the kind of experience he can create with pixels, one can only dream of what his drawings and paintings must be like…

Never fear, all you Neko fashion cats and kittehs… here’s the obligatory low down on my outfit while visiting The Far Away in Second Life. ^_^ It’s a true Steam Punk inspiration (which, had I been *thinking,* I probably should have been wearing this outfit when I explored Steam Forge a week ago… duh!). Look closely at all the details shown below.  Like The Far Away, artists in Second Life abound — whether in the creation of glowing dragonflies, incredible builds for us to walk through, or yummy Neko accessories to wear.

Background photo: Steampunk belt by Black Heart. Smaller inset photos, from left to right: Boots by Acid & Mala; close-up of the detailing in the steampunk belt; steam punk metal ears also by Black Heart (click on image to enlarge).

All fashion photos taken by yet another talented artist: Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

Visit The Far Away in Second Life:

Read More about the Designer, A.M. Radio

The Neko Steam Punk Outfit I wore while exploring:
Note: I began by attaching my tail to my right hip (with associated adjustments to position it properly) in order to leave attachment points open for other Neko accessories (dressing Neko in Second Life ain’t for the faint of editing heart!)

| Hair | DK/Deviant Kitties: Jimi in Deviant White
| Ears | Black Heart: Scripted Cyber Neko Ear in Steel
| Choker | Heaven4D: Padlock Choker
| Belt | Black Heart: Steampunk Belt (attached to stomach to keep my skirt on)
| Outfit | LEAGUE: Steampunk Apocalypse outfit (all items worn)
| Arm, Upper | (from the League outfit, called “Astrolabe”
| Leg, Upper | (from the League outfit, called “Rope Leg Belt”
| Leggings | EtchD: Roughed-Up Socks – Damaged Leggings
| Boots | Acid & Mala: Dark Brown & Steel Female Boots

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on July 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Far Away From Here”

  1. I’ve always loved this place ^^
    Great selection again!!!


  2. another amazing post. wow. thank you for the detail you put into this blog! it really is art in itself. i think the belt is my favorite prt of the outfit and the first pic at the top has such amazing tone in the color.

  3. Rouge, Adzel, thanks sooo much for your comments… I love knowing this stuff is appreciated! (and I’m finding it rather distracting to focus on my RL job, when I’d much rather be putting all my time into writing up all of my ideas for upcoming posts… best neko tail… cool neko furniture and toys… fun neko clubs to visit… neko skins… and… oh yeah… kitty couture… my particular bane… hehe) ^_^ Keep the feedback coming!

  4. of all the yummy outfits in all your yummy posts, the one you’re wearing here is the yummiest! Or maybe you just make it look sooo good with your exceptional PS work (and by WEARING it well!!!). You go, kittybaby:)


  5. Darlin I took the Far Away pics, but Bobby’s the photoshop whiz in those fashion photos… I wish I had half his talent! ^_^

  6. This kitten met a boy who lives next to The Far Away. He said he knew a Neko. This kitten wonders if it is you. This kitten absolutely has to get those cyber steam punk neko ears!

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