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This is a quick post that needs only one thing:  your comments please.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know how much fun I have exploring all sorts of different Neko fashion genres…. from kawaii cuteness, to gritty post-apocalypse, with a little bit of cyberpunk thrown in now and then.

So when Achariya posted her “Dress me up” challenge, I thought it was a great idea.  But not just for me… for all of us Nekos!  What better way for you, my lovely Neko blog readers, to share a few of your favorite Neko fashion statements?  All I had to do was pose in my… er…. underwear  : ahem :  (Achariya, are you sure this wasn’t just a ploy for more male blog traffic?).

Anyway.  Consider me your little Neko paper doll:  Please post a comment below and tell me about your favorite Neko fashion items.  You can make a suggestion for a whole outfit, or simply share your favorite Neko accessory, hair, or skin in the whole wide Neko world.   Same goes for all you Neko designers out there, feel free to suggest items from your own stores too of course (chances are I may already have a few of them in my morass of an inventory).

I’ll take all the ideas I get and put together an outfit (or more if I get lots of suggestions) using the feedback I receive.  As Achariya says, it’s blogger’s discretion to choose which items to wear, so no scratching or hissing if I don’t happen to pick a particular suggestion, okay?  ^_^

Okay Nekos, your feedback please!

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2008


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on December 16, 2008.

16 Responses to “Dress This Neko”

  1. […] like to see me dress as a non-Neko, I’ll give that a try too.  Just trot on over to my Virtual Neko blog to lodge your complaint err… […]

  2. Would love to see you in one of the Harajuku outfits by Blue Blood

  3. *thinks*
    *thinks some more*
    You already know a lot of stores on my favorites list so how to dress you up?
    Ok, I’d like to see you as a nekofae 🙂 What’s a nekofae? Well kinda like a winged kitty or a neko pretending to be a faerie? Create your own mashup between neko and faerie/fantasy 🙂
    Some of my fav. faerie outfits are from chaospire so that’s worth a try but you can also try silentsparrow (and some hair from Calico)

    Not into the fae challenge? Well let me present option number 2 so you van pick one..or none..

    Option number 2: Go cute 🙂
    Yes, cute…sugarsweet pink and fluffy cat kinda cute. Hide your claws make ppl wanna cuddle and pet and squeeze you 🙂
    I’d suggest Fishy strawberry, momo, canimal or <3C for the clothing. Fresh Baked Goods for the jewelry…
    Harajuku style would also be good 🙂

  4. As a fellow Neko, I’d just love to see you do something with a selection from Lookr: we’ve got plenty of mix and match pieces in store, it’d be great to see what you can come up with!

  5. hmmmm… what about a suit? ^^

  6. oooo I like all of these (I’m standing in Blue Blood’s store as I type this) — I’ve actually got a photoshoot planned with an outfit that is very similar to Blue Blood’s harajuku stuff… mmm yummy. Tearsong you make me grin! And I like both your options! And a suit Ana? Oh boy, I can’t wait…

  7. Well, what about curious kitties or pixel dolls? Or a Neko princess? I’m thinking sascha designs or nicky ree. Have fun!

  8. /me suggests the suit from MichaMi. You will fall in love with her amazing texture work.

  9. As I explore neko fashion more I have found myself drawn to Japanese designers like Bare rose, Curious kitties and Dirty Lynx.

    How about a set of Dirty Lynx urban warrior armour and a couple of Katana’s for a “fighting kitty” look?

  10. :: whispers in Ana’s ear :: (long before little furry parts appeared on me, i followed Milla’s fashion blog like religion… in many ways, I owe my inspiration for this blog to her… she always did such a wonderful job on hers. I have a few of her pieces already and will go check out her suits, thank you!) 🙂

  11. Kyllie you are so darn adorable (your pic in SL forums, woo!) — what a super idea to try!! Thank you!! (You’ll have to teach me how to use the katanas once I get them, hehe)

  12. just a tip on the Katana’s look for a set of unscripted ones with an amimations hud if your not interested in useing them for roleplay. Scripted ones for use in SL combat sims tend to run between 800-1500L. Unscripted which look just as good are only 50-500 … I would recomend the ones from Hanzo blades which is located right next door from the Dirty Lynx store (same creator)
    They are about 150L and come with an amimation hud to do combat moves (for pictures) but dont cause any damage.

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  14. First…I will never ever ever get used to the quality of photography you display on each and every post. Its breathatking. You are so heartbreakingly lovely in this dress-me-up post, i cant stand to dress you!

    Second…I want to see you in full fur! I have a black panther skin… if we can get together, we could do a photo shoot we could post on both our blogs:) That would work great for me, because…

    Third…i’ve done a dress-me-up post on my blog too! make me a kitty!!

    I love and miss you, dear one 🙂


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  16. woohooo

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