Virtual Neko Store Alert x2: My Pinkie Skull + Something in Your Mouth

In this, my second official Virtual Neko store alert, I bring you not one but two cool shops. Believe it or not, this time you’ve got Bobby to thank for discovering them (see, I’m not the only shopper on this blog)…

The first store shown above, My Pinkie Skull, isn’t considered “Neko” per se, but it’s got enough selection to keep most of my Neko friends in shopping bliss.

The second store, Something In Your Mouth (shown below) is perfect for when you need to finish off an outfit with a unique touch… or for those times when you’re hungry… or if you’re a die-hard  trivia buff (there’s a trivia game going at all hours). Many of the vendor pics show a Neko model, and many of the items are quite Neko-friendly. You’ll just have to visit to see what I mean.  ~.^

Store #1: MPS / mY pINKIE sKULL
Creator: Tatyana Ultsch
What You’ll Find: Several different but very cool skirts, pants, jeans, sweaters and shirts (a few for guys in the back left corner), casual lingerie and body suits, lycra arm/leg-warmers, well-made unisex belts, and in the back room of the store, more fun arm/legwarmers with matching collars, shoes, a couple hairs, and a couple skyboxes
What I Love: Nice selection without feeling too overwhelming; great textures and shadowing; the way cool layered ripped socks, and the unique “LaceMe” lycra arm- and leg-warmers.

Store #2: Something in Your Mouth
Creator: Aletta Milena
What You’ll Find: Pretty much anything you can imagine to put into your mouth — from RP weapons, animals, food, red vines, instant cocoa, tea, voodoo bags, chew, drumsticks, steampunk gears, a flashlight, an ipod, a vinyl record, a whisky flask, a love letter, a toothpick, a piece of straw, heck there’s even a ganja leaf — to a number of rather brutal looking mouth piercings against the back and left walls.  o.o
What I Love: The imagination that went behind all of these items, letting you personalize your avatar with unique extra touches

Find even more Shopping Resource pages here on my Virtual Neko blog.


~ by Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko on June 10, 2010.

One Response to “Virtual Neko Store Alert x2: My Pinkie Skull + Something in Your Mouth”

  1. I think I remeber you telling me about those stores the other day. Ditzy kitty strikes again!! I will have to go check them out, looks very cool.

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