Clubs for Neko (Music & Dance)

Second Life Clubs with Neko Nights for Music and Dance

If there’s one thing that changes most often in SL, it’s a club, and even more so, which nights these clubs host Neko Nights. If you visit one of the following clubs on a Neko night and find nothing but the sound of crickets, please send me an email or an in-world IM to let me know, so I can update the blog (and contact the club owner). Special thanks to Eden for updating all of this info at the end of July!

Psychotic Neko Club
Owner: Obyri Nightfire
Psychotic Neko’s “club” is located in the center plaza. When you arrive, look for the raised platform with white columns, and a red ball hanging overhead. This club is kid friendly, furry friendly and pretty much everything and everyone friendly, with a couple of regular events and contests each week.

Owner: Dliela Munro
Neko Times: Daily Neko events (find them by searching SL Events for “Deranged”) with prizes often sponsored by Neko stores
Deranged is located on a rez and ride sim for all you Neko bikers, surrounded by beaches and parks packed with cuddle balls, a neko tree house, and many places to roll around and have fun. The club is open from 6:00 am to Midnight SL time every day (3:00 pm to 9:00 am Euro time).

The Cheezburger Kitty Club
Owner: Roxxy Rhode of Fluffy Bushy
As shown in the above photo, this bright purple and neon blue club provides a nice relaxed place to dance, play a couple games, or hang out, sponsored by one of my favorite Neko stores, Fluffy Bushy. There are no specific Neko events, but the music stream is great and it’s never too crowded.

Neon Neko Nook
Location: moving to a new location… stay tuned!
Owner: Sarrah Docherty
Neko Times: No specific theme nights, but a lotta Nekos hang out here
This casual, brightly-colored cafe is a perfect place for Nekos to come hang out and pass the time together. While listening to a blend of anime and techno on the music stream, you can peruse a bookcase full of “Books on Notecard,” a magazine stand that offers new Magazine HUDs every month, the Featured Artist of the Month’s artwork posted on the walls, and enjoy spontaneous events such as Movie Nights, Poetry Nights, and even burlesque dancers. There’s always something fun going on!

The Coach and Horses Pub
Managers: Susie Bagley and Indi Kenin
Neko Time: Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:30 pm SLT (22:30 – 00:30 am Euro time)
Owned by two most delightful Neko gals, this British pub is situated in one of the five cool London sims. When they aren’t hosting a live DJ, (interested? they’re currently looking for more, particularly a Neko DJ for their Friday event) they stream Capital FM, a London radio station. The pub is characterized by people who love to talk, laugh, play, tease, dance the night away, and have a good laugh along the way.

Club Industry
Owner: Aaron Connell and Osiloa Jorgensen
Neko Time: Saturday from 1:00 am to 4:00 am SLT (10:00 – 12:00 in the morning Euro time)
Club Industry is open 24 hours a day and seems to be quite popular with Nekos. It features live DJs seven days a week playing electronic / industrial / synthpop / trance music, as well as Neko Nights with $1000L gift cards for the best male and best female Neko.

Club Nocturnal Cravings
Owners: Miranda Islay and Brock Viper
Neko Time: varies
Six nights a week (every night except Sunday) there’s a party at this space-themed hotspot from 7-9pm SLT (4-6am Euro time). They also host one Neko Night a week, but the time varies so it’s hard to know when to go without joining their group. Don’t let that dissuade you though, many of the staff are neko so there’s always a warm welcome for us ear and tail wearing folk. Thanks to Joanna for tipping me off to this club!

Club Sidhe na Daire
Owner: Angelus Capra
Neko Times:
– Tuesdays at 11:00 am SLT (20:00 Euro time)
– Thursdays at 11:00 am SLT (20:00 Euro time)
Inside a grey stone castle you’ll find a purple and hot pink dance club (with an outdoor garden for more private dancing), packed with danceballs and featuring music ranging from gothic, darkwave electronica and EBM, to heavy metal. Thanks to Angelus for hosting a Neko event at a time that’s convenient for the European contingency… the kittehs from the VirtualNeko SL Group give it two paws up!

