New Neko Tails and Ears

Craven Theas of Urban Dare has created all new Neko tails and ears, which he has clearly put a lot of time and thought into designing.  The new choices are almost endless…

Sure you can get plain, unadulterated ears.  But why, when you can choose one with a little kitty pet?  Or bloody bandages?  Or how about bells, bows, rings, or diamonds?

Same with tails… there are tails with bandages, bows, spikes, and even one with a knife (which could come in handy in some places I’ve visited…).

Choose between bushy tails (like the ones I wear) or short-haired tails.  Then choose your prim (or none). But don’t worry about having to choose stripes or spots or colors, because get this:  Every one of these tails and ears comes with a HUD that allows you to choose alllll sorts of customizations, including texture, size, and color, plus the tails are all interactive (delivering messages when touched).

So drop him a visit, demo a tail or three, and be sure to pick up some of his floaty-flexi whiskers while you’re there.  >°.°<

Visit Urban Dare


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on September 6, 2008.

One Response to “New Neko Tails and Ears”

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