Neko in Wonderland

Admit it.  You’re no more likely than I was to put “Neko” and “Alice in Wonderland” in the same sentence, much less the same photo.  But the minute Bobby found this absolutely adorable “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” story book (chock full of cute poses), he was so inspired that he wouldn’t rest until I’d found my very own Alice outfit.

After I saw Bobby’s photo, I think “inspired” was an understatement.  His picture above is worth so much more than a thousand words that I’ll keep this post short — just enough to tell you where to find all these goodies AND where a Neko playing Alice might find her very own wonderland to explore in Second Life.

If only an awesome SL5B build called ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ (by LittleToe Bartlett and Pavig Lok) was still available!  Instead, we followed the advice of my lovely, ever-so-helpful fellow SL Plurkers and headed off to the Jabberwocky sim:

All sorts of fun little secrets await your curious kitty heart here (look for a hole, follow your whiskers, and KEEP going through the structure you see above). Soon you’ll be able to assuage your shopping urges with a bunch of Neko-friendly stores that are in the process of setting up shop, including Curious Kitties, Katatonik, Schadenfreude, and my lovely friend Rouge Darcy’s Rebel Extravaganza / Rebel-X.

So yes my Neko friends, part of being a cat is being curious, which gives us full permission to test out whatever outfits or inspirations come our way, don’t you agree? After all, Second Life is our very own Wonderland… curiouser and curiouser………

Buy the Alice in Wonderland story book here:
Kurotsubaki Store:
Their Description:
CatNip’s Purple ‘Drink Me’ Bottle:
(CatNip has other cool Alice-themed items at their store too)

Get your very own Alice outfit here:
| Hair | Maitreya: Aimee (free in the main store lobby!) in Gold Blonde
| Outfit | Edelweiss: Alice (using shirt option #1)
| Shoes | Maitreya: ChiChi pumps in black velvet (laces tinted black)

Visit Jabberwocky:

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on August 7, 2008.

10 Responses to “Neko in Wonderland”

  1. purrrrfect kitties just released a alice in wonderland tail too

  2. What a coooooool picture. I’m so envious of your little army of photoshop slaves! They do incredible work – you must somehow be providing some compelling motivation – Hmmmmmmm:)

    You are lovely, as always.


  3. I’ve just bought an Alice in Wonderland outfit (except mine is the Malice in Wonderland by Katat0nik)… what a coincidence 😀

    Beautiful pics as usual 🙂

  4. Night, he is one very talented guy. ^_~
    Rouge… ahh! Kurotsubaki, CatNip, Purrrfect Kitties, Katat0nik… there really *is* an Alice fad sweeping SL lately it seems…! =o.O=

  5. […] Original post by Virtual Neko […]

  6. I just discovered another Alice outfit at Draconic Kiss in Koreshan (as well as a latex Cheshire Cat outfit… oo la la)… ^_^

  7. I don’t know to thank you or smack you for giving me yet another blog to read ….

  8. Wow, just found yet another Alice outfit by Rabbit Kiss! (designer Jeter Jun):

  9. The Store I.N. owned by Isis Zamin actually has a new name now.

    If you search “Neko Wonderland” you can find it 🙂

    N.W. Neko Wonderland

    *pokes for updates in your “where to shop” link*

  10. If you haven’t been by there recently, you really should. I adore the place! They’ve added so much since that picture you took of the tunnel. I can’t even begin to describe it, except, it is easily the most artistically and technically well done sim I’ve ever seen.

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