Owner: Aardvark Zephaniah
Neko Night: Mondays at 9pm SLT (06:00 in the morning Euro time)
Upon arrival, walk downstairs into this abandoned New York subway station, where music ranges from industrial to psytrance and more. At least half the crowd tends to be Nekos, and not just on “Neko Madness Monday Nights” either (which typically include store giveaways and a best Neko contest).

Zen Lounge at Zen Creations
Location: (Note: You can’t TP directly to the club. When you land at the arrival hub, turn away from the shop and head to the far left hand / NW corner of the island.)
Owner: Zhoie Zimermann
Neko Time: Saturday nights
GREAT music, plenty of dance balls, friendly chatter and a room full of energetic neko is what my favorite Neko Kulta found when she visited this new lounge, located on the same sim as the neko store Zen Creations. Even when there’s no Neko event, their comfy lounge is open to all neko for hanging out with friends next to a cozy fireplace. Thank you Kulta for sharing this great find!

BIOS MetaClub at Dirty Lynx
Owner: Loki Dancer
Dirty Lynx has a great-looking club located alongside their store in Bytegang, where you will often find Neko afoot (apaw?).

Cats’ Imini
Location: unable to locate… awaiting word from the owner…
Owner: Marie Ruggles (owner of one of my favorite Neko stores…)
This Nekofied club was large and had everything… from poseballs, poles for dancing, and trampolines for bouncing, to lots of couches for snuggling, and a “Devil May Care” game. The music stream playing when I visited was pretty darn wonderful too… but then it disappeared. Hope we can find it again!

The Cat’s Meow
Owner: Ameretat Skytower
Neko Time: (Club not open yet)
Ameretat is hoping to open up a nice, laid-back neko-themed club. If you’re interested in working as a dancer, host/hostess, or DJ, send him a notecard in-world!

Toadstool Reggae Club
Currently on hiatus
Owner: Pussycat Catnap
Pussycat had a cozy, hippie style hangout where Neko, Hybrid, and Na’Vi  could chat and dance… but it seems to be on hold for now?

Club KatNip
Currently on hiatus
Owner: ForCorp Calamity (main owner), Lynxx Fairport, and Lizzy Ozigard
Facebook group: Club KatNip on Facebook

Wet Katz Inc.
Currently on hiaitus
Location: none currently… hoping they come back soon!
Owner: SazzyLizzy Cure, Unca Seelowe, and Morgan Montale

Tunez on Tails
Currently on hiaitus
Owners: Dencur Signals and PunkKitty Fitzgerald

Other Popular Neko Hangouts (thanks to blog reader Noirran):


27 Responses to “Clubs for Neko (Music & Dance)”

  1. Yay! I had no idea the naughty neko club had been blogged. Thanks guys! Btw, we just redid the sim and it’s AWESOME. You should come check it out.

  2. Just got out of a Best-in-neko contest at a small club at ‘Neko Beach’:

    =^.^= nekobeach =^.^=, Ramla Bay (176, 242, 21)

    I’m not sure if its a regular club, or just Friday events. But its “active” which is better than some. 🙂

    • Eeep, no edit button. Just talked to the club owner – right now its just a micro Neko club with a 10-12 Friday event. 😦 But still, it -IS- a regular Neko event.

  3. can you all help me please. How do i know if a club is kid friedly. cos yea never know. Thx

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  5. […] hanging out with others of your kind to observe the behavior. Join an online Neko community.  Visit a Neko club.  Join a Neko group.  Brush up on your Neko history.  Type “Neko” into the […]

  6. […] hanging out with others of your kind to observe the behavior. Join an online Neko community.  Visit a Neko club.  Join a Neko group.  Brush up on your Neko history.  Type “Neko” into the […]

  7. Hellooo I’m Dliela Munro owner of Deranged! Just a update on us @Deranged. We just celebrated our 2nd year rockin SL \m/ and..we have moved to a full service sim,it’s a rezz & ride sim for all you neko bikers! We host several neko events a week ( always listed inworld under search events Deranged )It has one of the greatest malls with the best creators in SL , beaches, parks,cuddle, rides,bunnies etc. Come check outs out for a rockin time with live DJz and Host/ess and the greatest bunch of rockers in all of SL 6am -midnight daily. We look foward to rockin your SL! \m/

