50% Off Neko Goodies


What a generous heart Ivy Graves has, holding a 50% off sale to thank her Neko customers, all in honor of Thanksgiving!  That’s right kitties, everything in the Atomic Kitty store is HALF price — Neko tails, Neko ears, Neko accessories, hair, skins, clothing and more but ONLY if you buy them using a Store Card, and only between now and Thursday November 27, 2008.


Here’s How it Works:

– When you arrive at the store, come inside and look around for a Store Card shelf (like the one shown above).  Cards are marked with their dollar amount, but when you mouse over them, you’ll see their half price cost.

catnip-mouseThat means for a limited time, if you buy a $500L store card, you only pay $250L but you’ll be able to buy $500L worth of goodies from Atomic.  I love Neko math!  (Cards come in increments of $500L, $1000L, $1500L, $2000L, and $5000L).

– Once you get your card, open up your inventory and search for “Atomic Kitty” or “Store Card” to locate the card.  Right click to wear it.

– And then it’s time to shop: when you right click on an item to purchase it, DON’T click on “buy” or “pay.”  Instead, choose the “card” option from the very top of the pie chart menu to pay with your card.

What To Buy?

In one of my past blog posts covering Neko Skin Stores, you’ll find photos of Atomic’s female skin called Hope.  Adjacent to the skin section of the store are four great tattoos.  Continue towards the front of the store and you’ll see an adorable Neko hat with hair (which yours truly just happens to own; photo at the top of this page).

collarIn the center of the store are men’s t-shirts, women’s clothes, collars, hats, shoes and legwamers.  A little foyer contains Neko eyes.  The front of the store is where all the Neko tails and ears are found (see a photo of Atomic’s Neko Tails and Ears here), along with a few cat toys, some furniture and more collars by the front door.

Important Safety Tip:

Again, you must purchase and use an Atomic Kitty Store Card to receive this special Thanksgiving half-price discount.  This is because all store items remain marked at regular price — only the Store Card prices have changed which is how you get double your money paid.  Atomic won’t give you any refund, exchange, or additional discounts if you don’t follow these instructions.

Ivy, thank YOU!  And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Click here to teleport to Atomic Kitty’s sale…



~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on November 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “50% Off Neko Goodies”

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  2. Aww…that kitty hat/hair is adorable! I know where I’m making my next shopping excursion 😀

  3. ooh ty for this post… just went and bought one, and am very impressed with the items… more for me laterz

  4. Hiii Kitteh
    Awwww ur blog and reviews are Lovelyyyy and very interesting.
    i would really like to exchange links with you -^-^-

  5. […] tights for $25L, and an adorable sushi necklace and bracelet which are currently half off when you buy an Atomic Kitty store card by November 27, and you’ve got Neko style that fits any girl’s […]

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