A Vesper for James Bond

James Bond Vesper Lynd Neko Second Life

The assignment went as planned, the operatives were captured without incident, even the explosions were timed perfectly. All of it, every detail, went exactly by the book.

Until my beloved Yusef was captured.

His sweet body was no match for their unspeakable torture. With his blood, he spilled every detail — our background, the mission, even the MI6 operations — but most tragically, our love. It was our weakest link, and they knew precisely how to exploit it: his life would be spared only if I became a double agent.

Their only miscalculation was understanding how deeply revenge would take hold of me. My only miscalculation was James Bond.

James Bond gun Neko Secondlife Vesper Lynd

From our first meeting, it was clear Bond considered me to be nothing more than a comely assistant, assigned with the simple task of delivering the money, and ensuring he beat LeChiffre by adding an element of distraction.

Ah, but large egos have always been my plaything. Tortured childhoods? I understand these even better. My assignment had all the earmarks of becoming a rather amusing distraction. Until we were both caught off guard.

Somewhere beneath the chiseled jawline, rebellious nature and uncanny wit hid a similarly desperate heart. I faltered. He caught the misstep and together we continued the dance without any detectable hitch. No one was the wiser. After all, we knew the risks.

I can only assume it was my unsteady emotional state that caused it all to unravel… working for a madman like LeChiffre… never knowing for sure if Yusef was alive or dead… my every move a calculated lie… all grievously contrasted against my growing empathy toward this man called James Bond. Never before had I felt… so… ragged.

When I heard James’ torture begin, something inside of me finally snapped. I would not be the cause of another death. Even if it required my own.

James Bond Neko Secondlife guns Vesper Lynd

“Really Bond, did you ever wonder why you were left alive that night? She bargained for your life in exchange for the money. I’m sure she wished they’d let her go alive, but she must have known that she was going to her death…”

Neko Double Agent Dressed to Kill

This outfit was assembled with the help of two dear friends. The smartly feminine suit was designed by Milla Michinaga, who I humbly credit as a mentor (whether she knows this or not) in the development of this blog. Long before she became a clothing designer, her fashion blog was my inspiration for the kind of quality and attention to detail I hoped to achieve — albeit within my Neko genre.

Meanwhile, my ears, tail, and guns were lovingly crafted by the very sweet and talented Aditya Shippe of AdiCat Designs. When I rezzed the guns that she insisted on creating especially for this story (those of you who are true James Bond afficianados will note their adherence to detail) and saw “Virtual Neko” engraved on the sides, I was touched. Aditya’s motto? “Live like there’s no milk tomorrow, and play with your friends every day.” I’m honored to call this spirited Neko designer my friend.

Secondlife guns roleplay spy secret James Bond
From left to right (click on image to enlarge): AdiCat’s Leg Holster for the Virtual Neko 9mm; the basic Virtual Neko 9mm; with the extra light accessory; with the silencer accessory. Not shown: the spotting scope accessory, the fold-out stock accessory, and the loader (yes, this gun shoots). All accessory changes animate your avatar. Bond’s “Q” would be proud…

From left to right (click on image to enlarge): Be Happy’s bullet shoulder strap; DoMoCo’s gloves; Kitten Neko Eyes by Tacky Star and Heze sunglasses by Solar Eyewear; Liderc’s Dog Tags necklace.

Neko Second Life roleplay guns James Bond Vesper
From left to right (click on image to enlarge): Unique Needs Dolly Goth Spy pumps; AdiCat’s Munitions ears; Rebel’s bullet armband; a sideview of the “Reload” belt by Blitzed and the top of AdiCat’s Munitions tail.

| Hair | Kin: Mairi, tinted to darken the red color a bit
| Eyes | Tacky Star: Kitten Neko Eyes, small with no veins (package comes with four eye sizes and 3 levels of “blood veins” — this store’s unique eyes are worth a visit)
| Ears and Tail | AdiCat: Munitions Loaded Neko Set (Xcite compatible, HUD or voice control, original animations, and color-change to approximately 600 options)
| Glasses | Solar Eyewear: Heze Glasses (HUD-change lenses and frames)
| Necklace | Liderc: Dog Tags (Kitty)
| Left Shoulder Strap | Be Happy: Bullet Shoulder Type 2 for Women
| Blouse | Gisaci: Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in Cream
| Suit | Michami: Stella in Black
| Armbands | Rebel: Bullet armband, right arm
| Gloves | DoMoCo: Gloves Full finger in Burgundy (brown)
| Belt | Blitzed: Reload belt (with a handy resizer script)
| Gun | AdiCat: Double-O Neko 9mm with Holster (How to use: wear both the holster and the gun, click on the holster to make gun appear, and you’ll get a menu that gives you all sorts of additional amazing “Q”-inspired gun options!)
| Shoes | UN! /  Unique Needs: Dolly Goth Chunky Spy Pumps with Toe Pistols
| Poses | Niqotine, LAP/Long Awkward Pose, and Imperial Elegance

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Photos by the daring agent provocateur Bobby Yoshikawa <3***

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2009


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on July 13, 2009.

14 Responses to “A Vesper for James Bond”

  1. Wow!! Great pics and a nice short story that brings it all together. I await the next installment.

  2. Thanks Salvatore! Yeah, at the rate my stories keep getting longer and longer, I figured I better give you all a bit of a break, he he… ^_^

  3. Just gorgeous! I need to get those guns <33

  4. […] Girls with guns? You betcha. Find out what this double agent Neko was wearing — from bullet-bedecked arms, shoulders, belts, ears, tails, and shoes (yes shoes!), to an amazing James Bond inspired 9 MM gun with more Q-like options and design details than many a gun I’ve seen in Second Life — all on my virtual Neko blog. […]

  5. I love this post and I covet that gun. 😉

  6. So cool 🙂 want more^^

  7. Woo Hoo. Great story Stacia.

  8. O hai! Love to see girls with guns. Thanks so much for linking back to my blog btw, that’s very much appreciated 🙂

    I like this post a lot, guns are a girl’s best friend in SL and seriously help you against ‘where teh sex’ noobs while looking cool and stylish at the same time.

  9. Stacia I love your stories. kisses and hugs to you my friend.

  10. Very cool look, very cool environment. Excellent shots. It must take you ages to set it all up. Really creative.

    I re read several times but did not see if you said where it was you did the shoot.

    I have a set of assassins knives I strap to my arms in spring holsters. They spring neatly into my palms when needed when i am being a dangerous kitty.

  11. Oops, you’re right Moggsy, I forgot to mention the location, mea culpa! These were taken at a sim we visited a few stories ago, called Spottieottiedopoalicious. It’s a fun urban city with a lot of great buildings and textures just perfect for a spy setting. Here’s a slurl for ya: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Spottieottiedopaliscious/140/60/29

  12. OMG!!! This is so great! I’m loving your posts more and more! Keep them coming!

  13. Ooooh, fab dahling. How very cool.. Girls with guns rock. “Chicks Who Love Guns” was part of the action in Pulp Fiction? One of those movies, anyway. Maybe it was Jackie Brown. I always thought I’d like to be one.. lol

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