  8. I do appologise, but your information on Club Industry is incorrect. The owners of the Club/Mall/Sim are Aaron Connell and Osiloa Jorgensen not Obyri Nightfire. Obyri only rents a spot in the mall. Club Industry is indeed still a 24hr club with live DJs and lots of events with epic prizes so all other info is correct save for the owner info 😉

  9. Club Industry info needs updating. The name of the club is Club Industry and NOT Club Industry by Psychotic Neko…Psychotic Neko is one of a vast number of shops at the club and renters should not be listed as club name. Should really update this info

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  11. Hey; Pussycat’s Cloud Cafe is no more and in fact I moved off of that spot about half a year ago. 🙂

    Toadstool Reggae Club moved around the same time, and is now here:

    Although it’s not a club, The Neko Depot is a place to go to find info on all things Neko in SL. Anyone can leave a message on the board. If you join the group, you can leave a sign with a landmark to Neko places (6 prim limit).

    • Thanks for letting me know Pussycat! Club updates made; since the Neko Depot isn’t a club, I’ll leave those links in the comments area. 🙂

  12. Nekos / Cats are nocturnal creatures by nature right? So why is it that all but one of the places listed here operate mainly during daylight hours?

    The only club that is 24 hours that is Neko friendly is not really friendly to folks that aren’t daily/weekly regulars. The host/esses will say hello. The dancers flirt only with the males, but outside their job description, no one on staff really talks to you, or encourages you to feel welcome in any real way outside of trying to get you to spend lindens. And the other patrons are even worse, if they don’t know you, gods forbid you try to strike up conversation or make new friends. You get smackdown for your troubles.

    And it’s not that I’m shy, faaaaarrrrr from it. I’m outgoing and very sociable, i know how to take part and jump into existing local conversations, and do so with great success in other places and communities in SL.

    But when it’s 3am on my nights off from graveyard shifts from work, why aren’t there more Night Prowlers like myself to find? To hang out with? To make friends with? We really need a place in SL for us that are true to the nocturnal activities of felines.

    Please oh please someone hear my plea and extend some late night hours for your venues?? Good grief, I’ll even work for ya if you do!!!

  13. Hello 🙂 I am Dliela Munro owner of Deranged. We are located on Destiny Island. We run events from 6am slt – midnight daily and even some days 24/7 if a DJ is available to spin for our patrons. We do have a radio on during our off hours. We support Neko;s! We run MANY Neko events during the week. Many events are sponsored by Neko clothing and accessory creators. Check the SL events calendar search events Deranged to see what we have going on. We have a full sim, beaches, parks, rides, a HUGE mall cuddle areas dance privite spots to be alone with that special someone as well 🙂 Hope to see you all here and if not best to you all! Enjoy your SL! 🙂

  14. Bit sad to see Psychotic Neko club isn’t mentioned on this list.
    We have a couple of regular events each week with contests.
    We are kid friendly, furry friendly and well everything and everyone friendly.
    We just redid the whole club and its now underground in a cave, just fall down the rabbit hole in mall to get there.

    • Oh I’m happy to hear from you! I had your club listed for a long time (back when you had two… one on a rooftop), but my last two “resource page updater” volunteers could not find you for the longest time. Thanks so much for the slurl… I’ll get you added back in ASAP! ^_^

  15. DERANGED has a new slurl.. same sim just a different TP point
    daily neko events sponsored by some of the best neko creators in all of SL. Bitter Bunny Designs, T&C Creations and many more. Plus our HUGE mall has many neko friendly shops. On our Beach we have a neko tree house with many places to roll around,cuddle, dance and just have fun!! Come Play with us!

  16. […] Music & Dance clubs for Nekos […]

  17. […] Music & Dance clubs for Nekos […]

  18. Yes it seems the age of Neko is waning. But I’m so glad you wrote, I’ll get this page updated with your link… thank you! ^..^

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