A Neko Tribute to Audrey Kawasaki

•July 27, 2011 • 11 Comments

What happens when a couple of Nekos find a Japanese artist that completely captivates their imagination?

I’m not sure if “cosplay” applies to works of art, but the challenge was irresistible. Please accept our humble tribute to the distinctive talent of Audrey Kawasaki.

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Neko Goddess Bastet Meets Nefertiti

•June 16, 2011 • 8 Comments

Long before a cosplay catgirl was seen in Japan or the first Neko set paw in Second Life, we humans have been drawn to all things feline. Perhaps the earliest known record of this is the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, dating as early as 3,500 BC.
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Virtual Neko in a Second Life Garden

•April 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

Whether you love to create beautiful landscape in Second Life, explore beautiful landscape in Second Life, or just look beautiful against a lovely landscaped setting, I’ve got you covered with a handy list of gardening stores, slurls to park-like sims for exploring and gardening inspiration, and an adorable outfit of course…

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The Art of Being Neko

•March 10, 2011 • 2 Comments

“Family Pet” by 64 Colors

Sure, you’ve seen nekomimi in manga and anime. You’ve admired catgirl cosplay outfits at anime conventions and on the streets of Japan. You may have even enjoyed creating a neko avatar in the online virtual world called Second Life.

But allow me to introduce you to a new facet of all things neko and catgirl: the art of being neko, as interpreted by very talented artists from around the (very real) world. Come see the incredible collection I’ve discovered…

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Second Life Oiran, Or Neko Diva?

•February 10, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Clothed like a rare tropical bird, with sophisticated education, culture, etiquette, and the demeanor of a diva: meet the Oiran of Edo era Japan.

Careful you don’t confuse this breathtaking, kimono-clad beauty with a Geisha my friends, lest you incur her wrath and a thousand bamboo canings. What sets an Oiran apart? Where can you find the most complete list of Second Life kimono stores? The whole story is here, on my Virtual Neko blog >

© Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko in Second Life – 2011


Second Life Neko Retrospective

•January 8, 2011 • 4 Comments

What Constitutes a Neko in Second Life?

Are we defined by skin, personality, fashion or mannerisms? Are we grungy, outspoken and outrageous; shy, kawaii and delicate; or just a regular avatar who wears and does what she pleases, when she pleases?

My friend Ewokian has begun a project in which he hopes to prove that a Second Life Neko is all of these, none of these, and everything in between. His believes most of us are just like cats: you can’t really define us, you just have to take each one of us for who we are, with perhaps the only common denominator being our kitteh bits.

His medium? Photography. His goal? To capture the essence of Neko and show how unique each one of us is. The process? Simple! Pick your favorite outfit, pick your favorite pose, and drop him a notecard. He’ll take the photo and do the rest.

The result? A “Neko Retrospective” on Flickr, cross-posted to Koinup, and eventually made available for viewing in-world (I’ll keep you updated).

Now It’s Your Turn…

I’d like to urge each and every one of you to reserve a time to have a photo taken for this historic retrospective of Neko in Second Life (not just you outgoing Neko, but you elusive shy ones too, please!!) Whether you are a respected oldbie from 2003, a “middle aged” Neko from 2007, or a relative newcomer in the last year… whether your favorite outfit is casual, fashionable, kawaii, kimono, cyberpunk, cosplay, fantasysteampunk, grunge, gangsta‘ or roleplay gear… each of us represents what it means to be Neko in Second Life. So let’s show ’em!

Here’s How to Participate:

1.  Choose your outfit (if you’re like me, this could take days…)
2.  Choose your favorite pose, or your favorite AO
3.  Send a notecard titled “Neko Project” to: Ewokian Pessoa
In the notecard, provide him with this information:
– Your name
– What days and SL times you are available for him to take photos

Please note: this is not a paid photo shoot… you are volunteering to have your picture taken. Ewokian will not photoshop these images (except to correct anomalies like a skirt going through a leg), so the photos will represent exactly how you look.

View the Neko Retrospective Here:
Koinup site

Visit the Neko Retrospective Wall in SL:

Visit the Neko Blog Here:


All She Wants for Christmas is a Tank, Girl!

•December 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

Tank Girl. Irreverent, foul-mouthed, fierce. And very, very cold……..

Snow whistled past the old wooden hut, countless tiny flakes flashing momentarily in the glow of a dingy window. A loud crash was followed by some muffled scraping. Suddenly the door slammed open, causing a cascade of snow to come shuddering down over a scantily clad figure.


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