A Whole New Atomic Kitty!

If you’ve never visited Atomic Kitty before, you’re going to want to stop by the new store ASAP.  If you’re an old fan, but it’s been a while?  Better come runnin too.  Atomic owners Ivy Graves and Maschinen Schwartzman did an absolutely stunning remodel to the store (I’m especially in love with all the Cheshire cat elements) and then packed the place to the roof with completely new and redesigned Neko goodies.

Says Ivy:  “Everything in the store is new, EVERYTHING! There are only a few old products left, and the hair is back!”

I’ve been wearing Atomic’s Neko ears and tails since my first day of kittenhood, so I was delighted to see all the changes made in this area — expanded tail colors, shapes, sizes, and each set now comes with an (elegantly designed) HUD to quickly convey your ever-changing Neko emotions.

Wander further into the store and you’ll find everything from adorable Neko furniture and cute stuffed mousie toys to bite on, to great accessory belts, scripted bell-ringing collars, necklaces, hats, and quite possibly the best gas mask I’ve ever seen.  Around the corner are some luscious sculpty shoes, and beautifully textured clothes (I snapped up a fatpack of the yummy Dolly Stockings).

But wait, there’s more!  How about some luminous Neko eyes (I’m currently wearing the green), gorgeous tattoos, and amazingly meticulous skins?  (This long-time RaC / Laqroki skin fan couldn’t drag her eyes away from the detailing on “Hope Emo Sad”).

Neko friends?  Hasten thy paws to this store, pronto.

Ivy and Maschinen?  PURRRRRRR…

The lovely Ivy Graves, owner and designer of Atomic Kitty

Check out a different kind of Maschinen’s design skills here…


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on September 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Whole New Atomic Kitty!”

  1. Thanks a lot for those kind words ;3

  2. The new build is gorgeous and I purchased quite a few lovely things, but I was sad to see that the tails still jiggle rather than flow. They’re beautifully made – fluffy rather than ‘horsey’ looking – but that motion prevents me from ever wearing the ones I have in inventory. And, yes, that includes the newly released ones.

    Also, the demo skins…I have no idea whether I liked the ones I tried or not, because I couldn’t actually see them under all the watermarking. I know skin theft is a huge problem, but that approach is just overkill. A paler pale would be nice too.

    Gah, sorry, I don’t mean to be so negative. I really like the majority of Atomic Kitty’s items, but it disappoints me when I want to love something and can’t.

  3. Hello Ann… thanks so much for the comment! ^_^

    It’s a mystery to me to hear this about the tail, as I’m currently wearing an Atomic tail that flows smoothly and elegantly, and always has.

    Which makes me wonder if other complications could be at work here… graphics settings, graphics card, available RAM, wifi connection, sim lag, or…? If other designers’ tails are working smoothly for you, maybe Atomic’s tails just entail (no pun intended, at least I don’t think so, hehe) more scripted movement somehow, that borks your ‘puter perhaps? I dunno…!

    I guess what I mean to say is, I’m terribly picky about stuff like this, and the reasons you describe disliking Atomic’s tails are the very reasons I wear them — what I see is the opposite of what it sounds like you see.

    SL is such an impossible place to understand the workings of, sometimes!

    Aside from tail woes, I found the designer to be a real sweetie when I chatted with her this afternoon, and I’m guessing she’d be interested in your comments, perhaps to troubleshoot why her tails give you problems. And with all the “coming soon” slots still left in the store, she very well could make a paler skin if you ask! Drop her a notecard… it never hurts. ^_^

  4. Awesome. I’m going to have to go check out the new build.

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