First scratch on the post

The Unanswerable Questions:

Why do silly humans sleep at night, immerse themselves in water, and turn up their indelicate noses at raw meat? (despite a few enlightened ones who make an exception for sushi… cat rest your souls).

The Answerable Questions:

More importantly, what inspires the birth of a Neko in Second Life?  How does an aspiring Neko uncover the velvety underbelly of Second Life Nekoism — be it whiskers, etiquette, couture, roleplay, or genre — while discovering the best dark alleys or cozy perches along the way?  Where do Nekos roam for fashion, passion and amusement in Second Life?

The Kitteh Who’s Askin:

Curious, playful, insatiable, sarcastic — apparently it was only a matter of time before discrete furry parts magically appeared on my avatar during my second year in SL.  While I certainly don’t purport to have all the answers, I love nothing better than hunting and sharing my kill (a reasonable justification for the frequency of the word Neko in my inventory, no?).

If you are likewise drawn to the Neko side of Second Life, whether for part time fun or the result of total DNA reconstruction, this blog’s for you — a place to share what you love and connect with others of your species.

I have no idea what this will grow into, I only hope that it will.

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on June 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “First scratch on the post”

  1. Oooh cool :D. Looking forward to reading the posts here.

  2. Thanks Mochi! I’m pretty excited too. =^_^=

  3. YAY! im a neko/vamp in a dark rp combat sim and i kinda dress more vampy than nekoy but i looooveee to hear more about neko fashion cause im thinking about changing my look!

  4. I was just wondering where that skirt is from? Thanks!

  5. Hi Ann! This skirt is from an outfit created and sold by Elle et Lui / N@rKoTic (see the LMs on my “Neko Stores: Where to Shop” resource page)… it’s called “Neko Suie” outfit, and it was the darker of the two plaid outfits she sells.

  6. *purrs* I’m looking forward to reading this. You’ve inspired me to write a “why Neko” post of my own. And if you’re looking for some cool, genuinely Japanese (and really inexpensive) Neko fashion, try Mooncat Izumiya. Their stuff rocks.

  7. […] my fellow cats and kittens, is what inspired the birth of this blog. In short, it was a particularly excellent excuse for a place to store my lists. Of course it […]

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